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16 Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets (Reviews) in 2022

In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve concluded our research with a list of the top rated women’s motorcycle helmets that we believe might catch your attention. Each product suggestion was carefully chosen after reading various reviews from previous customers.

1. LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Nobody wants to get injured while riding the motorcycle. It’s important to consider the safety provided by a helmet besides the appearance and elements of design. If you’re trying to find a women’s motorcycle helmet that looks great and doesn’t weigh a ton, this product might be the perfect choice for your needs.

This full-face motorcycle helmet is made from an ultra-light and super strong fiberglass composite material.

The most important part is that the unit can be easily opened and taken off using the quick-release chin strap which can be handled with one single hand, even if you wear gloves.

Furthermore, because of the Twin Shield System, the sun shield is able to protect your eyes. In addition, the shield is UV resistant and coated with a fog fighter treatment. Some might say that this is one of the cheap women's motorcycle helmets available today, but not all customers agree.

Thanks to the fully adjustable top vents, the helmet ensures a strong airflow and increased ventilation.

Also, the liner can be removed completely for fast and easy cleaning.


This LS2 Helmets model is an excellent choice given its durable and resistant fiberglass composite construction that ensures the rider’s safety. 

Another characteristic which might make you want to give it a try is the fact that it doesn’t weigh that much, which means that it won’t feel too heavy during long periods of use. 

The manufacturer also thought about usability when designing this helmet, so a quick-release chin strap was added to allow you to take it off single-handedly, even when wearing gloves. 

Thanks to the Twin Shield System, your eyes are protected at all times, given that this element added to the helmet is both anti-fog and UV-resistant. 


In rare cases, the paint can start coming off after a while, so you should make sure that you follow the user instructions to prevent this. 

The chin strap might feel a little uncomfortable to some users.

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2. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Designed to help you pair your motorcycle rides with safety, this full-face helmet from Bell is worth paying attention to as it is packed with quality materials and features that allow it to achieve its purpose beautifully. The product is not only durable, but also comfortable and lightweight. 

The aerodynamic shell is made from a polycarbonate/ABS composite that will keep up with extended use and protect you. It will also provide you with enhanced comfort when wearing this helmet since it is lightweight. The item boasts a padded wind collar to reduce road noise and wind as well as contoured cheek pads for extra comfort. 

The material used for the interior of the helmet can be removed so that you can easily wash it. The ClickRelease shield system makes it easy and comfortable to use this item. What’s more, the shield features anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV protection. 


Lightweight and durable, this helmet is worth adding to your list of options as it won’t just protect you when riding your motorcycle, but will also keep you comfortable. 

The materials used for both the exterior and interior of this helmet should keep up with extended use and enhance your safety when out there. 

The helmet is DOT approved and comes with a five-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will serve your needs for a long time.

The interior liner is removable, which means that keeping the helmet clean is an easy task; what’s more, the item comes with a padded wind collar to reduce wind and road noise.

To help you find the helmet that provides you with the perfect fit, the item is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXX-Large. 


This model comes with a clear shield; if you want a tinted shield, you will have to pay extra, which adds to the final price.

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3. Vega Helmets Rebel Warrior Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

If what you want from your next motorcycle helmet is a comfortable, custom-fit, and lightweight design, this option from Vega Helmets might be cut out for you. Ideal for men and women alike, this half-face helmet comes with a fully-vented EPS liner, which means that your safety and comfort will be significantly enhanced. 

The quick-release strap system will help you take it off/put it on easily, while the multi-position drop-down sunshield will protect you not only from the sunrays, but also from the wind and elements that otherwise might get into your face and eyes. The Tech Wick-Dri Liner prevents moisture from building up, and the custom fit dial adjuster ensures a personalized fit.

The unit is DOT FMVSS.218 approved and comes paired with a five-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you will get to use it for a long time. Since this is a half-face helmet, the product is lightweight and comes available in a variety of sizes. 


Whether you need a helmet for your motorcycle, UTV, scooter, or street bike rides, this half-face helmet is worth taking a closer look at as it is packed with quality materials that will last and protect you.

