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8 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2022

Searching for the right motorcycle phone mount can be a tedious task, mainly because you need to make sure your smartphone will not fly away while you are riding, so the product in question must be a reliable one.

The market is full of expensive and cheap motorcycle phone mounts, but after a solid analysis, we managed to make a list of our favorite items you can find showcased below.

1. Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount for Motorcycle

If you want to purchase a motorcycle phone mount, the Roam Universal Premium can be a good choice. It is designed to fit any mobile phone up the 3.5 inches wide securely, such as the iPhone 6s, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the OnePlus 3, the HTC 10, or many other models.

The size of the unit is adjustable and can fit handlebar sizes from 7/8 to 1-1/4 inches in diameter, which makes it suitable for motorbikes or even bicycles. You should know that this product is not intended for supersport bikes with clip-on style handlebars, like crotch rockets.

When it comes to its grip, this item uses two points of contact. The Co-pilot will mount your smartphone to the handlebars securely, thanks to a premium hard plastic grip with a silicone net. This way, each corner of your phone is secured tightly to the mount. In addition, the Co-Pilot comes equipped with the largest clamp on the market which can fit any size handlebar.


Built to accommodate any mobile phone up the 3.5 inches wide securely, this motorcycle phone mount is worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a product that is easy to use and that will last.

To make sure the unit can fit handlebar sizes from 7/8 to 1-1/4 inches in diameter, the item comes with an adjustable size, which means that it can be used with motorcycle and bicycle handlebars alike.

In order to ensure a secure grip, the product features two points of contact as well as hard plastic and a silicone net. 

Thanks to the large clamp used, the unit is also adjustable and versatile.


The unit should not be used for supersport bikes with clip-on style handlebars such as crotch rockets.

The item does not feature a waterproof design; therefore, it should not be used in the rain. 

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2. Motorcycle Phone Mount Universal Handlebar Holder

When it comes to new purchases, only the most useful motorcycle accessories can do. The phone mount offered by CAW.CAR Accessories is definitely a good option. It enables you to securely mount your phone to any type of motorcycle or bike with tubular handlebars.

This holder is suitable for all devices up to 3.7 inches wide, and for all handlebars between 0.6 to 1.4 inches in diameter. Best of all, you don’t need any tools to install it.

This product was designed with an adjustable grip with 360 degrees pf rotation freedom. All you need to do is adjust and secure your cell phone in any position or angle you prefer, with the rubberized ball and bracket design.

Furthermore, the shock absorbing and extra secure rubberized clip with silicone belt holds your device firmly and safely. The corners of your phone are held in place with band wraps. You can enjoy the toughest race, and your device will not fall.


Whether you need a phone mount for your motorcycle or bike, this unit is worth adding to your list of options as long as your two-wheeler features tubular handlebars. 

The unit was designed to fit any device that is up to 3.7 inches wide and handlebars between 0.6 to 1.4 inches in diameter.

The product won’t just make sure your device is secure while you’re conquering miles on your bike but it is also easy to install as you don’t need any tool to help you with that. 

The item comes with an adjustable grip with 360 degrees of rotation freedom. 

To make sure your device is firmly and securely held, the mount features a shock-absorbing and extra secure rubberized clip with a silicone belt.


A few buyers found them item to be less sturdy than advertised yet there were not many such cases reported. 

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3. Nelson-Rigg CL-GPS-ST Black Strap Mount

If you are looking for high quality, but also for something practical, we suggest taking a look at the Nelson-Rigg CL-GPS-ST Journey Mate Strap Mount. It can be attached to the motorcycle’s tank with the strap mounts which come with a protective base material, in order to prevent marking or slipping.

This product is equipped with a multi-position GPS pocket that fits most popular GPS or electronic devices, an additional clear pocket for your cell phone, and an audio pocket. Moreover, the clear pouches are touch-screen device friendly. It also features a convenient carry handle.

The dimensions of the GPS pocket are 6×1.5×4.5 inches, the mobile phone’s 3.5x1x6 inches, and the audio one 2.75x1x6 inches. These measurements are suitable for many types of GPS or smartphone devices. The product is made from high-quality UV treated Tri-Max ballistic nylon. This item is very appreciated by most customers.


Ideal for those interested in getting a multi-purpose product, this item can be installed on the motorcycle tank so you can have both a mobile phone and a GPS in sight when riding. 

