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20 Best Carbon Fiber Helmets (Reviews) in 2022

Because we know just how complicated finding a good carbon fiber helmets for sale can be, we took it upon ourselves to make the task easier for you by putting together a list of products that you should definitely have in mind before making a decision. So, keep on reading and make up your mind wisely!

1. 1STorm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

There are many reasons why you should consider this helmet above many others. Its lightweight construction is one of them, as you will truly enjoy the feel of a helmet that doesn’t weigh a ton and doesn’t seem to crush your neck and shoulders when worn for a long time.

Safety-wise, it is an excellent choice because it is DOT-approved, which means that it complies with all the safety standards imposed by this authority. You can rest assured that your head is protected, and you will also enjoy that the model comes with an advanced dual-lens system.

The quick-release buckle makes putting the helmet on and removing it nothing but a breeze. It is quite durable, too, and you will love that the helmet has a beautiful glossy finish. It should be mentioned that the shell also has a UV-resistant coating, to ensure that its beautiful looks won’t fade with time.



This helmet complies with the strictest safety standards available, so it will protect your head from possible injuries as much as this piece of gear can.

You will like the fact that the padding can be removed and washed so that you don’t have to worry about your helmet becoming an environment for bacteria to thrive.

A quick-release buckle makes securing the chin strap and removing the helmet an easy process that won’t pose any problems.

Riders will surely fall in love with the beautiful design of this model that comes with a glossy finish that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Although there is enough padding on the inside for added comfort, you may feel the need to replace it as it tends to flatten quite quickly.

As far as wind noise is concerned, it becomes noticeable as soon as you speed up, so that’s another aspect to bear in mind.

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2. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Flip up Dual Visor

Another reliable unit developed by the same manufacturer, 1Storm, is the Sun Shield: HB89 model. Similarly to the previous item, this product also features a full face design and a dual visor that is capable of enabling its users to drive safely on sunny days.

In fact, the dual lens included in the construction of the model contains a sun-protective smoked lens and a clear shield for extra stability.

Additionally, this model’s construction includes a very resistant thermoplastic alloy shell that is aerodynamic and an eye-catching UV protective finish that is quite glossy. The helmet is also fitted with a type of padding that is washable and removable.

The model has overall positive reviews from both users and the specialists. Most of the product’s previous buyers were happy to report that the device fitted as expected. Besides, the unit has a state-of-the-art design that is deemed to catch your interest.


This is another good unit developed by 1Storm since, similar to the other models in the series, it features a full-face design while the dual visor acts as the best pair of sunglasses in the world and enables you to ride without a care on a sunny day.

Also, the dual-lens that was implemented in the framework of this model is specifically designed with a sun-protective smoked surface, so we could argue that this helmet is particularly useful for those long summer rides.

Furthermore, you will also get a product with a durable thermoplastic alloy shell that, besides being quite aerodynamic and protective against UV rays, is also quite sleek and glossy to look at.

The type of padding inside the helmet will also make your day better because you will be able to remove it and wash it separately.


This helmet seems to be quite prone to fogging in colder temperatures, especially when the weather drops below 40. 

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3. Torc T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-Face Helmet

There is a reason why many riders prefer carbon fiber helmets, and that’s the durable, yet lightweight design that makes riding a breeze. A heavy helmet, no matter how nice looking or durable, can be a nuisance when you ride your bike for hours. No such issues can be found here, as this model offers all the benefits of lightweight construction.

You will appreciate the manufacturer’s care for installing a proper ventilation system on this helmet. In summer, your head may start to feel like boiling, but not if you wear this helmet. There are front chin vents and an exhaust vent that take care of this aspect.

The padding is superior, and this is something that must be mentioned. The high-density EPS foam used is of good quality and ensures proper comfort for the rider. Its retro looks only add to its overall appeal.


With a carbon fiber construction, this helmet is lightweight, and it will be a breeze to wear it for hours without a problem.

Its shield can be removed, which is an added plus because it also means that you can replace it with a new one if that’s what you want.

Superior ventilation makes this helmet stand out, and it ensures that you will be able to wear this helmet with the same pleasure in winter and summer.

It is a great thing to have such plush padding on the inside, as your head will feel truly comfortable, and you won’t experience any nuisances.


If you have an intermediate oval head shape, you might notice that this helmet gets challenging to wear, the longer you do that because it appears to be a better choice for a round head shape.

Above 50mph, wind noise can become a serious issue, and that can get even worse if you don’t have a batwing fairing.

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4. Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

One thing that people don’t like too much about half helmets is how they can make their heads look like giant mushrooms. That’s the reason why manufacturers try to find ways to eliminate this effect. In this case, the Voss 888CF succeeds in doing that to some degree, as its manufacturer made it to fit deep on your head.

It is important to notice that it comes with a drop-down sun lens so that you don’t have to worry about the sun rays getting in your weight. At only 1.9 pounds, it is a pretty lightweight helmet, and that means that you will be able to wear it for hours without experiencing the usual fatigue that comes with it.

On the inside, the helmet comes with a Kool Komfort liner made from microfiber that will wick moisture and keep your head cool and comfortable all the time.


