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9 Best Noise Canceling Earbuds For Motorbikers (Reviews) in 2022

With all the wide array of options available out there, finding the right noise canceling earbuds might not be the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we’ve looked through scores of reviews of noise-canceling earbuds and selected a limited number of top scoring products for your consideration.

1. Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

When it comes to noise canceling technology, Bose is one of the most well-regarded names out there. Their Quiet Comfort line might not be the cheapest, but it’s sure to provide a high level of performance and quality for listening to music or phone calls in a noisy setting.

The QC 20 model can connect to either an Apple or a Samsung device via a reinforced cable, which also features a small panel which will allow you to activate either the aware mode or switch between music and phone conversations.

The aware mode will be especially useful to bikers in situations that will demand their full attention, as it turns off the active noise cancellation on the device.

This item also has an integrated active equalizer to improve sound clarity by silencing certain bands, while proprietary TriPort technology gives it an edge over the competition.


These headphones let you enjoy the music by reducing the surrounding noises.

By pressing one button, this model lets you be aware of every sound around you when needed.

Using these headphones, it is a good way to listen to your favorite music or call someone in a noisy setting.

This model works for Android and Apple devices with the help of a reinforced cable.

The reinforced cable allows you to switch from music to phone calls.

The quality of the sound is improved due to the integrated active equalizer and the TriPort technology.

They work great on public transport, on trains, or airplanes.

Wearing these headphones is very comfortable and they don’t fall out of your ears by themselves.


The life-span of this product is not very long, depending on the conditions you’re keeping them in.

The headphones are not great in noise-canceling when the weather is windy.

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2. Enacfire Wireless Earbuds F1 CVC 8.0

Riding your bike and staying in touch with your friends or family members at the same time has never been easier, thanks to these wireless earbuds. They provide up to 8 hours of playtime with just a single charge and feature an ergonomic design. 

They can easily be attached to your ears seamlessly and bring incredible comfort and security as opposed to other similar products. 

The earbuds are lightweight and feel invisible, providing zero discomfort or pain even when you wear them during long rides. The Enacfire F1 earbuds use a cutting-edge Qualcomm chip and, thanks to their unique design, they enhance and accurately reproduce 3D stereo audio quality. 

The touch program adopts special software to ensure increased comfort and ease of use - a double-touch will play and pause music to reduce inaccurate touch or activating functions by mistake. Moreover, they are certified IPX8 waterproof, which means they are specifically designed to withstand sweat or most water activities. 


One of the best features of these earbuds is their rugged yet lightweight construction that you won’t even feel when wearing them for the entire day. 

The high-quality battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use with a single charge, depending on the type of phone you’re using and the activities conducted.

The Enacfire F1 Bluetooth earbuds provide HD stereo sound with high-definition and unparalleled Rock-Solid Richer Bass to feel every beat of your favorite song playing. 

They are certified waterproof which means you can use them for a series of outdoor activities, including water sports, and will also resist sweat. 


When it comes to the noise cancellation function, this product requires improvement. Although sound will be clear when listening to music or watching movies if you plan on using the earbuds when riding  or in noisy environments, you won’t be able to hear what the other person is saying during a call. 

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3. Jabra Elite 45E Wireless Earbuds

Available in four colors, these wireless earbuds will allow you to make crystal-clear phone calls wherever you are, thanks to the advanced 2-microphone technology that has proven to provide superior wireless call performance. 

The 45E Bluetooth headphones feature a flexible memory wire neckband that won’t break easily and will remember the shape and contour of your neck to ensure increased comfort and less tangling. 

With the help of the Jabra Sound+ app, you can personalize your sound and listen to your favorite music the way you want to hear it. The earbuds are compatible with both Apple and Android smart devices, which makes them more versatile. 

They also provide up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge so you have the freedom to make phone calls or listen to your favorite tunes while riding your bike or performing any other activity, indoors or outdoors. And, with a single touch, you’ll have instant access to your voice assistant, whether it’s Siri, Alexa, Bixby or others.


The earbuds feature a flexible wire neckband that will take the shape and contour of your neck to ensure increased freedom of movement and comfort whenever you’re wearing them. 

