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5 Best ATV Rear Seat Bags (Reviews) in 2022

If you’re looking for a great rear bag for your ATV but you’re not really sure which one to pick, we’ve got your back. We have selected some of the most popular choices available on the market right now, so make sure to check them out below.

1. Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

This 2-in-1 product is more than perfect for any ATV driver who needs an extra storage deposit and a comfortable seat for another person. The item comes in two color options - camouflage and black and will fit most ATVs.

It is specially designed to create an extra comfortable seat on your ATV so you can bring another person along, and get the party started. The seat is extra padded for increased comfort and quite large so you will enjoy the ride no matter where you are. Moreover, this product also offers three large and padded storage compartments to pack everything you need for a cool weekend getaway or night on the beach.

It also features two water-bottle holders so you’ll never have to stop to get hydrated.

The real-tree camo pattern will certainly add extra style and cool points to your ride, and it is even perfect for a quick camping. It works great in all weather conditions, that's why we put together different snow tires for you to choose from when riding in cold weather.

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2. Kwik Tek ATV Deluxe Padded Seat Rack Bag

This is another great 2-in-1 seat and bag that can be used perfectly on all ATVs. It is made of durable 600-den polyester and features a waterproof coating, meaning you can wear it any time of the year - be there sunshine or rain.

The product comes with three large compartments, all featuring separate zippers so your things will remain separated and in order. This means you can rapidly reach all your essentials and store different things in different compartments for better organization.

What is also great about this item is that it can be removed and used as a seat anywhere you are so you don’t have to leave anyone behind now. Bring your plus one with you wherever you travel and enjoy the companionship of your friends while on a ride with the coolest ATV.

It can be easily attached to your ATV through 8 pairs of nylon straps and buckles, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your packs.

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3. Rage Powersports Black ATV Cargo Rear Rack Gear Bag

This cool ATV storage bag is everything you need to pack all your things and have a cool weekend getaway riding your ATV and going to amazing places. The multi-compartment bag provides enough storage deposit for all your essentials, whether clothes, camping items, sports equipment or food supplies.

The item is made of durable 600-den fabric with reinforced corners for more balance and stability, as well as a waterproof coating to help you keep your stuff safe no matter the weather outside.

The tie-down straps will secure the load to an ATV cargo rack so your stuff will always remain in a place, no matter how bumpy the road is.

It also features two detachable storage bags and two detachable water bottle holders to suit your needs and crunch your thirst. The detachable storage bags are perfect when you want to store extra stuff, and you can easily take them away if you’re only planning a short trip, and don’t need to bring too many clothes or items with you.

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4. Black Widow ATV-FRBG-9010 ATV Cargo Rack Gear Bag

This cool and affordable ATV bag is larger and provides more storage room than most of the ATV bags available for sale. Purchase this item if you plan a great weekend ahead, and you also need to bring your sports equipment with you.

The multi-compartment gear storage design feature an integrated gun case for weapons up to 57 inches long, but you can also use it to carry other large accessories, including fishing rods or tennis rackets.

The item is made of same strong 600-den fabric and features reinforced corners for extra durability and stability. The waterproof top coat will help store all your things safely, no matter the weather outside or the road conditions, without any leaks or sun ray damage.

It comes with two detachable storage bags, and two detachable water bottle holders to help you stay hydrated while driving, so you will arrive faster and easier to your destination point.

The item can be tied down securely to any ATV rack thanks to the straps and buckles.

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5. ATV Deluxe Padded Seat Rack Bag Black

This versatile accessory might prove to be exactly what you are looking for, since it features bring numerous benefits and it fits a wide range of ATV racks and models. The thick closed-cell foam bottom ensures that enough cushioning is provided to protect your tools, which makes it a very useful addition.

Moreover, three large compartments, each with a separate zipper, allow you to store a lot of gear, but in an organized manner. The storm flaps included ensure that you are ready for any adventure, while the deluxe zipper pulls mean that you don’t need to worry about comfort and ease of use.

You can quickly and easily attach this bag to your ATV’s rear racks, given the 6-pair of sturdy straps and ladder lock buckles it comes with. Additionally, you should not worry about its durability, given that the model is made of a 600-denier polyester material, and also includes waterproof coating.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Searching for the best ATV rear seat bags could prove quite challenging, especially since there are many options available on the market nowadays. Hence, if you want to make sure you made the right decision and will purchase an adequate ATV rear padded bag, read our following comprehensive shopping guide, and check on all the necessary features.


The best ATV rack bag should come with enough storage deposit to suit your needs. We suggest choosing the size of the bag depending on your requirements and type of gears you want to transport.

Some of the bags on the market are large enough to store all your essentials for a quiet weekend getaway with your friends or sleeping in your tent under the moon and stars, on a beach, during your holidays. These ATV rear cargo bags come with at least a few storage compartments inside. Some of them also feature additional detachable storage bags that can be added or taken out, depending on the number of items you plan on taking with you.


Type of the seat bag

If you want to make sure you purchased the right item, we suggest you go through some ATV rack bags reviews and see what other customers have to say. There are two main types of bags designed for ATVs – hard and soft, each coming with their own perks and downsides.

The hard seat bags often use an iron frame to make the edges and the bottom of the bag harder. This goes without saying that the resulted structure is more durable and stronger, being able to last bumpy roads and almost all weather conditions, without changing its shape.

The hard seat bags are perfect when you want to carry sensitive objects with you such as sports accessories or tech devices, as they will resist bumps and even falls. However, due to the hard structure, they provide less internal storage space.

On the contrary, soft seat bags for ATVs are expandable and more flexible, making them perfect for storing large piles of clothes and additional accessories you will need for your travels. This is why we suggest to first go through some reviews of ATV rear seat bags and see the opinions of other customers.