You will surely appreciate the integrated visor system that allows you to remove the sun lens and replace it with another.

An interesting aspect of this helmet is that each layer of carbon fiber used for the shell is hand-laid, which means that the material is evenly spread for maximum durability and damage resistance.

Weighing a little under 2 pounds, it is an excellent example of how a lightweight helmet should look like.

Its in-depth fitting profile makes it a finer choice than many other half helmets that may not be to your liking due to the mushroom head effect they create.


Although overall, this helmet appears to be of superior quality, you might be disappointed in the chin strap that looks cheaper and less durable.

Be aware of the sun visor that might get too close to your glasses if you wear such an item.

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5. Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet SA2015

Although the looks of this helmet might not make a lasting impression on you at first glance, you should look under the hood to understand why it’s so popular. First of all, the overall quality of construction is superior in every way. The fiberglass Aero shell deserves its name since it’s genuinely aerodynamic so that you can ride at high speeds.

At the same time, it provides excellent ventilation, so riding in summer with your helmet on won’t be an issue at all. The padded interior is also treated to repel fire, and it is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

A bag is included with your purchase so that you can keep your helmet away from dust when you need to store it away. The Hans mount points on the shell are another sign of a well-rounded product.


The cheek pads are great, and you will notice that it is easy to remove them in case you don’t require them for added comfort.

With the front and rear vents employed on the shell, you can rest assured that your head won’t boil like an egg in sunny weather.

It is SNELL SA2015 certified, which means that you can count on the overall safety of this helmet when you ride on public roads.

Its aero ridges, along with the chin spoiler, ensure that your helmet is as aerodynamic as it can be, and you can ride at high speeds in perfect comfort.


As much as this helmet satisfies all the requirements for a full-face helmet, one cannot help but notice that it comes with a pretty expensive price tag.

For the price, it would have been nice if the manufacturer had invested more in making the helmet more visually-appealing, a department in which it lacks.

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6. Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you are interested in purchasing a model that has been extensively vetted by previous buyers, we recommend that you give this unit a look. The design of the item is a tribute to older models. However, the product comes outfitted with plenty of modern features and it has been approved by DOT.

As a plus, this model includes a shell made out of low-profile carbon fiber and an EPS liner that is very dense. The anti-bacterial interior is constructed from real leather and it can be removed and cleaned. Similarly, the helmet features comfortable cheek pads and a chin strap for added protection. Additional speaker pockets are also included in the design.

What is more, this model has 5 practical metal mesh vents and one exhaust vent. When shipped, the product comes fitted with a flat shield. Still, the manufacturer also sells a compatible bubble shield that you might like.


This is an item that will, at the very least, make the shortlist of people who only buy something that has been extensively researched and approved by other buyers first.

The design is quite vintage as it comes as a tribute to those much-appreciated older models that have innovated the world of sports racing.

However, don’t be afraid as the product actually boasts plenty of modern features and, even better, it’s also been approved by DOT in terms of the security it offers.

The shell is made out of low-profile but very modern carbon fiber while the EPS liner offers very good density.

The interior is made from real leather and is also antibacterial so you won’t have any issues on those long summer rides.


There seem to be some problems with the packaging of this helmet as the box and the product itself sometimes are delivered dirty.

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7. Conquer Carbon Fiber Snell SA2015 Open Face Racing Helmet

This racing helmet is a clear example of what an open face model must be able to do. First of all, you can count on its lightweight carbon fiber construction. Motorcycle racers need to be able to focus on the task at hand, and the gear they use must be lightweight. You will enjoy the fact that the helmet offers a comfortable fit.

The padded interior is fire retardant, another example of the attention to quality and detail offered by this manufacturer. It is a SNELL SA2015 approved model, and you will find the sticker to prove this claim inside. Another thing that many people like about it is the presence of Hans threaded inserts in the helmet’s shell.

It provides superior aerodynamic stability, and you will also love that the ventilation is excellent, too. A system of vents ensures good airflow inside the helmet. A clear sign of quality is also the chin strap made from Kevlar.


Even at high speeds, this helmet retains its excellent aerodynamics, and you won’t experience for a moment the sensation that your helmet is pulled from your head.

Proper comfort is ensured by a system of vents that provide the wearer with good airflow so that his or her head doesn’t sweat excessively with the helmet on in summer.

Its SNELL SA2015 certification comes in the shape of a sticker that you will notice inside the helmet.

Excellent attention to detail makes this model stand out from the crowd, and it includes aspects such as the Hans threaded inserts and the Kevlar chin strap.


It’s obviously not the greatest looking helmet out there, although many riders may argue that looks come after protection and comfort, which this model readily offers.

Also, it is clearly geared toward competitive racing, so other categories of riders might not find it such a perfect choice.

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8. Bell Tracer Adult Race Star Street Motorcycle Helmet

If you are a passionate reader and a fan of motorcycling, you might already know that the Bell Race Star helmet was the first full-face item when it was introduced on the market, in 1967. With this in mind, you might want to consider the Star Motorcycle model sold today by the same manufacturer.

