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10 Best Snowmobile Gloves (Reviews) in 2022

Wearing the right winter gloves is mandatory if you want to enjoy all the sports activities of this season. And while writing about all the great products available on the market would have been impossible, we did come up with a list of gloves that meet the requirements of most customers. All their important features are showcased below.

1. Klim Summit Men's Snocross Snowmobile Gloves

This pair of men gloves is available in three different sizes - X-Small, Small, and Large, as well as in two colors - black and red. If you want the perfect fit for your hands, make sure that you measure yourself correctly and then compare your results with the sizing guide provided by the manufacturing company.

This item is made of high-quality materials that will guarantee your hands stay dry and warm throughout the day. They are also extremely breathable, so they won’t make your hands sweat on the inside. The knuckles, backhand area, and the fingers areas are improved with a durable type of leather to increase their strength and help you safely perform all your favorite winter sports without the risk of injuries.

The gloves are fully adjustable so they will sit comfortably on your hand no matter the size of your wrist or how puffy your winter jacket is.


Available in two different colors, this Klim pair of snowmobile gloves is the right choice if you are looking for a high-quality product that you can use for various winter activities. 

The special materials used for their construction makes these gloves ideal in order to keep your hands warm and dry, even in tough conditions. 

One thing that most people want when they look for the best snowmobile gloves is enhanced breathability, and luckily this product ensures this thanks to its construction. 

The key areas (fingers, backhand, knuckles) are outfitted with a sturdy type of leather in order to render the gloves highly durable. 


You want to take a look at the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer in order to make sure that you get the right pair of gloves. 

These snowmobile gloves might fit a little tighter compared to other similar ones, so keep this in mind as you place an order.  

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2. Cortech Cascade 2.0 Mens Textile Snowmobile Gloves

These hand gloves are available in a beautiful black and blue design and in a small size, so they are mainly suitable for guys with slim palms, fingers, and wrists. They are made of high-quality 600 den Carbolex and 1680 den ballistic textile, while the palm area, knuckles, and fingers feature an extra layer of goatskin leather to ensure improved protection and to absorb shocks.

The item is completely waterproof and, thanks to the breathable liner, it will keep your hands dry and warm throughout the day.

The elasticized wristband allows you to adjust the size of the gloves so that you’ll get the perfect fit for your own requirements. In addition, the secure hook and loop closure will make sure your gloves won't slip off your hands.

Also, the Phoslite reflective material helps you to easily spot the gloves even during the night. They will also increase the chances of you being spotted in the dark which further enhances safety when riding in poor lighting conditions.


Made of 600 den Carbolex, these snowmobile gloves offered by Cortech Cascade are ideal for those who are in the market for a reliable product. 

They feature a special material around the palm, finger, and knuckle areas in order to absorb shocks and provide added protection. 

You may also want to know that these snowmobile gloves are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about this, while the liner is breathable, so your hands remain dry and warm. 

Thanks to the special wristband, you can easily fit them to your hands, which means that you will be able to benefit from the highest level of protection. 


This model works well for snowmobile riders with slim hands, given that they are somewhat smaller than other similar alternatives. 

Make sure you check out the sizing chart, especially if you want to use them with liner gloves.

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3. KLIM Klimate Men's Ski Snowmobile Gloves

We’re glad that these gloves come available in so many sizes so you can definitely find the right fit for your own hands, no matter how wide or narrow they are. The design of the gloves is innovative, and if you opt for one of the bright colors available, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

The gloves come completely insulated with 200-gram 3M insulation on your fingers and the top of your hand, and 100 grams of 3M insulation in the palm area. Therefore, the item will resist even the harshest weather conditions and will maintain your hands cool and dry for many hours.

The fabric used around the palm area is meant to provide a great grip and increased durability, so you can rest assured these gloves are worthy of the investment.

Most of the customers who ordered the product were pleased with its quality and claimed it fit accordingly.


With an innovative design and available in bright colors, these Klim snowmobile gloves are the right choice for many riders and winter sports fans. 

Their generous design makes them suitable for users with both large and small hands, so you should be able to include liner gloves as well. 

When looking for the best snowmobile gloves, you probably take the level of insulation into account, which is why it’s a great thing that this model effectively covers this aspect. 

If you decide to give these snowmobile gloves a try, you will be able to face even the toughest weather conditions. 


It’s important to check out the measurements to make sure that you choose the right pair of gloves for your needs. 