With one single charge, you’ll have up to 8 hours of continuous music and phone calls, no matter where you are, so you can stay in touch with your loved ones or listen to your favorite tracks. 

The product is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, which means you can easily pair it with your smartphone. Moreover, with one touch, you’ll have easy access to your voice assistant so you can make calls, change your track or play your favorite tune while remaining focused on the road. 

The advanced 2-microphone call technology minimizes noises and ensures superior wireless call performance. 


They’re not very comfortable to wear inside your ears for more than a few hours and users might develop mild pain. 

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4. R&T High Fidelity Motorcycles Noise Canceling

This small set of earplugs are reported to be especially comfortable, as they are shorter and fatter than most similar products. Soft silicone is used for the casing, so it doesn’t rub against your ears the wrong way or cause allergic reactions.

Most reviewers were able to wear these for 8 to 16 hours straight without experiencing any itching or pressure pain. No foam was used for the filtering material, which means the sound quality will stay true to life, with no muffling that might decrease your awareness to a significant degree.

As these are very compact, the hard case they come in is also significantly shorter than similar items, which makes them easy to fit in tight leather pockets. This also features a waterproof rubber seal, to keep sweat and dust from seeping in if you happen to carry it around the belt, connected through a small carabiner style holder.


This model of earplugs is fatter and shorter than similar products to give you more comfort.

To prevent any allergies during prolonged wear, the earplugs are made of non-toxic silicone that is soft.

You can wear these to protect your ears from harmful noises while you’re riding your bike but you can also use them during long band practices or festivals.

The product is not itchy and it doesn’t cause you any pressure pain.

The sound quality is not altered as no foam was used for the filtering material.

In order to keep your awareness increased, there was no muffling used in the making process.

You can take the earplugs anywhere with you as they come in a compact hard case.


These earplugs can’t be connected to your phone in order to listen to music.

This model comes in a universal size so it may not be suitable for kids for example.

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5. Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones WI1000X/B

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality headphones with great battery life, consider these from Sony. They provide up to 10 hours of continuous use with effective noise canceling, which means they are great for whenever you’re riding your bike or working in loud environments. 

The headphones are optimized for the Google Assistant with an update that allows you to ask questions and hear answers, which makes it a useful tool whenever you need help. 

The smart listening setting adjusts the ambient sound to your activity and allows you to hear essential sounds without taking your headphones off, which means you can still pay attention to the road and the surroundings, minimizing the risk of accidents. 

The product can be both used with Android and Apple smart devices and represents a perfect tool for whenever you’re flying thanks to the Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing feature. 


Comfortable to wear around your neck, this pair of headphones represents a great investment, especially for those who are traveling by plane often, thanks to the Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing feature. 

Get unparalleled battery life with this set of headphones from Sony and expect up to 10 hours of continuous battery life to listen to your favorite music, watch videos or make important calls no matter where you are. 

The headphones are optimized for Google Assistant and will answer all your questions, keeping you safe and informed at all times. 

The Smart listening function will automatically adjust the ambient sound to your activity so you’ll always listen to the person you’re talking to no matter where you are. 


We don’t recommend wearing these headphones when you’re working out or riding your bike as they don’t provide any type of protection against elements such as dust, water, cold temperatures or wind. 

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6. Phiaton BT 220 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

This pair from Phiaton offers both active noise cancellation and a 4.0 Bluetooth connection that can handle 2 devices simultaneously. It also uses the aptX codec, for increased digital streaming efficiency and dynamic range.

The manufacturer specifies that up to 95% of the background noise can be canceled out, which means that you will be able to enjoy listening to your music in crystal clarity, without the engine providing a constant distraction.

In situations when it will be advisable to pay attention to what’s going on around you, a single button can be used to mute the sound and the active noise canceling.

Like all similar units, it can be used for making calls, and the battery provides it with 16 hours of working life for this function, meaning you won’t be as dependent on a power supply for charging when on the road.

The microphone is said to work surprisingly well on this unit, so you might want to consider it if you are in the habit of using the phone a lot from the bike.



Phiaton comes with a pair of headphones that use the aptX codec for dynamic range and increased digital streaming efficiency.

You can listen to your favorite music at high quality as the headphones cut 95% of the background noise caused by the engine.