This product is designed to be used by professional racers who are interested in a product that is capable of keeping them safe while on the tracks.

The main advantages of the unit are its visibility, the interior lining that is said to reduce the impact in case of collisions and fact that it is silent when compared to similar models.

If you intend to purchase it, you should know that there are 5 shell sizes available that you can choose between. Because of its oval size, this unit is said to be longer on the front as well as the back side.


If history is also your thing and you’re not just a motorcycle helmets aficionado, then you should know that the Bell Race Star helmet was the first product of its kind to offer full-face protection to be introduced to the general public, in 1967.

This item is designed for professional racers who are using it every day without worrying about their safety.

The main perk of this helmet is the visibility it offers, the interior lining that is specifically designed to reduce the force of the impact should something happen, as well as the fact that it’s quite a silent item.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers this with five shell sizes so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a fit.


Before purchasing it, make sure you choose the right fit as it would be a shame to miss out on all the benefits this offers.

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9. 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Helmet

You might love this model for various reasons, but one of them has to be the universal camera mount that’s already installed on the helmet. That means that you can quickly put a camera on your helmet and start filming your adventures. The magnetic strap clasp is another great reason why this helmet is such an excellent choice for an active person.

As expected from a helmet that looks like it can take high speeds and wind head-on, it comes with excellent ventilation as there are no fewer than 8 vent ports on it. To get a proper fit, you will have to look at the 3 outer shell sizes and the 8 sizes available.

It is a safe helmet, approved by DOT, so you shouldn’t worry for a second that your helmet doesn’t abide by the most critical safety regulations. Because it’s lightweight, you can’t help but love it.


The aerodynamic profile of this helmet is what makes it such an excellent choice for riders with a need for speed.

You can use it to mount a camera on it, as it comes with the standard hardware necessary for such activities.

With 8 intake and exhaust vents, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable all the time, without feeling like your head begins to sweat excessively.

The Fidlock magnetic clasp used for the chin strap is a bonus, and everyone will love it.

You can count on this helmet to protect your head, as it is compliant with all the safety regulations in place.


You might discover that your usual helmet size doesn’t match the sizing chart of the company making this model, as it seems to run small.

Its aggressive design might not be for everyone, as it is built with a specific rider profile in mind.

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10. 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Dual Lens

As a reliable unit, this model features a double-shield design. In other words, if you decide to purchase this product you will receive a helmet that contains both a smoked lens and an optional clear lens. Even more so, a side button that retrieves the inside visor is also included. This way, you will have a clear vision no matter the weather.

Besides, the model contains a shell made out of a thermoplastic alloy that is extremely sturdy and especially lightweight. What is more, the helmet's UV protective finish is prone to stir your interest.

Previous buyers of the item have appreciated it because it is lightweight and the interior padding is satisfactory. The product has been DOT approved and, up to the point when we have carried out our research, had received mainly positive reviews.

In order to make sure that all its customers are happy with the unit's sizing, this model comes in various dimensions.


This model’s double shield design makes it a durable and reliable unit that can do no wrong in the inventory of any serious rider.

In other words, buying this will net you a stylish helmet that has a smoked lens as well as the optional clear one.

Furthermore, you’ll also find that the helmet comes with a side button that is able to retrieve the included inside visor, guaranteeing you a clear look at the road in front of you, regardless of the weather.

To top it all off, this product has a UV protective finish that does a solid job protecting you from any rays that may be stubborn enough to try and come through.


The way that this helmet is engineered to work might not be what some people need, especially those who are used to full-face covers while doing high speeds on the highway.

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11. LS2 Helmets Cabrio Carbon Open Face 

If you are looking for a price-efficient unit, the one developed by LS2 Helmets is the model that you should consider. This is a ¾ shell helmet that offers its users both comfort and visibility. The product was constructed to supply convenience and protection for those riders in search for a long oval fit.

The Cabrio is also worth your time because it includes the famous by now Twin Shield System developed by LS2 Helmets that allows the rider to effortlessly drop down the sun shield when necessary.

What is more, this item was made using what the manufacturer calls quality padding and an artisan design that is said to optimize the user’s satisfaction. Apart from being cozy, this product is also quite safe as the item exceeds the ECE and the DOT standards.

Lastly, you should know that the Cabrio is expressly proper for those who suffer from issues with the neck.


If you’re into a price-efficient unit then you should really take a look at this one that is developed by LS2 Helmets since it is a 3/4 shell helmet that is designed to offer its owner visibility as well as comfort.

We know there are many types of heads out there and this one was constructed to offer protection and convenience to those who enjoy a longer and more oval fit when riding.

This product is also nice because it boasts the now-famous Twin Shield System that lets the rider instantly drop down the sun shield at the touch of a finger.

Furthermore, the quality padding and the artisan design make this a very nice helmet to wear, especially since it is approved and even exceeds the safety standards of ECE and DOT. 


Due to its form and design, people with smaller heads will probably not feel good using this product.

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12. 1Storm Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

If you are interested in getting a lightweight full-face helmet, this model might be exactly what you want. Since it’s made from carbon fiber, you can expect it to be both durable and easy on your neck and shoulders. The total weight of the helmet is 3.2 pounds, which is noticeable less than traditional models.