Thanks to the protective base material featured, slipping and markings are prevented. 

To enable you to mount your GPS, phone, and even an audio device, the product sports two pockets, and an additional pouch. 

The pockets were designed to fit various types of GPS or smartphone devices and their clear design makes them great for touch-screen units. 

Since it is designed for outdoor use, which means lots of sun exposure, the product is made from high-quality UV treated Tri-Max ballistic nylon to keep up with extended use. 

The carry handle makes it a convenient and comfortable option. 


Although it fits a variety of devices, it is not suitable for larger ones, as a few buyers mention in their reviews.

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4. Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone - by Tackform 

Reliability and sturdiness are what describe this product from Tackform Solutions. The unit was made to outlast you, from 6061 machined aluminum, and the high strength industrial spring system provides a fail-proof grip on your mobile device.

Best of all, this mount can be installed on a wide range of handlebars. It works with H-Bar, Trackers, Moto, Clip Ons, Zero Drag, Low Drag, High Drag, Zed, Maynard, Frisco, Champs, Mustache, Clubman, Keystone, Breezers, Window, and Ape Hangers. In case we forgot a name, most likely it still is compatible with it.

Regarding dimensions, you get a 7/8-inch, 1-inch, 1.15-inch bushings included. Also, the clamp mounts straight to 1.25-inch bars without the bushing. The unit works with phones up to 3.25 inches wide.

Furthermore, the aluminum ball and socket joint provide the ideal viewing angle on pretty much any bars. Also, you can easily remove your phone using only one hand.


If you’re interested in a sturdy and reliable phone mount that will keep your device secure while you are riding, this unit is worth paying attention to. 

Durability and a fail-proof grip are ensured by the 6061 machined aluminum and the high strength industrial spring system featured. 

What also makes this unit noteworthy is its compatibility with a variety of handlebars including H-Bar, Trackers, Moto, Clip Ons, and Zero Drag.

The unit comes with 7/8-inch, 1-inch, 1.15-inch bushings, and the clamp mounts straight to 1.25-inch bars without the bushing.

You can use the mount with phones that are up to 3.25 inches wide; therefore, it works with many of today’s devices. 

Thanks to its design, the item makes it easy for you to remove the phone with one hand only. 


Check out the product compatibility before ordering as, although it fits many handlebars and devices, it does not fit all of them.

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5. RAM Tough-Claw Mount with Universal X-Grip®

Many motorcycle phone mounts on the market are compatible with mobile devices of 3.25 or 3.50 in width. The RAM Tough-Claw Mount with Universal X-Grip allows you to use larger ones and even phablets.

The X-Grip cradle comes with a distinct and smart four leg design that provides excellent holding power, without covering any parts of your phone with foam pads or plastic. It expands and contracts for a perfect fit for most types of smartphones.

This product also allows a 360-degree rotation. It includes a device tether which is recommended for outdoor applications as well. Still, before you decide on this item, you should carefully check the dimensions.

The clamping range for the rail surfaces should be between 0.625 to 1.5 inches. The clamping range for flat surfaces is from 0 to 1.14 inches. For the cradle, a minimum width of 1.75 inches is acceptable, and a maximum one of 4.5 inches with a minimum height of 3.25 inches.


In case you need a motorcycle phone mount that fits larger phones or phablets, this product should not go unchecked before you make your final decision.

The unit was designed to accommodate devices that are up to 4.5 inches wide and up to 3.25 inches high and, therefore, comes with an adjustable design.

The four-leg cradle featured expands and contracts in order to fit most types of smartphones and ensures excellent holding power. 

The quality of the materials used and the way the item was designed will make sure your device is safe. 

To boost your experience, the unit allows for a 360-degree rotation, which adds to the value of this product. 

Thanks to the tether device included, the item can be employed for outdoor applications as well. 


The phone might slip downwards if used with this mount when it is raining; however, the two grips at the bottom will hold it. 

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6. ILM Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

Surely when you are looking for a phone mount for your motorcycle, you want it to be reliable, and your mobile device to be kept safe. An option worth looking into is the ILM Motorcycle Phone Mount Premium Aluminum Universal Bike Handlebar Holder.

