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14 Best Motorcycle Backpacks (Reviews) in 2022

To help you decide what to buy, we have searched which are some of the most popular choices these days and, after coming up with a list of products, we have written some motorcycle backpacks reviews. In order to offer accurate descriptions, we have taken product specifications as provided by the manufacturer and customer feedback into account, to make it easier for you to decide what best suits your needs.

1. JFG RACING Motorcycle Backpack

This backpack is designed with a hard shell that makes sure that all the items you store inside will be well protected. The streamlined visual appearance is a plus, as it makes the backpack more appealing to people who don’t want to be seen hauling around large storage gear.

Although it may not look like it, this model offers 30-liter capacity so that you can stuff it with everything you want and need for a motorcycle ride. On the inside, there is a mesh pocket where you can keep your valuables. The padded compartment for the laptop comes in handy if you don’t want to leave home without your favorite electronics.

The quality of the materials used is outstanding, as the backpack is a combination of reinforced carbon fiber and 1680D oxford fabric. Resistant to water, it is your ideal companion while on the road.


This backpack is built with your comfort in mind as the bolstered foam profile located on the back ensures proper ventilation, something much needed when riding a bike.

You will notice the presence of a special buckle made for hanging your helmet when you get off your bike, and you need a secure place for it.

The shoulder straps are made with a soft side to ensure that they won’t chafe your skin when carrying the backpack for a while.

Water-resistant and capable of keeping its shape even when empty, it is an excellent backpack with a streamlined design that makes it look cool and interesting.


When you unpack the product, you will notice a strong smell, so remember to leave in the open air for at least one day to get rid of it.

Some finishing issues, like some stitch threads sticking out, or stubborn zippers that need a bit of work, must be signaled.

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2. Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

Another great option available is the Mach 3 for adults, designed and manufactured by Ogio. This item is aerodynamic, boasting innovative design features and a futuristic look, without sacrificing interior volume or security, all available for an affordable price.

The streamlined single shot molded exterior is water resistant and aerodynamic, reducing wind resistance and minimizing the chance of deforming from drag. It has a specially designed shoulder gasket that ensures a firm fit and reduces air resistance. It has a reflective safety piping and logo, so you can be seen from afar while riding. A removable hip belt protects the gas tank against scratches.

Ergonomic design is what best characterizes this item. Even though it is relatively small, it has multiple interior compartments and a large one for laptops and notebooks. There is also a zippered security pocket for your phone or digital camera, and it has a dedicated compartment for shoe storage, in case you are a commuter and need to change before going to work. It has a red interior lining that enhances the aesthetic characteristics of this product.


The ergonomic design of the backpack makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods and the shoulder straps are fully adjustable with quick release exit buckles.

It has a dedicated shoe storage compartment that will keep your shoes well-ventilated and separated from the other items in the backpack.

The red interior will make your items stand out so that you can find what you need quicker, not to mention that it goes very well with the black exterior.

It is designed to be worn while you’re on the bike thanks to the aerodynamic body that won’t slow you down.

You can wear it in any weather conditions since while the exterior is not waterproof, it is water-resistant and it can handle rain or snow. 


The shell feels a bit large even for larger torsos and the aerodynamic shape means that flat items such as laptops or books won’t fit well when loaded.

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3. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack

This option is dedicated to those who spend a little bit more time on the road, as it has increased carrying capacity and durability, so it will survive long exposure to the elements. It also comes at an affordable price, and it does not sacrifice quality.

The Seibertron model has a simple design that suggests durability and a strong, resistant product that can endure a lot before becoming worn. It is made out of a special waterproof material on the outer shell, but the zippers and sewing pinholes might allow water past them. However, it is reliable and will last longer than other products in this category.

With a total interior volume of 37 liters, the item can accommodate many items that you might want to take with you on the road. The waist belt can be extended to a maximum of 55 inches, while the chest restraint can be adjusted and is 60 inches in diameter. Featuring Molle design, the item is recommended to those who like to spend a lot of time riding.


It is a voluminous option that is perfect for users who need a lot of storage space and it has external straps that make it possible to compress the pack so that it doesn’t seem as large.

It features daisy chain straps where you can attach removable clips, gear, pockets, or anything else you need to expand the storage capacity of the backpack.

You can also use this option for long trips since it has a special compartment for an optional 2L water bladder.

The square-shaped design makes it capable of handling any type of item you may want to take with you and you can easily attach it to your motorcycle back seat.

The numerous individual interior and exterior pockets let you organize and store tons of items. 