Compared to ABS plastic and fiberglass helmets, this model combines a lightweight design with superior durability. Carbon fiber is notorious for its high strength, and this helmet is an excellent example of how a full-face model should be designed in this day and age.

Excellent ventilation makes it stand out from the crowd. There is a 5-position ventilation channel available. When riding, you will not experience as much drag as you might expect since the aerodynamic design of the rear venturi creates the effect of a spoiler.


Due to its carbon fiber construction, this helmet is lighter and more durable than others made from ABS plastic or fiberglass.

The interior is padded and can be removed for easy washing so that you don’t have to worry about bacteria and other problems.

You will notice this helmet immediately due to its attractive glossy finish that gives it the appearance of a high-quality helmet, more expensive than its price tag.

Riders benefit from superior ventilation and overall excellent breathability so that they don’t feel that their heads overheat during their bike trips.


There will be some fogging, but not as noticeable as to become a real nuisance, and seeing how this helmet is considerably cheaper than many others, it can be a minor issue.

You may feel that the padding is a bit hard, and that can be a cause of discomfort, especially if you get a perfect fit.

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13. Woljay Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Made by a company that’s relatively new to the market, this helmet makes a good first impression, as it comes equipped with all the needed features and benefits of a reliable product. It should be mentioned that this helmet has a super-slim profile, and comes with custom graphics to increase the visual impact.

Ventilation is always an issue when it comes to full-face helmets. Woljay appears to have thought of this problem thoroughly, as a system of air intake and exhaust ports creates excellent airflow so that you don’t experience over sweating when riding on sunny days.

Made from ABS plastic, it is very durable and comes DOT-certified so that you can rest assured that you can wear it on public roads in perfect safety. Various details, such as the reinforced chin strap, and the quick-release buckle make this product an excellent pick for the money.


You will notice from the start that the interior lining is very comfortable and provides excellent moisture wicking properties to avoid any problems.

The cheek pads are an added plus, and you can remove them or use them as you see fit, depending on the level of comfort you are accustomed to.

Its overall design is aerodynamic, which means that you will not experience too much drag, and you’ll be able to ride at high speeds.

A system of airports to the front and the back ensures breathability, so wearing this helmet in any weather is highly recommended.


One thing to bear in mind about this model is that it runs a little big, so it would be a good idea to order a smaller size if you are between sizes.

If you don’t like the look of ABS helmets, in particular, you might not be too crazy about the appearance of this model, either.

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14. ILM Motorcycle Bike Helmet

Made from carbon fiber, it is a lightweight option and a great one for people who find other models made from ABS or fiberglass too heavy for them. You will be happy to learn that this model meets and even exceeds the safety requirements imposed by DOT, which means that you will get the necessary protection while on the road.

It is a model that works like a charm for both men and women, and female riders, in particular, might find it a good fit when nothing else works. It is built with high-density EPS so that impact gets absorbed in the case of an accident to protect your head. On the inside, the helmet comes with a liner that can be removed and washed without a problem.

It is important to remember that the model comes with both clear and tinted visors that you can use interchangeably. The wide view they provide will not hinder your visibility in any way.


Features such as the Professional Emergency Quick Release System that allows paramedics to remove the helmet from an injured rider make it safer than other models on the market.

The two visors included, one clear and one tinted, allow you to wear the perfect configuration depending on weather, for maximum comfort.

Seeing how lightweight it is, it’s no surprise that many female riders appreciate it because of its convenient design.

A complete ventilation system makes sure that you will not experience overheating while riding.

You can remove the interior liner, as well as the chin liners and curtain for easy washing and maintenance.


As an anti-fog option, it’s not ideal, but that shouldn’t take much from the overall enjoyment of using this lightweight, comfortable helmet.

You will notice wind noise at high speeds, so you may want to use it as a secondary helmet if you’re used to riding fast.

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15. Daytona Helmets Skull Cap 

If you have been reading about Daytona carbon fiber helmets, trying to find a model that won’t cover your entire face, why don’t you give this model a go! According to its manufacturer, the Daytona Helmets Skull Cap is the smallest shell helmet ever made that has received the DOT approval and that meets the FMVSS 218 safety standards.

Because of the slim-line design developed by the producer, this model delivers a contoured, sleek fit that is perfect if you don’t like the classical mushroom look usually associated with the ½ units.

Furthermore, the model contains an interior moisture wicking fabric that is convenient and very comfortable. Besides, the unit was built to be simple to operate. As a matter of fact, the device features a quick release lock that you can instantly detach with just the use of a finger. Material-wise, this helmet is made of carbon, reason why it is very sturdy.


If cap helmets that don’t cover the entire face are your thing then you will probably be interested in this product seeing how, according to what the company says, it is the smallest shell helmet that has ever been made while also receiving the safety DOT and FMVSS 218 approval.

The slim-line design forced the entire product to bring a contoured and cool fit that you will find perfect if you can’t tolerate the usual mushroom look that is associated with regular 1/2 units.

