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10 Best Motorcycle Panniers (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Identifying the best motorcycle bags in the vast range of options available may feel like searching for a needle in the haystack. That’s why we thought of offering you a helping hand and introducing you to the following list of excellent products that will help you find the one you want.

1. Nelson Rigg (SE-3050-BLK) Sierra Dry Saddlebags

The nice looks of these bike saddlebags will make a first great impression, but once you learn about their features and advantages, you’ll be even more impressed. They are among the best motorcycle panniers you can currently find, and that’s no shallow praise. The manufacturer heat-welded all the seams, so you will notice that the bags are truly waterproof.

Since the chances are that you will ride in all weather conditions, it’s a good thing to have a pair of bags that don’t allow the water to get in. Many saddle bags motorcycles can use are expensive, but this model hits the right balance between pricing and quality.

The mounting hardware is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which means that you can expect excellent durability. The cam buckles and pull straps are there to help you adjust your saddlebags until they’re in the right position. You will love the removable liners that are easy to use.


These saddlebags are 100% waterproof since all the seams are electronically heat welded to ensure that not a drop of water will get inside.

When you need to pack and unpack, the removable liners will come in handy as you won’t have to remove the panniers from the bike or fiddle with them in an uncomfortable manner.

They come equipped with all the necessary hardware for easy mounting, and you’ll be happy to see that the manufacturer thought of using aircraft-grade aluminum for these parts.

As long as cleaning and maintenance are concerned, the outer material offers extra convenience as it doesn’t stain easily and is easy to wipe.


The buckles are durable, but they are not easy to fasten and unfasten, which means that you might feel like you are wasting precious time when fiddling with them while in a hurry.

If you put inside the saddlebags things of a different volume than previously, you will have to work all the straps to ensure that the panniers don’t start to sag or are too tight.

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2. WILD HEART Waterproof Motorcycle Saddlebag

With a waterproof rating of IPX6, you can rest assured that these saddlebags will behave amazingly well in heavy rain conditions. You will also love that they are versatile and suitable for horse riding and other activities that require the use of such items. As waterproof saddlebags for motorcycles, they do a great job, and you will be satisfied with what they offer.

Each bag has a capacity of 25L, and the overall size ensures that you will be able to accommodate all the luggage you want to carry with you on your trips by bike. You will be able to adjust the distance between the two saddlebags for motorcycles to some degree due to the design employed by the manufacturer.

Because of the compact construction, you won’t feel like your bike suddenly gets burdened with any extra load. A non-slip foam piece is applied on the back of each bag to prevent damaging friction between them and the rear seat of your bike.


The material used for making the bags is 0.7mm thick and offers high resistance to cold, which means that your valuables will be well protected while stored inside.

A close look at the sewn joints will tell you right away that the manufacturer paid a lot of attention to ensuring that these bags are durable and will serve you for a long time.

They come with zinc alloy buckles that can withstand a tension as high as the equivalent of 150kg, so you know that you can count on them.

Since there’s a multi-adjusting design in place, you can work with them so that they fit your bike.


Since the saddlebags have to be thrown over, and the top straps are sewn together, you will notice that they don’t fit well on specific, wider bikes.

It would have served to have hard wires to keep the shape of the saddlebags, and there’s a possibility that they rub against the exhaust pipes.

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3. Stansport Saddle Bag

If you are looking for the best motorcycle saddlebags at a reasonable price, you will find this model from Stansport to be right up your alley. Made from cotton duck canvas, they are made to last, and you won’t notice signs of wear and tear too quickly. It should be mentioned that they are cheap motorcycle panniers, so you will get more than what you pay for if you decide to get them over others.

The high functionality of these panniers recommends them. They come with two pockets with flap covers that are easy to access, so you will find them handy on any trip. To make sure that the bags will last for a long time, the manufacturer reinforced the seams and the stress points, so you can tell they are reliable from the first glance.

With a capacity of 1,056 cubic inches, it is easy to see why these saddlebags are an excellent option if you plan a long trip by bike.


The taped-edge built of these panniers will draw your attention from the beginning as a sign of top-notch craftsmanship.

Made from heavy-duty duck cotton, the panniers are highly durable; it must be added that they are reinforced with vinyl for extra durability.

Their convenience is outstanding, with two large pockets with flap covers for easy access to the contents.

All the stress points were reinforced so that you can enjoy the highest durability possible from these panniers.


To avoid the saddlebags from flopping in the wind, you will need to tie them down to the bike, but the D-ring buckles are awkwardly positioned to make this operation as easy as it should be.

Bear in mind that the canvas will show discoloration quite fast if you ride in sunny weather regularly, as the surface is not treated to resist UV rays.

