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18 Best Motorcycle Rain Gear (Reviews) in 2022

Finding the best motorcycle rain suits available is not easy, especially if you don’t know much about the topic. To help you out, we have composed a list items that you should not forget to check out before you start shopping. These products have received excellent reviews, and they are considered good purchases by specialized reviewers.

1. ILM Motorcycle Rain Suit

With this option, you are guaranteed to get superior waterproofness and wear-resistance since both the raincoat and pants are made of nano fabric with an eco-friendly coating that is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. The leak-proof design is enhanced by the full waterproof zipper on the front and the double waterproofed storm flap.

The pants have a seamless design, which will help prevent water from finding its way through the fabric when you are riding on a wet motorcycle seat cushion. The fabric on both pieces of the suit is also windproof. The hood features double loose-strap buckles that are designed to prevent it from flying away when riding in windy conditions.

You can also hide the hood in the hidden pocket found on the rear collar. Speaking of pockets, this option boasts a total of six waterproof pockets on the raincoat so that you can store and keep all your items dry for long-distance riding.


This model is available in a wide range of sizes and colors that are suitable for both women and men.

Both pieces of this rain suit boast a lining mesh that is very comfortable to the touch and breathable so that you can also wear the gear when hiking, exercising, or fishing on rainy days.

The waist of the rain pants features an elastic belt with a cord lock, and this makes it very easy to get a customizable fit.

The wrist cuffs have an elastic band and hook and loop fasteners that do a very good job of keeping your arms dry during long journeys.


The garments are made of very thin materials and, while they can handle normal usage without a problem, the fabrics can rip easily if you rub them to sharp surfaces.

The ankle cuffs are not wide enough to accommodate thick riding boots, so it is best to tuck the pants into the boots.

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2. Swisswell Men's Rain Suit

This product has been developed using the latest PU 300MM waterproof technology to deliver a rain suit that can handle both rain and wind. Motorcycle riders can trust this product to keep them dry and comfortable. The jacket features a fully adjustable hood with a brim that can be rolled and stowed in the collar when it is not needed.

All the seams have been taped to ensure that not even one droplet of water can get inside the pants or raincoat. The interior of the garments features a breathable mesh lining that will keep your skin comfortable so that you can wear the two-piece set even in warmer weather conditions without having to worry about perspiration.

To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a comfortable fit, the rain pants have an elastic waist, and the rain gear is available in five different sizes that range from small all the way to XX-large.  


There are five different colors that you can choose from, and this will make it easier to pick the one that goes best with your style, motorcycle, or the rest of your riding gear.

The lightweight materials allow you to fold the garments into a neat square and take them with you when riding so that you can be prepared for any weather condition.

It comes with an adjustable hood that can withstand strong winds and heavy rain, and there’s a warm collar at the base of the hood designed to add coverage and keep you warm.

It has reflective markings on the back and chest to increase your visibility when riding at nighttime.


The jacket runs a bit larger than the usual US size since it needs to fit comfortably under clothes, so make sure to check the size chart carefully before ordering.

Water can still get through the front zipper since there’s no flap to cover the zipper.

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3. Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Another price efficient product that is likely to stir your interest is the All Sport Rain Suit by Frogg Toggs. This model is also a two-piece ensemble that guarantees to keep you dry during the rainy season. To better cater to the needs of its buyers, the manufacturer has built it from polypropylene, a type of material that it is renowned for its water resistance.

On the one hand, the jacket is said to be easy to move in and overall quite comfortable. Moreover, it features an adjustable and also detachable hood, and it has a fully adjustable waist that you can modify in accordance with your preferences and necessities.

On the other hand, the pants come fitted with an elastic band and a cord lock. Their classic straight-leg design is effortless to wear, and the four panel cut that they include is very flexible. Lastly, it is worth saying that the product is quite lightweight when compared to other models.



There is no need to worry about bad weather ever again with this option since the non-woven fabric is completely waterproof and wind-resistant.

The product is available in over a dozen different colors, and this makes it easier than ever to find the rain suit that fits your style.

Finding the right fit is not a problem not only because the garments are available in six different sizes, but also because the pants have an adjustable elastic waist with customizable leg openings.

