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6 Best Snowmobile Handguards (Reviews) in 2022

After carefully reading many snowmobile handguard reviews, analyzing product specifications and specialists’ opinions, we have managed to find a few of the top-rated products in this line. We cannot pick the item for you; however, after going through the list showcased below, you can decide what the most appropriate model is.

1. PowerMadd 34410 Black/Black Sentinel Handguard

If you are searching for good snowmobile handguards, you can try the PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel, designed to be stylish, but also durable and functional.

This model is larger compared to others from PowerMadd, in order to offer you as much protection as possible. The guard is made from two types of plastic -- a softer colored body for flexibility and a stiff two-piece spine for durability. The mounting brackets are made from 6061 aluminum.

The purpose of the PowerMadd handguards is to protect your hands from flying debris or rocks, branches, bushes, and also mud. They also keep your hands warm by blocking the wind, which is very useful in cold weather.

When it is hot outside, you can simply snap out the removable vent cover for the air to flow through. The product comes has the size of 11.375-inch W x 5.75-inch H. This model provides more protection with a modernized look and great accessories.


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2. PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguard

If you are familiar with the PowerMadd brand, you will like the 34210 Star Series Handguard, which is presented as the ultimate hand protection, suitable for snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

You have the option to remove the vent covers to get better airflow while still protecting your hands from branches or flying debris. When the weather is colder, you can snap the vent cover back in, to block the cool wind.

This item’s dimensions are 10.3 x 9.3 x 2.5 inches. The model can be purchased in a wide array of colors, so surely you can find a pair that will match your snowmobile perfectly.

This is a product that has garnered great reviews, but, some customers recommend measuring the handles from your snowmobile or motorcycle to make sure the handguards will match. The good thing is that you get a one year no questions asked warranty, so you are safe if anything should happen.

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3. PowerMadd 34402 Red/Black Sentinel Handguard

Another product from PowerMadd, this time from the Sentinel series, this one was designed to be durable, functional, but also stylish. It features black and red colors.

These handguards offer protection, and they come with a modern look and refined accessories. This pair requires a mounting kit. The materials used for these handguards are two types of plastic, a stiff two-piece spine which offers durability, and a softer, colored body, which provides a lot of flexibility.

The items from these series are large enough to accommodate your hands while traveling with your snowmobile comfortably. They shield your fists from the cold wind, but also from debris or branches.

This product has also gathered excellent reviews. Most customers are very pleased with the value for money. Others have praised the sturdy quality, but also the great design. If we consider all these aspects, this surely seems like an ideal option if you are looking for good handguards for your snowmobile.

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4. Polaris Snowmobile White Handguard 2876883

The durable construction and the great styling of the Polaris handguards make them an excellent addition to any snowmobile. They are designed to offer good protection to your hands, and they perform remarkably well in any weather conditions. Blocking wind, ice, snow, or branches is a piece of cake for these guards.

The installation process is quick and very easy, but you will have to buy mounting hardware, which is sold separately. The handguards are made from long-lasting, impact-resistant plastic.

They also come in black and white colors, which will create a visually pleasing image for most snowmobiles. The shape is made in such a way to cover the entire handle area, securing your hands perfectly.

Wearing a snowmobile helmet when riding is crucial. But it is not only your head that needs protection, as your hands need to be shielded as well. You can consider the model offered by Polaris to do the job.

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5. PowerMadd 34258 Black Hand Guard Gauntlet

You can keep your hands dry and warm regardless of the riding conditions, whether they involve as rain, cold, or mud, with the PowerMadd 34258 Gauntlet. It is suitable for the Star Series or Trail Star handguards on snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

The gauntlets come with a stay-open design, which makes it easy to grab and see your controls, and they offer added protection and warmth to your hands. One of the great things about using this product is that it allows you to ride with thinner gloves providing you with a better feel of the handles.

The PowerMadd gauntlets are very easy to install and also to remove when you do not need to use them. You might also like to know that this item comes with a one year no question asked warranty.

This is also one of those products with excellent reviews, done by pleased customers who have nothing but good things to say about it.

