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10 Best Snowmobile Socks (Reviews) in 2022

Since there are numerous products available on the market, we couldn’t pick just one for you. Therefore, we carefully selected some of the most popular winter socks according to customers’ reviews. Showcased below you’ll find their most important characteristics to help you pick the right pair for the upcoming winter session.

1. Klim Mammoth Sock - Large

This pair of socks is available in three adult sizes, ranging from Small to Large. The Small size is suitable for US 4-6 size, while the Large one is specifically designed for men sizes US 11-14.

The product is made of a unique combination of merino wool, lycra, and polyamide. The merino wool will keep your feet warm and dry no matter the temperatures outside, while the lycra and polyamide provide flexibility to the socks and help you easily put them on.

The sturdy construction of the socks as well as all the additional elements make them reliable in winter. They will perfectly maintain the body heat while also allowing the skin to properly breathe, in order to prevent bad smells and bacteria from forming.

The socks are reinforced in the maximum pressure points - the sole, the heel, the ankle, and the toe, which will make them last longer and resist tearing.

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2. Warrior Alpaca Socks - Second to None Thick Alpaca Wool

These socks are made of 40% Alpaca and the rest of nylon, acrylic, and elastic. They are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable during the cold season. Unlike other wool fibers, the ones from the Alpaca wool will allow your feet to properly breathe while getting rid of extra moisture. They are soft and hypoallergenic so everyone can wear them.

These socks are specifically made for boot wearers and are easy to put on and take off. Thanks to the elastic fibers, they will stay in place and won’t come off your feet when walking or riding your snowmobile. Therefore, they are perfect for all winter sports and not only.

They are available in two different sizes, and the knee-length will cover the lower part of your leg, keeping you warm and dry throughout the day. Most customers said the product fits as expected.

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3. JB Field's -50 Below Icelandic Socks

The set includes two pairs of socks in beige and black. They are designed to fit US shoe sizes 8-12.

The socks are made of 85% preshrunk wool and 15% nylon and are suitable for the cold winter days. They are perfect for low temperatures down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit so if you plan on encountering Yeti on your future field trip, these socks are the right choice.

The knee-length offers additional warmth for the entire lower part of your leg. The Merino Wool is a high-quality wool fiber that is extremely soft and comfortable to wear without causing itches or rashes.

Thanks to the ProtecGuard technology, your feet will stay away from nasty odors and bacteria. Therefore, you can rest assured these wool socks will maintain your feet dry and warm at the same time, while also ensuring proper ventilation.

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4. Klim Vented Socks

These come available in three different sizes, ranging from Small to Large. Most customers said they run true to size, so we suggest you purchase your regular size.

Their main benefit is that they are highly breathable, which will improve blood circulation and help your feet stay dry and warm throughout the day.

The socks come with a knit comfort padding at forefoot, sole, ankle, and heel, providing excellent support and tension relief. Moreover, thanks to the arch support band, they will stay in place, without bothering you when riding your snowmobile or walking in the snow.

The knee-size length is perfect for warming your feet and maintaining the optimum body temperature.

What we also liked about these socks is that they can also be worn on warmer days when riding your bike or jogging. The item is designed to keep you dry in any weather conditions.

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5. Eurosocks Women Snow Socks Embraces The Foot

If you’re searching for a new pair of socks specifically designed for women, these from Eurosocks might be a good alternative.

They are available in three different sizes, most customers claiming they fit as expected. You can also purchase them in eight different bright colors, which you can later match with the rest of your winter gear, including a fashionable new pair of snowmobile pants.

They are made of 100% synthetic fibers to keep your feet dry no matter the temperatures outside. Thanks to the Silver Drystat technology, the socks will diminish the friction between your feet and the shoes, reducing the number of blisters.

They are lightweight and extremely durable, suitable for skiing or other winter sports. The unique design will provide a snug fit without creating wrinkles, allowing you to keep your socks on for the entire day. They also offer high-performance protection and come with a seamless toe pocket to provide foot stress relief.

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6. CEP Men's Progressive+ Compression Thermo Socks

The socks come available in two colors and are made with 91% Polyamide and 9% Spandex. Thanks to their unique temperature regulating system and anatomic fit, you will enjoy warm and dry feet 24 hours a day. The 30mmHg compression offers support to your muscles and will help you easily put on and take off your boots.

These compression socks are specifically designed for skiers and those who enjoy outdoor winter activities and will also improve blood circulation by up to 40%, preventing over-sweating or being cold to your feet.

They also feature reinforcements in high-pressure points such as the toes or the heels to ensure maximum comfort and prevent the forming of calluses or blisters.

Most of the customers who purchased these socks claimed they are comfortable and provide the right amount of support and compression for your legs, making them perfect for practicing outdoor winter sports.

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7. Icebreaker Merino Women's Ultra Light Over The Calf Socks

The product is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, perfect for both men and women. You can pick one pair to match with the rest of your snowmobile outfit or wear another pair every day.

The socks are made of high-quality Merino wool and nylon, providing the right amount of comfort and warmth for your legs and feet. The seamless toe closure was specifically constructed to prevent blisters, and the entire lower part of the sock, from toes to heels, is reinforced to reduce friction and lower the risk of slipping.

Since the socks are made of natural fabrics, they will also provide great foot ventilation, allowing your feet to stay dry and warm the entire day. Moreover, the knee length will protect your calves and the full lower part of your leg from low temperatures.