The rain suit is very versatile since its breathable and lightweight construction allows it to be used for many other activities such as biking, hunting, fishing, hiking, and much more.


There are no pockets or pass-through slits, which means that once you are buttoned up, you won’t have any place to store extra items.

It runs large, so if you don’t plan to wear it over a thick layer of clothes, you should order a smaller size.

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4. Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Set Protective Gear

If you want to purchase a product that will undoubtedly make you effortless to see on the road, you might want to check out the Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain. This model was manufactured from a 5000mm super waterproof material that is very dependable. What is more, this product has been specially designed to be used by motorcycle and motocross riders.

On top of that, this unit also includes large pockets that are placed on both sides that can be used for storing your personal belongings in them.  Additionally, this polyester suit is often described as breathable and highly efficient.

Nonetheless, before you make a purchase, you should know that previous buyers recommend that you order a size larger as the product runs a bit small. This feature is especially important if you intend to wear other clothes (and maybe thicker ones) underneath it. The unit comes in four sizes that you can choose from.



It has a sporty design, and the bright green color will allow other drivers to spot you quickly when it’s raining heavily.

This versatile rain set can also be used by tall women who find it difficult to get women’s clothes that are long enough in the legs, arms, and waist.

There are two large pockets on the front side of the jacket, and you can use them to carry personal belongings and keep them dry when it’s raining.

The materials have a 5000mm waterproof rating, which means that they can keep you dry even when riding in the rain for hours on end.


The pants tend to fit a bit too tight, especially if you wear them over other clothing, so keep this in mind before you make the purchase.

The zipper on the rain jacket is a bit cheap since it can easily fall off, which is annoying even if replacing it is rather easy.

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5. Nelson-Rigg SR-6000-HVY-03-LG Stormrider Rain Suit 

Another product that you might want to think about is the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit. The two-piece model stands out because it is highly visible and very cozy. What is more, this model includes what the manufacturer calls a soft polyester outer shell that has PVC backing for extra security.

Besides, the jacket also features a full-length zipper that has a Velcro storm flap that you will definitely come to appreciate. Moreover, the two large pockets that are placed on the front part of the suit are quite large.

Additionally, this model has an inner collar made from soft corduroy, a hood and two practical cooler vents that are located under each arm. The waist of the pants/jacket is elasticized, and the cuffs are fully adjustable. Last but not least, the pants also feature zipper gussets that measure up to 17’ as well as elasticized boot stirrups.


The reflective striping present on both the jacket and the pants will keep you visible during the night so that you can ride in all weather conditions knowing that the rain suit will keep you safe.

It is available in five distinct colors, and you can get the one that goes well with the rest of your riding gear.

The wide variety of sizes makes it easier to get the pair that will fit you snugly, and the pants come with an elasticized waistband to keep them secured even when you’re bending.

It is a very popular option among customers thanks in part to its affordable price, high-quality materials, and excellent waterproofness.


For women, the jacket fits well, but the pants tend to be fairly tight, especially when sitting on the bike, so, with this in mind, it might be best to order one size larger.

The seams between the legs are not very durable, and they can rip if subjected to heavy use.

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6. Nexgen Men's Rain Suit 

If you are searching for a model that will surely match your motorcycle boots, look no further than the NexGen Men's Rain Suit. The product is particularly suitable if you are a motorcycle long distance rider that is trying to find a product that can keep him/her protected from the cold and the rain.

The model has a sturdy design, and it is said to provide a good fit to most of its buyers. This is a two-piece product that is 100% water resistant and, thus, great for the job. Furthermore, the leg area of the suit is built from a heat-resistant material that prevents it from melting from the hot pipes on your ride. Additionally, the jacket included in the price has elastic cuffs.

Finally, you should know that this product can also be worn over your regular motorcycle gear. However, if you intend to do so, make sure that you purchase the next larger size.


This model can keep you protected in both rainy and cold weather since the materials are waterproof and very cozy, and this makes the suit ideal for long-distance rides.

The jacket includes a hood to keep you properly protected from the rain, and you can tuck it away when you don’t need it so that it doesn’t get in your way.