Thanks to the sunshield featured, you will enjoy protection from the sunrays, rain, and bugs, while the Tech Wick-Dri Liner will make sure you stay dry, cool, and comfortable.

The Quick Release Strap System can be adjusted so that you can find the right fit with ease; moreover, it was designed in such a way to allow you to use it comfortably even when you have your gloves on.

The unisex design and the variety of sizes available will help you find the right fit for your needs; the custom fit dial adjuster further helps you get a custom fit. 


This is a half-face helmet, which comes with advantages, such as its lightweight construction, but may not provide you with the same safety as a full-face helmet.

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4. Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT Approved

This professional motorcycle helmet is DOT approved which means that your body is safe and sound for the entire period of time you’re using it for the ride. The product can be used for a wide variety of outdoor situations such as street biking, racing, motocross, and ATV riding.

The last thing you need is to have to be concerned about whether your motorcycle helmet will remain intact in case of a collision. You need to feel protected and be able to communicate with others even if your companion is at a far distance from you.

Made exclusively from top-notch materials, the helmet features an aerodynamic ABS shell as well as a reinforced chin strap and a double D-ring buckle for quick and simple handling.

Because comfort is a must when spending hours riding the motorcycle, this unit boasts a great ventilation system that allows a full intake of airflow, making the experience a cool and comfortable one.

You can easily remove the liner if you want to remove the bad odors and bacteria from inside the helmet.


This helmet is an excellent choice given that it’s a highly versatile alternative that can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities besides motocross, such as racing or street biking.

Another particularity that you should know is that this is a DOT-approved product, which means that it ensures the protection you need when you go out on the road. 

Furthermore, this helmet is made using materials of the highest quality, which means that it’s both safe and durable. 

The shell is also aerodynamic, so you won’t have any trouble using it for racing as well, while the easy-to-use chin strap makes things easier in terms of handling it. 


The sizing might be a bit off, according to what some of those who have bought the helmet noted, so you might want to order a size up. 

When used at very high speeds, the noise might be a bit louder compared to other models.

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5. LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

If enhanced protection and comfort are the benefits you want your new helmet to provide you with, this full-face helmet might be right up your alley as it is DOT/ECE approved and, thus, comes with the features required to deliver superior safety benefits. To ensure such results, the item features an aerodynamic shell that is made of a durable HPTT polycarbonate alloy.

The material used for the shell is not only durable but also lightweight so that you can engage in long rides without your comfort being affected. The cheek pads feature high-quality foam that has been cut in such a way to provide you with a perfect fit. 

The interior liner can be removed and washed, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its freshness. The shield is resistant to scratches and optically correct. Thanks to the sunshield, your eyes will be protected from the sun. You can easily retract it with the flip of a switch when you no longer need it.


Built with quality materials that promise to deliver protection against impacts as well as enhanced comfort even if you wear it for hours on end, this model is worth considering.

The aerodynamic shell features a durable yet lightweight polycarbonate alloy, which means that it should keep up with extended use without affecting your comfort. 

The interior liner is removable in order to allow you to wash it and thus help you respect your hygiene standards. 

The face shield is optically correct and scratch-resistant; due to the sunshield, you can employ the helmet when it is sunny as your eyes will be protected.

The product is available in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can easily find the one that best meets your needs.


Even if removing the liner to wash it is nothing complicated, it can be washed only by hand and air-dried. 

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6. Triangle Helmet ‘Biohazard’ Full Face Dual Visor

The resistance to impacts and durability of a motorcycle helmet are some of the most important features to consider when looking for such a product and, thankfully, this model from Triangle ticks both boxes. The unit is not only durable and protective, but it is also stylish. 

The DOT-approved helmet has been carefully built to provide you with the needed protection when riding your motorcycle and thus comes with quality materials and a thoughtful design. The multi-density EPS liner used will make sure that wearing the helmet for a long time won’t affect your comfort. Plus, the ventilation system will further boost your comfort.

The anti-bacterial liner can be removed so that you can wash it whenever needed. Thanks to the ABS shell and the thermoplastic technology employed, the product can withstand high pressure. The item features an anti-scratch visor and a padded chin strap that comes with micrometric closure.