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8. Fox River Men's Zermatt

Made in the United States from a unique blend of fabrics, these socks come in five different colors and three sizes. They are designed for men and are lightweight, cushioned, and stylish at the same time. If you want to add a pop of color in your rather dull ski or snowmobile equipment, perhaps these socks are everything you need.

They are made of high-quality Merino wool and Tencel, allowing your feet to stay warm and dry the entire day, no matter the temperatures outside. The Helix Fit System offers a great fit with full foot volumetric compression, allowing the socks to take the exact shape of your legs, from calves to toes.

The socks also feature vented panels to remove extra moisture and ensure proper air and blood circulation, preventing your feet from becoming moist or swollen. According to most customers, the product fits as expected and will protect the lower part of your foot thanks to the mid-calf size.

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9. Sockwell Men's Alpine Cushioned Graduated Compression Socks

These socks are available in two men’s sizes and four different patterns and designs, so make sure to pick the right one according to your fun personality or the rest of your snowmobile attire. They are designed to be 100% comfortable and easy to wear in your brand new pair of snowmobile boots.

Made of superior quality fibers and combined with 20-30 mmHg graduated compression, they will deliver improved trail and hiking performances no matter the weather outside. The socks are designed to keep you warm and improve your blood circulation, maintaining the optimum body temperature.

The extra support is designed to stabilize your Achilles tendon in order to minimize foot fatigue and help you perform better and faster. The socks also come with cushioned soles and shins to provide extra comfort and reduce pressure and friction. As a result, your feet will keep away from blisters and calluses.

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10. DSG Outerwear Wool Heavyweight Riding Socks

Engineered to satisfy even the pickiest women, these socks from Divas come in a pack of two. They are available in pink and purple, and the one size is designed to fit all women, US shoe sizes 6-14.

They are made of a combination of stretch nylon, wool, acrylic, and rubber to ensure maximum feet protection and prevent friction. Thanks to their length, they will protect the lower part of your legs from snow, rain, wind, and cold temperatures, making sure your body keeps its optimum temperature.

The cushioned sole provides extra comfort when wearing, reducing leg fatigue and the risk of getting blisters and calluses. What we liked the most about these thick socks is that you can also wear them when staying inside. They will keep your legs warm and dry and won’t slip or slide.

They are extremely easy to put on and take off, meaning you can wear them in your snow boots all day long.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Looking for some good snowmobile socks could prove a difficult task, especially with so many great options available for sale. So, if you’re in a hurry or don’t know exactly the features you should focus on, here is some piece of advice for you.


No matter if you choose cheap snowmobile socks or more expensive ones, the first thing you need to look for is the proper size and fit for you. Keep in mind that some socks are only available in one size, which may be too large or thin if you have extreme shoe sizes.

A sock that is too loose will easily fall off your leg, making you uncomfortable. It won’t be able to provide support or keep your feet warm either.

On the other hand, picking a pair of socks that are too tight will cut off your blood circulation, which means your feet will stay cold and will absorb more moisture.

Therefore, you should properly check the size of your socks before buying them to make sure your feet will stay comfortable, especially if you plan on using these accessories for the entire day.



Picking the right materials is also crucial if you want to keep your legs warm. Bear in mind that extremities are the first ones to lose heat. Therefore, you should always protect your feet with the right pair of socks and your hands with a warm pair of snowmobile gloves.

There are plenty of fabrics you could choose from, so the choice is up to you. If you’re looking for a pair to warm your feet throughout the day, wool and wool blends are the right options.

However, take into account that some types of wool won’t provide proper skin ventilation so your feet might become sweaty. Other types of wool are harsh on your skin and may cause itching. Our suggestion is to look for items that are made of Merino wool, a type of fabric that is soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic.

Synthetic fibers are also welcome as long as they allow your skin to breathe properly. This way you can regulate your body temperature and keep your feet both warm and dry. You should avoid cotton and cotton blends.

They are perfect during the summertime because they allow your feet to breathe but they may not be what you’re looking for in winter because the fabric isn’t thick enough.

If you still have trouble finding the perfect pair for your needs, we suggest you go through some online snowmobile socks reviews and read the opinions and advice of other customers.


Other features

When searching for the perfect pair of winter socks, you also need to take into account how comfortable or long they are. For instance, if you want to stay away from unnecessary friction, you should opt for cushioned socks. These often feature some reinforcement fabric on the most vulnerable spots of the sock such as the heels or the toes.

As for the length, the more skin you cover, the better. A pair of knee-high socks can keep you protected from wind or snow and maintain the optimum body temperature even if you’re out in the snow all day long.

If you plan on practicing some winter sports, perhaps you might want to look for a pair of compression socks. These will keep your feet and legs tight and will improve blood circulation to prevent swelling.

Full winter gear

Bear in mind that not only the socks are responsible for enjoying a full day outside in the snowy season. No matter what’s your favorite outdoor activity, you will require a thick and warm snowmobile jacket, long enough to cover the entire upper part of your body.

These winter jackets are usually made of waterproof, snowproof, and windproof fabrics and are specifically designed to maintain the ideal body temperature. They are thicker than regular biker jackets and can easily be used at temperatures lower than 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Facing the cold wind and the snow during the winter is not so easy, especially if you are at higher altitudes. If you plan on going skiing, snowboarding or simply enjoying a ride with your snowmobile, we might also suggest a brand new pair of snowmobile goggles to keep your eyes protected.

And, since safety should always be your number one concern, don’t forget to add a cool and vintage snowmobile helmet that will make you stand out from the crowd.




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