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4. Nelson-Rigg RG-020 Motorcycle Saddlebag

These motorcycle saddlebags are made from 1680D nylon, and they offer some resistance to water. The good news is that they are UV treated, so traveling with them in sunny weather won’t cause quick discoloration to appear. Another great thing about these saddlebags is that they come with reflective accents so that you’re visible at night to other riders and drivers.

They are an excellent fit for an adventure bike, a dual-sport, or an Enduro model. To offer extra storage space, the main compartment expands. Also, you will find a tool pouch under the main compartment. The zippers come with rubber-coated pullers so that you can access them even if you wear gloves.

Each of the panniers can hold up to 12L in volume and even 15L if you expand the main compartment. The self-fastening straps are great to have, and they make mounting the panniers a lot easier.


These panniers are an excellent choice if you ride an adventure, dual-sport, or Enduro bike.

Plenty of attention to detail was paid during the manufacturing phase, as the reverse coil zippers make sure that dust and debris remain outside.

To mount the panniers, you will have to use the self-fastening straps that make the process as easy as a breeze.

The quick-release buckles are covered by protective panels so that they don’t end up scratching your bike.

With up to 15L of storage of each size, you get plenty of space for taking along with you everything you need.


Be aware that these saddlebags are not waterproof, so you must protect your items by placing them inside an extra plastic bag that doesn’t allow the water in.

You may notice some small issues, such as the zippers that don’t always work as smoothly as they should.

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5. Harshali Leather Motorcycle Side Pouch Panniers

You will find plenty of models available, in all shapes and sizes, but if you want a leather saddlebag for motorcycle, you must consider this option. The material used is 100% genuine goat leather, and it has a beautiful appearance. At the same time, it is weather-resistant, so you will find it convenient for your trips by bike.

It should be mentioned that these are affordable motorcycle panniers, so you won’t have to break the bank to get them. Another thing that makes them stand out is how lightweight they are. You won’t feel like you’re loading extra weight when you use them for your motorcycle.

The front pockets come in handy, as they are useful for keeping valuables and necessities easy to access. If you want a beautiful pair of motorcycle panniers, you should go for this one. The bags are made by artisans from Rajasthan, and the leather is tanned without the use of chemicals.


Because the panniers are weather-resistant, they can withstand high humidity conditions and are ideal for day trips.

The beautiful 100% genuine goat leather will stand out everywhere you go, and the panniers will complement the looks of your bike.

On the inside, the manufacturer used a durable canvas lining, and all your items will be protected from dirt and debris.

Since they come with front pockets, the panniers are convenient for keeping small items close by and easy to access whenever you need them.

Experienced artisans from Rajasthan manufacture these panniers, which shows in the overall quality of craftsmanship and design.


You must remember that these leather bags are ideal for smaller motorcycles and won’t work well on larger models.

The buckles and rivets are not made from solid brass, so they will show signs of corrosion and rust even with minimal use.

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6. Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddle Bags

In case you’re on the lookout for a cheap motorcycle pannier option, this pair of saddlebags might be right up your alley. They offer a good value for the price, and you will like the many extra features offered by their design. For instance, you will notice a cup holder on the side if you want to store water bottles somewhere easy to access.

A side pocket is available on each saddlebag, and it serves for storing items you want to have at your fingertips. An internal net pocket is ideal for keeping your keys and wallet. As far as organization goes, these bags are quite good and help you keep all your items in order.

While they’re not big, these motorcycle bags are handy in other ways. You can fit them over almost any bike, and you will find them large enough for keeping things you might need throughout day trips.


Because of the multi-pocket design, you can keep things organized when storing them inside these saddlebags built with customer convenience in mind.

In case you want to keep small items close by, the side pockets are ideal for this purpose, and you will be able to access them right away.

An internal net pocket with a zipper serves to keep your keys and wallet somewhere safe so that you don’t have to burden yourself with a heavy backpack.

It’s true that these saddlebags are not big enough for long trips, but if you need to pack your lunch and a change of clothes, you will find them right up your alley.


These saddlebags are not waterproof, which means that you shouldn’t test them in heavy rains, or all your items will get soaked.

You will notice that the inserts help some with keeping the shape of the bottom of each bag, but otherwise, they are still soft panniers through and through.

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7. Astra Motorcycle Solo Saddle Bag

When looking for an affordable motorcycle pannier, don’t forget to give this model a shot. Some people prefer having a pair of saddlebags so that they can stuff a lot of things inside them, but if you’re not one of them, this solo bag might do it for you.

First of all, it is inexpensive and good looking. It is made from soft PU leather, but the reinforced sheet used by the manufacturer ensures that the bag will maintain its shape. Compatible with Harley Sportster XL883 and XL1200, it is the optimal solution if you’re looking for a solo option.

The buckle is made from metal and appears well made. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality offered for the price and the overall value provided. The manufacturer also supplies the necessary quick-release straps for mounting it, although you may want to use your own configuration, depending on the bike you’re riding.