This product fits large phones such as the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S7 and other models that are up to 3.7 inches wide. It is a heavy-duty product that promises durability. Unlike other models in this line, there is no stretchy silicone for shock absorption, but the stainless steel and aluminum construction is less likely to snap or break at high speeds than a plastic clamp.

This phone mount was designed for Powersports, and it will hold your device firm and stable. Regarding handlebar compatibility, it is adjustable to fit sizes in the range of 3/4 to 1-3/8 inches in diameter. Another great feature is the 360-degree rotation with multi-adjustable viewing angles for your phone.


Built to last and keep your device safe in place when riding your motorcycle, this unit comes with quality materials and an easy-to-use design.

It can fit large phones such as the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S7 and many devices that are up to 3.7 inches wide.

Durability is ensured by the stainless steel and aluminum construction which will not only keep up with extended use but will also make sure that your device is safe even when you are riding at high speeds.

The product comes with features that will keep your phone firm and stable even on bumpy roads. 

Thanks to the adjustable design, the item can be installed on handlebars ranging from 3/4 to 1-3/8 inches in diameter.


Even if the unit is adjustable, it can still not accommodate larger devices; therefore, check out the product dimensions carefully before buying.

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7. MaxMiles Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder Aluminum

MaxMiles comes with a revolutionary product and promises that it is the strongest and most reliable phone holder on the market, which is very affordable as well. A significant feature is the fast use. All it takes is an easy movement in order to attach or detach your smartphone that can be between 2 and 4 inches wide.

The installation process is simple as well, thanks to the adjustable clamp that is compatible with bars up to 31.8 mm in diameter. This unit is stable, reliable, and secure, as it comes with a powerful 3M adhesive patch. You will never have to worry about losing your cell phone.

The high-quality is ensured by the premium, lightweight CNC-machined aluminum alloy it is made from. Furthermore, with the 360-degree rotation, you will easily find the position that works best for you. Basically, this is a motorcycle phone holder that is ready for anything you throw at it.


Featuring specs that place it among the most appreciated products in this line, the unit is worth taking into account if you want a durable and easy-to-use item. 

One of the characteristics that stands out when it comes to this unit is the fast use, which means it is very easy and quick to attach or detach your smartphone. 

The unit can fit phones that are 2-4 inches wide and can be used with bars up to 31.8 mm in diameter thanks to the adjustable clamp.

Due to the powerful 3M adhesive patch, your phone will be stable and secure even when riding on bumpy roads.

The premium, lightweight CNC-machined aluminum alloy used will make sure that employing this item for a long time won’t be a problem. 


At least one buyer says the product works best with thin phones and that the ears are too short to grasp most GPSs.

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8. Scosche PSM11017 TerraClamp Magic Pro Magnetic Phone Mount

If you are interested in a magnetic motorcycle phone mount as an option from this line of products we suggest keeping the Scosche PSM11017 model in mind. It fits round or square tubes in the range of 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches.

This unit comes with small and large device plates with protective films. The Pro XL mount is equipped with a wide surface and with strong magnets to provide double the power of other older models, and it is also 100% safe for your mobile device. The rubber straps offer increased device security.

The adjustable mount head and the base can swivel and rotate to 360 degrees so that you can find the position that best suits your needs.

You should know that all the structural parts are made from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum with a stainless steel mounting hardware, which offers this unit durability. Another advantage is that you get lifetime tech support and limited lifetime warranty for this item.


In case what you have in mind is a magnetic motorcycle phone mount, this product should not go unchecked as it suits such interests and needs.

The mount can be used with round or square tubes in the range of 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches, which covers many needs.

The small and large device plates featured come with protective films and the unit sports a wide surface and strong magnets that ensure double power when compared to other units in this line.

To further enhance the security of your device, the mount features quality rubber straps.

In order to make it easy for you to find the phone position that best meets your needs, the adjustable mount head and the base can swivel and rotate to 360 degrees. 


Check out the product dimensions and compatibility before ordering as it does not suit all phones. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When you decide to get the best motorcycle cell phone mount, there are many things to consider. First of all, you need to get a unit that is capable of keeping your mobile device safe. Otherwise, you might end up with a useless mount and no phone.

The budget should also be considered when making such a purchase. Still, there are certain features you need to look for before actually buying the product. So, what makes a good motorcycle phone mount good?