The reflective piping on the jacket will keep you visible even at night or in foggy conditions.

The suit features cooling vents that ensure proper air regulation so that you can wear it in warmer weather.

It is very lightweight, and you can wear it over your motorcycle gear without having to worry that it will slow you down.


There is not a lot of variety available, which means that you are stuck with the black and silver design.

It is a tad expensive, but you do get plenty of value for the money.

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7. Frogg Togg Women's All Purpose Suit

If you are a woman in search of an all-purpose suit that can also be used while riding a motorcycle, this model sold by Frogg Toggs might be suitable for you. The product has a simple cut design, and it is said to be quite versatile. The suit is made from two parts, a jacket and a pair of pants.

Both the jacket and the pants are waterproof and windproof so that the person wearing them is fully protected from the elements. Besides, the jacket comes provided with a full zipper and a button front closure.

Although this model is waterproof, you should know that the item is also breathable, which is a reason why so many current users appreciate it. Moreover, the suit is said to be very lightweight and, thus easy to wear as it won’t restrict your movements.

According to some reviews, the sizing of the model is accurate, and the large cut of the model enables the user to wear additional clothing underneath it.


The proprietary nonwoven fabric blend provides superior durability, breathability, flexibility, and wind resistance so that the wearer can enjoy all-day comfort.

The middle layer of the rain jacket and pants is waterproof, and even during the most intense weather, it will manage to keep you dry.

This all-purpose suit is made for mobility and durability, which is why it features elastic cuffs and adjustable waist and leg openings that will keep you protected without hindering your mobility.

The zipper is very sturdy, and it allows for easy on and off since it can be grabbed even with the gloves on.


The fabric is a bit noisy, but the good thing is that the more you wear it, the better the noise gets, but it is still an aspect that you will need to consider.

There are no pockets on the pants or jacket, and we reckon that for many, this will be a big disadvantage.  

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8. Maiyu Motorcycle Adult Rain Suit

This option is made of 100% waterproof polyester pongee with a PVC coating that helps keep the wearer dry even in heavy rain. The waterproof index of this model is of up to 8000, which is impressive on its own, but it becomes even more so once you take into account that this is one of the most affordable options available on the market.

What’s more, the double-stitched seams help elevate the tear-resistance of the fabric to a new level without sacrificing waterproofness. In most cases, the seams can let water inside the garment, but the seams on this product are fully heat-sealed, which means that they provide the same level of water resistance as the rest of the fabric.

The soft lining on the inside and the cooling vents on the back and under each arm make the rain jacket very comfortable to wear even when exercising or performing other physical activities since it will allow your sweat to evaporate without letting the rain water in.


The waterproof polyester material will also keep the wind at bay, and you can protect your head from rain even in windy conditions since the pullover hood features drawstrings to keep it in place.

The raincoat boasts two side pockets with zippers that will let you keep your small essential items such as keys, phone, and wallet dry in any weather.

It features big reflective strips in three places, the chest, back, and wrist, to keep you safe when riding at night and/or in rainy and foggy conditions.

Both the pants and the rain jacket use an adjustable design that makes it easier to get a custom fit.


Make sure to check the measurement chart on the product page carefully since this rain suit runs rather small.

The elastic used for the sleeve cuff is not of good quality since it can begin to stretch out after only a couple of uses.

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9. Joe Rocket Survivor Men's Textile Touring Suit

This nifty rain suit is versatile enough to be used year-round, and it boasts a sportier look compared with most of the other options on our list. You can trust it to keep you dry since it is made of a waterproof treated RockTex 600 outer shell that can handle heavy rain and wind.

It is a one-piece suit, and this makes it more practical and convenient to use since you can carry it with you when traveling, and whenever the need arises, you can simply zip it up over your other clothes. This design also gives you more protection against rain since the pants and the jacket can’t separate when you stretch over the bike.

It has a removable insulated full suit liner that allows the suit to be used in both cold and warm weather. The materials used for this suit are rugged, and the lower leg area is made of melt-resistant material.


The waterproofness that this one-piece textile suit provides is very impressive since even after hours of exposure to rain, it will still keep the wearer dry.