In the moments you need concentration, you can mute the sound and activate the noise-canceling by pressing one button.

While you are on the road, you won’t need an external battery as the product works for about 16 hours.

You can also make phone calls as they come with a mic integrated.

The design is sleek for better maneuverability and the navigating system is very intuitive.


Some customers complained that the Bluetooth connection is lost sometimes for no reason.

The casing is made of plastic and it is not very durable so you have to make sure it is kept in good conditions.

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7. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33IS Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones 

This Audio-Technica model will make a good budget solution for those who are strapped for cash or otherwise unpretentious, but it won’t offer the same level of performance as more expensive models.

According to the manufacturer, the active noise cancellation will only work to counter around 90% of the background noise, which might be a good figure for a passive system, but will make a noticeable difference when compared to a Bose.

Judging by what people who bought this unit have had to say, however, it competes very well within its price range, offering a slightly better sound quality, a higher degree of comfort, and (surprisingly) better noise reduction than most other affordable models.

It also comes additionally with an airline plug adapter to be used during long flights, and it uses an AAA battery, that should last for a significant amount of time between charges. There are 3 different sizes of earbuds to choose from, and they also angle to fit your ear canal precisely for better noise cancellation.


These headphones cancel 90% of background noise thanks to the advanced electronics.

They come with an inline microphone to let you make hands-free phone calls while you’re on the road.

This product is great for travel as it has a compact design.

Using this model is more comfortable than other affordable products.

The audio signal is great in noise-canceling mode thanks to the innovative ANC circuitry.

For more protection, the headphones come with a pouch.

You can choose the suitable size for you as it comes in three sizes: S, M, L.

These headphones can also be used during flights as they come with an additional airline plug.

For improved noise cancellation, they come with an angle to fit your ear canal with precision.


The battery doesn’t provide performance for a long time, as other models do.

You may have a problem with the bass as it is not great.

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8. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 In-Ear Headphones

People who bought these earbuds have found that the sound quality they offer is good on the whole, but maybe not as good as some of the additional features the manufacturer would suggest.

They are said to include a miniature bass portable to more accurately render sound in the lower ranges, but none of the people who reviewed this product were all that impressed with its performance in this regard.

What did make a good impression, however, is the great level of comfort provided by the in-ear buds, which are small, delicate and well angled to fit the ear canal. There are 3 sizes of these coming with a package, with quite a deal of difference between the smallest and largest one.

Another thing which drew positive acclaim was the 2-year extended warranty. It is a well-known problem with headphones suddenly losing input, and the fact that B&O Play customer support will have you covered if this happens can only be welcomed.


For a more accurate render sound in the low range, this model comes with a miniature bass speaker.

The main feature of this product is the great comfort it offers thanks to the small and delicate in-ear buds.

To make sure the earbuds fit your ear canal, they are well-angled.

This model comes in 3 different sizes to choose the convenient size for you or your close ones.

The design is very compact as the headphones come in a magnetized carrying case.

For more style, the headphones are sleek and good-looking.

The product is very lightweight so you can carry it even in your pocket.

It comes with a user manual for better understanding and extra ear gels to replace the old one.


These headphones don’t support Apple devices, supporting only EU/UK Android devices.

The cable is very thin and therefore you have to be careful to preserve it.

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9. AKG K391NC High-Performance Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for outstanding quality and performance, Bose is the right brand for you. This pair of headphones features a breakthrough technology that allows you to control the level of noise cancellation throughout the day, according to your requirements. 

This means you’ll always hear what the other person is saying no matter where you are and you can also stay focused on the road and its dangers even when you’re listening to your favorite tunes. 

The headphones feature a lightweight yet sturdy construction with a comfortable neckband design that molds to your body for increased flexibility all day long. They can also get easily connected to your smart device via Bluetooth and NFC to a distance of up to 32 feet. 

The high-quality battery lasts up to 10 hours of continuous use with a single charge, so there is plenty of time to enjoy all your favorite activities without worrying about running out of battery. 


The headphones are of superior quality and built to last, delivering outstanding performance for music listening and making phone calls. 

The noise rejecting dual microphone system reduces the noise around you to ensure clearer calls so that everyone hears you loud and clear, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

The headphones come with a comfortable shape and flexible cable that molds to your body to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of use. 