It might be possible that you need the gloves to keep you even warmer, but it’s a good thing that you can use liner gloves with this model. 

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4. Castle X Rizer G7 Mens Snowmobile Gloves

Looking for a pair of gloves that will make you feel special and unique? The beautiful black and orange design is perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement on the slope or when practicing their favorite winter sports activities.

The item is constructed of 500D Airdura fabric and a special type of nylon to ensure maximum protection and prevent your gloves from wearing off or breaking in time. In addition, the insulation between 150 g and 200 g is definitely going to keep your hands warm and dry throughout the day.

The gloves are fully adjustable in size and width thanks to the hook and loop system and they are wide enough to allow you to put an extra layer of thin gloves underneath. The vast majority of the clients who ordered the product said it looked and felt awesome on the hands.


If you want to add to your overall riding style, then a pair of snowmobile gloves available in various colors such as this one is the way to go. 

Thanks to the sturdy 500D fabric used for their construction, you don’t have too much to worry about in terms of overall durability. 

Moreover, a special type of nylon is included in their protection, which works great in ensuring extra protection and sturdiness. 

Given that being adjustable is a feature that the best snowmobile gloves include, it’s a good thing that this model checks all the boxes when it comes to this aspect. 


You want to take a look at the sizing details to get the right pair of gloves for your needs. 

This model runs a bit small, so keep this in mind and maybe order a size up if you normally use liner gloves as well. 

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5. Klim Elite Men's Snocross Snowmobile Gloves

The product comes in three different sizes so we strongly suggest that you measure yourself correctly and check the manufacturer’s sizing guide prior to ordering it online.

The gloves are specifically designed to keep your hands dry and warm no matter your favorite sports activity in the winter.

The Gore-tex technology ensures a great grip. This item is made of a unique combination of leather on the outside and a high-quality microfleece lining that offers maximum protection against tearing, shocks, and scratches, while also keeping your hands warm for the entire day.

The gloves are perfect for your favorite winter activities, including snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, or simply playing in the snow. The 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation allows you to stay warm even in very low temperatures. We also liked the large velcro gauntlet closure that helps you easily put the gloves on and take them in a matter of seconds while still fitting snugly when you wear them.


If you are looking for a good pair of snowmobile mittens for winter sports, you should take a look at this Klim model as well, given that it checks pretty much all the boxes. 

Thanks to the high-quality materials used for this Klim model, your hands are going to stay warm and dry, no matter how long you wear the gloves. 

Since being able to handle objects while wearing gloves is very important, this model is specially outfitted with the Gore-tex technology that ensures an enhanced grip. 

With a thick layer of insulation and a great design, these snowmobile gloves ensure the highest level of protection that you need, even in tough conditions. 


Just as is the case with items that you wear in general, it’s a good idea to carefully look at the details provided on measurements to get the right pair. 

The design looks great, but you may want to have more colors to choose from. 

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6. Joe Rocket Windchill Men's Cold Weather Gloves

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of winter gloves that are both elegant and reliable, this product from Joe Rocket is definitely worth a try. The gloves are made of superior-quality leather which offers a touch of style and glam even when you’re wearing sports clothes.

They are very well insulated, making them the perfect candidates for keeping your hands warm even at very low temperatures. Moreover, thanks to the waterproof Dry Tech liner, your hands will remain dry, allowing you to enjoy your preferred sports activities all day long.

The gloves feature a reinforced material around the palm and knuckles area to better absorb shocks and prevent injuries or tearing. Also, the vibration dissipating gel on the palm area will prevent you from getting calluses or blisters. Most of the customers who ordered them online claimed they fit true to size and that their quality is outstanding.


Those of you looking for some great snowmobile mittens should check out this Joe Rocket model as well, given that it comes with a reliable construction as well as a great design. 

Given that these gloves are made of high-quality leather, you can only imagine why they are among the top choices of many snowmobile riders. 

Of course, the leather used for their construction also gives them an elegant touch that’s going to enhance your overall style. 

The thick insulation and waterproof construction make these gloves ideal if you want to keep your hands dry, comfortable, and warm for long periods. 


This model runs a bit small, so if you are planning to sometimes use liner gloves as well, you may want to order a size up. 

Given that these gloves are made of leather, you will need to ensure their maintenance, in the long run, to keep them in top shape. 

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7. Cortech Blitz Neoprene Gloves

These gloves come in two colors and four sizes, so it will be easy for you to get the perfect fit for your hands.