The materials are very cozy, and the suit comes with an insulated liner that you can remove when riding in warmer weather.

It may not be the most affordable option on our list, but compared to other textile riding suits, this one is priced competitively, and it is a good alternative if you’re determined to get a good textile suit.

The suit has a Big Air mesh panel that you can adjust using a zipper, and it is designed to let air inside and keep you cool during the summer.


It has three exterior pockets but, unfortunately, they are rather small, and you can’t fit a lot of items in them, except for your phone, keys, and wallet.

The suit is comfortable when riding the bike, but it can’t be used to walk around for too long since the fit feels a bit stiff.

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10. Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Another two-piece design that might interest you is the product sold by Viking Cycle Motorcycle. The item is made from waterproof fabrics and it comes supplied with sleeve cuffs and an elastic hem. Additionally, the calf area of the leg is protected by heat shields that guarantee that the suit won’t be affected by the heat emitted by the pipes.

The model has a stylish design that includes reflective piping and removable stirrups that you might find feasible. To make this suit even more efficient, the manufacturer has supplied it with two large pockets where the user can store essential supplies and cooling vents under each arm. Because of the cooling vents, you will no longer feel too warm while wearing rain gear.

The product comes in six different sizes. To select the unit that best fits you, be sure to check out the sizing chart made available by the seller.


The fit of the jacket can be customized easily thanks to the addition of an elastic waist hem, adjustable zippered bottom, Velcro cuffs, and stretch drawstrings.

The trousers have adjustable stirrups that go right under the shoe to keep the pants from shifting positions, and this helps ensure your legs are properly protected in rainy conditions.

The reflective high-visibility patches on the back and front of the jacket will keep your presence obvious by giving 360-degree visibility at night.

You can keep essential belongings, such as your phone or wallet, safe and dry in the two large front jacket pockets.


The materials used are not very breathable, which means that once the temperature gets warmer, you will begin to sweat if you continue to wear the suit.

It is good for light rain, but during long rides, there are still small areas that can get wet.

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11. Barnett Harley-Davidson Mens Medallion 

If you are scouring the net trying to find a jacket that matches your stylish motorcycle gloves, we suggest that you take a good look at the model sold by Barnett Harley-Davidson. This manufacturer describes its product as 100% waterproof. In fact, this model is constructed from polyester, and it has a mesh body lining and sleeve lining for extra comfort.

What is more, the unit has two vertical vents that include snap tabs and two back exit vents that you will surely find practical. Moreover, the jacket includes body armor pockets at elbows and shoulders and a snap-tab collar. The sleeves of the product are said to be slightly pre-curved.

The model also includes zipper chest pockets and horizontal interior pockets that you can use for storing your phone and other belongings. The jacket also features reflective piping and stripes that will make you noticeable to the other drivers.


The 100% polyester construction of this jacket allows it to perform very well in all types of rain, and it is a great choice to use during long motorcycle rides.

There’s a hood that you can use to protect your head from the rain, or you can tuck it under the collar when you’re riding so that it doesn’t get in your way.

The back waist and upper are lightly padded to keep you protected, and the padding feels very comfortable yet firm to the touch.

There are two back exit vents with snap tabs that will keep you cool in the summer.

It has a stylish look that will go well with the rest of your motorcycle gear.


The price of this model is no joke, but that’s to be expected from a Barnett Harley-Davidson product.

The jacket feels a bit heavy, but the good news is that it doesn’t seem to limit the wearer’s freedom of movement that much.

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12. HHR Mens Motorbike Overpants 

If you are searching for a brand new pair of motorcycle overpants that are highly breathable, take a good look at the model sold by HHR. This product has a Cordura construction that guarantees that this model is breathable and practical.

Even more so, these pants have waterproof lining and underneath mesh lining so that they can protect you against the effects of unfavorable weather. Previous buyers of the model have appreciated that this unit has well-created pockets and useful zippers that make it easy for one to put it on/take it off.

Similarly, it has been said that this model has an excellent fit and that its high-quality material is worth one’s consideration. On top of that, the microfiber material utilized in making them guarantees that these pants are highly durable in the long run. If you want to wear these pants over your regular trousers, make sure that you purchase a bigger size.