It is not waterproof which is understandable since some corners had to be cut to maintain the reasonable price point of this product.

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4. Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpacks Molle

The heavy-duty design and large carrying capacity work together to make the Mardingtop alternative a desirable product for outdoor enthusiasts and bikers alike. It is meant to survive the toughest conditions while also providing relatively increased carrying capacity and everything comes at a decent price.

Made out of waterproof 600D polyester, the volume is of about 35 liters. Larger sizes are also available, but those might be uncomfortable while riding the motorcycle. It has a hydration compartment that can hold up to 2.5 liters of water in a special bladder; the same compartment can also fit a 17-inch laptop if the bladder is removed.

The Molle webbing allows you to hang small items on it or other pouches. The waist belt offers comfortable restraint and does not slide back out, so the fit is secure as well.

Apart from using it to carry your things while riding, it can also be employed as a survival backpack, and it is perfect for pretty much any everyday outdoor activity, making this item particularly versatile.


This military-grade backpack is built to last without sacrificing commodity since the unit is made with a lightweight high-density fabric that is water-repellent, durable, and easy to clean.

It has adjustable chest straps that will conform to the shape of your body to reduce the pressure of the shoulders and make it more comfortable to carry heavy items for long periods.

The advanced Molle webbing lets you attach additional tactical bags, attachment loops, or gearboxes to satisfy all your storage needs.

The backpack is multi-functional since it can be used for cycling, hiking, camping, shopping or for school or college.

If you’re not happy with the product you have a 30 days return policy period and 60 days exchange period. 


It lacks detailed storage areas to let you organize your goodies so that you don’t waste time searching through the entire backpack for just one item.

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5.Harley-Davidson Mens Skull Backpack

Dedicated to old-school riders who are more interested in choppers rather than high-speed motorbikes, this model features a vintage design that offers functionality and comfort but also a cool outer look. Even though it is a little bit pricier, it still has great value for the money since it is reliable and versatile.

Made out of five different nylon and poly-nylon blends, it offers increased strength and durability. It also includes Bar & Shield ghost print lining, leather zip pulls and handle together with a foam lined pocket for notebooks or laptops.

The interior contains six different pockets of varying sizes, all custom lined, and a headphone port for an MP3 player or iPod. It is meant for everyday purposes and does not have extended carrying capacity, yet it is lighter and more comfortable than similar products. It is also waterproof, and most users have never had any problems with storing electronic gadgets inside it in cold or rainy weather. They have also admired the organized compartments, which are easy to use and intuitive.


It is made from an impressive number of five different nylon blends which help confer this option impressive durability and long-lasting performance.

The six pockets have varying sizes and that will let you organize all your items so that you get quick access to the ones you need in the heat of the moment.

You can also listen to your favorite tunes since there is a headphone port that connects to an interior pocket designed specifically to house an iPod or any other MP3 player.

The backpack is also waterproof which makes it perfect for transporting electronics, especially since this model is also equipped with a foam-lined laptop pocket.

The skull logo is stylish and it is made of reflective material that will glow in the dark.


The zipper is one part of this product that seems to be of lower quality than the rest and it is often the first thing that will break.

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6. ArcEnCiel Tactical Sling Pack Backpack

The handy and versatile ArcEnCiel Tactical answers the need for cheap yet good quality products in this field. It is meant to be used in numerous situations, such as motorcycle riding, trekking, camping or even tactical situations such as an airsoft game.

Featuring a high-density 1000D nylon and canvas outer shell, it is resistant and reliable thanks to a simple yet ergonomic design. The ABS buckles are lightweight and reduce the overall mass of this item, but are durable enough to withstand the constant exposure to wind and humidity that are encountered by riders. It is compact and comfortable, making it a good choice for a variety of active people.

Versatility comes from the different ways it can be used: as a shoulder bag, as a backpack or even hand carried like a suitcase. It has multiple compartment dividers that will make it easier for you to organize your gear and equipment. Recommended for outdoor use, it is certain to last long enough to make it worthy of its price.  


You get plenty of space to organize your items since you get a total of six exterior pockets and one open interior pocket.

The exterior of the backpack is made of high strength abrasion 1000D nylon that will stand the test of time while the interior features waterproof silky cotton that will keep your items dry.

The back features a breathable sponge that makes it more comfortable for you to carry the pack without your skin getting sweaty and itchy.

The Molle external expansion system lets you load pockets, accessory kits, water bottle bags, and other external pockets to expand the available storage space.