The interior of this helmet is made from a moisture-wicking fabric that is convenient as much as it is comfortable and durable.

Since it is so simple to wear, the product is also simple to take off and you can instantly remove it with one finger using the quick-release lock.


Take a good look at the pictures before buying this helmet as it is not quite as small as it first appears to be.

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16. VCAN V531 Solid Flat Black 

If you want to purchase a new helmet but you don’t want to make a big investment, the VCAN V531 is the model that you should take a good look at. This product’s shell was constructed from ABS thermoplastic resin and it is considered durable.

According to the manufacturer, if you are in between sizes when selecting an item, it is best that you opt for the smaller unit.

Likewise, if you have a rather round shaped face, you should opt for the larger size. By doing so, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a fitting product.

The interior cheek pad is fitting and it can be removed whenever you want to wash it or to refresh it. Furthermore, the additional double D ring strap that the model comes fitted with is made from nylon and it is fully adjustable.


This is one of those models that you should definitely take a look at if you need a new helmet but you are not ready or able to make a large investment.

The shell of this helmet was manufactured using ABS thermoplastic resin and it is therefore considered to be quite durable and trustworthy.

The cheek pad is a nice addition that is both fitting and comfortable due to the fact that you can remove it at your convenience if you’re looking to wash it or refresh it.

The additional double D-ring strap is something that the model brings with it as it leaves the factory gate, and it is quite durable since it is made from nylon and also fully adjustable to your convenience.


The padding design inside the helmet makes it sit quite high on the head so do your research on this before ordering this other-than-that-great product.

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17. Daytona Helmets D1-BNS Skull Cap

Another product that has received good reviews is the D1-BNS Skull Cap unit built by Daytona Helmets. This model has a slim design that current users like and a smooth shape that perfectly follows the contour of the user’s head in order to protect him/her against any collision.

Moreover, the unit comes in three distinct sizes. Consequently, you will surely find a model that fits you perfectly. Furthermore, this device also includes what the manufacturer refers to as a Nylon Y-Strap retention system that has a sliding adjuster.

Similarly to the previously mentioned model, this product carries the same quick release lock system that most riders highly appreciate.

A free head wrap and a cloth string bag are also included in the price. Likewise, if you know that you are in between sizes, it is best that you pick the smaller item.


This product from Daytona Helmets is another one that has received many praises due to its slim design and smooth shape that is manufactured to perfectly follow the contour of the user’s head.

This protects the most important part of the body in the case of a collision while the three sizes it comes in make sure you will find one of them to be a match for you. 

This product also has what the manufacturer likes to call a Nylon Y-strap retention system, effectively a comfortable knot that does not allow it to fall off your head.

For your money, you will also receive a free head wrap coupled with a cloth string bag that is perfect for depositing your belongings.


Some people might have trouble when it comes to picking sizes for this helmet, even though it’s advised to pick the smaller one if you can’t decide which one to get.

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18. HJC Helmets Solid IS-Cruiser 

The IS-Cruiser’s design is both easy-on-the-eyes and quite simple. The model’s shell is built from a polycarbonate composite, reason why it pretty lightweight and its Hj-V4 smoked shield can be easily pulled down when necessary.

As a plus, this 2014 model comes provided with an interior liner that is washable, removable, and anti-bacterial so that its users feel comfortable while using the helmet. Even more so, the Nylex interior is moisture-wicking. The product includes a feasible strap that efficiently secures the model during rides. This item has received the approval of the DOT.

Previous buyers of the unit have said that this is a reliable, high-quality model that fits well on the user’s head. The feature that buyers liked, in particular, was the way in which the face cover can be retracted into the helmet when not used. This product is considered the go-to device if you need a unit that can be used on a daily basis.


There’s much to like about this product, from the easy-on-the-eyes design to the durable and complex shell.

Since it is built from a polycarbonate composite, the helmet is extremely safe and durable while still being quite lightweight.

The Hj-V4 smoked shield can be easily pulled down when the owner feels like it so it is just a layer of added protection and comfort.

The interior liner is also quite modern since it’s independently-removable, washable, as well as anti-bacterial so you should be able to wear it and feel comfortable.

The feasible strap makes sure everything stays where it’s supposed to be even during longer, speedier rides.

When you are in need of an item that can be safely used on a daily basis, this product can be one of your go-to ones.


While the product by itself is okay, the delivery system seems to have a problem when it comes to delivering it in one piece or without any additional damage.

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19. Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Series 

With a good price to value ratio, the SH-HHFL66 is another model that you might also like. This helmet has been designed to be small but still protective so that its users are kept safe while using it.

When worn, a mesh also covers the user’s forehead so that air is circulated and the formation of moisture is avoided. However, because the (open) ear retention system that the model features, your hearing won’t be impaired in any way.

The unit’s shell was made from thermoplastic and, as a consequence, this product is lightweight and comfortable when worn throughout the day. Moreover, the shell of the model has been coated in a UV clear coat in order to maximize its durability and lifespan.

According to the specialists, the low-profile design of the product is very practical, especially if the helmet is used during the hot days of summer.