Featuring a stylish design and a durable construction, this full-face dual visor helmet is DOT approved, so you can rest assured that your rides will be safer when wearing it.

To make sure you are protected, the product comes with an ABS shell and has been built to withstand high pressure and do so effectively.

Safety is not the only benefit you will get to enjoy from, though; the helmet is packed with a multi-density EPS liner as well as a padded chin strap. 

Keeping the helmet clean won’t be a difficult task as the liner can be removed whenever you need to wash it. 

The visor comes with anti-scratch properties, and the helmet is available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit easily. 


Make sure you check out the sizing guide carefully before buying; keep in mind that the helmet might run a bit small, so choose accordingly. 

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7. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Open Face Lethal Angel

When it comes to this model from Vega Helmets, you can rest assured that, besides being protected while riding your motorcycle, you will be noticed. The open-face helmet boasts graphics that will cut a fine figure and add a cool touch to your motorcycle gear. 

The unit is not only about nice looks, though. It was designed to provide protection and comfort and thus comes with an ABS thermoplastic alloy shell and meets the US DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards. What’s more, the product is paired with a five-year warranty, which means that it should keep up with extended use.

The helmet also features a moisture-wicking liner that will keep you dry and comfortable. The liner can be removed and thus washed. To further boost your comfort, the unit is equipped with a padded D-ring strap and weighs only 2.3 pounds. Thanks to its design, it is suitable for both men and women.


Boasting a retro design that will complete your motorcycle gear nicely, this open-face helmet is ideal for men and women alike and comes packed with a durable and comfortable construction.

The ABS thermoplastic alloy shell, the interior liner, padded D-ring strap, and all the other parts featured will work together to keep you protected and comfortable. 

The anti-microbial and moisture-wicking liner is removable, which means that keeping it clean won’t be a difficult task. 

Despite being durable, the DOT-approved helmet is lightweight so that you can wear it for long rides without your comfort being affected.

Finding the perfect fit should be nothing complicated as the product is available in a variety of sizes to meet all needs. 


Given the open-face design, this unit cannot protect you completely as a full-face helmet does. 

The helmet might run a bit small, so ordering one size larger might be a good idea.

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8. XFMT DOT Adult Flip Up Full Face Helmet

What you get with this full-face helmet is not just a durable product that will pair your rides with safety, but also a stylish unit that will get you noticed. To make sure that you’re protected, yet that you’re also comfortable when wearing it, the helmet features a composite shell that is both durable and lightweight. 

The interior is heavily cushioned, and the padding can be removed and washed. To boost your comfort even more, the vents are adjustable, and the well-vented design renders it ideal even for summer rides. The unit has a flip-up visor that ensures ease of use and meets the DOT safety standards. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about this helmet is its stylish graphics that will add nice visuals to your motorcycle rides. The item is available in three color options and in sizes ranging from S to X-large, which means that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the right size.


Designed with the rider’s safety and comfort in mind, this unit is worth adding to your list of options as it meets the DOT safety standards.

Even though the composite shell is durable, it is lightweight so that you can wear it even when you engage in long trips without getting neck fatigue or experiencing discomfort. 

Thanks to the heavily-cushioned interior and the padding used, safety is paired with comfort; the padding can be easily removed to be washed. 

Given the full-face design and the materials used, you will enjoy enhanced protection whenever you wear it. 

The nice graphics will add a touch of style to your motorcycle rides while the UV protective finish will make sure that the helmet will look like new for a long time.


The helmet might have an unpleasant smell at the beginning, but that should wear off after a few weeks. 

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9. Yema Helmet Adult Motorcycle Racing

It’s quite a daunting task trying to find a proper motorcycle helmet that matches the size of men and women alike. However, some brands are fully aware that each sports motorbiking aficionado requires the same level of protection so they’ve made a helmet such as this one, that can be easily labeled as a professional grade motorcycle helmet.

This product goes well with all sorts of outdoor activities like motocross, racing, dirt biking, and snowmobile riding.