The powerful battery attached ensures up to 10 hours of continuous use with a single charge, which means you get to enjoy your favorite indoor and outdoor activities while always staying connected to the people you love or your music of choice. 


The construction of these headphones is quite bulky and the case is big, so don’t expect them to easily fit inside your pockets. 

As with all other products operated by batteries, the quality of the battery will diminish in time, which means you won’t be able to enjoy more than 5-6 hours per charge. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Cutting down on the noise when riding will be a necessity if you want to enjoy your favorite tunes or be able to hear the person you’re speaking with on the phone. The high engine and surrounding noise might just prove uncomfortable, especially for those who are riding through busy city streets, in which case a pair of earplugs might be the minimum to invest in for a more pleasant journey.

Good noise canceling earbuds for motorbike riders come in many forms, from the simple earplug mentioned above to sophisticated models that use an active noise canceling technology. Deciding on the right model can be a hard task, made all the easier by a basic degree of familiarity with each system.

Noise isolation technology

This is a passive solution which uses padding to absorb some of the background noise, diminishing the volume of sound that reaches your year. The main advantages of this system come from its versatility and sheer simplicity.

It doesn’t employ any electric parts, so it doesn’t require any batteries, and as opposed to noise-canceling models, it doesn’t need to be attached to a device, making it fit for use in a wide range of applications, including providing ear protection underwater in the case of earplugs.

It is relatively inexpensive and there’s not much that can go wrong with it. These should offer a couple of years of reliable service regardless of the material employed, which is noise absorbing foam for over-ear models and soft silicone for the ones designed to enter the ear.

The latter types can offer around 20-25 dB of noise dampening (SNR), about half the level of a regular conversation, which might not sound that much but will make a significant difference when you consider the close thresholds for hearing damage.


Active noise cancellation technology

The active noise canceling headphones employ additional electric circuitry to effectively counteract the ambient sound with a signal of their own. A microphone is used to listen to the surroundings and a speaker delivers noise directly to your year with the purpose of canceling this out.

This means that the external sounds will be effectively muted to the user, even if no music is on, and combined with passive measures for reducing the dB hitting the ears, this system can allow for a great deal of comfort for most people.

However, people with sensitive ears might feel a mild sensation of pressure in their drums when the speaker used to generate negative soundwaves is activated, while some can hear a blank hiss whenever the music is turned off.

That’s why we recommend to test these out whenever possible before buying, especially as they also tend to be quite expensive and sending the product back might sometimes impose additional costs.


Wired or Bluetooth?

Wireless headphones have become increasingly popular in later years, as the absence of a cord connecting them to the audio device can greatly increase their convenience while on the move. The best Bluetooth noise canceling earbuds will allow you to move freely, without having to worry about hitting the cable and having them pop out of your years, or the jack disconnecting from the device.

These are, however, the more expensive alternative with the added cost being just the more obvious downside. The quality of the connection will depend on the device’s software to a large extent, and this can cause a lot of issues, especially if the phone’s memory is filled with clutter. So consider carefully if you really need all that extra mobility before going for a Bluetooth model, since you will be mostly using it from the bike saddle anyway.

Besides getting in the way, a wire will give the item some additional breaking points. Probably any headphone user has experienced the problem of a connector coming off and effectively disabling one or both earbuds. You can’t really safeguard against this other than by researching each individual product to make sure that it’s a quality build.

Some models also feature wires that are slightly thicker and reinforced in certain sensitive areas, and this might provide a further indication of how well this will hold over time.

Ear mounting

Because of the fact you will be wearing a helmet, full cups won’t be an option in this regard, with compact on the ear headphones and micro models that go in the ear being the only available alternatives. (check out our recent article on the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets)

Needless to say, the dimensions for on the ear headphones should be carefully chosen, since only the most compact of these can be squished inside a full helmet, while open face ones will probably still push upon their plastic body.

In the year buds shouldn’t be restricted by size, but are considered to be the most uncomfortable solution out there, and are prone to make the user sour if used for long amounts of time.


Headphones or headsets?

A headset refers to the headphone and microphone assembly, which can connect to your device either with a wire or through Bluetooth. The best noise canceling Bluetooth headset will allow you to take calls while on your bike, by using the integrated microphones of active cancellation models or a separate piece in the case of passive ones.

