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Fun for the entire family

Snowmobiling is an activity that is synonymous with adventure. If you want to raise the level of adrenaline in the body, just grab your friends or family and go and have the time of your lives! You’ll not only have lots of fun, but you’ll also see some truly unforgettable panoramic views that you’re never going to forget!


What do you need to wear?

Of course, before going on the snowmobile ride, you’re sitting at home and thinking about what you should pack for the experience to be enjoyed completely so you’ll feel warm and very comfortable on the trip. You’ll need a snowsuit, a good pair of boots, a helmet, but also goggles for a trip that won’t cause you any distress. Don’t forget your gloves either!

This article acts as a guide so you can check the list of items that you need to be wearing in order to be warm and comfortable, but, also, very important, dry! Going on such an adventure could make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you get cold, so be careful at what you pack!


Layer over layer

When we talk about clothes for snowmobiling (or winter in general), we need to talk about layers. These will offer you the protection you need from the cold while also let you change when the weather gets warmer. If you’ve been skiing before, your luggage shouldn’t look too different from that, just add some extra warmth as it’s chilly on the snowmobile.

No cotton … ever!

In most instances, cotton is the go-to material for clothing. That is not the case when we talk about layers. Cotton is good generally as it absorbs moisture, but that’s not a good thing when you’re out there in the freezing weather as it will simply make you very cold! Pick synthetic-blend materials, fleece, polyester or wool.


The base layer

When starting to layer the clothes on you, the first one should be one made of polyester or something synthetic. A onesie is a good idea in this case or just long underwear for both the top and the bottom. Following the onesie, you’ll need a mid-layer and an inner top layer so you will be warm.


The waterproof outside

The outer layer can be made of the typical ski jacket and ski pants as you will need a material that is created to be not only waterproof but also windproof. You can also find such outfits for rent if you don’t want to buy one so you can rent a really good one that will offer all the protection that you need.

Protect the brain

The brain is a pretty important organ, we can all agree, right? Unfortunately, winter sports can be dangerous sometimes and the brain is at high risk which is why you need to wear a helmet at all times. You can buy a helmet or rent one, but always wear one.

Not only will a helmet keep you safe from injuries, but it will also keep you warm. The helmet has to fit snug while the strap has to be tight, but don’t let it choke you either. Just like with a bike helmet, if you do go through a crash with it, you’ll most likely have to replace it as they’re usually made to take just one hit and won’t guarantee safety as much afterward.


Shield the face

Generally speaking, helmets don’t include a face shield, so, if you are wearing an open face helmet, you’ll have to buy or rent a pair of goggles. They don’t have to be any different from the ones that you use for skiing or snowboarding – in fact, they can be the same pair. Goggles will keep your face warm, but they also include other benefits.

Among those benefits we can name the protection they offer from UV light which is really strong on top of the mountains and even protection from hitting a branch as it is highly likely you’ll run into at least a small one and you wouldn’t want chunks from it in your eye while you drive a snowmobile especially.

The snowmobile will also kick pieces of snow and ice around you, but also in your face, which is another advantage the goggles offer you. In case the light is really strong (and it can be as it’s reflected by snow), it wouldn’t hurt to have some lens options to use for your goggles.

The dark version is good for days with high visibility, the yellow option is good for low light or for when it’s foggy outside, while the rose/amber kind tends to be more of a universal choice, meaning you can use this type for both high and low visibility.

Opt for a full synthetic facemask

This one is not really seen as essential, but it does help a lot. The full synthetic facemask will keep your face even warmer so really you don’t have a reason to skip over it. As it’s a small item it won’t take much space in your luggage anyway so just be extra careful.



Gloves are worn even when you go for a walk in the city during winter, so naturally, they’ll be a necessity as well when it comes to riding a snowmobile. In this case, the aesthetic matters less than the two features the pair has to have: the gloves have to be windproof and waterproof. Fleece and wool liners are good ideas in this case!

Mittens are of course very warm, much warmer than gloves usually are, but they don’t give you the necessary control you need to have on the throttle, so stick with gloves for now. If you have a pair of gloves that let you remove liners, it’s even better, as they can be removed if the temperature starts rising.


Say no to cotton socks

As we mentioned, cotton is the opposite of the go-to material when it comes to having fun in snow and socks are no exception either. Choose a pair made of nylon, wool, fleece, polypropylene, silk or even synthetic blend. A good tip is to have an extra pair of socks with you so you can change them in case your feet start to feel cold.

This is actually a way in which people get sick even while being in the city and going for a walk. As we sweat and snow gets in our boots, socks also get moist and in time they become cold. Having cold feet is a great way of getting sick so you should really avoid this even more while you are on this trip.

These boots are made to be warm

So, when you start getting ready for a snowmobile adventure, pick an outfit that is windproof and waterproof. Take into consideration pant gators in case that pants or boots don’t include them already. Boots usually are made of rubber and leather and have a hefty lug sole for traction.

If you have experience in skiing, you should know that while there are some similarities to the outfits for these sports, the boot is the perfect example in this case. Therefore, while the ski boot has to be as tight as possible, when it comes to taking a ride with the snowmobile, comfort and warmth are the most important aspects.

Your feet will be warm if you decide to wear the proper and recommended pair of boots. These boots should be made by using rubber, a bottom that is waterproof and has a good lug sole which enables better traction, while the upper is synthetic and can fasten, but it’s also high so that snow won’t get into your boots.


In conclusion

If you want to have a great trip, you need to be careful not to get sick or have any accidents which you can stop from happening by following this advice that we prepared for you. Put these tips to good use and you won’t feel sorry!

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