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6 Best Snowmobile Gear Bags (Reviews) in 2022

When it comes to picking the perfect bag to store your snowmobile gear, there are plenty of great options available on the market. And while we cannot list all of them here, we took the liberty to choose six of the most sought-after bags, according to customers’ opinions. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about them.

1. Klim Kodiak Gear Bag

This is a sturdy choice for everyone who needs a structural bag to store all the things necessary for a great winter trip. The sturdy structure allows the bag to stand up steadily when it’s loaded or empty.

The most significant advantage of this item is the number of interior pockets, suitable for storing every piece of your snowmobile gear. From helmets to goggles, jacket or pants, you’ll quickly have access to each item. In addition, the bag contains an interior semi-rigid liner bag to keep your boots and socks separately from the rest of your clothing and accessories.

The wheels measure 90mm or 3.55 inches and lift the bag so that it won’t touch the ground whenever carrying it. Thus, you won’t get to scratch or damage the items found at the bottom of it.

The bag also comes with a large exterior pocket where you can store your essentials, including keys, wallet, phone, charger, and others.

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2. Ogio Rig 9800 Ultra-Tough and Protective

This bag is made of thick fabrics to ensure durability and resistance to pressure, harsh weather conditions, and accidents. The quilted design will provide increased protection for your sports gear, allowing you to carry your favorite pair of goggles or boots safely.

Inside you will find various independent compartments, separated by mesh and zippers so that you can easily access all your belongings in just a matter of seconds. There is also a special compartment for your boots and socks.

The heavy-duty oversized wheels and the telescopic pull handle ensure easy transportation and storing, no matter where you go. The handle will also reduce hand fatigue while the entire weight of the bag will be distributed to the wheels so you won’t get back or arm pain by lifting the hefty bag yourself.

The product also comes with an exterior pocket where you can keep your phone, wallet, keys and other personal objects.

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3. Factory FMX Motorcross Gear Bag XLarge Red

This bag is made of thick and reinforced 1200 den nylon to ensure long-lasting performance and protect your sports gear against rain, snow, dust, wind, sun rays, and accidents. The skeleton structure will maintain the bag’s shape even when it is empty.

Inside you will find various ventilated compartments for your gear. The main compartment is large enough to house your helmet, chest protector, and the rest of your outfit. There is another compartment with plenty of room to store your boots, no matter how big they are.

The two ventilated side compartments are perfect for your goggles and gloves. Meanwhile, a third sealed compartment can safely keep your phone, wallet, keys, and other personal objects.

This item comes with handles but doesn’t feature wheels or a telescopic handle, which makes it harder and less convenient to carry around. Keep in mind that lifting heavy bags might cause back and shoulder pains.

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4. DSG Outerwear 67829 Pink Roller Bag

This bag is available in two color combos, depending on your mood or personality. It features a large compartment with storage divider, specially designed to keep all your winter gear. There are two separate, large, and vented pockets for your helmet and boots.

The bag is comfortable and convenient to carry around thanks to the telescopic handle and the attached high-quality wheels. This will reduce hand fatigue and will prevent back and shoulder pains.

The product comes equipped with many handles so you can carry it on your shoulder or in your hands if it’s not too heavy.

You will also find additional external pockets where you can safely deposit all your personal belongings, including phone, tablet, keys, wallet, and others.

The bag is made of high-quality materials and ensures increased protection against harsh weather conditions such as snow, wind or rain.


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5. Gallant BA210399 KG Deluxe Trunk Bag

If you’re looking for a plain and convenient bag to store your sports gear, this product from Gallant could prove the winning choice. It is affordable and comes in a standard black color.

It is made of heavy-duty 1000 den Cordura and is tricot laminated with a coating that is waterproof and windproof. Therefore, no matter the weather outside, your equipment and accessories will remain safe and dry inside this bag.

Its large dimensions allow you to store anything you need, from your helmet to your boots, jacket, goggles, and more. Inside you’ll find five zippered compartments to smart pack all your essentials and easily access them within seconds.

The product comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation, as well as various external pockets where you can put your keys, wallet, phone, and other personal belongings. The universal fit allows you to place it on any snowmobile.