The unit is available in three different colors so that you can choose the one that will work best with your outfits and casual styles. 


While the chest strap can be extended, it does not fit comfortably people that have a husky body, and it is made rather for those with a lean, military-type body.

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7. Motorcycle Backpack Motorsports Track Riding Back Pack

While some bikers prefer old-school, slower choppers that can take them across the country, there are others who like fast vehicles. For the latter, it is important that their backpack is aerodynamic and has reduced drag, as this reduces fuel consumption, discomfort, and noise while driving at high speed. The CUCYMA No Drag is designed for these riders.

The product features an aerodynamic design and a strong, resistant outer shell made out of carbon fiber and waterproof nylon, maintaining the streamline shape even when it is empty. It also includes reflective materials for increased nighttime visibility. With a shoulder gasket that conforms to your body shape, drag is further decreased. The back profile increases air ventilation, so you do not overheat while wearing it.

It has a volume of 30 liters, and internal mesh pockets to keep small items apart. The adjustable belt and no-slip straps ensure a firm fit, while the concealed carrying handle makes it even more aerodynamic. It is portable and adjustable, to be suitable for as many people as possible.


This option includes an aerodynamic design that will reduce drag and lead to lower fuel consumption, a more comfortable riding experience, and less noise while riding at high speeds.

The shoulder gaskets adhere to the body contour of every user and they will help cut down on the amount of drag present while riding or just walking with the unit on your back.

The back profile also puts a big emphasis on air ventilation so that you do not overheat if you wear it for long periods.

It is large enough to fit all your essentials and it boasts mesh pockets to keep smaller items organized and easy to find.

The no-slip straps and the adjustable belt let you get a firm fit so that you don’t risk the backpack falling off your back. 


Unfortunately, the straps do not extend out very far which can be problematic for a bigger person.

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8. Ogio Soho Pack

This model is specially manufactured for women riders and is one of the best products available on the market. It is easy to use, versatile and comfortable while offering increased levels of protection for the items carried inside it, meaning that it also has great value for the money.

With a large, padded laptop compartment that fits most 17 inch laptops and another padded pocket for tablets, MP3 players and other electronic devices, this design allows you to safely transport your gadgets. It has specially designed shoulder straps that fit the anatomy of a woman’s body, and a grab handle that makes it easy to carry around.

The overall storage capacity is about 23 liters. It weighs about 0.8 kilograms, making it extremely lightweight and portable while the superior linings and paddings offer increased protection against damage caused by falls. It has a quilted back panel for increased comfort and a high visibility liner for safe nighttime rides where when visibility is of outmost importance.


This option is designed especially for women riders and it is a product that offers great value for the money, especially compared to other similar items on the market.

It is a comfortable and versatile backpack that offers plenty of protection for the items you choose to store inside and you even get a huge padded compartment that can fit most 17 inch laptops.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and designed to fit any woman’s body or if you prefer, you can instead use the comfortable grab handle.

It weighs just short of 2 pounds when empty and that makes the backpack extremely lightweight and compact.

The superior padding and linings give this model maximum protection against damage so that it can serve you for many years to come. 


The main shortcoming of this option is the fact that the side pockets are not elastic and that limits considerably the number of items you can store in them.

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9. Badass Motogear Cool Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

The convenience of this motorcycle backpack is outstanding, and that qualifies it for its inclusion on our list. It is a durable option, so you can rest assured that you make a sound investment if you buy it. The straps are adjustable and offer you the possibility to make the backpack fit in the most comfortable way possible.

A reflective piping strip adds usefulness, as it will help other drivers and riders to see you at night. It must be said that this model is particularly useful for commuters, as it comes with a dedicated laptop sleeve, padded adequately for avoiding any possible damage to your equipment.

Excellent compartmentalization makes this model stand out. The large compartment available is ideal for holding your motorcycle clothing while the mesh pockets expand to accommodate your gloves, a pair of goggles, or water bottles. Since it’s lightweight and compact, it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t need to haul a lot of stuff.


As long as you consider this a daypack and not more, you will find it an excellent option for carrying necessary equipment, such as a laptop, along with other essential items.

In case you like trekking, hiking, or traveling in general, you will find it a MOLLE rucksack that behaves admirably in the harshest conditions possible.

The dual storage compartments with zippers offer excellent organization options so that you know exactly where your stuff is, at any given moment.

It is lightweight, and that makes it an excellent option for men and women alike.


While it’s great to have a helmet hanger, you might feel like the helmet will end up sitting too low, and minor modifications will be required to correct this aspect.

