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Are you a snowmobile owner?

If you live in an area in which snow is a pretty common occurrence, then investing in a snowmobile is not as crazy as it sounds – as long as you have an area in which you can ride it unbothered. If you own such a vehicle or think about buying one, we are going to discuss here about some of the things that come with it that you may not know about.

One of these things is the snowmobile lift which is a highly important thing that a snowmobile owner must have – it’s more of a necessity than an extravaganza. This doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people who would miss the chance of buying one because they don’t know the full story.


What is a snowmobile lift?

A snowmobile lift is not the most common accessory so there’s a big chance you haven’t even heard about it until recently. A snowmobile lift is basically a stand on which the snowmobile can be placed. This also allows for the snowmobile to be transported from one place to another without any hassle.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the uses and benefits that such a product brings, but also talk about an important factor – why don’t all snowmobile owners have such a product in their garage? The answer is actually quite simple and makes total sense, but it doesn’t mean you should be one of the above-mentioned owners too.

The first reason why not all snowmobile users own a snowmobile lift is a pretty legit one – this product is not the cheapest thing you can find on the market so many people don’t want to spend more money on it after they already have their fair share of costs when it comes to maintaining the snowmobile. Then again, you should own such a lift.

The second reason that makes people not buy a lift, in general, is the fact that it requires space just like any other product. This is why some people don’t buy it as they feel like they don’t have enough space for it in their garage or wherever they keep the snowmobile. 

Given how foldable snowmobile lifts have become, this is now less of a valid problem. Add to that the fact that if you have space for your snowmobile you must have space for its lift as well, and we can see those reasons are usually just excuses to avoid the hassle of doing some more research about the best snowmobile lifts.

How do you use a snowmobile lift

Having a snowmobile lift is highly important for your snowmobile as you’ll notice once you start using it as the benefits may not be registered as quickly before you own one. Or, at least, before you read in-depth about this type of product.

The most important role a snowmobile lift has is the fact that it keeps the snowmobile lifted so it doesn’t touch the ground. This is actually really important because it protects the snowmobile from being worn out by the contact with the floor and by the tear of daily operations.

Having a proper parking space for your snowmobile is really important and people who don’t take that seriously pay later (literally) in the damage that the product will start developing. If you park the snowmobile on a lift, away from the ground, you’ll notice you also increase the longevity of it which is highly beneficial for you, so why wouldn’t you do it?

A snowmobile lift also has the role of getting rid of all the snow particles that get stuck on your snowmobile. After a nice ride, when you park the vehicle, most people run inside without cleaning it. Having it lifted above the ground means snow will fall from its tires thanks to gravitation. 

Also, as snow melts, it will form a puddle underneath the vehicle but without having its wheels in the water which, again, over time, would create damage. The next time you go for a ride you won’t have to worry about this aspect at all.

Highly important is also the fact that such a lift lets you check if everything is ok with the engine or other parts from the inside. As the snowmobile will now be above the ground, you can do the check-up much easier to find the fault without having to struggle to lift it up or put it on its side.

Without a lift, it’s much harder to check if there is something wrong on the inside and you will need the help of at least one more person to move the vehicle around as needed and then return it to its normal pose.

By using tires on the snowmobile lift you can also move the snowmobile from point A to point B which again is a huge benefit for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to move it by lifting it up and carrying it with some other improvised design which doesn’t guarantee the safety of it during the transportation. Why risk when you can just get the benefits?

Of course, the list can go on, but these are the most important aspects that can make you think about how useful such a product really is and how much easier it can make your life overall.


Is there a difference between snowmobile lifts?

As with most everything, yes, there are different types of snowmobile lifts which is, of course, a good thing, as you can buy the one that you are going to be needing the most. There are two types of lifts that you can use: a scissor-type one and a flat lift frame one. Check the explanations below so you’ll understand them better.

The first type we are going to look over is the scissor-type lift. This type can get completely collapsed which lets you keep it anywhere you can find space for it so you won’t have to worry about this aspect anymore. It is also worth noting that this type presents 4 points and has the frame kept low.

The second type we are going to talk about is the flat frame lift. This one is highly similar to the one we presented above with one exception. You’ll be able to pick the lift up by using the help that an extra joint will give you. What does it mean? It means it can help suspend the back of the snowmobile so it sounds also very appealing, doesn’t it?

In conclusion of the presentation of the two types, we can say that the flat frame lift one has a slight advantage over the scissor-type as the second one lets you suspend the snowmobile from the back by using some extra joints. If you don’t think this is something you need necessarily, you can use any type.


What happens when the lift gets old?

It’s only natural that, at some point, the snowmobile lift will become old and will be wrecked like with any other object that you use often. In this case, you just have to do some check-ups on it from time to time and see if you can find problems with it. Often these damages can be easily repaired even if you’re not an expert.

But, if you notice that the damage keeps appearing or that you have to keep fixing the lift for whatever reason, then it’s probably the time to invest in a new one. You don’t want to risk having the snowmobile fall just because you didn’t want to buy a new lift, right?

Even if you feel like a snowmobile lift will cost you some money just to buy it and then some extra money for maintenance every now and then, it is worth noting that these repairs are usually pretty cheap and won’t affect your budget.

In the end, having such a device in your garage will help you save more money thanks to the fact that you are not going to spend even more money on repairs for the actual snowmobile, which are way costlier.

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