This is another one of those items that are very reliable yet in the not-breaking-the-bank price range due to its many qualities.

The manufacturer aimed to get a small but completely safe item that will keep its user safe while riding a motorcycle and this is exactly what it managed to achieve.

This product comes with a mesh that covers the user’s forehead, allowing the air to circulate and avoid the accumulation of moisture.

The shell of this item is made from thermoplastic so this makes it, as a consequence, lightweight yet still quite comfortable to wear.

The UV clear coat that this helmet has been coated in maximizes the amount of time it will last as well as its durability.


Once again, we advise a lot of research and attention when ordering the size for this product so you don’t end up on the ‘’too small’’ side of things.

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20. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Unisex-Adult 

Last but not least, we feel like it is important that we mention the LS2 Helmets model as well. This product stands out thanks to its futuristic design and the fact that it is affordable.

One of the features that are likely to catch your attention is its twin shield system that allows the user to drop down the sunscreen and to lock it in a medial position or in a full position, in accordance with his/her needs.

Furthermore, the device contains the slots that are needed for the installation of a link communication system, also sold by LS2 Helmets, that enables the rider to communicate to its passenger or to other riders. However, this system is not included in the price.

Lastly, this model includes a fabric liner that is moisture wicking and hypoallergenic and it can be removed and washed separately.


This is an item that cannot go missing from this list considering its modern, futuristic design, affordable price, and many quality features.

The twin-shield system is a great one that allows the person wearing the helmet to drop down the sunscreen and also lock it in a position that fits his or her needs, be that a medial or a pull position.

You will also find the necessary slots to be able to install a modern communication system, allowing you to communicate to your passenger or other riders accompanying you on the road.

The inside fabric liner acts as a deterrent and eliminates all moisture while also being hypoallergenic and able to be washed separately from the rest of the helmet.


The ear pads on this item seem to sometimes have a problem snapping on in the place they are supposed to, so make sure you keep that in mind.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Because we know that selecting the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is not the most enjoyable task, we are here to make it all easier for you. Consequently, we have composed a list of highly appreciated features that you should have in mind. So, start reading and pick the model that suits your needs.

Safety and convenience

If you are interested in finding the best carbon fiber bike helmet, the first aspect that you should think about before you place an order is the item’s ability to keep you safe and its overall convenience.

As expected, the most common safety standard required for motorcycle helmets is the one imposed by the National Highway Safety Administration, also known as the DOT certification. If a product has the DOT approval, it means that that particular product has passed certain types of tests and, as a result, is considered suitable to be worn by motorcycle riders.

To put it in simple English, to receive the DOT approval, a helmet has to do well in three distinct performance areas. Firstly, there is the impact attenuation test that looks at how the model is capable of absorbing the energy caused during a collision. Secondly, there is a test that looks at the unit’s resistance to penetration and a final one that verifies the efficacy of the product’s system of retention.

Another certificate that you might see listed in a product’s description is the Snell Helmet Standard. Created and applied by the Snell Memorial Foundation M2010, the Snell standard aims to help manufacturers improve the safeness of their products. However, differently, from the DOC certificate, the Snell one is not imposed by the government. In fact, the Snell tests are applied only to products submitted by compliant manufacturers.

When it comes to the unit’s convenience, it is safe to assume that all reliable carbon fiber full face helmets are comfortable when used and effortless to maneuver. Because it is a tad difficult to actually determine whether a model that you see online is convenient or not, our recommendation to you is that you read what other buyers had to say about a given product.


Weight and ventilation

No matter if you intend to purchase a cheap carbon fiber helmet or an expensive one, it is important that, before you decide on a unit, you take the time to assess the model’s weight as well as its ventilation system.

According to the specialists in the field of helmets, the product’s weight is important. As resulted from what racers and day to day riders have observed, the models that are rather lightweight are more comfortable to wear. Moreover, these units offer their users total freedom of movement.

If you want to purchase the best carbon fiber half helmet, we recommend that you chose an item that weighs between 1400 and 1800 grams. As a plus, before you invest in a new helmet, make sure that the price to value ratio of the product is good.

Likewise, ventilation system of a helmet is equally important. If you pay a little bit of attention to various models, you will soon realize that not all products have their vents placed in the same place. Furthermore, plenty of riders advise that you buy a model that has many ventilation ports as this will help you cope with the heat buildup.

What is more, another good piece of advice is that you keep an eye on those products that come provided with a natural ventilation system. The main advantage of these models is the fact that you won’t have to deal with fogging anymore.

Additional aspects that are worth investing in

Before we finish off this part of the article, we consider that it is best that we remind you of a few other aspects that are equally important. First, all carbon fiber dirt bike helmets should contain both an internal liner and padding. On the one hand, the liner is usually made from a moisture-absorbing fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable during rides.

On the other hand, padding is essential as it keeps your face safe and protected during impacts. The best type of padding that you can opt for is the EPS foam padding. This kind of padding is of greater value as it can actually absorb the shock produced during a collision.