Bear in mind that this is a truly compact model both inside and out, and it won’t serve for more than its intended purpose, due to its limited cargo capacity.

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10. ArcEnCiel Tactical Motorcycle Backpack

This 25-liter backpack is made from durable materials, and it can serve you for a broad range of activities, including tactical and military. The way it is designed and built tells you everything you need to know about what it can do. It’s made from military-style nylon reinforced to ensure that the backpack is waterproof and not just water-resistant.

The coating used is also impervious to scratches, and it lets the fabric breathe so that there is no condensation inside you should worry about. On the back, you will notice a zippered pocket that can comfortably accommodate a 2.5-liter hydration bladder.

All sorts of zippered pockets will allow you to keep things organized. The main compartment expands enough to let you stuff it with items you may need for day trips. Make use of the MOLLE system available to use your backpack with other types of gear.


The back and shoulder straps come padded so that you can enjoy maximum comfort without the usual chafing associated with carrying a backpack all day long.

Its waterproof coating and military-style nylon used for the body of the backpack make it durable in all sorts of weather conditions, without a problem.

Accommodating various items, such as a hydration bladder, a cycling helmet, your smartphone, and so on, is a breeze.

For tactical activities, and not only, this backpack is ideal with its MOLLE system that lets you mount an accessory bag, your glasses, a small flashlight, and many other things.


You will notice quickly that the model comes with many straps that might need some adjusting so that they don’t flap all the time while riding.

Another shortcoming of this model is how tough it can be to get all the zippers to work; some waxing should solve the problem.

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11. Bilt Backpack

One of the cheapest products available on the market, the Bilt model features waterproof exterior and other extra features that make it a desirable product, together with the extremely low price of only $20.

The item is made out of 600 deniers durable and water resistant Maxura fabric, making it ideal for those riding in humid environments. It features padded shoulder straps with easy adjustment and an airflow fabric padded back panel, making it comfortable and easy to wear. A built-in helmet hood that can be easily concealed in the front pocket is also included.

A zipped main frontal compartment is the main storage space. It contains more internal organizer pockets, so you can easily sort your gear according to different criteria. A grab handle makes the bag easy to carry around, while the large zip pullers allow you to operate it even when riding.  It is also pretty small so that you can store it without difficulty when it is not in use: the measures are 12.5" x 7" x 19.25".


The backpack is designed with the needs of riders in mind which is why it comes with a built-in helmet hood that you can conceal in the front pocket when you don’t need to use it.

It is one of the most affordable options on the market and it has a very low profile once you place it on your back which helps it achieve a shape that is more aerodynamic.

It has internal pockets that you can use to store your smaller essential items such as your keys, wallet, phone, and others.

On the exterior of the backpack, you will find a nifty pocket that is perfect for storing your shades, eyeglasses or a music player since it also has a headphone port. 


Seeing as this is a budget choice, it does not use the highest-quality materials and if you’re looking for a long-lasting option you’re better off looking somewhere else.

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12. TMS Aluminum 

Designed to survive rough treatment and to keep your items safe in the eventuality of an impact, the TMS Aluminum is a product meant to last. The strong and rugged build together with the clever use of aluminum makes it robust enough to easily tackle everything thrown at it.

Featuring five pieces of high-quality aluminum plates, the exterior of the product is strong enough to withstand impacts occurring at speed and keep your gadgets safe inside it. The aluminum plates are also reflective, so you can be seen from a distance when riding at night or in low light conditions, making it safer for the rider.

There are two different compartments each containing only one pocket, to allow you to carry a larger amount of items. A larger pocket for laptops or other large electronics is also provided. A secure fit is provided by the five strong clips that keep it firmly positioned on your back. A carrying handle for easy use is also included.


This unit is built to handle intense usage and it features pieces of durable aluminum armor to protect the pack and your back from any kind of fall or hits and it will also serve to protect the contents in case of an impact.

It is large enough to accommodate all your essential items since the pack contains two different interior compartments including a dedicated pocket for your laptop or other large devices.

It is a budget-friendly option which we found a bit surprising considering the unique features and design that it boasts.

While the unit is not waterproof, it is water-resistant and more than capable of handling a bit of rain without anything inside getting wet. 


The shoulder straps are not made for larger users and the zippers used for all the compartments need some work since they can come off track easily.

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13. Harley Davidson Molle 

Unlike other items produced by Harley Davidson, this alternative features a modern and ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and interior volume while keeping the overall size as low as possible, to make it as comfortable as possible for long distance motorbike excursions.