Cell phone compatibility

One of the most important aspects to consider is for the mount to be compatible with your mobile device. Usually, phone mounts are adjustable so they can fit more types with a variety of widths. So, the first thing you need to do is to check the range of dimensions that the product can hold.

You have multiple options when looking for such an item. There are universal phone mounts that are designed to fit many smartphones, or there are those made specifically for various brands or even models.

You can simply check the shape and size of your phone and buy the appropriate mount, or you can verify the sizing guide of the mobile device holder to learn more.


Handlebar Compatibility

Just as it is with motorcycle handlebar speakers, a phone mount has to be compatible with your bike’s handlebars, otherwise, it is useless.

To be sure you are getting a product you can also use, you should check the diameter of your motorcycle’s handlebars and then match it to the size in the unit’s sizing guide.

Most models in this line are adjustable, but you still need to make sure that it can fit your ride so that you won’t waste money by purchasing the wrong product.


Strong grip and clamp

The next thing you should check is the grip type and the reliability of the product. The items in this line come with a variety of grips such as Finger Grip, X-Grip, and cases to hold your mobile device tightly in case of outdoor applications and bumps in the road. The design matters in providing a strong hold for your cell phone.

Most types of mounts are equipped with clamps that are used to install the unit to the handlebar. We recommend getting the largest clamp you can find, but make sure it is compatible with your motorcycle to be able to install it securely.



We definitely recommend going for a waterproof motorcycle phone mount if you are constantly on the road. You never know when you can be caught in the rain, so it is best to protect your belongings.

A motorcycle phone mount with charger can also be a good option, especially for long rides, when you are also using the GPS function which drains the battery of the smart device fast. Of course, you also have the option of buying a motorcycle USB charger separately.

In case you do not want to use your phone for this, there are many motorcycle GPS units as well, but this is entirely up to you and your budget. The 360-degree rotation feature is something else you can look for. It will allow your phone to tilt at any angle you prefer.

Since we have mentioned mobile device security, surely you do not want yours to get damaged by the holder. Many phone mounts come with scratch protection, so we recommend looking for this feature. Shock absorption capability is also essential for outdoor applications, high speeds, and bumps in the road, which might damage your device.

Ease of use

Since time is precious, you probably prefer uncomplicated devices. For example, we recommend looking for a phone mount that is easy to install and which does not require special tools for this process.

Not all of us have technical skills or even complex tool kits at home. And surely there is no point in paying more to have a specialist do this for you when there are so many models out there that you can install without technical knowledge or instruments.

After placing the kit on your bike, it is best to be able to attach and detach the device easily. It can become quite frustrating to waste a lot of time trying to get the device out from the cradle. That is why we recommend mounts that require one hand usage and the least amount of movements for this process.

If you follow the recommendations that we have provided in this guide, we are sure you are going to be able to pick the most appropriate product for your needs.

And since we talked about accessories for motorcycles, you might also like to read our article about the Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Or, you might also be interested in finding more about motorcycle radios, or even about the motorcycle cup holders available nowadays.


How does the mount hold your phone?

While you need to pay extra attention to the way the mount connects to the handlebar of your motorcycle, an important aspect is related to how the mount holds your phone. Without a doubt, you don’t want any unsightly scratches. One company that does a great job in this respect is Ram Mounts, as many of its models present a particular design.

The 4-ball design you can see on specific Ram Mounts models is brilliant. While it gently holds your phone, it will also keep it easy to access, something that’s important for any rider, regardless of circumstance. That also helps with rotating the phone so that you can see it from any angle possible.

Another thing you should pay attention to here is the material used for the part of the mount that holds your phone. Stainless steel combined with rubber is the winning choice, as it provides both the sturdiness required for stability and the gentle hold on your phone to prevent any scratches and other problems.


Make sure that the mount you use doesn’t cover the ports and cameras

It is great to have your phone secured to the handlebar of your motorcycle, but what should you do if you notice too late that the mount you picked covers some ports on the phone you want to use or even its cameras? That’s why you should pay close attention to the overall design of the mount before making a purchase.

A good idea would be to search for a model that provides as little coverage as it is possible to the phone it holds. The minimalistic design of some Ram Mounts models might be just what you need. At first glance, you might not be sure that this detail matters too much, but once you embark on a long trip and discover that you need to use the ports on your phone in comfortable conditions, that could become a problem.