Furthermore, it is advisable that you only buy items that fit you perfectly. This way, you will feel perfectly comfortable in the helmet and you will be 100% protected in case of accidents. A good way to make sure that you’ve chosen the right size while shopping online is to measure your head and to compare the results to the sizing charts offered by manufacturers. Still, don’t forget that there are distinct (head) shape configurations that you should also keep in mind (round, intermediate and long).

Likewise, if you live in an area where the sun might get in the way of your driving, it might be a good idea to purchase a product that has a UV resistant visor. Even more so, at the current time, most models allow for a darkened additional visor to be mounted on helmets.

The design is also an aspect that is worth considering. From this point of view, we believe that it is prudent that you pick a device that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Moreover, given that the market is filled with countless models, we are sure that you’ll be able to find the model that you like.

If you are fond of additional technological appliances, you should know that some products come provided with slots for cameras and speakers.  Yet, before you make your purchase, don’t forget to verify whether or not the unit that you like is compatible with the type of accessory that you want. The reason why we say this has to do with the fact that some models can only be outfitted with accessories sold by the same manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions about carbon fiber helmets


Q: How are carbon fiber helmets made?

In order to create a carbon fiber helmet, the manufacturer has to use heat and transform acrylic fiber into a carbon fiber composite. This material is known for its strength and its low weight. Because of these two qualities, carbon fiber is usually the go-to material when building helmets.

Some manufacturers combine the carbon fiber filaments with another material called Kevlar. Although Kevlar shares many of the properties of carbon, it lacks its sturdiness. Still, you should know that the units made from 100% carbon are more suitable and dependable in the long run.

Q: How safe are carbon fiber helmets?

If you want to understand just how safe carbon fiber is, you should think about the fact that NASA uses carbon fiber technology when developing various types of applications. Apart from being incredibly durable, carbon fiber models are also very lightweight and, thus, comfortable to wear during lengthy rides.

According to previous and current users of carbon helmets, these units are very safe and overall a good purchase if you are looking for a reliable unit that can keep you safe while on the road. So, give them a go!


Q: Are carbon fiber helmets better?

When it comes to the helmet’s stiffness and durability, it can be said that carbon fiber units are in a way better than other similar counterparts. The main advantage of these models is that they are very light when compared to helmets made from other materials. As a result of this aspect, carbon fiber models are also more comfortable.

However, it is also worth pointing to the fact that most DOT approved helmets are made from polycarbonate because this material also performs well when the impact resistance is being tested.


Q: Are carbon fiber helmets worth it?

As we have already pointed out, the main difference that can be noted between carbon helmets and other composite units is the fact that the former models are more lightweight. Still, there are numerous users of carbon models that have said that the transition from a regular helmet to a carbon unit can be seen as progress.

Nevertheless, no matter what product you end up picking, make sure that it has been tested and certified as safe. All in all, the decision to pick a carbon helmet is worth it, given its overall convenience.


Q: What size of helmet do I need?

If you want to find out what is your size in helmets there are a few steps that you should follow. Firstly, go to the site of the product’s manufacturer and find the sizing chart made available. Next, take a measuring tape and wrap it above your ears and eyebrows (the fullest part of your head).

For more reliable results, it is best that you ask somebody to help you with the measuring process. Better yet, don’t forget to check whether or not the model that you like is suitable for your head’s shape.

Q: How much do carbon fiber motorcycle helmets cost?

It is difficult to give you a 100% accurate answer to this question. As expected, some helmets cost more than others, particularly because they come provide with more features and/or are manufactured by a well-known brand. Therefore, some carbon helmets cost less than 50 dollars, while others cost a few hundred dollars.

Before you make your choice, we recommend that you take the time to consider the already mentioned aspects and features in the buying guide. By doing so, we are sure that you’ll be able to find a reliable model.

Helmet size and head shape


Because the helmet plays an important role in protecting its user in case of accidents, it becomes obvious that any motorcycle rider should invest in a product that suits him/her accordingly. To do this the right way, the user needs a measuring tape. Then, he/she should ask a friend to wrap the tape around the reader’s skull (above one’s ears and the eyebrows).

Next, if you already have a product that you are interested in, go ahead and compare the resulted dimensions with the sizing chart offered by the unit’s manufacturer. However, don’t forget that not all manufacturers use the same type of chart measurements.

Because it is quite difficult to pick the right size from the first try (given that online shopping does not offer you the chance to actually try on various models), most manufacturers offer a free first exchange policy that enables the user to switch to another unit that is better fitting.

Moreover, the shape of your head is also important in determining what type of helmet to buy. According to the specialists, there are three different shapes: long, round and intermediate. If you don’t know what the shape of your head is, it might be a good idea to try some different kinds of helmets and see which one fits you best.

Lastly, don’t forget to check whether or not the selected item is not too tight. Although having the interior padding touching your face is normal, it is not supposed to cause you pain.


Helmet safety ratings


As we have already discussed in a previous section, the helmet’s safety ratings should always be considered before placing an order. From this point of view, you should know that there are three distinct certifications that a model can receive.

First things first, there is the DOT standard. This certification attests that a given product meets the minimum levels of protection. All helmets used in the USA have to have received the DOT approval before being sold.

