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5 Best Snowmobile Balaclavas (Reviews) in 2022

Choosing a new balaclava to keep your face and head warm? Although we cannot make that decision for you, we did come up with a list of five items that we consider worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about them.

1. Klim Balaclava Black

Made of high-quality fabrics, this mask is designed to keep your skin shielded from the cold temperatures and wind in the wintertime. It is equipped with the DryTech technology that allows it to retain the optimum body temperature and absorb extra moisture. This way, the product will dry faster and will provide increased comfort for your face the entire day.

The unique design will not only keep your head and face shielded from the cold but also the entire neck area. Therefore, you can wear it alone or under your favorite snowmobile mask. We also liked the open-face cut that doesn’t cover the nose, eyes, and mouth.

However, finding the perfect fit for your own head and neck shape could prove a bit difficult as this item is only available in one size. We suggest you measure yourself carefully and then compare the results with the ones provided by the manufacturing company.

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2. Klim Shadow Men's Ski Snowmobile Balaclava

The product is made of high-quality and super soft stretch fleece to provide maximum comfort and utility in the cold winter days. It is designed to cover your cheeks, nose, mouth, head, and neck for excellent protection against the wind and the low temperatures.

The eye area is left open and doesn’t interfere with your peripheral visibility. Thus, you’ll be able to move your head freely in every direction and keep an eye on the road.

Keep in mind that since the mask is made of fleece, it may determine your face to overheat. Although the Dri-Release wool fabric will help the balaclava dry quickly, the product is quite thick, so it won’t allow your skin to breathe properly. We suggest you wear a lightweight helmet with this item. Also, make sure the size fits your head shape before purchasing.

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3. Cortech Journey ST Youth Balaclava

Just like the name suggests, this item has been specifically engineered for youngsters and children. It can make the perfect accessory for those who have just started training on the slopes practicing skiing or snowboarding.

The stretch fabric molds perfectly on the neck and head of your child, providing increased comfort and protection against wind, snow, rain or harsh temperatures. The item is made of a highly breathable fabric that will absorb extra moisture and keep the face warm and dry throughout the day.

The reinforced stitching adds extra durability, making the mask resistant against wearing and tearing. The balaclava covers the entire face except for the eyes and the nose, allowing perfect visibility and breathing.

Keep in mind that this accessory is only available in one size which is mainly intended for teenagers and young adults. Thus, it may be too loose on your kid’s head and neck.

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4. The Friendly Swede Balaclava Face Mask

This product is available in three different styles - standard, Nordic, and Arctic - depending on the type of activity you wish to perform and the level of protection you require.

The Arctic is designed to keep your entire face protected from extreme temperatures and is suitable for those who plan on climbing mountains during the winter time or face temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fabric is lightweight and comfortable at the same time, sheltering you from cold, wind, snow or rain. The extra long neck will also keep your neck warm and eliminate the need of wearing an additional scarf.

The balaclava features a versatile style that allows you to wear it open or closed, on the entire face or only on half of it, as well as use it as an ear warmer. This way, you will only cover the areas you need. The product is machine washable and will dry in no time.

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5. Sunland Lycra Fabrics 

The item is available in various colors and in one universal size that will meet the requirements of most people, men and women alike. The fabric is soft and thick at the same time and won’t wrinkle. The material is stretchy and won’t lose its elasticity in time.

This balaclava will provide increased protection and extraordinary performance in all climates and weather conditions. It is lightweight and very portable, meaning you can wear it inside the pocket of your favorite weatherproof snowmobile jacket. According to most customers, the item is also durable and strong, meaning it won’t tear after a few uses.

It is designed to shelter your nose, mouth, cheeks, ears, head, and neck from harsh temperatures while keeping you warm and comfortable the entire day. It is quick drying and machine washable, meaning it is easy to clean after each use.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best balaclava for snowmobile riding, but you’re confused about the number of choices available in stores, perhaps the following buying guide will come in handy. Here are some aspects you should consider in order to find the most suitable option for you.


Different weathers and seasons call for various accessories, including balaclavas. Depending on the type of outdoor activities you wish to perform or the weather outside, it would be best to choose an appropriate accessory.

For instance, if you’re out in the desert and need to cover your mouth and nose from the sand and dust, the item should be breathable and thin to prevent you from overheating. On the other hand, if you plan on skiing or riding your snowmobile in the winter time, the product should be weatherproof and thick.

A cheap snowmobile balaclava may not be the perfect option for you in harsh weather conditions as it won’t provide the level of protection required to keep your face, nose, and ears warm.



You should also figure out the right style of mask for you, depending on the level of protection you need, and the activity you perform.

Balaclavas can cover the entire part of your face, neck, head, and ears or can leave enough room to breathe and see properly. However, if you also need to use your peripheral vision, you should stick to the ones that don’t cover the face as well.

This style will allow you to easily move your head from one direction to the other, without having your vision blurred by pieces of cloth or fabric.

Other types of outdoor activities such as hunting require a higher level of camouflage, and this could also mean covering your entire face, including your nose.

A good snowmobile balaclava should be long enough to fully cover your neck and head as well, preventing the wind or cold temperatures affecting your skin. If you’re not entirely sure which is the best style for you, we suggest you go through some online snowmobile balaclava reviews and read the opinions of other customers.


Size and fit

Last but not least, you should also commit to finding the proper fit for your face sock. Keep in mind that most balaclavas are made of stretchy fabrics and are only sold in a universal size, meaning they might not be suitable for all head sizes and shapes. Therefore, if you have the possibility, try on the mask before purchasing it.

As for the fit, it should be snug enough to keep you warm without feeling like you are going to suffocate.

Looking after your health in the winter time

Staying warm in low temperatures is not an easy task, especially if you also plan on moving your hands and feet. A pair of insulated snowmobile boots is mandatory, alongside some comfortable and warm snowmobile pants. Make sure they have enough room and spare pockets to also hold a pair of waterproof snowmobile gloves and the rest of your essentials.

And, if you plan on riding a snowmobile, skiing or snowboarding, don’t forget to purchase a snug and durable snowmobile helmet that will protect your head from injuries.




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