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8 Best Snowmobile Goggles (Reviews) in 2022

One single glance at the online stores carrying such products will tell you that there are plenty of snowmobile goggles for sale. But this is not enough to be sure that you will get an excellent deal, which is why we want to offer you a list of recommendations that will get you started.

1. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

These goggles are ideal for all your winter adventures, in the same way a pair of Harley Davidson gloves would keep your hands protected when you embark on a motorcycle trip. The Bolle Carve Snow has an attractive classic design, but its excellent features will convince you that this is the model you should get.

The double lens design is employed to ensure that you will not feel the cold outside. No matter how well you are equipped, the chances are that you will still feel the freezing temperatures in the areas that are not covered. With these goggles, you will have no such issues.

Made from carbo glass, the lenses ensure excellent vision. Plus, they have anti-fog protection that will not allow water to accumulate on them, thus making viewing the surroundings through them impossible. Another thing that must be mentioned is that its flow vent design prevents snow clogging.

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2. Bolle Unisex Mojo Snow Goggles

When you wear snowmobile goggles, you do it for a variety of reasons. The primary one is to protect your eyes from the snow. The Bolle Unisex Mojo fulfills this purpose well, but it also provides some extra benefits that we will talk about right away.

There will be no condensation on the lenses to worry about. The double-pane construction prevents the differences in temperature between outside and the area between your goggles and your face to affect their performance. If you get these goggles and some noise canceling earbuds, you can attack the slopes, while immersing in your favorite music and without anything impeding your view.

The lenses provide crystal clear viewing so that you are always aware of the terrain ahead. You will also be pleased to learn that they are capable of blocking UVA and UVB rays. Equipped with excellent ventilation, these goggles are ideal for anyone who likes riding a snowmobile.

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3. Traverse Sports Unisex's Varia Goggles

Another pair of good snowmobile goggles, the Traverse Varia Ski provides you with excellent benefits that will let you enjoy your winter activities to the maximum. The smoke lens comes with a grey base that will reduce glare. Therefore, the optics performance is superior, and you will be able to see clearly what’s ahead of you.

You must know that these goggles offer UV protection, as well. When you’re riding the slopes, the bright sun rays bouncing off the reflective snow can affect your eyes, and it is good to know that your goggles will prevent any mishaps.

The frame vents are strategically placed to ensure proper anti-fog capabilities. All the time, your vision will be free of any obstacles, and you will enjoy the overall excellent performance of these goggles. The frame is doubled by a foam construction that takes the shape of your face for maximum comfort.

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4. Spy Optic Marshall Snow Goggles

Anything you need in a pair of snowmobile goggles you will find in this model. First of all, the product comes with a patented ventilation system. This particular feature is beneficial in that it prevents the natural perspiration that occurs to create condensation on the lenses on the inside. Typically, such a thing would obstruct your view, but the way these goggles are built prevent it.

The dual lens design comes with anti-fog capabilities, dispersing the droplets of water on the surface, so they don’t accumulate and start impeding your view. Another thing you will surely like about this model is its Dri-Force lining.

Made from fleece, it will absorb moisture, allowing you to feel comfortable while wearing these goggles. The lenses will protect harmful UVs, allowing you to wear your goggles in any weather. The silicone-ribbed strap is an added convenience.

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5. Retrospec Traverse Sports Iris Youth Snowmobile Goggles

These goggles come with a polyurethane frame that is lightweight and also takes the shape of your kid’s face for maximum comfort. Built with durability in mind, this frame will not show signs of wear and tear even in extreme temperatures. The face foam design will provide extra comfort while delivering sealing against the cold that you can surely appreciate.

The model is equipped with a strap that can be adjusted for a snug fit. Kids can be very energetic, and they move their heads a lot, which is why you need to make sure that they won’t be able to shake off their goggles.

You will be glad to learn that these goggles offer complete protection against sunray radiation. At the same time, superior peripheral vision is ensured. The lenses will not be affected by fog and scratches, thus remaining suitable for use for a long time.

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6. Raider 26-001-D Dual Impact-Resistant Adult MX Off-Road Goggles

If you are looking for some cheap snowmobile goggles, you will find the Raider 26-001-D Dual Lens to be precisely what you need. The model can be worn by someone with glasses, which is an excellent add-on. The construction is resistant to impacts, so it will be able to sustain a lot of wear and tear. In other words, you will get your money’s worth and more.

