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10 Best Snowmobile Bibs (Reviews) in 2022

Whether you’re looking for women’s snowmobile bibs or men’s snowmobile bibs, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of products available for sale right now. If you’d like to make sure you’re checking out some of those that have garnered the appreciation of many other users, then take the time to browse through our selection below.

1. HJC Mens Extreme Bib

Boasting a breathable, and at the same time, waterproof nylon outer shell, this model should definitely make it to your list. It’s equipped with Thermolite padded insulation, so it is more than capable of keeping you warm even when the weather isn’t on your side. To minimize sizing issues, the manufacturing brand has designed this unit with an adjustable waist as well as with adjustable shoulder straps.

It’s also worth noting that the HJC Extreme comes with reinforced fabric on the seat and in the knee area, and we all know that these two regions are where the maximum amount of pressure is applied as you sit down and stand up.

Additionally, this model is outfitted with cargo pockets that are waterproof. You can conveniently store your most important essentials in the breast pocket that this unit has been equipped with. Some of those that have expressed their views on this product say that it’s a little baggy and also, it’s not exactly lightweight.

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2. Castle X Phase Men's Snowmobile Bib

Although this isn’t necessarily a pair of cheap snowmobile bibs, it’s also worth taking into account since it is made of quality materials and it will keep you warm on those chilly winter days when you’re riding your snowmobile or on the trail in the mountains. It boasts a durable shell made of a mix of nylon and polyester.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a 3M Thinsulate 150g layer of insulation and it’s been crafted with Ven-Tex 2.0 waterproof, windproof, and breathable laminated shell materials.

Add all this to the fact that the Castle X Phase LRG comes with DWR coating and sealed critical seams, as well as articulated and padded knee panels and a pre-curved seat, and you’ve got yourself a pair of almost indestructible bibs.

This product is highly practical as it has also been outfitted with zippered fleece lined hand pockets, as well as an action-back accordion stretch back panel.

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3. Klim Klimate Bib LG Green

Klim snowmobile bibs are a staple if you’re looking for something that can withstand the test of time and that can allow you to focus on your tasks without ever feeling uncomfortable. As with other models made by bigger brands, this one isn’t necessarily budget-friendly, but you get plenty of benefits along with your purchase.

It’s practically impossible for you to feel the cold if you’re wearing the Klim Klimate bib and that’s because it boasts a layer of Thinsulate insulation of a whopping 306 grams. The 3-layer Gore-Tex Performance shell boasted by the alternative is another thing worth writing home about, since it is entirely capable of keeping you dry at all times.

Due to its popularity, this model is sold in sizes ranging from small to 5X large, which means that you will encounter fewer issues with regard to the sizing than you would if you were to opt for a different alternative.

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4. Klim Allure Women's Ski Snowmobile Bibs

Ladies’ snowmobile bibs don’t have to be poorly designed and they should come with several features that make them stand out from the crowd. This particular model is crafted in such a way so as to be a great fit for the physical attributes of female snowmobile riders.

Guaranteed to maintain you dry and warm, this product boasts a Gore-Tex performance shell that you might find in similar models developed by the same brand. The 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation dispersed throughout the whole bib should give you the reassurance that you won’t freeze as you put up with the abuse of the elements or the worst weather.

There are some other features you might want to know about if you’re considering this product. For example, the bib is outfitted with snow gaiters with a velcro side opening and a retention snap, and the zippers boasted by the model are all easy to use. Measure your body before ordering, however, because we did come across a complaint regarding this issue.

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5. Castle X Fuel G6 Men's Snowmobile

If you’re rather focused on getting a pair of decent pants more than you are on finding the perfect bibs for snowmobile riding, the Castle X Fuel G6 might make for a reasonable option.

These pants come with all of the features you would require from a pair that lasts you for as long as possible and above all, keeps you comfortable, dry, and warm as you ride your snowmobile.

It’s worth noting that the model comes with sealed critical seams, padded and articulated knee panels, as well as a removable shoulder strap system. The 500D Airdura reinforced precurved seat, hem, and lower legs are another aspect worth writing home about as is the fact that this particular unit boasts a Ventex zipper made specifically for ventilation purposes.

The zippered hand pockets are another benefit since you will keep your essentials safe and sound as you focus on your tasks. Besides, the 3M Scotchlite Reflective materials of this bib will make you visible if you lose your way and there’s a search party that needs to find you.

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6. Klim Tundra Bib Men's Snowmobile

Good snowmobile bibs always come at a cost. While this particular model might actually be more affordable compared to some of the others we have come across, it doesn’t necessarily offer you any less in terms of quality.

It’s waterproof and convenient and the insulation package boasted by the bib is made specifically so as to maintain your body warm even as you get to higher speeds.

Additionally, it comes with a fully functional fly and it has been outfitted with side stretch panels. There’s also a pass-through pocket that can be used as a hand warmer since it comes with a plaid liner.

Some of the people that have given the Klim Tundra a try note that it is comfortable, well-made, and perfectly capable of keeping you warm even at temperatures like 20 degrees below zero. The bib is not a good option for warm days, however, because they’ll make you feel like you’re overheating.

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7. Klim Togwotee Bib XL Black

For days when you want to know that you are being fully protected, you can definitely wear this bib because it boasts a three-layer Gore Tex pro shell technology that will prove to be one of your best friends in need when the weather is extremely windy. This product can keep you dry and warm.