These will naturally be more expensive than headphones but are well worth investing in for the additional function.


Active vs. passive technology

We’ve already covered the basics of these two noise reducing solutions, highlighting a couple of advantages and disadvantages for each, but the question of which one will work better under our particular situation still remains.

The first thing to be noted is that the active system will allow you to shut off the noise cancelation at will, if you need to handle situations where your hearing must be as acute as possible, or at least as acute as the helm will allow.

Obviously, you won’t be able to “turn off” the padding on a set of in-ear headphones, albeit muting the sound might work well enough if the item doesn’t offer all that much noise reduction in the first place.

But is the traditional system significantly poorer? The short answer is that it depends on the price, with premium silicone or foam padding buds handling just as well on the road as active canceling models which cost 2 to 4 times less. All other things being equal, the active system will make a noticeable difference in the amount of ambient noise you’ll be able to hear.

A final thing to keep in mind is that the active system will have to use a control box, that will take up additional space in a pocket.


Extra considerations

Whether you want a motorcycle Bluetooth system or just some earbuds to listen to loud music while on the road when buying earbuds, you need to pay attention to some aspects. Of course, you need to see if your system is compatible with your helmet, but that’s not the only feature you should pay attention to. Here are some extra considerations when deciding what to buy.


Overall comfort

Just as its the case when you purchase helmets or other gear for your motorcycle, you should pay extra attention to comfort. Often, people use such systems to take voice calls and use their smartphones without taking their hands off the handlebars. While a wireless system is very accommodating and helps you hear the caller bright and clear, the earbuds play a role, too.

Comfort can mean various things. For instance, they should fit well in your ear. Also, you should have the option to adjust the volume. All these are features that cater to your comfort. For any communication system, it is advisable to read the reviews left by other users. This way, you will know if you can hear the voice of the person calling well or not since the wind can be too noisy to allow you to do that without earbuds.


Are your earbuds weatherproof?

Riding a motorcycle will have you face different weather conditions. Sometimes, you may want to listen to music at the volume setting you desire. Other times, you need a feature that lets you place phone calls. In all situations, your earbuds should be loud enough so that you hear, even when the wind blows, the other person speaking.

Your headphones should be weatherproof and shockproof if you want an option that will never let you down. Don’t forget to check if they are compatible with your helmet and the rest of your wireless communication system. Then see if they are advertised as being weatherproof. You will enjoy the most exquisite experience when you get earbuds that cancel the noise outside, but allow you to hear the other’s voice.

While manufacturers will mention such aspects in their specs, don’t forget to check the reviews left by other buyers. Only this way, you can be sure that the volume is loud enough, and that the earbuds are weatherproof.


How durable are they?

Buying a pair of earbuds for your helmet, whether you want to listen to music or experience a system of communication without interference from the wind, is a matter of comparing various products. A feature you will surely want to see its durability.

Your helmet is an investment, and so are your headphones. Since motorcycles are not cheap items, you shouldn’t skimp on the durability of your earbuds. Besides a loud volume, they should be made from high-quality materials and have a long lifespan. That’s also something you can learn from reviews.


Do they have a low profile?

Your motorcycle helmet has a vital role in protecting your head. You may be interested in a pair of headphones that look great and have an excellent volume that beats the wind outside, but when buying such items, see if they have a low profile, too. That matters for your comfort. Many reviews can tell you more about such aspects.

The thing is that a comfortable option when riding and you want to listen to music or use your wireless communication system installed on your motorcycle must be a pair of low profile earbuds. They grip the ear better, and you won’t have to start shopping for helmets because you can’t accommodate your headphones. As you can see, they should be compatible, and that will make for better riding experience.

More features

You already know that you want the volume on your motorcycle Bluetooth system to be loud. But you can listen to more than just loud music, and there is more than one feature you would like to have. That brings us to some extra features. An option you may have is a version that lets you listen to the radio. Such compatible communication options are nice to have.

When on your motorcycle, you want to still feel the wind, but without hearing it loud in your helmet. Riding while enjoying your headphones, whether you listen to your favorite music as loud as you want, or the radio is an experience you should have. Other features, like the possibility to adjust the loud music volume without taking your motorcycle helmet off, are great to have.