It is necessary to have the ports uncovered so that you can charge your phone. It is as easy as that, and it is the kind of detail you can glean from a single look at the array of motorcycle mounts available on the market right now.

Get yourself a mount that can withstand wear and tear

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy long journeys on the highway, or you prefer the off-beaten path. You surely need a mount that can survive any conditions you might inadvertently throw at it. That is why one of the things you should check when you compare different mounts, even those made by a reputable company like Ram Mounts, must be the material used and its overall durability.

If you intend to navigate rough terrain, get a model with rugged construction. A good quality clamp is a must, but the material the mount is made from matters as well. Your mount should be able to handle everything, from riding at high speeds to bumps in the road and the like. Stainless steel, aluminum, or zinc are all great choices. For something lighter, but equally sturdy, you can choose a model made from ABS plastic. This is also a guarantee that you will use your mount for a very long time.

And this is not all. Your mount should be capable of handling shocks well for an obvious reason. During your trips, you surely don’t want your phone to suffer any damage, and if you have a mount capable of absorbing shocks, you will be able to avoid that. A rubber grip is a feature you should look for in the mount of your choice. It also serves if it’s padded. Silicone bands keeping the phone in place will also reduce vibrations.

Durability, as you can tell, is of the essence. It was already mentioned earlier that a waterproof model would be great, as well. It should be more than that since road conditions can mean many things. That is why if you notice that a manufacturer advertises its products as weatherproof, you should go for those. That means that it is capable of resisting dust, debris, and even flying insects, besides being capable of repelling water in case of rain, storms, and snow.


Overall style

There is a reason why the many models you see on the market are so visually appealing. Manufacturers know well that riders want a mount that goes well with their phones and motorcycles. You shouldn’t ride a beautiful bike only to have its appeal decreased by mounting an old piece of junk on its handlebar. The good news is that motorcycle mount manufacturers vie for the attention of customers, and that means that there is competition regarding style, as well.

Once you have all the other aspects mentioned above in place, and you know that your mount can take anything you might throw at it, it is time to make a choice depending on the style of the models offered. If you have several mounts that offer the same durability, convenience of use, and features, telling them apart based on their design is an excellent way to choose the right one.

Ram Mounts make such models, and it is easy to find a good one for your needs with ease. Here is another aspect that you will find useful. In the case of an accident, your phone might be the most damaged. That is why it’s a great idea to get a mount with a low profile.

What does this mean? Simply, it means that you should find a model that is mounted lower than the handle. When you acquire this setup, your phone will sit a bit lower, as well, and that means that it won’t be directly exposed to a direct impact. Another thing you should pay attention to is to place the phone as close to the center of the handlebars as possible. That will help to reduce the usual rattle, and it will keep your phone protected.

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I install a motorcycle phone mount?

Commuting for long distances can be boring, especially if you cannot use your phone while you’re waiting at the stop signs. If you own a motorcycle and still want to keep in touch with your friends during the long hours you spend stuck in traffic or want to catch up with the latest news, investing in a phone mount is the right choice. 

There are various mounts available on the market designed to fit all types of motorcycles and phones. If you’re not sure which brand to go for, one of the most popular right now is RAM. The company provides complete phone mounting kits and step-by-step instructions on how to install them yourself. 

You will have to assemble each piece separately, including the arms, the device cradle, and the stem base. Make sure all the pieces fit together and the cradle is big enough for your phone. If you don’t think you can handle it yourself, ask a specialist to mount the kit for you. 

Q: Where do I install the phone mount?

A motorcycle phone mount should be versatile and allow you to install it in various spots on your motorcycle, according to your needs. We suggest opting for a product line that provides you with this opportunity. 

Some devices can be easily attached to the handlebars with the help of a clutch and brake clamp and are powerful enough to hold a wide variety of accessories, from phones to cameras, and even a cup holder. 

Phone mounts should be usually mounted on the handlebars because this is where you will be keeping your hands at all times, meaning you’ll have easy access to your phone without having to stretch too much or keep your eyes off the road. Make sure the phone mount matches the size and type of your phone and is sturdy enough to hold your device in place, even when riding at higher speeds. 


Q: How long will a phone mount last?

The answer to this question depends on a series of factors, including how often you will use the mount, the phone, and the bike, and how good of a biker you are. If installed correctly, a solid phone mount can last for a couple of years, provided you don’t get yourself in an accident. 