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6. Rox Speed FX Flex Tec Handguards - Orange FT-HG-O

The Speed FX Flex Tec provided by Rox is definitely not in the cheap snowmobile handguards category but the quality is undisputed. They have been designed specifically for snowmobiles and the needs of racing, trail and mountain riding.

The thing that makes the Rox handguards different from others on the market is the innovative, flexible backbone that enables the guard to twist and ex in the case of a rollover, and they still offer protection from frontal collisions out on the trail.

Other significant features of these handguards are the 100% waterproof materials, the form foam liner, and the 3D rubberized Rox logo on front. The set includes two handguards and two backbones, and the mounts can be purchased separately.

In short, with the Rox handguards, you get excellent coverage, easy installation, and a well-made product. The item's description also matches the opinions of happy owners, based on the product reviews.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When it comes to snowmobile riding, you need to take a few precautionary measures. You protect your eyes with snowmobile goggles and your feet with snowmobile boots. But what about your hands?

Sure, a nice pair of snowmobile gloves might keep your hands dry and warm, but they will not shield them from flying debris or branches on the trail. Here is where handguards come in.

But just like any other type of product, the market has a lot to offer. So, what makes a good pair of snowmobile handguards?


The main purpose of the best snowmobile hand guards is to keep your hands safe and warm while riding your snowmobile, in any weather or travel conditions.

First of all, they need to be rigid enough to deflect debris and branches, and not to bend in strong winds. On the other hand, they need to be flexible enough not to break on impact or in the unfortunate situation you roll the sled over.

In other words, they need to have a kickback when hit, but they should not  break. Most quality handguards’ bodies are made from various types of plastic. Your responsibility is to make sure that it is a high-quality plastic which is sturdy, but also flexible.

Another thing to take into consideration is for the guards to feature waterproof materials – surely you do not want soaking wet gloves and hands in rainy or snowy riding conditions.


Size and design

When it comes to the size of the handguards, in a way, the bigger they are, the better because they protect you appropriately. If they are too small, you are going to have a lot of trouble reaching your handlebars, always using complicated maneuvers.

However, we do not recommend going for huge models either. If they are too big, and not installed correctly, they may lead to other sorts of problems, such as hitting your hand on the guard when you are adjusting your helmet, or when you want to reach the controls.

You need to be able to slide your hands comfortably and easily on the handle. The most recommended models are medium-sized, with a rounded shape, which enables the snow, for example, to pass along the guards, your hands being completely secured.

The size and shape are actually critical aspects when using guards, as they really help deflect cold air, debris, or snow from your hands.

Since we are talking about the design, you should know that the handguards out there come in a wide array of colors. After deciding on the right size and shape, you can consider selecting a color that is visually pleasing for you.


Ease of installation and compatibility

We recommend going for a model which is rather easy to install. Handguards that demand technical skills, or that don’t come with clear instructions or even ones that require you to drill extra holes in your snowmobile are always to be avoided.

The market has a lot to offer in this respect, so why make your life harder than it needs to be? In short, we recommend selecting a model that is as easy to install as putting on a pair of snowmobile pants.

Regarding compatibility, as yes, you need to consider this as well, some types of guards cannot be installed due to the size and the shape of the windshields, for example. Some products contain this information in their specifications; however, if you go through customers’ reviews, you can find out if there are any issues encountered by other owners.

Other features and accessories

Although the purpose of the handguards is to protect your hands and to keep them warm and dry, you might not always ride on very cold or harsh weather. You should know that there are models which come with removable vent covers.

When it is warmer, you can simply remove the vent for better airflow, and if the conditions worsen or if it gets colder, you can snap the vent back in for extra protection.

Regarding accessories, please keep in mind that many handguards are installed using mounting kits which are sold separately. After deciding on the right model, make sure you get the appropriate kit. Usually, you can find this information in the product specifications.


If you are searching for protective gear for your rides, we recommend looking at some snowmobile wraps, or snowmobile jackets, as well. When it comes to handguards, if you consider our advice, and look through the products we have selected, you will surely find a model suitable for your needs.




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