Made from durable materials, the helmet is outfitted with an aerodynamic ABS shell, a reinforced chin strap, and a double D-ring buckle. This means extra safety for your head and face even if an incident occurs. Not to mention the advanced ventilation system that is extremely useful for creating a constant airflow. Basically, the vents are fully adjustable, making it quite easy to keep your body cool and comfortable.

One important feature is related to the liner which is fully removable and can be washed if you want to be certain no bad odors develop inside the helmet.


This Yema model is an extremely stylish choice specially created to fit both men and women, all the while ensuring the necessary protection during thrilling rides. 

Thanks to its design, this is a highly versatile model that works for all kinds of outdoor activities, including dirt biking, racing, snowmobile riding, or motocross. 

Given that the durable ABS shell features an aerodynamic design, you don’t have to worry that the helmet might not be able to face windy situations. 

There’s also an advanced ventilation system included in its construction that does a great job keeping the rider comfortable even on hot summer days. 


This Yema model seems to run a bit small, based on what some previous buyers stated, so you should consider asking customer service for support in choosing the right size for you. 

It might take a couple of days to air it out before you use it for the first time. 

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10. Bilt Women’s Racer Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Women that are not fond of black motorcycle helmets might find this product suitable for their fashion style. It’s the ideal blend of safety, quality, and great looks. You won’t regret choosing this helmet because it is manufactured with a high-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell that ensures plenty of safety and ruggedness.

We should also mention that the full-face solid shell is painted with fine decal graphics and has a double lacquer finish.

Issues such as not managing to secure the helmet in place won’t be found in this product because it comes with a double D-ring that ensures safety fastening. The quick release clear visor comes in handy for easy handling.


Another example of a high-quality helmet that also sports a great and stylish design, this Bilt model is among the preferences of many experienced riders. 

You may want to know that the shell is made of high-tech injection molded polycarbonate material, which means that your safety is ensured given its sturdiness. 

Furthermore, the double lacquer finish the exterior features ensures its durability and resistance against external factors such as UV rays, wind, and rain. 

Thanks to the double D-ring fastening system, the helmet stays securely in place as the rider enjoys a nice ride, which means that you will be able to focus on the road. 


In some cases, the price tags are attached to the helmet and the glue might be difficult to take off, so carefully do this so that you don’t damage its exterior. 

In one case, the nose air vent came off, but customer support can help with details in such a situation. 

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11. GDM DK-140-MB

There are motorcycling enthusiasts that prefer classic gear that never goes out of fashion. Because it’s something visible, the helmet must be chosen according to its technical specs but also overall look. You need to consider safety first but why not look good while riding the motorcycle?

With this question in mind, manufacturers have given their best to create this interesting matte black helmet that meets and even exceeds DOT safety standards.

Given the excellent aerodynamic shell design, you won’t have to hear the noise made by the wind when you go full speed with your ride. Plus, the composite poly-alloy makes this unit so lightweight that you won’t even feel like wearing a helmet on your head.

Due to the double D-ring chin strap, there’s absolutely no chance for this product to slip or come off by accident.

Inside the box, you’ll notice two visors, one clear and another one tinted. The helmet features five points of ventilation and cheek pads that are fully removable.


Let’s face it, the first thing to say about this helmet is that it looks really cool, with a hint of superhero-inspired style, which makes it suitable for a wide range of riders. 

It can also make a great gift for someone who is into riding motorcycles and wants to experience this in a highly stylish manner. 

This model meets and even exceeds DOT safety standards, so there’s little to worry about when it comes to your protection. 

The shell features an aerodynamic shape, so you shouldn’t have a problem using the helmet for high-speed riding as well, while the interior is properly ventilated to ensure the user’s comfort. 


In some rare cases, the visor didn’t easily rotate, but the seller can assist if you find yourself dealing with such a situation. 

The lining cannot be removed for maintenance purposes, so you might want to find an additional issue when you wear it. 

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12. Vega Helmets RS1

If simplicity is what you’re looking for but you don’t mind some Bluetooth technology and a fully vented EPS liner, then this motorcycle helmet was clearly designed to meet your standards.