The side piping and the brand logo are made of fully reflective materials that are visible at night to keep other drivers aware of your presence.

There are two deep external pockets that you can use to store some of your bike gear or everyday items, such as keys, wallets, and others.

The zippers are of top quality since not only are they sturdy, but they are very easy to use even when you’re wearing thick gloves or mittens.

The air ventilation system on the back and front of the pants will keep you cool without letting the rain inside. 


You might have to order one size up since the pants run small, and if you want to wear them over your motorcycle gear, then it will be impossible for you to move around in your usual size.

The kneepads are stiff, and when you’re walking up stairs or running, they can restrict your movement.

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13. Joe Rocket Riding Gloves 

If you are a fan of Joe Rocket gear, these riding gloves should unquestionably make it to your shortlist. The model has been designed to ensure that motorcyclists have their hands protected from cold wind and the rain.

The product comes provided with a drum dried Cowhide outer shell and a mid-liner that is 100% waterproof. In addition to that, the model features insulation and extra high-density knuckle armor for additional safety. Additional leather reinforcements are also included, as well as a gel palm construction that can efficiently dissipate vibration. This way, you will have a better grasp while riding your motorcycle.

The design of these gloves is slightly curved so that the user is satisfied with the grip. According to some of the prior buyers, this product runs a size small. Consequently, it might be a good idea to order a size up. If you have any trouble deciding on the appropriate measurement, take a look at the chart provided by the seller.


With seven different sizes available for you to choose from, finding the gloves that fit like a second layer of skin won’t be a problem with this product.

The 100G Thinsulate insulation layer makes this option ideal for cold-weather riding, and it can handle both rain and snow without your hands ever getting wet or cold.

The secure hook and loop wrist closure allows for quick on and off so that you don’t waste any time when preparing for or ending your ride.

You can ride for long hours comfortably even on rough roads since the gel on the palm area will dissipate vibrations.


One small issue with these gloves is that they are not touchscreen compatible, which means that if you want to use your phone, you’ll need to take them off.

The cuff is fairly short, so you will need a long jacket to keep your wrist from getting wet.

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14. TourMaster Men's Polar-Tex 3.0 

If you want to purchase a pair of leather riding gloves that have an interesting design, why don’t you consider this product sold by TourMaster? The model has a leather palm and thumb construction that includes a 3mm EVA pad, polyester fleece lining, and efficient stretch knuckles. A leather throttle guard has also been included between the index finger and the thumb.

The product has a pre-curved design that makes it easier for one to wrap his fingers around the grips. The gloves fit as expected and they are quite warm. As a plus, this product features reflective piping that increases the visibility of the model during nighttime.

At the time that we have carried out our research, this product had received plenty of positive reviews from its previous buyers. Moreover, this device has been vetted by its current users as a reliable unit that is guaranteed to keep your hands dry and warm, even at low temperatures.


The thumb and the index finger are covered with touchscreen compatible conductive overlays so that you can use your phone without having to take the gloves off.

The reflective piping will complement the rest of your motorcycle gear and will make you more visible at nighttime.

The elasticized wrist band is designed to keep the glove tightly on your hand and will prevent water from finding its way inside the glove.

Thanks to the 100g 3M Thinsulate Flex insulation and the 100g polyester fleece lining, this option does a very good job of keeping the hands not only dry but also warm.

The fingers and palm are pre-curved, and this design choice promotes a more comfortable fit.


The gloves are a little thick, and while they are still comfortable, they will reduce your dexterity.

The product performs well for rides above 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but anything colder than that, and you will begin to feel a bit cold.

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15. Joe Rocket Burner On-Road Gloves 

Another stylish product that most motorcyclists are likely to love is the Burner On-Road model produced by Joe Rocket. Because it strives to provide its users with a superior grip and total control, the manufacturer has fitted these gloves with a silicone print. Moreover, for extra mobility and reduced fatigue, the model has a fully flexible wrist design that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

What is more, these gloves include adjustable cuff closures and a reflective logo. The product features an innovative three-stage heating system that runs on Lithium batteries. Each recharge is said to provide four full hours of capacity.