It goes without saying that the materials used for manufacturing the best ATV rear bag should be strong, durable, and reliable. Most of these bags are made of hard and thick polyester fibers, similar to the ones used for manufacturing tents. This is perfect if you want to store all your things safely, without having to worry about the bag getting dirty or not having enough room for all your gear.

If you’re looking for more luxurious bags and your budget allows some stretching, you can also opt for a hard leather duffle bag or gym bag. These are usually smaller but will do the trick if you just need to carry some basic stuff for a one-day trip. Apparently, leather is more expensive and requires special carrying, but it is also more reliable in the long term and can face all weather conditions exceptionally.

Last but not least, you could also opt for poly tarpaulin, a strong and reliable material mainly used in the military to manufacture tents and soldier uniforms. In this case, an Ogio Honcho ATV rear bag would be the most suitable choice for you.


Waterproof design

One of the most significant features you need to look for in the perfect ATV rear seat bags for sale is a waterproof design. This is perfect for carrying your items regardless of the weather. A waterproof coating will prevent water from penetrating the bag and damage its contents, but will also keep the interior safe from dust, dirt or heavy snowfalls. In other words, a waterproof rear bag is a perfect investment for year-round trips with your ATV.

Number of available compartments

Again, the type of bag you prefer depends on your requirements and future trips. If you plan a weekend getaway fishing or staying on the beach, you will need all the extra storage compartments you can find. If on the contrary, you are ready to settle for a quick hunting game in the woods or just a ride on your vacation, you can pack as light as possible.

As a general rule, you should search for bags with plenty of different storage compartments, as well as with interior dividers to keep your luggage separately from other items such as food, lingerie or shoes.



You might also want to consider an ATV rear bag with cooler water holders if you don’t want to stop regularly for proper hydration. In addition, most of these water holder compartments are detachable so you can only add them when the ride is long enough to require hydration breaks.

Lastly, if you’re into fishing or hunting, you should consider opting for an extra detachable gun bag. This will keep your gun, bullets, and other extra accessories safe and ready to be used anytime you want.


Frequently asked questions about ATV rear seat bags


Q: What type is the best ATV rack bag?

As we previously stated, choosing a hard shell bag or a soft shell bag is entirely your option, depending on what you are looking for. A hard shell bag is rougher and more resistant, which is perfect for bumpy rides in the desert, the woods, or rocky surfaces. However, due to their rigid structure, they will provide less storage space on the interior. On the other hand, soft shell bags are more flexible and can carry plenty of items. They are suitable for one-day trips, and anytime you want to just grab some essential things and go out on an adventure.

Q: How much does one cost?

The cost of a good ATV rack bag depends on many aspects, including brand, efficiency, number of compartments, viability, and size. You can opt for rack bags that can be easily mounted to any ATV rack for about 60-70 dollars, or you can look for premium designs made of insulated and waterproof materials, which feature plenty of storage space. Moreover, some of these bags feature 2-in-1 designs and can be easily folded to make an extra comfortable seat for another person. These products usually cost over 100 dollars and can reach up to several hundred, depending on their other features.


Q: Can an ATV rear bag come with a seat?

As previously mentioned, there are some rear bags that feature a 2-in-1 design, and can easily be folded to become a fully comfortable and affordable seat. These seats usually come in large dimensions to add extra comfort to your ATV ride, and their designs are pretty cool too. So why not bring along that extra friend and provide them with the ultimate ATV experience in the back of the vehicle? Thanks to certain manufacturers, you can now turn your everyday storage bag into a comfortable ATV additional seat, and still, have enough room to store all your essential tools and accessories.


Q: How can I size an ATV rear seat bag?

Choosing the right size for your ATV rear seat bag depends on your budget, your lifestyle, and your expectations. You can start by opting for a medium-sized one just to see exactly how all your stuff fits into the scenario. A medium-sized bag should be more than enough for a single person going on a weekend getaway camping or in the woods. We do recommend opting for larger sizes with additional detachable compartments if you plan a true trip or you need to keep all your vacay items with you.


Q: Why does the bag need to be waterproof?

As we previously mentioned, a waterproof alternative is the most wanted type of ATV bag if you don’t want to have to worry about your stuff inside the bag. It is necessary to opt for such an exterior coating or feature if you plan on benefitting from your ATV year-round, regardless of the weather outside. A waterproof design will keep your belongings away from excessive moisture, rain, dust, mud or rain, protecting them accordingly. This way, your smartphone, tablet, wallet, ID cards, and anything else valuable will stay in place and protected from the outside world.





In the end, choosing the right type of bag for your ATV could prove quite the challenge. There are numerous good options available on the market, and picking the one with the right features seems harder by the day.

Nevertheless, if you decide to opt for our comprehensive shopping guide, we are ready to provide you with great tips and advice on the features you need to look for in a good ATV rear back bag. Spoiler alert – it should be big and steady, comfortable and roomy, and feature additional compartments for keeping your water bottles or weapons.




Unavailable products

Ogio 119003.36 Honcho


This product is made of heavy-duty poly tarp, able to resist almost all weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, dust, and mud.

The main compartment is opened without a zipper, making it easy and convenient to access the buckles inside holding your items.

This bag is spacious enough to store all your essentials and features multiple internal compartment storage boxes with a collapsible divider partition for smaller items. On the outside, there is an insulated water bottle holder that can keep your drink cold or hot, depending on your needs.

Thanks to the adjustable or removable bungee strap system you are able to add extra storage if you plan on driving for long hours or want to keep all your equipment safe in one place. Also, the reinforced carry handle will support the entire luggage and makes for convenient transportation.

The product weighs 14 pounds empty and has a total capacity of approximately 3250 cubic inches.




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