The unit comes with an ultra-comfortable moisture-wicking liner system, which makes it suitable for all season wearing. Even if the weather outside is extremely hot, the aerodynamic multi-channel airflow ensures plenty of breathability and comfort.

The best part is that you’ll be able to see the surroundings in a perfect light because of the optically correct dual shield feature.

You have the opportunity to communicate with others and listen to music since the helmet has pre-drilled holes that enable a fast and easy Bluetooth speaker installation.

As far as safety goes, this is one of those cool motorcycle helmets engineered with a thick, high-density liner that can easily absorb the impact when riding the bike, motorcycle, or cruiser.

Incredibly lightweight, the helmet can be worn for hours without too much effort. The inside liner is suitable for washing and can be completely detached from the helmet.


This Vega helmet is a very nice and easy-to-use model but it also incorporates some cool features such as Bluetooth technology. 

The ventilation system included in its construction does a great job in keeping the rider cool and comfortable, even when the weather is very warm. 

The lining also includes a moisture-wicking system, while the aerodynamic airflow system ensures that the rider’s skin benefits from the necessary breathability. 

The shield comes with optically corrected features, which means that you will be able to clearly see everything that is going on around you. 


In the case of this model, the sizing seems to be a bit off, so it’s a good idea to check the information provided on measurements and order a size up. 

The visor has 4 positions so it’s rather difficult to keep it just a tiny bit open, as you might sometimes need in case it fogs.

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13. Shoei Metallic Neotec 

t’s not like every day you stumble upon a product that has all the necessary requirements in terms of safety and design. You either find something made of durable elements, that doesn’t look so great or, on the contrary, it looks amazing but fails to deliver.

This is definitely not the case with this motorcycle helmet that meets the quality standards and looks good on every woman’s head. Moreover, there’s an internal sun shield that protects your eyes from UV light.

The flip-up chin versatility makes this helmet adapt to different situations, no matter how much time you like to spend riding.

If you like to go outside during bad weather, you can activate the pin lock anti-fog system that will increase your visibility.

The lining of the helmet can be removed and washed to remove bad odors and dust. This comes in handy if you want to prevent bacteria to grow and spread. Moreover, this won’t be a major issue because the helmet ensures plenty of ventilation that keeps a moisture-free environment inside it.


One of the things worth mentioning about this Shoei helmet is that it never fails to deliver both comfort and safety to those who have decided to give it a try. 

The shield also comes with a special feature, namely that it protects the rider’s eyes against UV rays that might be damaging. 

The flip-up chin is another particularity you should take a closer look at, given that it offers more versatility, especially for those who are planning to take longer rides. 

In case the user deals with bad weather, an anti-fog pin lock system can be activated for enhanced visibility, which is also a matter of safety. 


There might be a sizing issue, so check out the information on this matter and then ask for assistance from customer service in case you have any concerns. 

When used for high-speed riding, the helmet seems to be a bit noisier. 

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14. Raider 55-564P-14

If you want to ride your bike, not worry about safety (as this can just as well be the safest motorcycle helmet), and look great at the same time, then Raider’s 55-564P-14 model is definitely the one you should consider. It can also be purchased as a lovely gift for a daughter or a cousin who is passionate about bikes and wants to learn more.

Besides having an aerodynamic outer shell design that allows you to fully ride comfortably, the helmet’s exterior is made of lightweight fiberglass, which means that you don’t need to worry about protection for your head. Moreover, the front air-intake ensures an optimal ventilation level.

We all know that being exposed to too much sun is not the best idea, so it’s a good thing that the Hi-definition graphics included in this model are also UV-protected. The premium double-D ring chin strap is yet another reason to consider this model, as it offers both comfort, as well as a secure fit.


This cool-looking Raider helmet is surely one that won’t go unnoticed when you take your bike out for a ride, thanks to its lovely colors. 

It can also be a great gift for a younger rider or for a daughter who is passionate about learning everything there is about motorcycles. 

The aerodynamic shell design keeps the rider comfortable even when riding at higher speeds, while the sturdy fiberglass exterior ensures the necessary protection for a safe ride.