Also, the material used to construct the fingertips of the model is conductive. Therefore, the users will be able to use touchscreens without having to take off the gloves. Lastly, these gloves are waterproof and breathable, all reason for which current users recommend them to all the interested motorcyclists that are in the market for a new acquisition.


It can keep you warm even in freezing environments since it is equipped with a heating system that can deliver about 3-4 hours of heat, depending on what setting you use.

The generous 2200mAh battery is not cumbersome since it is stored in a pocket right under the wrist, and it is relatively flat.

Despite the added technology in these gloves, they remain very light since each pair weighs around four ounces, depending on what size you choose.

The gloves are roomy and comfortable on the inside thanks to the use of a very soft lining that feels pleasant to the touch.


It lacks a wrist strap to keep your gloves on in case of a fall, and for a product this expensive, this is quite a big oversight.

There is no extra abrasion or knuckle protection, and these are features that are found on most motorcycle gloves on the market.

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16. Forma Adventure Off-Road 

If you are searching for a pair of boots that have a sturdy design, we suggest that you check out the model designed by Forma. These boots feature a double density compound rubber sole and injection molded plastic protections that ensure their durability. Moreover, the product has ankle reinforcements and stiff nylon midsoles that are shock-resistant.

Additionally, the product includes a soft polymer padding that has been developed memory foam for increased comfort for one’s feet. As a plus, the footbed of each boot is replaceable, and it is made from an antibacterial material.

The plastic buckles that have to be used to secure the product are also replaceable and fully adjustable. Besides, because they are rather tall, it is advisable that you wear the boots over your pants (in fact, some users have said that it is somewhat challenging to pull jeans over them due to their design).


The performance in rainy conditions is excellent since not only are the boots waterproof, but the double-density compound rubber sole provides excellent traction even on wet ground.

The buckles that this model uses are very sturdy and strong, and once you close them, they will stay shut and won’t open on their own no matter what.

It is a versatile pair of boots that can be used not only for motorcycle riding but also for other outdoor activities, such as hiking.

While most boots need a few days to break in, this pair feels great from day one, and this is a testament to the high-quality construction and expert craftsmanship.


The Velcro strap on the top of the boot can catch the pants, but you can learn how to prevent that from happening the more you use the boots.

It is a bit difficult to fit your leg inside the boots if you have big calf muscles.

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17. Alpinestars Gunner Waterproof Boots 

If you are interested in investing in a pair of street motorcycle boots, the model produced by Alpinestars Gunner might be just what you are looking for. Because it has been redesigned to be used by those that ride motorcycles, the product has a shape that is ergonomic and compatible with the commands of a bike.

Furthermore, the layer between the upper cover and the lining is waterproof so that your feet remain dry while driving during in rainy weather. Also, the sole of the boots is made from a vulcanized material that has a unique side wrapping design so that you are protected at all times.

Also, you should know that this product has been C.E. certified and it is, thus, capable of withstanding the demands of the road. However, because the model is all sealed (for weather protection), it does not feature a ventilation system.  Nonetheless, current users recommend it as a good purchase.


The boots have a waterproof membrane layer between the upper and the lining for improved performance in rainy weather conditions.

You can enjoy a high level of mobility thanks to the durable microfiber front, and the rear accordion flex zones.

With the help of the two adjustable Velcro straps, you can ensure a secure closure, and the straps are very easy to pull even with gloves on.

The shock-absorbing ankle guard is another useful feature of this model that will deliver more protection and optimum ankle support.

Looks matter, and this option has a big advantage since the stylish design will go well with the rest of your motorcycle gear.


The boots are breathable, but it is still not recommended to use them in hot weather since your feet will sweat.

People with wider feet should get a size larger since the boots are quite narrow in the toe area.

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18. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex 

Last but not least, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex is a product that is both modern-looking and likely to withstand the test of time. This pair of boots is the newer version of another product designed by Sidi, and it has been constructed by using high-quality materials. The model features an improved dual buckle system and the highly-acclaimed Gore-Tex membrane that ensures that the model is water resistant and breathable.