Featuring a grey polyester exterior, the design is waterproof and suitable for carrying sensitive gadgets such as smartphones, tablets or GPS systems over rainy routes. The rugged, contoured shape makes it pretty compact but also allows a large storage space.

However, it is not aerodynamic, so it is meant for those who enjoy riding at moderate speeds. It also includes a hide-away rain hood, useful for the worst weather conditions.

The interior has three different sections and two front pockets, all with built-in interior organizers. A dedicated laptop/iPad section is provided, and this one has special paddings that allow it to sustain impacts without damaging the laptop. The sizes are, as provided by the manufacturer: 16” x 10” x 5”; this means it is pretty compact too.


The Harley Davidson backpack is constructed from durable yet lightweight nylon and it has a rugged contoured shape that makes it perfect for use in your travels.

It boasts a hide-away rain hood that will keep all your sensitive items and electronics safe, especially since the interior storage compartment includes a padded section for your laptop or tablet.

The two front pockets are perfect for storing small essentials that you need to access quickly such as your keys, wallet, and phone.

It includes the latest Molle load bearing equipment that lets you attach various compatible pouches and accessories to expand the available storage space even more.

The back boasts a deluxe padding and sternum straps that will keep your back comfortable and your skin well-ventilated. 


Unfortunately, this option doesn’t have an aerodynamic shape which means you should only carry it on your back while riding at moderate speeds.

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14. Shoei Backpack 2.0 

Another reasonable option that you might want to take into consideration is this product, designed and manufactured by Shoei. It is dedicated to those who like both cruising and riding at higher speeds, making it good for commuters and far away vacations too. Even though it is pretty expensive, but it has great value for the money.

Available only in black, it features a good-looking exterior design that is not extremely aerodynamic, but it can reduce drag and, as a consequence, fuel consumption at higher speeds. It has padded panels that will keep electronics safe in the case of an impact, and adjustable shoulder straps that are designed to keep the wearer comfortable on and off the motorbike. It features a pocket of helmets that can be concealed when it is not needed.

The main compartment is sizeable enough to store a decent amount of things such as hats, electronics, clothes or other useful items. It has a removable shield holder and can be used to carry gadgets that might suffer from water infiltration or in the case of a direct impact.  


It is a robust travel backpack that can handle anything that you throw at it and it has an aerodynamic shape that is capable of handling riding at high speeds.

The primary compartment is large enough to accommodate your favorite clothes and an extra pair of shoes, and that makes it ideal for long-distance rides.

It also has a dedicated interior laptop compartment that can fit most laptops, iPads, and tablets and it will keep them protected from impacts or shocks.

There is also a media port located at the top of the backpack that makes listening to music from your iPod or any other device very convenient.

It has reflective piping on the shoulder straps and on the backside to make the rider visible at night. 


The main concern with this option is the quality of the straps which don’t seem to be built to last since the plastic beading can crack easily.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you are searching for a motorcycle backpack out there but do not know where to start, we offer you a hand in deciding which of the many products available are best for your needs. There are many designs, each with specific features, these being discussed in the buying guide we have written to help you decide.


What do you need it to do?

All models are used as a way of carrying your personal belongings safely while traveling on your motorbike from one place to another. However, even though all have to perform this function, there are differences in terms of size, design, and build that come as a result of different specializations.

The best backpacks for motorcycle riders are the ones that can be used in as many ways as possible; versatility is a factor that can add up to the final price, making such an item a little bit more expensive.

If you are using your motorbike to get to and from work or university, you do not need a big volume item, and a small, compact and lightweight design is more suitable for this.

Commuters usually need to take laptops, textbooks or papers in the pack so this must be waterproof, windproof and maybe with extra paddings, to make it safer and to better protect your belongings against the elements. So, best motorcycle commuter backpack is small, resistant and easy to use and carry around.

When you want to cross the country from one end to the other, it is obvious that you will have to take a lot of items on your journey, so a volume design is needed. These are larger, have more compartments and are better equipped with a lot of extra features such as side pockets, water bladders, phone holders and others.

Safety models are recommended for motocross enthusiasts and for those who will ride across the extremely difficult terrain, or intend to perform stunts and tricks. These have extra reinforcements, are durable and usually compact, sacrificing interior volume for extra protection.

Durability and resistance

It is important to have a durable and resistant product because these are a lot safer and guarantee increased protection in the eventuality of a fall or accident. Something made out of high-quality materials with strong stitches, frames and with metal zippers is more suitable than a cheap and insecure design.