This helmet is also lightweight so it won’t become a burden, while the ventilation system is specially created to keep the rider comfortable. 


In this case, as well, the sizing might be a bit off, so you may want to think about ordering a size up and maybe require some assistance from the seller. 

Even though this model is lightweight, for younger users it might feel a bit heavy. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Many people believe that standard bicycle helmets are more than enough for any woman out there. They fail to consider that because men and women have different bodies, they require proper gear that suits their body type. Since women are more interested in design and not technical specs, it’s understandable that companies see this as a major benefit. So, if you’re looking for a women’s motorcycle helmet for sale and you want some piece of advice, you might want to take a look at this comprehensive buying guide showcased below.

Why do you need a motorcycle helmet?

There’s something special about being on the road and feeling the wind on your face as you ride your bike. It’s an adrenaline rush that soon turns into an addiction. The worst part is that apparently there’s no cure for this affliction. However, you need to take control of this situation and obey some safety rules if you want to keep on enjoying these sessions of pure freedom on the highway.

To be certain that you remain safe and sound even if an accident occurs, you need to invest in good women’s motorcycle helmets. This piece of equipment is specially designed to keep your head protected when falling off your motorcycle.

When in the market for full-face women’s motorcycle helmets, make sure you keep in mind that the unit should be an excellent combination of feminine style and functionality.


Types of helmets

According to some of the best women’s motorcycle helmets reviews, you should get an appropriate product that suits your personal needs. You should be aware of the fact that there are several styles and types of helmets to choose from and each of them provides different features and levels of protection.

For example, there are full face helmets that master the art of safeness. If you want to be sure that you’ve got a strong piece of equipment, you should consider them as your top choice. Besides, they are outfitted with numerous qualities such as clear visors, all-weather protection, wind resistance, and eye protection. You won’t feel the annoying sound made by the wind wherever you go full speed.

Plus, because they have enough space, you’ll notice products that boast the latest technological trends like the women’s Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. These are incredibly useful because they can be connected to your smartphone. This way, you can listen to your favorite jam while riding the bike. Even greater, you have the opportunity to keep in touch with your fellow buddies and have someone to call in case of emergency.

However, aside from the huge amount of benefits, there are also disadvantages. Many ladies believe that full-face motorcycle helmets are a tad heavy and too bulky to match their style. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the fact that your entire face is hidden, these helmets will make an excellent job at keeping you safe and sound.

Another type is the open face helmets, known as women’s 3/4 motorcycle helmets. These leave your entire face open. Because of this, many ladies prefer to wear them. Just keep in mind that helmets of this kind don’t have visors that are a must if you want to keep your eyes protected.

Indeed, open face units enable good visibility while the flip-down shields come in handy when the weather outside is bad or sunny.

Although even heavier than full face model, modular helmets are the ideal combination of open and full face helmets. The best part is that these can transform in any of the previously mentioned option using the mobile chin bar.

Those that like to engage in racing from time to time, you might consider getting off-road items that don’t feature face shields but have sun visors and chin protection. Aside from this, they are built with special ventilation systems that increase the airflow and allow the heat to escape.

There are ladies that like to drive a cruiser, so half helmets are recommended because they are lightweight and comfortable. However, they provide the least protection so be aware if you are willing to take the risk.


The one aspect you shouldn’t overlook when looking for a motorcycle helmet is the safety. Even though you might take this issue for granted and consider that your level of experience should be enough, accidents do happen and you have zero control over these situations. The only way to avoid critical injuries is to wear a helmet.

During the crash, the helmet is your only weapon that keeps your head and brain away from possible shocks. Not wearing one may lead to severe health problems in the near future.

Therefore, always consult the women’s motorcycle helmet size chart and get the helmet that is a true fit for your body measurements. Ideally, the helmet should be made from a thick and shock-absorbing material.


Extra features

If you’re on a short budget or you’ve just started to get a taste of the motorcycling world, you should be more than pleased with cheap women’s motorcycle helmets. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you should learn that there are certain methods that you can use if you still want quality and safety above all.