To make the model durable, the manufacturer has combined the qualities of top grain leather with those of split grain leather. Even more so, the product includes both rubber soles and nylon inner soles that have arch support (that is removable). The heel of these boots is shock resistant so that the feet of the user are protected.

Lastly, this model has a Velcro strap system and a cam-lock dual buckle system that guarantees that the product is safely secured in place while riding. (check out our recent article on motorcycle tie down straps)


These versatile boots are very comfortable both when you are riding on your motorcycle but also when walking or taking a short hike.

The hinge point on the outer and inner ankle will guide your foot to move only in the way it should, and it provides just the right amount of resistance.

The outside of the boots is covered with hard plastic TPU and microfiber components that do a very good job of protecting your leg in the areas that are most likely to be impacted.

It boasts a weatherproof construction that can handle heavy rain and snow, and it will keep your feet dry and warm.


The sole is made of a soft material that doesn’t seem capable of lasting very long if you use it to walk on rough terrain.

The boots are a bit on the heavy side, and lighter riders might find it uncomfortable to walk in them for long distances.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


The task of finding the motorcycle rain gear for sale is, by no account, an effortless one. The reason for this has to do with the fact that, interested buyers have to pay attention to many aspects that are not always that evident. To help you make a good purchase, we have composed a list of crucial features that you might want to keep in mind before placing any orders.

Materials and fit

When trying to get your hands on good motorcycle rain gear, you should first pay attention to the material used in the construction of a product. Because you will wear the equipment during rainy days, it is crucial that you invest in a product that is waterproof. In other words, you should search for products that are double-stitched and that have sealed seams that can effectively prevent the water from infiltrating through the fabric.

Even more so, specialized motorcycle rain gear reviews often suggest that it is best to purchase a model that has been constructed from waterproof fabric, rather than one made from water resistant materials.

For example, if you take the case of boots, water-resistant models can only withstand to the penetration of water to some degree, while waterproof boots are made from materials that are 100% impenetrable by water. In short, while water-resistant items can keep you dry for a certain amount of time, investing in the best motorcycle rain boots that are waterproof means that you will remain dry at all time.

What is more, according to the specialists, the same can be said about best motorcycle rain gloves. As a plus, good gloves have to have a pre-curved design that makes them particularly easy to maneuver.   Also, if you intend to ride during the cold season, it might be a wise to purchase gloves that have a heating system. By doing so, you will not have to worry about your hands feeling cold.

Furthermore, wet weather apparel should also be easy to put on and take off. Consequently, you should buy items that are a bit larger and that have zippered openings. However, because all uncovered zippers are predisposed to water infiltration, we recommend that you purchase a model that also includes a rain gutter or storm flap.

For extra protection, you could also invest in a pair of motorcycle goggles. However, if you want to acquire rain gear that can be used while racing, it is best that you stick to skin tight clothing to avoid drag.

Besides, before placing any orders, it is recommendable that you go online and verify whether or not the product that you like interferes with controlling the motorcycle. If previous users complain about this aspect, it is advisable that you do not purchase that given product.

Visibility and safety

As you already know, riding on a rainy day can get tricky due to the low visibility. Because of this, the specialists suggest that the product that you purchase has retro-reflective striping or patches that can make you easy to spot by fellow drivers.

Also, it is often recommended that, if riders happen to carry different items with them while driving; they place those items in waterproof, visible motorcycle backpacks. This way, they will have both of their hands on the steering wheel.

Also, if you purchase a backpack, you will have enough room to keep your motorcycle jump starter in it. Consequently, if your ride stops working because of the rain, and it needs a jump start, you’ll have all the necessary supplies with you.

What is more, if you want to be 100% safe while riding in bad weather, go ahead and read about the motorcycle airbag jackets and vests currently available online.

Likewise, for added safety, you might also want to check out some proficient motorcycle neck brace models, as they might be life-changing in case of unhappy accidents caused by bad weather. Likewise, you should also make sure that your bike is equipped with proficient motorcycle tires that are suitable for the weather conditions.