You can also see if the motorcycle headphones are sweatproof. Buying a pair that’s as comfortable as possible is a must. When you wear a helmet for hours, extra sweat can be an issue. It might not sound like a must-have option, but it surely helps to have it.


Benefits of motorcycle headphones

While some may argue that you can’t hear the wind and the road, with headphones on, the truth is that riding and using a communication system is not bad at all. Motorcycles are made for fun riding, and earbuds and wireless communication systems for helmets can make them even more fun.

When you play the music loud and lose in your own world, protected by your motorcycle helmet, you get a chance to get away from it all. You can always adjust the volume, so that is not too loud that you lose contact with the world. You may still hear the wind and listen to the road on your motorcycle. Your headphones don’t have to stand in the way. Nothing beats such a motorcycle riding experience.

Motorcycles and helmets are compatible with wireless systems. Your headphones can help you build beautiful memories. You see the world through your helmet and listen to your favorite music while riding your motorcycle. The music you listen completes the picture while you’re on your bike, with your headphones on. You can still enjoy the wind and the headphones, too, while having the time of your life.

Frequently asked questions


Q: Is it legal to wear earplugs while riding a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle comes with certain disadvantages, and one of them is that your hearing can become damaged due to the constant noise of the wind and other road conditions. A simple solution is to wear earplugs, so a legit question is whether these are permitted by the law or not.

In most states, wearing earplugs is allowed, as a measure for protecting the rider’s ears. Be aware that earplugs are a different thing from earphones which you use to listen to music. The latter are banned, and you shouldn’t risk a traffic ticket for that.

Ohio was, not so long ago, in the news because the state authorities considered that riders with earplugs should be fined. A bill passed since then, and now motorcycle riders in Ohio can wear earplugs like those from different states. However, you should always check the local laws in your state before riding your motorcycle.

Q: Are custom earplugs effective?

Although it is comfortable to reach for any earplugs available and wear them when you go riding on your motorcycle, you may notice how custom models appear to enjoy more popularity than the rest. There is a strong reason for that. They are made to fit the wearer’s ears, so they are easier to insert and remove at will.

Also, you don’t have to depend on the so-called universal fit. It is well-known that human beings don’t have all the same ear configuration, so pretending a singular size fits everyone is a stretch. When the earplugs don’t fit well, they don’t provide the protection they should.

Some experts go as far as to say that you will get only half the protection you would otherwise get with custom-fit earplugs. Also, if you have a good pair of earplugs, you won’t need another, so, in the long run, you’ll even end up saving money.


Q: Can riding a motorcycle damage your hearing?

If you typically go riding without earplugs, you might experience some damage to your hearing, health care specialists say. The problem lies with how loud the wind becomes when you ride at high speeds. There are even studies that point out that even riding for 15 minutes at 62mph, you can end up with your hearing damaged.

At the speed mentioned, the wind noise will reach a level of 95dB, which is pretty loud, as you might well imagine. Go faster, and the damage will happen even quicker, as the level of noise soars, too. The level of noise tolerated by humans for extended times is 85dB.

Riding for hours on your bike without earplugs, and exposing your ears at such levels of noise, can cause hearing loss based on exposure to noise. Another unpleasant consequence for your health is tinnitus, a health condition that can occur due to the same circumstances.


Q: Is it dangerous to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

First things first, it is not illegal to listen to music while riding your bike, provided that you don’t use earphones, but dedicated communications systems for motorcycle helmets that are approved by the authorities. Bluetooth systems integrated with motorcycle helmets are readily available, and they are admitted by the law.

However, if you are interested in learning whether doing so may be dangerous, that’s a different issue. There is enough noise from the wind and other road conditions, and the music you listen to will only add on top of that.

Some may even consider music a distraction from paying attention to the road. Still, you can listen to music while on your bike, and, as long as it’s not too loud, that can be great entertainment, especially when going on long rides. Invest in a good system, and you will be able to enjoy such pleasant activities.


Q: What causes wind buffeting on motorcycles?