One of these methods related to measuring your head accurately from the very first start. It’s vital that your head fits perfectly in the helmet. Make sure you get a proper tool and measure your head circumference in inches. If you’re not sure where you stand, you can always look for information online or check the chart provided by the manufacturer.

Even if you purchase the helmet online, you can still opt for something great if you know your head shape. If you wear an ill-fitting product, you’ll feel too much pressure during the rides.

Generally, humans have egg-shaped heads when it comes to helmets. But, there are people that have long oval shapes or round ovals one. Because of this, over the past years, helmet manufacturers have managed to create a universal helmet that fits people of all head sized regardless the way their head looks.

Nobody wants to spend their riding session with a helmet that feels heavy and uncomfortable. You might want to take a look at other women’s motorcycle helmet accessories because these are responsible for the level of comfort provided. However, keep in mind the fact that at first, the majority of helmets feel a little weird and heavy. It’s quite important to clench your teeth and see if you have room for keeping your mouth in a comfy position.

In terms of design, you have two options. You either purchase a unisex helmet that can be worn by men and women because it doesn’t have any graphic prints in bright color. Or, you get something specially manufactured for ladies’ style, such as a purple or pink motorcycle helmet.  It all comes down to your own preferences.


Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I choose the safest helmet?

For many people, riding a motorcycle is more of a lifestyle than a passion. These enthusiasts travel across the country on their two-wheelers, experiencing the goods and the bads of every road, and the challenges of being away from home for a long time. 

Regardless if you’re an avid biker or just a weekend adventurer, wearing the best protective gear is a must. If you already ordered your leather boots, jacket, and gloves, you should also consider investing in a high-quality helmet. 

Opt for a product that will fit your head perfectly, without feeling too tight or too loose. Choose helmets made of lightweight yet durable materials and always make sure they meet the D.O.T. minimum safety standards. Make sure the product also has a thick, impact-absorbing liner and doesn’t show any signs of use. Lastly, don’t use the same helmet if you have already been involved in a minor accident or a crash, even if it looks intact. 

Q: How many years does a motorcycle helmet last?

The answer to this question depends on how often you use your bike, the type of roads you usually choose for your travels, your riding experience, and the overall quality of the product. 

A good helmet can last you anywhere from 3-7 years, sometimes even more. Although most helmets come with protective coatings to fight against damage from direct sunlight exposure, winds, and cold temperatures, they won’t protect your head 100%. In time, all helmets will wear out, especially if they are used regularly.

Thus, it is extremely important to carefully examine your helmet before every trip to make sure there aren’t any signs of tearing or wearing. As we previously mentioned, if you were involved in a minor crash or accident, you should immediately change your helmet, even if it doesn’t have any marks on it as you can’t know for sure whether or not it will resist another impact. 


Q: What brands should I go for when choosing my helmet?

Finding the right helmet could prove a difficult task, especially with so many outstanding models and brands available on the market. However, you should never put a price on your safety, so don’t look for cheaper brands as they’re not always a good solution in the long term. 

We don’t ask you to pay a fortune for your helmet either but to merely take into account a few aspects that might make the difference between a premium helmet and one that you will have to replace in a few months or a year. 

We have picked eight outstanding helmet manufacturers that provide high-quality products preferred by enthusiast bikers worldwide – Shoei Helmets, HJC, Bell Helmets, Arai, Nolan, Shark, AVG, and Vega. We suggest you take a look at each brand’s most popular helmet model and compare it with other models until you find the right match for your type of riding. 

Q: Are expensive bike helmets worth the money?

As we previously stated, you cannot put a price on your safety, and safety should come first whenever you’re riding your motorcycle. You may opt for a cheaper pair of motorcycle jeans or a pair of boots made of faux leather but, when it comes to helmets, what you pay for is what you get. 

If you’re a passionate rider who cannot wait to take your bike to work daily, investing in a high-quality helmet is mandatory. The product should be lightweight and extremely durable at the same time, capable of absorbing shocks and preventing head injuries. 

When it comes to helmets, shock-absorbing technologies and materials are the ones that make the difference between a minor injury and a potential trauma or even death. Of course, paying big money for a helmet won’t automatically protect you from any type of injury but investing in good technologies might keep you out of the hospital. 