The item is made of 100% thick neoprene, which is great for maintaining the optimum body temperature and keep your hands safe from cold and water. Thus, you can perform your favorite winter outdoor activities, from skiing to snowboarding, sleighing or simply playing with snow.

The rough honeycomb construction on the palms ensures a good grip for your palms and fingers without limiting the comfort so you’ll be able to wear these gloves all day long and enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

Most of the customers who ordered these gloves agreed that they are extremely comfortable and convenient to wear. However, some of them say they aren’t quite suitable as snowmobile gloves because they are quite thin so they don’t provide optimum insulation.


Available in two colors and multiple sizes, these Cortech gloves are a very good choice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable and effective way to keep their hands warm. 

Given that this product is 100% made of thick neoprene, you will get all the necessary mobility for various winter sports and activities, while your hands are protected. 

Thanks to the honeycomb pattern on the palms, you will also enjoy an enhanced grip, which means better overall maneuverability. 

If you are thinking about giving these gloves a try instead of a pair of snowmobile mittens, you are not mistaken, as the Cortech model can be easier to wear in terms of comfort. 


Given the neoprene construction, you won’t be able to use liner gloves with this product for added insulation.  

Even though they fit well, you still want to check out the sizing chart before you place an order. 

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8. Mossi Leather Snowmobile Gloves 

If you’re looking for more affordable gloves to keep you warm during the winter, this pair of snowmobile gloves from Mossi could be a smart choice. It is available in two sizes, XX-Large and XXX-Large, meaning they will mainly fit men with larger hands. Again, proper measurement is mandatory prior to your purchase if you don’t want the hassle of the returning policies afterward.

The product is made of top-quality leather and features a low-cuff design. The rugged construction with durable double stitching allows you to enjoy the item for many years from now on, even when wearing it on a regular basis.

The inner bottom of the wrist features an elasticized panel that is fully customizable to ensure the perfect fit and a secure wearing every time. In addition, the side cuff zipper helps you easily put on and remove the gloves without requiring the help of another person.


This Mossi model is specially designed to be used by riders with large hands, and it comes in two extra-large sizes to accommodate this. 

Made of high-quality leather, these gloves are exactly what you need if you are looking for a product that you’ll be able to use for a long time. 

The low-cuff design makes them more comfortable to wear, while the rugged construction adds to their overall sturdiness and style. 

The wrist panel is elasticized, so you can quickly find the right fit for your hands, as well as secure positioning while you go about your winter activities. 


The gloves are thick, so the level of dexterity is somewhat diminished, but you will still be able to operate the vehicle’s functions. 

The finger may be a bit long for some users, although this doesn’t mean that they pose a problem when handling the controls or the helmet. 

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9. Mossi Deerskin Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves

Who said mountain gear has to cost a fortune to be comfortable and reliable? This product from Mossi comes in three different sizes and two colors, so you’ll easily find the right fit to match your personal style.

It is made of full grain deerskin leather and a harsh nylon shell to ensure maximum flexibility, endurance, and durability. This way, you’ll enjoy the same flawless design day after day, and you’ll never want another pair of gloves for your winter field expeditions.

The product comes with a Thinsulate lite loft insulation and a breathable membrane that is completely waterproof. Thus, you can rest assured your hands will always stay warm without getting sweaty either.

What we really liked about these gloves is that they are washable and don’t require any special care as with most other leather products. In other words, you can clean your gloves yourself or put them in the washing machine whenever they get dirty.


This Mossi model is another very good example of a pair of high-quality gloves that are designed to meet a rider’s needs. 

The long-cuff design ensures added protection against the wind or other elements, while the elegant black design works well with pretty much any type of gear. 

The nylon shell included in this model’s construction ensures added durability, as well as flexibility, so that you can handle the controls without any concern. 

While this pair of gloves comes with a thick layer of insulation, it also includes a breathable membrane, so your hands won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. 


The interior layer might have an odor after a while, but you can simply place the gloves in the washing machine for regular maintenance. 

This model is resistant to weather, but if you are planning to use it in very humid conditions, you should ask the manufacturer for some guidance.

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10. Klim Allure Womens Glove

These professional gloves were specifically designed to last you through the colder days of winter and keep your hands and fingers warm when performing your favorite snow-related activities. They are very well insulated and, thanks to the waterproof coating, they will prevent rain or snow from getting in contact with your skin.