Wind buffeting is described by people riding on motorcycles as an invisible force that seems to apply pressure from different sides. The immediate reaction is to stiffen your neck and shoulders, and that can turn any ride into an unpleasant experience. This is something that appears to be more common on bikes that come with windshields or are equipped with front fairings.

Also, another factor that contributes to wind buffeting is speed. As you ride at high speeds, the wind will start to swirl around your windshield and will create a vacuum. That means that the airflow will be reversed precisely in the area where you sit on your bike.

Since the airflow created in this manner is not consistent, you will have the sensation that your head is slapped around. In case you wear an open face helmet, you might experience the effects of wind buffeting even more.


Best brands



This brand has gained a lot of popularity due to the quality audio equipment it is manufacturing. The products are made in China, The United States, Malaysia, and Mexico. The company was founded in 1964 by Amar Bose after he was disappointed with some purchased stereos. The company has its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts.
It is well known for noise-canceling headphones as well as for the professional automobile sound systems, computer speakers, portable audio products, and even televisions. In 2012, Bose managed to be the highest-selling company in the USA regarding the home theater systems.
The brand provides for its customers a wide range of headphone models such as in-ear, over-ear, military, and aviation models. They started manufacturing aviation headsets in 1989 and later on, in 2000, they started to produce consumer headphones, having contracts with NASA and the U.S. military.
Bose Company’s values stand for innovation and technology, as well as for financial viability in order to make self-fund researches for the purpose of growth. Therefore, the company’s slogan is “Better Sound Through Research”. In the early years, it was considered that the main weakness of the audio systems was the discrepancy between the listening space properties and the psychoacoustics of the audio system.



The trademark for this brand is the creation of wireless urban sports Bluetooth headphones in order to improve the audio industry. They started in 2015, creating an ergonomic design that ensures premium quality for the customers. SoundPEATS sells high-quality headphones and accessories at convenient prices, while its slogan is “Unearth the experience”.
Before starting, the company made researches in the audio field for about six years to make sure it provides for its buyers a premium sound quality. SoundPEATS succeeded to get a fast step towards getting into the attention of the audio industry due to the professional products it offers. The company is established in Guangdong, China.
The brand manages to cover the most important features of an audio product by combining professional sound with a comfortable design. The company’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering to the clients the possibility to have an immersive audio experience in a way that makes them feel free.
To make sure the clients have a great experience, the products are made from durable materials in a unique design that also proves hardware reliability. Each product undergoes a comprehensive and strict quality control system before it reaches the hands of the customers.



TheFitLife is a small company that provides for its customers a wide range of sport, outdoor, and garden products. The privately-owned global company manufactures durable, lightweight, and compact gear in an innovative way that makes the client’s life more facile.
Their success spread in over 15 countries as the products are high-quality and yet accessible. The company is focused on continuous developing by researching the best production methods and quality materials to provide great performance gear for customers around the world.
Another important aspect the company provides is the quality control testing that makes the products more professional. The products are made to resist in time as they are very reliable. The company stands for a healthy lifestyle as the main purpose is to bring to the large public a range of sports items to make the activity more pleasant and easy.
This brand sells different products that cover many sports areas, from trekking poles to running earbuds. TheFitLife is also a great choice regarding gardening materials as it provides a large variety of items such as water hoses and even door magnetic screens. The company wants to make sure that most of the clients are satisfied with the variety of choices they have.




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Mike Micotto

February 25, 2020 at 1:35 am

I have to disagree with the Bose noise cancelling earbud assessment. Unfortunately, the Bose product often pops and has “boinking” noises that are especially noticeable when motorcycling behind a vehicle when there is noticeable buffeting. This effect is also apparent in a car when passing oncoming large vehicles – the same pressure wave that bumps the car momentarily also effects the noise cancellation circuit, and there is a pop or boink – it gets obnoxious after a while. I suspect what is happening is that the low frequency pressure changes are driving the cancellation waveform into distortion – the transducer can’t handle it. If Bose had a low frequency cutoff for the ANC it would probably solve this problem, but I don’t think they are much interested in the motorcycle community. I can’t speak to the other brands & whether they have a similar problem.


February 26, 2020 at 9:31 am

Hi Mike. Thank you for your input regarding the Bose earbud. I’ll definitely look into this and update the page if necessary!

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