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Because we want to make the entire process easier for you, we have prepared a list of tips and tricks that can be of great help.



Newbie riders who are not familiar with the risks of the road are a danger to themselves and to the other traffic participants. As a result, if you are a beginner who has already taken a driver’s test, you should also complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

This tip remains valid even for those bikers who have used a bike before because courses of this kind help one develop new skills that will come in handy when faced with difficult road circumstances.

Get a model that feels good

One of the most important aspects that beginner riders ignore is the actual feel of the bike. The choice that you invest in should fit you perfectly and it should be as comfortable as possible.

Most novices out there tend to focus on how the motorcycle looks rather than on how one feels when riding in it, and this can prove quite uncomfortable in the long run. Instead of purchasing a model that looks badass but that forces you to ride in an uncomfortable position, seasoned bikers advise in favor of getting one that feels right and that is easy to control.

After all, you can personalize it to suit the look that you are interested in. However, the same cannot be said about the posture that the bike forces you to adopt.


Don’t overestimate your abilities

Another golden rule that should not be neglected is that the biker should not overestimate his/her ability on a two-wheeler. One common mistake that novices make is that they purchase bikes that are far more performant than what they can control.

It is prudent that you first get a slower bike that has an engine smaller than 600 ccs. The biggest advantage of learning how to ride on a slower model is that this experience will make you capable of handling a motorcycle better, and this will show as time passes by.

Once you have gained some skills and the necessary experience, you can upgrade to a stronger, faster ride.


Know your needs and options

Another aspect that should be clear to you before you make your purchase is knowing your needs. For instance, think about the traffic conditions that you will have to face. Will you be riding in difficult traffic conditions? Will you have to travel over long distances?

As you probably know, motorcycles come in numerous shapes and sizes that cater to specific needs and it would be foolish of you not to get one that suits you excellently.

If you only need a ride that looks good and that you can use during weekends to impress your friends, a sexier choice that is a tad more uncomfortable should not be overlooked. However, if you intend to use it as a daily means of transportation, it might not be very suitable.

Because of the numerous options that are currently available, it is recommended that you shop around at first. The best thing you can do is to actively interact with some of the models that you can find and to see which one you feel good on while riding. Additionally, remember that the motorcycle that you decide to get should also fit your body.



Purchasing a bike implies spending a certain amount of money. If you decide to commit to such an investment, you should take into account the additional expenses that you will have to make on gear, fuel, routine maintenance, etc.

A wise thing that you can do before settling on a model is checking the insurance rates that several carriers provide. Next, select the one that best suits your budgetary possibilities. Although making a buy without considering these aspects might be tempting at first, your budget is ultimately the main factor that will determine your ability to enjoy the new acquisition.

New vs. used

As many experts note, there are numerous pros and cons that come with both the new and the used bikes you can find available. After all, this decision is yours and it should be made after taking into account your preferences.

On the one hand, new rides are sure to be reliable and are generally covered by warranty policies. Still, they cost a pretty penny when compared to the alternatives.

On the other hand, used bikes are more accessible. This happens because they are not recent models and, thus, have already depreciated. Plus, as a beginner, you will most likely drop and scratch your ride sooner or later. Doing so with a used model will not feel as bad as with a new one.

Although some units that you can find might be damaged, you can always find rides that have been well maintained and, therefore, are worthy of your time.

If you have decided to get a used motorcycle, it is advisable that you have it checked by a mechanic before you make the purchase.


VIN and AS IS disclosures

Before you seal the deal, it is also a good idea to inspect whether or not the VIN on the chosen model matches that from the title of the motorcycle. If it does not, do not purchase it!

An AS IS disclosure basically states that once you acquire the product from the seller, he/she is released of any responsibility. If you are buying a new ride, you should think twice before signing such a contract as this means that you will have to pay for everything in case anything malfunctions with the bike. Generally, manufacturers provide their buyers with at least a one-year warranty policy.



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