These products are usually made of sturdy materials that will prevent them from breaking or corroding even when used in extreme weather conditions. Although phone mounts won’t take too long to install, they shouldn’t be removed and reinstalled too often. 

Some of the pieces used for the installation won’t resist the pressure and might break, causing your entire kit to collapse and become useless. The key to prolonging the life of your phone mount is to install it in a strategic place that grants you easy access anytime without having to adjust its arms or its position too often. 


Q: Can I use a bicycle phone mount on my motorcycle?

Yes, you can but should you? Regular bicycle phone mounts aren’t sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds, low temperatures, and constant exposure to sun rays for a prolonged time. Thus, they are more fragile and prone to breaking faster.

Just because you can find a bike phone mount that will fit your motorcycle doesn’t mean the item will last you long or will protect your phone. Keep in mind that you can achieve speeds of over 120 mph with a powerful motorcycle, meaning all accessories should be designed to face the challenges of these high speeds. 

Unless you plan on taking your motorcycle out for a short ride on small distances, using a regular bike phone mount is useless and even potentially dangerous. Stick to products specifically designed and tested for high-speed vehicles and avoid having to replace your phone after a sudden brake. 


Q: Are motorcycle phone mounts universal?

Some phone mounts are designed to meet the specifications of certain motorcycles or phones, while others come with adjustable arms and cradles to fit a wider array of products. 

Before deciding on which phone mount is the perfect choice for you, you have to know the exact size of your motorcycle’s handlebars and the size of your phone. If you don’t want to invest in another product if you happen to change your phone or ride in the future, it would be better to opt for a universal kit that fits most motorcycle brands and models. 

Regardless of the item you choose, make sure it comes with sturdy construction, able to endure outdoor elements and constant vibrations. If it fails to do so, it will break or come off the motorcycles’ handlebar, leaving your phone unprotected. Lastly, the phone mount should also ensure increased freedom of movement and accessibility with just one hand. 


Q: Why should you invest in a high-quality motorcycle phone mount?

A good mount is essential if you want to have your phone with you on the road, but without using your hands, due to obvious safety reasons. However, while taking all the other aspects already mentioned in this buying guide, you should also focus on quality. Some brands offer phone mounts for your bike that are superior in every way, but what makes them special?

First of all, they offer universal compatibility. A cell phone mount would be useless unless you can fit your phone in. That’s why RAM mounts, for instance, are so popular. For security reasons, too, you must consider a universal model. With its help, you can navigate unknown areas, and you won’t find yourself riding aimlessly.

When on the road, you may become bored, that’s why a good phone mount would be a great choice. Riding through the woods, listening to your favorite songs can be a great way to stave off boredom. No matter the model you choose, you need to make sure that it has a durable construction and that you can mount and unmounts your phone easily.

Just as when you pick any other piece of gear for your bike, pay attention to the brands selling the mounts. RAM is an excellent company to consider, but there are others, too. Also, its prices fit easily any budget, which is a plus. This company also makes excellent universal phone mounts for motorcycles.

You should also bear in mind that there are some useful applications for a cell phone mount. When you are on your bike, enjoying the scenery and riding through a beautiful landscape, you might want to record your experience. For vloggers, that’s a great option. Your universal mount should keep the phone steady so that you can record easily what happens around you.

Furthermore, a good quality model should let you access your phone without a glitch. When you take calls, for instance, that should happen seamlessly. There are many universal models, but not all offer easy access, so that should be something not to be overlooked. Stick to RAM products, and you won’t regret it.

Mount a good quality model on your bike so that you can also keep track of the distance traveled. Again, you must have a universal mount that won’t allow your phone to slip and crash on the pavement. That could turn any ride into an unpleasant memory.

Make sure that your mount has 360-degree flexibility. That will give you easy access to your phone, and you’ll be able to mount it as you please on your bike. Also, see that the mount doesn’t cover the ports and cameras of your phone. That could make any road trip less enjoyable than it should. With easy access to all the ports, you can truly harness the power of your phone.

While riding, just you, your bike, and the road ahead, you need a good quality phone mount. If it is stable and can handle tough terrain, it means that you just found the perfect fit for your bike. Just remember to mount it on before hitting the road.




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