Additional info that might help you

Another aspect that you should not overlook when shopping in this line of products is breathability. As you already know, in order to feel comfortable while riding it is crucial that the clothes that you are wearing are breathable. However, in an attempt to make their products waterproof, some manufacturers do not include vents in their gear.

Nevertheless, if you want a model that will not cause you discomfort when worn for an extended period of time, it is advisable that you purchase a product that features moisture control. This is especially relevant if you intend to wear the gear during summertime.

Seat mobility is another aspect that requires your attention. As expected, riding during rainy days in a suit that slips from the seat is a dangerous decision. To avoid this situation, you should buy a rain suit that features a fabric panel or a coating that stops the user from sliding on the bike’s seat.

Moreover, the part of the pants that comes in contact with the exhaust pipes or the motor should also come outfitted with heat-resident panels that can protect the pants from melting. This feature is essential because it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Also, if you want to make sure that you are on the right track to your destination, seasoned riders suggest that you select one of the many motorcycle GPS units that you can find online. While searching for such a product, make sure that the device that you purchase is also waterproof.

If you follow these recommendations, we are convinced that you will end up with durable and reliable raining gear. However, apart from investing in apparel that is appropriate for rainy weather, we recommend that, when riding in difficult meteorological conditions, you pay undivided attention to the road and the driving regulations. Also, remember that riding in heavy wind and rain is especially dangerous and, thus, when possible, it should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it safe to ride your motorcycle when it’s raining?

While safe and dangerous are two relative terms since riding a bike carries a certain degree of risk, it is safe to say that riding your motorcycle when it’s raining involves a few elements that increase this risk. Even if you use the best rain riding gear, the roads get wet and thus more slippery and visibility and tire traction are reduced, which affects your safety. 

To decrease the risk of a crash, it is thus best to use motorcycle tires that provide a good grip even in wet conditions, a helmet with an antifog screen as well as a rain jacket and rain pants that are brightly colored so other people can see you with greater ease.

Q: Does the rain gear go over regular clothing?

Many rain pants, jackets, and even light boots go over regular clothing. A quality rain suit should keep you dry if you ride your bike when it’s raining, yet it should also make it easy for you to take it off when the sun is back so you can then continue your ride with your usual motorcycle clothes. 

However, there are rain motorcycle boots that can’t go over other boots. The ones mentioned above are more like some larger socks made of waterproof materials. You will also find light and comfortable one-piece suits that you can easily wear over your regular clothes and that are adjustable for a nice fit. 


Q: How do I measure myself for the raingear?

Measuring yourself properly will help you find the rain riding gear that will provide you with the best fit. To make sure that the motorcycle gear you get will not only keep you dry but also comfortable, you should measure yourself only after you’ve put on the gear you will use under the rain suit. 

Once you’ve done so, measure yourself as you normally would. Use a measuring tape and measure your chest and waist. Define what comfortable means in your case and choose accordingly. While some bikers prefer the rain gear to be a bit loose, others might want a tighter fit. Some one-piece suits or pants might be adjustable to meet different preferences.


Q: How do I wash the raingear?

Washing your rain gear including your rain jacket, pants, gloves, and sock-like boots is nothing complicated. Such items should come with instructions to help you keep your motorcycle gear clean and in good shape. They can usually be washed in the washing machine as long as you go for a gentle cycle that uses warm water.

Make sure you use a cleaning solution that was specifically formulated for such type of garment. You can also clean your one-piece rain suit and other such items with a spray-on treatment. There is a variety of such quality products available for sale since they are effective and easy to use. 

Q: What is the best waterproof material?

The market now offers a variety of waterproof products people use to stay dry whether they go for a motorcycle ride or simply run errands when it’s raining. Waterproof materials are natural or synthetic fabrics that have been coated with other materials that have waterproofing properties such as polyurethane, fluoropolymers, polyvinyl chloride, rubber, or wax. 

Some of the most common and appreciated waterproof materials are laminated cotton/poplin, PVC-coated polyester, ripstop nylon fabrics, and thermoplastic polyurethane, just to name a few. When looking for quality rain gear, consider the coated used for the fabric featured. It should prevent you from getting wet but it should also be light enough to provide you with comfort. 



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