The face foam ensures proper comfort, even when you need to wear your goggles for a long time. The anti-fog feature is another great plus, as it will prevent condensation from forming on the glass, by quickly dispersing the molecules of water on the surface.

The strap can be adjusted to fit snugly so that you don’t have to worry that you will lose your goggles by accident. The amber color of the lenses makes these goggles look cool, and everyone will be impressed with them, wherever you go.

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7. Spy Optic Bravo Snow Goggles

One thing that you will love about these goggles is that they are compatible with most helmets you can find. They may even be compatible with scooter helmets, as they are incredibly versatile. However, this is not the only advantage they present. You can change the lenses on this model, due to the Lock Steady system employed.

The flexible frame, made from polyurethane, will take the shape of your face, with the goal of ensuring maximum comfort. The strap is made from ribbed silicone and provides a snug fit. The lens system will impress you just the same.

You cannot scratch them by accident, and their anti-fog capabilities are something to write home about. The manufacturer even throws a bonus lens, free of charge. You will be more than happy with the UV protection offered and the excellent comfort provided by the Dri-Force lining that will keep sweat at bay.

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8. Stage Stunt Ski Goggle

Among the models mentioned by the snowmobile goggles reviews everywhere, you will also find this model. Equipped with UV400 protection, these goggles will serve you in any weather, and your eyes will receive proper protection all the time. The foam layer is designed to fit any face, and its three-layer construction ensures that you will experience maximum comfort.

You can use these goggles with various lenses, as they allow you to change them, depending on the light conditions you will have to face. Compatible with helmets of different types, this model is versatile and comfortable to wear.

The manufacturer offers a microfiber bag that will keep your goggles away from dust and dirt. The anti-fog treatment applied to the lenses ensures that there will be nothing to hinder your view when you’re using these goggles. You can wear them on sunny days, as their UV400 protection guarantees that your eyes will not be affected.

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When you are looking for snowmobile goggles, there are a few things you should bear in mind. We want to show you what features are the most important and how to pick a model that will comply with all your requirements.

Excellent optics

One thing that such goggles must do is to provide you with outstanding optics performance. That means that they should give you good vision, regardless of weather. You will often hear people talking about how important it is that the lenses are treated against fog.

When using your goggles in foggy weather, molecules of water will try to adhere to the surface of the lenses, and that will cause condensation to appear. To avoid that, manufacturers apply a special treatment to the lenses, to disperse these water molecules.

That is why it is recommended to shop for the best anti-fog snowmobile goggles if you want your eye gear to offer adequate optics performance all the time. At the same time, you need to make sure that your snowmobile goggles are not affected by condensation from the inside, either.

For that, the goggles need a particular type of ventilation system. The natural moisture that accumulates inside must be driven away by proper ventilation, which is why you need to search for models that are presented as having such a system.


Comfort is essential

Shopping for snowmobile gear can include many things, just like shopping for ATV accessories could consist of anything from ATV speakers to helmets. In the case of snowmobile goggles, an aspect to look for is a superior comfort.

You will need your goggles to be comfortable, as the chances are that you will use them for hours on the slope. A double-pane construction will ensure that the cold will not affect you; this is an important consideration, as many people search for the best heated snowmobile goggles, to make sure that they will not have to suffer from cold.

Another comfort feature is a moisture-wicking lining. You may sweat on the slope, and that can turn quickly into discomfort, which is why such a simple function can be essential for your experience. Don’t forget that a pair of goggles should be lightweight, and also fit snugly. For the latter, an adjustable strap will do the trick.

Other considerations

Your goggles should be versatile. Whether you intend to wear them on or a snowmobile or a larger vehicle equipped with an efficient ATV snow plow, they should provide the aspects mentioned above.

However, there can be other things that must be considered. For instance, they should be compatible with most helmets, so that you don’t encounter a surprise after you buy them. A good solution would be to shop for the best snowmobile helmet goggle combo, to avoid any mishaps.

Excellent protection against sun rays and UVs should be on your list of must-haves for a pair of snowmobile goggles. Excessive light and especially harmful radiation from the sun can cause more than just discomfort. Search for goggles with UV400 protection so that you get adequate protection in bright light.




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