You will get a beautiful solo bag that may appear more expensive than the price tag to anyone taking a look at it.

Made from soft PU leather, it doesn’t lose its shape because the manufacturer thought of using a reinforced leather sheet to prevent this from happening.

The way it is designed ensures that you have one large compartment for storing the bigger items and side storage for water bottles and so on.

It is compatible with Harley Sportster XL883 and XL1200, and it works for these bikes like a charm when you do not require ample storage space.


The manufacturer supplies the necessary straps for securing the pannier to your bike, but you would be better with some zip ties instead.

Make sure that you take a good look at the measurements of this bag, as it’s the size of a medium purse, so it won’t fit many things inside.

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8. Rebacker Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Some people like soft panniers for their bikes, while others prefer motorcycle hard saddlebags. If you belong to the latter group, you may find these saddlebags an excellent option for your needs. They are made from PU leather and offer multiple advantages. This motorcycle pannier review will tell you what they are suitable for and how to make the best of them.

At only 38.8 ounces in weight, they won’t burden your bike. The manufacturer provides the exact size measurements, so you will be able to tell whether they are a good fit for you or not. According to the specs, they offer a universal fit and work with most bikes, including Harley, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda cruisers.

These bags can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and you will be pleased with their overall durability. Seeing how they’re not as expensive as other models on the market, they offer good value for your money.


In case you don’t need very large saddlebags, you will find these panniers a good option, as they’re not too small but not too big to burden your bike.

They are made from high-quality PU leather, which is why they are durable; you will make a sound investment if you pick them from the crowd.

You can get them in black or brown, so you will be able to match them with the look of your bike as you see fit.

These panniers are a universal fit, so they work for most bikes; however, checking the manufacturer's size specs is a good idea.

Even the accessories are made from brass, to add durability.


The faulty design allows water to infiltrate water through the area where the flaps overlap, so it is not entirely waterproof.

Depending on the bike you ride, you may have to make some adjustments to make the panniers fit, so they might not be a solution that works out of the box.

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9. FYUU Motorcycle Saddlebags

Another inexpensive option included in this list is this pair of soft saddlebags. As opposed to hard bags, these are a good alternative because they don’t cover your taillight and don’t add extra weight to your bike. As long as you’re looking for a cheap solution, all the motorcycle saddlebags reviews can tell you that these are worth a shot.

The material used is heavy-duty duck cotton. That means that the bags will provide adequate cover for your valuables and that they allow ample space for you to store all your items. The bags are reinforced with a vinyl backing, which gives them some extra durability.

Keep in mind that these saddlebags are medium-sized. They are large enough to hold all the items you might need with you on a short trip, but they’re not an option for people who prefer to ride for days.


There is plenty of room inside these saddlebags, so you will find them a good choice for day trips or transporting your necessary items on your way to and from work.

It appears that the manufacturer paid attention to details, as the stitching seems well-made, and the stress points are reinforced for extra sturdiness.

They are lightweight, so the only extra load you will carry will be the items you intend to take with you on your trips by motorcycle.

Sporting a total capacity of 1,056 cubic inches, they are a good solution when you’re looking for inexpensive saddlebags for your bike.


Don’t expect these bags to be waterproof, as they are made from canvas and cannot protect your items in heavy rain.

While they are okay for the price, their durability is somewhat questionable, as they don’t appear to have been made to last.

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10. JFG Racing Motorcycle Saddlebags/Panniers

These saddlebags are made for sports motorcycles, and they are a good fit for many models in this category. From many motorcycle pannier reviews, you can learn that it is always a good idea to have ample storage space, and that’s precisely what these panniers offer. A great thing about them is that they are compact but can be expanded as the need arises.

When in their most compact shape, they can accommodate up to 36L in volume, and this number can be increased to 58L when fully expanded. The way they are designed allows you to use the side pockets for storing things you have to access with ease and the large compartment for clothes and other large items.

The straps can be easily adjusted, and they come with quick-release buckles for ease of use. The base is reinforced so that the panniers keep their shape and your stored items don’t get crushed inside.


The panniers are made from 600D EVA fabric, designed to withstand wear and tear for a long time, which is commendable for a reasonably priced product.

Each bag comes with an all-around zip that allows you to expand the volume, depending on your requirements and the number of items you intend to carry.

The large compartment is heat resistant and comes with a reinforced base, so you will notice that the bags tend to keep their shape.

Adjusting the width of the area that goes over the seat of your bike is easy.

A rain cover is provided with your purchase.


While the bags appear to be well-made and durable, not the same thing can be said about the zippers that will show signs of malfunction after several months of use.

The instructions offered with your purchase are only available in Japanese, so you will have to figure out how to mount them on your own.

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