These will last longer and survive prolonged exposure to elements without suffering damage, other than perhaps on an aesthetic level. The best waterproof backpack for motorcycle riders is the one that keeps your laptop dry even in stormy weather, while also being strong enough to survive a direct impact on the road.

Extra resistance is important not only for what is stored inside but also for the rider who will be protected by the pack. Plus, an unreliable design might break and fall apart while riding, potentially causing an accident and injuring the biker.  

Waterproofing is extremely important too. All models are either waterproof or water-resistant in the worst case. Usually made out of nylon or polyester, these products can be worn in all weather conditions and will keep your belongings dry or at least away from direct exposure to rain. You should not buy something that is neither waterproof nor fitted with rain covers. The latter is easy to use and deploy, and do the job just as good as or even better than those built to be waterproof.


Weight, fit, and size

These factors are all extremely important and can be decisive when talking about safety, comfort, and ease of use. Weight is essential – having a very strong and robust design that is heavy even when empty can be quite problematic when it is filled up with whatever you want to take with you. It can become too heavy and pull on your shoulders and neck so it will be tiring to wear it for long periods of time. However, an extremely lightweight model might not be durable enough to make it worth the price and those that are also resistant tend to be more expensive.

The fit of the item is just as important as the overall mass. A good model should fit on your back and include chest and waist straps, to enhance the uniform distribution of weight. The strong ties will keep it close to your body, reducing drag and restraining it so that it will not move around in the current generated by riding at higher speeds.

Size is also important because it is dangerous and uncomfortable to wear a very big product on your back while cruising across the highway – these have high drag, might become unstable and are not usually very comfortable.

A very small model might prove to be useless, as it will not be capable of holding enough things or might prove to be suitable only for very small laptops, with a diagonal of fewer than 14 inches. Finding a midway is the best thing you can do. The best backpacks for motorbike riding combine these factors, offering the most out of each one without sacrificing the others.


Last but not least you might be interested in extra features and the prices at which the products are sold. One very common extra is a specially designed pocket that can be concealed inside the bag itself and it is used to carry your helmet.

A motorcycle backpack with helmet holder is useful when you get off the bike for longer periods of time, for example, to go shopping, and do not want to carry it in your hand. This feature is desired by many bikers and should be sought after. Other key features include reflective logos and models, as these contribute to the safety of the driver during low light conditions or at night.

Keep in mind that many of these further capabilities do not necessarily influence the price, and sometimes the difference in terms of money between having them or not is insignificant, while in terms of comfort, safety and ease of use it might mean a lot.

Side pockets, built in water bladders and MP3 holders can also be worth it in the long run. Some designs have a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be wirelessly connected to your mobile phone, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music not only when driving but also when spending time in a parking lot or when camping. Keep your mind open to these features, as they can make a difference.


Reasons to buy a dedicated motorcycle backpack

Maybe you have wondered why you need a dedicated motorcycle backpack instead of a common one. There are some reasons why specially designed products are more efficient and are recommended by professionals. To begin with, they are easier to use, because they are manufactured in such a manner that you can put them on your back even with a thick driving jacket. It is important to choose a type that suits your anatomy so you will feel comfortable while wearing it.

Another key factor is their modified distribution of weight; instead of letting everything rest on your shoulders, the mass is distributed to the wearer in a uniform manner, from the neck and down to the hips. This also depends on the type of frame used – there are external and internal ones, each with advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to decide what suits your needs in a more appropriate way.

Practicality is also a reason for buying dedicated products. Motorcycle backpacks are ideal for those with smaller motorbikes, and for common everyday use. If you own a big model and like very long trips, it might be adequate to take into consideration buying saddlebags.

An alternative is more practical as it can be used in numerous situations – for camping, trekking, hiking, even for students who need a way to carry their textbooks around, and the list goes on: there are many ways one of these items can be used. They are also safer and more robust, and almost all designs have a waterproof exterior that will protect electronics and papers against humidity.

Some have other features that enable them to deal with the elements and offer 100% protection. Aerodynamics is also important, since reducing drag is extremely important when traveling at full speed. Drag can be hazardous and reduce stability while also increasing fuel consumption. Overall, it is suggested that you buy a dedicated backpack for motorcycle riding because they are optimized for this specific purpose.


Regular backpacks vs. motorcycle backpacks

Regular models can sometimes be much cheaper than those dedicated to bikers, but there are some differences that have to be taken into account. To begin with, people usually tend to be with a normal, everyday design that they believe is enough for short rides into the city or the surrounding areas.