Q: What do you do with old motorcycle helmets?

Unless you’re into DIY craft projects, old helmets won’t be of much use for you. The main reason why you should buy a new helmet is to get rid of the old, used one that might no longer provide the type of protection you’re looking for. Although these helmets might look good at a glance, a closer examination might reveal small cracks or holes that dramatically decrease the level of protection they can provide. 

That being said, old helmets are useless and should be thrown away. If you’re fond of your old helmet and cannot seem to let it go, you may still use it occasionally but only on safe roads. If you are into craft projects, you can use your old helmet as a practice canvas to improve your painting skills or as decoration in your garage, basement or “man cave”. 

If the product is still in good condition and doesn’t show any signs of wearing or tearing, you can donate it to a school or recycle it. 



Unavailable products


FreedConn BIF01313


Some people want to feel entertained even when riding the motorcycle. For them, having a practical and versatile helmet is indeed a blessing. This is what makes this product original. The fact that is has some cool settings makes is a great purchase.

The helmet is built with powerful communication capabilities that are hard to overlook. This model is outfitted with a Bluetooth intercom system that allows you to keep in touch with the rest of the world even if you’re located at a distance of almost 2000 yards. You can rest assured that you won’t get lost or suffer an injury without having someone to alert about it.

Because this item is equipped with a Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, you have full access to your smartphone, music player, and GPS system all in one place.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t add weight to the helmet. On the contrary, the ABS shell is quite lightweight and able to offer you the ventilation that you need so that the ride feels comfortable the entire time.




HJC CL-17 – Lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets


Ladies like to feel comfortable even when wearing a motorcycle helmet. They most likely enjoy the idea of having something stylish and comfy over their head. This is the reason why you’ll be impressed by the features provided by this product.

Featuring an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, the helmet is incredibly lightweight and enables a perfect fit for any size.

Due to the anti-scratch face shield, the unit is able to offer almost a complete UV protection against sun rays.

There’s no need to worry about the helmet moving or falling because it is outfitted with a side shield lock mechanism that ensures an ultra-secure seal throughout the entire motorcycling session.

Another interesting fact is that the shield ratchet system which is simple and secure provides efficient installation and removal operations.

Moreover, the shield boasts a unique 1-stage system that allows you to close it or open it using the one-touch center tool. Both the cheek pads and the liner are fully removable.




Shoei Seduction RF-1200


When practicing such a dangerous, but fun outdoor sport, you need to wear the proper gear that keeps your body intact in case an accident occurs. You shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of a helmet – your head is your most sensitive area. So, having a model like this one on your head will undoubtedly make a difference.

You don’t have to worry about issues such as comfort or weight because the helmet is manufactured from lightweight materials that meet the DOT and SNELL M2015 quality and safety standards.

Aside from this aspect, this item comes with a wind tunnel shell that has been tested to ensure a compact and aerodynamic shape. Plus, wearing this motorcycle helmet brings all sorts of benefits, including a reduction of the noise made by the wind and anti-buffeting properties.

This helmet is suitable for track day enthusiasts as well as cross-country cruisers that want to ride with confidence and in complete safety.




Voss 303 Purple Eclipse Dual Lens


There are women that enjoy motorcycling as much as men do, but they don’t feel like the equipment is made to suit their needs. They fear the helmets might be bulky and awkward to wear. This unit right here disables that awful claustrophobic feeling you get from regular full-face motorcycle helmets without leaving your head unprotected.

On top of this, the unit looks really sleek thanks to the metallic purple eclipse graphic design that is usually appreciated by ladies looking for something that lets them stand out from a crowd of riders.

Even though the helmet is not heavy, you can rest assured about the safety because it is manufactured from a combination of thermoplastic injection ABS and a polycarbonate molded shell that ensures protection both on the top and back.

In addition to this important aspect, the product comes with a secondary smoke internal visor that prevents the sun from blocking your view.

Because of the fast ratchet quick release system, you won’t spend a lot of time trying to put on and take off the helmet.




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