To add to the durability provided by the model, Klim engineers have developed it in such a way so as to withstand the test of time. As such, this one comes with reinforced 600D Cordura knee panels, 300D nylon upper, and inner boot panels. The pads on the shin and knee areas can be removed in case you wish to do so.

Some of the individuals that have decided to invest their money in this product say that it is well worth it and that it offers great quality and value. For deep powder situations, this can be a life savior.

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8. Katahdin Gear X2-X Bib Men'S Regular

Some snowmobile bibs reviews recommend checking out this model, and for a good reason, too. It comes with a durable Nylon Reissa coated 100% windproof, breathable, and waterproof material as well as seams that were fully sealed to be entirely waterproof. On top of everything, you get an Airguard reinforced in-seat, and the legs and knee areas are reinforced, as well.

The 5-ounce layer of thermal insulation should give you the reassurance that you might need that you’re going to remain warm all throughout your snowmobile ride.

The bib comes with suspenders that can be adjusted to twelve positions - yes, twelve - and that are also elastic. In this way, you can benefit from excellent customization.

Some other features you might want to know about range from the reflective piping that the product boasts throughout its design - making you visible even when it’s dark - to the Velcro adjustable belt that lets you customize the waist fit.

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9. White Sierra Men's Toboggan Insulated Bib

If you aren’t looking for a bib that can help you put up with the worst weather and elements possible, perhaps the Toboggan model might be worth a look. Why do we say this? Compared to some of the other products in the same line, this one comes with only 120 grams of insulation (polyfill) and that might not be enough when the weather is extremely cold.

For example, a Klim model that we’ve also mentioned in this selection came with a whopping of 600 grams of insulation. Now that we’ve established that these bibs should only be used when the weather is cold but not extreme, you might want to know that they are waterproof and that they come with a nylon shell and a polyester lining.

They are comfortable and convenient seeing how they were outfitted with adjustable shoulder straps that can allow you to customize the fit and functionality. They also boast articulated knees, as well as gaiters with elastic and a reinforced scuff guard. The most important benefit is that they don’t cost a fortune.

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10. White Sierra Women's Toboggan Insulated Bib

Similarly to the model designed for men, the Toboggan made for women comes with a polyester lining and a nylon shell, a fully waterproof fabric, and 120 grams of polyfill insulation.

What makes the difference between the two is obviously the fact that this one is designed in such a way so as to speak to the needs of female snowmobile riders.

Other than that, you’ll get pretty much the same features in that this product also features adjustable shoulder straps, articulated knees, zippered hand pockets, as well as gaiters with elastic. The inseam measures thirty-two inches and there’s a metal snap opening complete with a fly front closure.

Despite being thinner and therefore, a little less capable of keeping you warm at all times and in extreme weather, this bib has acquired plenty of appreciation on the part of the women who have tried it. You have the option of ordering one size up and wearing an extra layer of clothes underneath.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


There are many snowmobile bibs up for sale these days, and that’s what makes the task of finding the perfect one so challenging. To save you a little time and a little more trouble, we have compiled the most important information that you ought to be aware of in a guide below. Check out the features and benefits that you should keep in mind when shopping for new snowmobile bibs.


If you intend to order your first bibs online, you will have a bit of a hard time telling just what size you’re supposed to get. Most prospective buyers go through this hassle, and that’s to be expected since you don’t regularly wear bibs when you go out and run your errands. You wear regular clothes.

Our advice to you would be to perform accurate measurements of your body and then match them to those made available by the manufacturing brand. If this isn’t possible or if you’re unsure about picking out the perfect size, maybe you should order two sizes and then return the one that doesn’t fit you. This is possible at most retailers, including online ones.


Keeping warm

There are two ways of going about things if you want to keep your body warmth as best as possible as you’re riding your snowmobile. You can either go for a cheaper bib but a bigger size, which will therefore allow you to wear an extra layer of clothing underneath, or you could decide to invest a heftier sum of money in a more expensive bib that can keep you adequately protected.

The problem with the first possibility is that you have no control over how baggy the model will be if you order a larger size. Why does this detail matter? The simplest answer to this question is that the baggier it is, the higher the likelihood of the suit creating spaces where the chilly air could go in and come in contact with your skin.

Pricier bibs usually come with a thicker layer of insulation. No matter the material that the insulation is made from (Thinsulate is said to be the best), you need to look for its weight to make the difference between a properly insulated bib and one you might as well do without.

Some brands make bibs with as much as 600g of insulation, while the cheaper ones typically come with 100 to 150g of insulation. Clearly there’s a significant difference between the two.  



You obviously want to know that you’re investing your money in something that will last for more than just a season. How can you tell whether the product you’re thinking of purchasing will do just that? The quality of the materials that it is crafted from is an indication, but there’s another quite important aspect you have to be on the lookout for.

It’s often that bibs will get damaged because you can rip them as you sit down or stand up. This can happen in the seat area but also in the knee area. If the model you are considering comes with reinforced pressure points in these specific regions, you can rest assured that it will last you for a good deal of time.

Other helpful features

There are some features that can either make or break your bibs in terms of user experience. For example, do they come with reflective straps throughout their whole design? If you’re wondering why this aspect matters, we’ll tell you. In case something goes wrong and a search party should be able to find you, the reflective straps will make you more visible even in the dark.

The mobility is also important, and that’s why you have to look for parts of the bibs that can stretch or are more elastic than others. Finally, you don’t have to feel like you’re wearing a radiator, because you’ll start sweating if you overheat, so the bib also has to be breathable while at the same time, waterproof.




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