However, regular packs are rather difficult to maneuver while wearing the thick jackets riders usually wear, because their design does not allow you to simply swing it on your back.

Motorcycle backpacks are easy to wear and to take off even with the thickest of clothes. Without a compression strap that guarantees a firm and secure fit, in the wind, the regular one will tend to move and trash in the wind.

Besides, the weight is distributed only to the shoulders and neck in the case of normal designs, so this might increase fatigue and reduce the comfort. Dedicated products uniformly distribute the mass to the hips and back, reducing fatigue.

The straps are designed in a way that increases comfort and makes it easier to wear for long periods of time. Plus, the cheaper regular bags are not waterproof or abrasion resistant, so the safety of what is inside cannot be guaranteed in the eventuality of a storm or crash even at moderate speeds.

How much is a motorcycle backpack supposed to cost?

Motorcycle backpacks usually tend to have different prices, which vary significantly from model to model. There is something for any budget, and, if you search the online stores or dedicated dealers, you will notice that the price range is also generous.

Some things influence the amount of money that a product costs. This depends on how many compartments it contains, on the number of pockets and how well organized the interior is, on the fabric, build and how aerodynamic and robust the exterior is, and also on the many different extra features that might be included on the final product.

The final price can also be influenced by the seasonal offers and sales since some products are more suitable for the certain weather and once that time of the year is gone, their cost drops significantly. Some producers have other discounts as well as gift vouchers for permanent customers, and these also impact the final result.

While the price range can vary from $15 items to the expensive custom, hand-made designs that go for sale at over $200, it usually depends on the size, volume and interior compartments and pockets. It is important to be able to properly organize your items inside the product, so well-organized products are more desirable and, as a consequence, more expensive.

The more compartments and pockets it has, the pricier an item will become. Compact backpacks are favored since they are easier to carry and hold on your back while riding. Aerodynamic, streamline designs that do not increase drag are sought after too especially by those who like riding at higher speeds, but the shape does not influence the price too much.

Waterproof fabrics are more desirable as they offer greater protection, while abrasion resistance is also important. The higher the quality of the material, the more expensive the item will be.

Polyester models are cheaper, while the more expensive ones feature armor paddings and nylon build, making them waterproof and increasing the chance of your electronics to survive in the eventuality of an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can you ride a motorcycle with a backpack?

Bike owners can wear backpacks while riding. However, there are a couple of aspects that you should consider. To start, the model that you select should be designed to be used by riders, as most backpacks do not have the needed features that a rider might need.

For instance, the choice should come fitted with shoulder straps that stay securely tucked away while you are riding, this way, they won’t annoy and cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Next, the waterproof backpacks that you use should be lightweight so that your shoulders do not feel heavy. To take some of the weight off your shoulders, you might want to consider investing in alternative luggage options. 

If you are riding a standard bike, it is best to invest in a bag that is easy to carry and that features more than one main compartment. As a result, you won’t have to cram all of your belongings in a single pocket. Plus, it might be a good idea to get a bag that has a chest and waist strap for more convenience.

If you are using a sports bike, you should invest in a small waterproof model that has secure straps so that the bag sits close to your back. 

Q: Are motorcycle backpacks waterproof?

Not all backpacks that you can find for sale are waterproof. However, if you are thinking of buying a product of this kind, we recommend that you get one that is at least water-resistant. This feature will come in handy, especially when transporting your laptop or tablet to school or the office. 

To cater to the needs of interested customers, some manufacturers have also created backpacks that come provided with a special main compartment where one can keep his/her devices, as well as with shoulder straps that allow for even weight distribution. 

The main reason why a waterproof bag is better than one that is not, has a lot to do with the possible changes in weather that the rider might have to face. After all, you do not want to purchase a model that will cause all the belongings that you carry on a regular basis to get soaking wet. 

For increased protection against the elements, some backpacks also come supplied with separate external covers that you can use in case of wet weather. Because they are made of high-quality materials, most waterproof alternatives tend to get a bit pricier. However, this is a feature that you should not overlook as it is well worth the extra dollars you pay for it.


Q: How do you wash a motorcycle backpack?

This depends on whether or not the bag that you own is machine washable or not. To start, you have to go through all of the pockets that the model has, especially the main compartment, and make sure that the backpack is empty.

If the choice is machine washable, you can put it in the machine and wash it on the appropriate cycle. You can find more info on how to do so by reading the instructions provided by the seller.