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6. Ogio 121014.501 Shock Wheeled Gear Bag

This bag is available in four different colors and patterns, which makes it suitable for all sports enthusiasts, no matter their personality or gender. It is made of high-quality materials such as molded PE to resist friction, abuse, and harsh weather conditions, keeping your gear and all accessories safe at all times.

The eco-friendly PVC liner is resistant and easy to clean.

The bag features a set of reinforced wheels that can be replaced if they are damaged or broken. Thanks to these wheels and the telescopic handle, you’ll be able to carry your bag comfortably without developing joint or shoulder pains.

What we liked about this product is that, despite its durability, it remains lightweight and provides plenty of storage space inside. Therefore, it is perfect for your winter getaways or vacations and will even prove a trustworthy ally on weight restricted airlines.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding a good snowmobile gear bag to satisfy all your requirements could prove a time-consuming task, but with the help of our comprehensive buying guide, you will be able to pick the right item for you in no time. Here are some features you should consider.

Size matters

The most important characteristic of a suitable gear bag should be its size. Keep in mind that you’ll be storing your winter equipment, so it is best to pick one that has enough room for your brand new snowmobile helmet and a pair of awesome snowmobile boots.

Winter gear is usually heavier and bigger than regular sports gear so also consider the inside volume of the bag, not just its overall dimensions.


Materials used

Another important feature to take into account is the type of materials used to manufacture the bag. Some cheap snowmobile gear bags are made of questionable materials that won’t protect your equipment from wind, rain, snow or impacts.

If you plan on keeping your bag on your snowmobile, it would be best to opt for one with a skeleton structure made of sturdy metal or plastic, that won’t change its shape and will provide increased protection for your belongings.

These items are usually bulkier and less flexible, but they will protect your helmet, goggles, and boots from scratches and unwanted damage.

Thick canvas is the number one choice as it is both affordable and durable. It will offer maximum protection against snow, wind, dust, and rain, while also maintaining its flexibility. Thus, you’ll be able to stuff in more items and even expand its volume on the sides.

If you’re not entirely sure which type of bag would be more suitable for you, why not look for some online snowmobile gear bag reviews and read the opinions of other customers?

Extra pockets

Additional storage space is mandatory when you plan on bringing your entire winter gear with you. We suggest you opt for bags that come with plenty of pockets of various sizes, suitable for storing your soft leather snowmobile gloves and a professional pair of snowmobile goggles, along with your wallet, keys, phone, charger, and other valuables.

Ventilated single compartments are a great invention because they allow you to separate all your belongings easily and, thus, access everything you need within seconds. Some bags even come with separate internal pockets specifically designed for boots and your favorite thick pair of snowmobile socks.

Just make sure the pocket is large enough to store your boots regardless of their design or what shoe size you wear.


Zippers and stitching

The quality of the stitching is essential, especially if you’re looking for a long-lasting product. If you want to take our advice, opt for a bag that comes with reinforced stitching, especially on the high-pressure points, in order to avoid breaking or snapping when it’s too full.

As for the zippers, we recommend the ones made of metal since they are more resistant. However, if they are not made of high-quality materials, these zippers might corrode and fail to properly store your winter gear or give you access to it within seconds.


Wheels and handles

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for the duffle bag style or the troller bag style. Each of them comes with its own perks, so think carefully before making up your mind.

In our opinion, a good gear bag comes with sturdy and reliable wheels that will ensure easy transportation. The right pair of wheels won’t add extra pressure on your back, shoulders or arms when carrying the bag so you will enjoy full flexibility.

Wheels are also great if you want to make the most out of the space inside your bag and add a thick snowmobile jacket or a second helmet. This way the entire extra weight pressure is distributed on the wheels and not to the handles.

Lastly, look for sturdy handles made of reinforced materials that are soft on the skin as you’ll be able to carry all of your winter gear safely and without too much trouble. You should also consider handles made of mesh inserts to avoid hand fatigue and the appearance of calluses or blisters if the bag is too heavy.

Now all that’s left is a warm and comfortable pair of snowmobile pants and you’re ready to hit the slopes and practice your favorite winter activities without worrying about where you’re gonna store your gear.




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