The product comes in no less than six sizes and three different color combos, so make sure to pick the ones that best match your personal style. The palms come with a thinner fleece to ensure a great grip and prevent your hands from slipping.

The gloves are fully adjustable and, thanks to the hook and loop closure system, you’ll make sure they stay on your hands the entire day.

When it comes to the insulating feature, clients have different opinions. Some say the gloves are perfect for winter activities such as riding your snowmobile while others were hoping to stay warmer while using them.


If you are in the market for a pair of snowmobile gloves that can successfully face all sorts of tough conditions, this Klim model is worth a closer look. 

The product comes with a waterproof coating, which means that changing weather is not going to be a problem, while the versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of winter activities. 

The thick insulation keeps the user’s hands warm, and the product is also adjustable in terms of the closure system. 

Given that this model comes in various color combinations, finding the right one that suits your style is going to be an easy task. 


Take a look at all the information provided by Klim on sizing, as finding the right pair of gloves is not always easy. 

In case you are thinking about using liner gloves as well, ask the seller for further advice to find the right pair of gloves for your needs. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding good snowmobile gloves could prove difficult, especially with so many options available on the market. However, with a bit of help from our behalf, you’ll spend no time in picking the best snowmobile gloves for cold fingers. Here is everything you should know about them.

Choice of materials

When it comes to finding the best sled gloves, the choice of materials used is extremely important. Keep in mind that these gloves should be able to keep you dry and warm in low temperatures, so it’s obvious that you cannot pick a lightweight pair of motorcycle gloves for summer.

The gloves designed for the winter season are often made of thick fabrics and come with reinforced areas to prevent tearing, wearing, and also keep you protected from shocks, impacts, and minor accidents.

The leather is a great fabric that is also used for manufacturing safe and warm motorcycle winter gloves. It is soft and incredibly durable at the same time, providing improved comfort while keeping you protected as well. However, unlike regular motorcycle gloves, these ones should come with a waterproof coating to repel water and snow, maintaining your hands dry.

Nylon is often the choice for cheap snowmobile gloves but it could prove a reliable choice in combination with other thicker materials.



Good insulation is mandatory when we’re talking about snowmobile gloves for cold weather. The thicker the better, as you will be probably spending a lot of hours outside so you risk having your body extremities frozen unless wearing the right gear. The insulation also has the purpose of adding more weight to the glove and, therefore, more reliable in the winter season. It will easily stay on your hand without losing it, especially if you properly adjust it.

The thickness of the insulation dictates the type of winter activity you are most likely to perform without wetting your hands, so pay attention to this aspect, especially if you want to practice extreme sports.

For instance, 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation is perfect for light winter activities such as playing with snow or sleighing. However, if you want to build a mighty snowman, you might want to opt for thicker gloves as you’ll be spending a lot of time with your hands directly touching the snow or the ice. Thicker gloves are also perfect for driving a snowmobile.

And if you’re still not convinced about the perfect snowmobile gloves for sale just yet, we simply suggest that you check some online snowmobile gloves reviews and read the customers’ points of view.


Other features

Picking the right size and material for your new pair of snow gloves is not enough to keep your hands protected for a longer period of time. Therefore, you need to focus on some additional features, such as the type of closure, the ability to adjust the size of the gloves or the reflective design.

Velcro closures are extremely convenient because they ensure an adjustable fit depending on the width of your wrist and also allow you to easily put the gloves on or take them off in just a matter of seconds. Hook and loop closures are a good alternative also for keeping the gloves on your hands, but it will take more time to take them off.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the safety features in all your winter sports gear, as these can truly make the difference between life and death out in the wild. Therefore, a pair of gloves should always include some reflective strips of fabric attached to them so you can be easily spotted from a distance and stay safe during the night as well.

Other recommendations

Last but not least, pay close attention to the rest of your winter gear. Keep in mind that snowboards are similar to ATVs so they will definitely require high-performance and accurate ATV GPS units to keep track of your activity and help you stay on the road and not get lost.

There are no specific helmets for snowmobiles but since they are mandatory for your safety, we suggest orienting towards ATV helmets. And if you could opt for a full face motorcycle helmet instead of a regular one, it would be even better because this way you keep your face protected from extreme weather conditions and you don’t risk getting snow in your mouth either.

All you’ll need now is the right winter suit to keep you warm and an extra pair of motorcycle goggles and you’re ready to face the mountains and the slopes.




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