Next, there is the ECE22.05 standard. This is a certification imposed by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe. Therefore, all products that have received it have been produced in Europe.  This safety standard is not a must for those items produced and sold in the USA.

Last but not least, the Snell (M2015) is another certification that you probably know about. The M2015 certificate of safety is usually given to those models willingly submitted by their manufacturer. Currently, it is difficult to say whether or not the Snell standards are more difficult to meet than the DOT ones.

Consequently, it is advisable that one purchases a product that has received either of these certifications. Moreover, some suggest that the best way to purchase a good unit is to order the device that has received both the acclaim of previous users and the approval of the specialists.

Even more so, you should always consider purchasing those units that have a good price to value ratio. Lastly, we feel like it is important that we remind you that you should replace your helmet every five years.



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Unavailable products

Joe Rocket Carbon Pro Helmet


[amzonimages asin="B00BK256CO"]

Another cool-looking model that you should take a good look at is the Joe Rocket Carbon Pro Helmet. Because of the many features that it comes fitted with, this model contains what is currently regarded as one of the most advanced shells on the market. Similarly, the product is overall extremely lightweight when compared to other Joe Rocket carbon fiber helmets.

The unit includes a lightweight, sense liner that can 100% absorb the shock of impacts and a 3 D face shield that has been coated to resist fog. To close the shield, you do not need to use any type of tool.

When it comes to the product’s ventilation system, you should know that this model comes provided with a Quadport 2.0 system that includes two large front intakes and a rear exhaust spoiler. This way, the humidity and the heat are being sucked out of the helmet. The interior is can be removed and washed and is sublimated.



This Joe Rocket helmet is another cool product that you should keep your eye on due to the many features it comes with.

This product proudly boasts what is considered to be one of the more advanced shells currently available on the market.

Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight even when compared to other Joe Rocket products, this being a company that prides itself on its ability to engineer these carbon fiber helmets.

The included sense liner can absorb up to 100% of the shock of an impact, while the 3D face shield has been perfected to resist fog, increasing the comfort of your ride.

Any heat and humidity will simply be sucked out of this helmet due to the two large front intakes while the exhaust spoiler found in the rear will complete the work to perfection.



This item could still be made even nicer with a snap that can control the flapping from the long chin strap.



YEMA Motorcycle Carbon YM-628


If you are a fan of devices and supplies produced by YEMA, this unit might be the one for you. According to the specialists, this is a professional grade motorcycle helmet that not only meets the DOT standard, but it exceeds them.

As a very versatile product, this model is ideal if you ride a street bike, a cruiser, a scooter or a racing motorcycle and it can fit both men and women.

This product includes a shell made out of carbon fiber, a reinforced chin strap, a sun visor system as well as a double D-ring buckle. The interior liner is comfortable and easy to wash.

As a plus, you can outfit it with a Bluetooth system and you can use it while wearing glasses. The product is covered by a 30-day replacement or return policy and a 180-day quality warranty.




The main reason why you should take a look at this helmet is the fact that it not only meets the professional safety standards of DOT but it even exceeds them.

This is also quite a versatile product since it can be used for a racing motorcycle or a street bike, scooter, or even a cruiser.

Durability-wise, this item is made out of carbon fiber so any potential head injuries should be a non-issue.

Furthermore, the double D-ring buckle coupled with the sun visor system and the reinforced chin strap all make for great additions to what is already a very solid product.

Even better, you can equip this product with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth system and you can also use it while wearing glasses.



The helmet seems bent against accepting any kind of bubble-shield so you should probably take this into consideration before buying it.



Nexx X.G10 Drake Motorcycle Cruiser


Another ¾ unit that you should check out is the Nexx X.G10 Drake Motorcycle Cruiser. The model has great reviews from its users and from the specialists in this field of products. Besides, the item has a classic design that fits both men and women.

The X-MATRIX Shell that the product includes contains a mix of 3D organic fibers, multiaxial fiberglass, carbon reinforcement and aramid fibers. The unit is very safe as it has been approved by DOT and has been NBR-7471:2001 and ECE/22-05 certified.

The interior padding is soft and it was manufactured from an anti-allergic and anti-sweat material that is washable. The unit can be outfitted with a 3-snap peak visor that can be purchased independently by interested buyers.

Most of the product’s customers were happy with the investment and they warmly recommend the helmet to other riders that are in the market for a feasible unit.



This is another 3/4 product worth checking out, especially since it gets raving reviews from specialists in this field.

The classic design is another feature that sets it apart in an age where most people go for something sleek-looking, sporty, and cool.

This helmet includes a special shell made from a mixture of 3D organic fibers, carbon reinforcements, aramid fibers, as well as a serious bunch of multiaxial fiberglass.

Regardless of its classic design, this product is very safe and has passed all DOT and ECE regulations with flying colors.

The interior padding was made from a completely-washable material that is both anti-sweat and anti-allergic, allowing you to be safe as well as cool when wearing the helmet.



The shape of this item brings a shorter feel front-to-back with a bit more room on the sides, so this could be inconvenient for some people.




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