If the backpacks that you own are not machine washable, there are a couple of extra steps you have to take. If your bag is not made of leather, submerge it in a bucket of lukewarm water. Add a couple of drops of laundry detergent and let it soak for about twenty minutes. Afterward, use clear water to rinse it and let it air dry.

However, if you own backpacks made of leather, or if it has parts such as the straps made of leather, you have to strictly follow the cleaning instructions supplied by the seller. If you do not do so, you risk damaging the bag. Finally, if you own a model that is labeled as not washable, you can use a cleaning cloth to gently remove any dirt or stains. 

Q: Is there a maximum weight a backpack should have when you’re riding a motorcycle?

As you probably expect, numerous variables can influence the answer to this question, including the size of the backpack or the quality of its straps. However, the main idea that you should keep in mind is that you should never carry a heavy backpack, especially if you are traveling over long distances. 

According to fellow bikers, you should invest in a backpack that is lightweight and compact. It should also come supplies with sturdy shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly. 

After going through numerous reviews from other bikers, it becomes clear that the main issue that a heavy backpack poses is that it can cause you discomfort and even bruises in the groin area. Plus, you have to consider the fact that carrying a heavy backpack can interfere with your ability to maneuver the bike. 

Another aspect that you should consider is that not all backpacks can handle the same weight due to their size, quality of the straps and overall construction. So, if you want to be sure that you can use your favorite backpacks for years to come, we recommend that you respect the weight limit and the instructions made available by the seller. It might also help to invest in an additional bag for gear storage purposes. 


Q: What’s the best fabric for a backpack?

Well, as many specialists argue, high-quality backpacks are waterproof and sturdy. There are a couple of materials that you should consider when assessing your options.  Canvas models are durable and waterproof, they are also a great investment if you are on a strict budget because they are affordable. 

Alternatives made of Cordura or nylon are also abrasion-resistant and also lightweight. This material is usually used when manufacturing gear for hiking.

The main advantage of products made of polyester is the fact that they have a great resistance to UV degradation. Additionally, they hold their color well even when they are used in bad weather. Yet, if you are looking for a sturdy backpack, one manufactured out of polyester might not be what you need.

If you want a choice that is durable, lightweight and waterproof, we recommend that you get one of those backpacks made of rip-stop nylon. These models can last for years on end before they need to be replaced. 

Last but not least, if you are not against the idea of spending a couple of extra dollars to get a backpack that you can use at work, a model made of leather is all that you want. No matter the backpack that you select,  make sure that it features quality straps. 



Unavailable products


Ogio Rev RSS Backpack


The Ogio RSS is the product that came up first while we were organizing the list of products. It has a lot of extra features that make it very versatile, and it is reliable, durable and, most important of all, it offers excellent value for the money, making it a desirable choice.

One of the most important things that characterize a modern backpack is the existence of a dedicated laptop compartment. This product features one: it is 19.5in x 13in x 1.5in in size, so it will accommodate most laptops as long as they are less than 17.3 inches in diagonal.

It is lightweight and portable, weighing in at 1.6 kilograms and including a special back panel that offers comfort. It has a shoulder strap with foam paddings, making it easy to wear.

Other features are the padded mouse or camera pocket, two utility pockets placed on the sides, a quick access phone restraint, and heavy armor pads that will help it survive in the eventuality of an accident or a fall. It has a volume of 31 liters, so it is large enough for most people.



It is a multipurpose backpack that is armor-protected and with a dedicated laptop compartment that will fit most laptops with a 17-inch screen or smaller.

It is a lightweight option that is perfect for people who are always on the go and want a product that won’t slow them down.

The Hybrid Unibody Backpanel is purposefully designed to give you a comfortable experience since the unit won’t leave your back sore after a long trip.

You also get a crush-proof pocket that has a customizable design that lets you decide on the items you want to keep in it.

There is also a dedicated pocket that is sized to fit your tablet, iPad or favorite e-reader.



While the lightweight design is appreciated by customers, it does come with a disadvantage since the smaller size of the backpack means that it is a poor choice for people who value storage space



Sunflower-Fox Bike Cycling Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Backpack


If you are riding alone, you might easily get bored so being able to listen to your favorite artists might be a key feature to take into consideration when buying a backpack. With this design, you can carry your items in what is basically a portable speaker with interior compartments and mold in the shape of a common, everyday item.

Ideal for a great variety of outdoor activities, this product contains a built-in stereo speaker with subwoofer and a multitude of additional compartments where a biker can store their things in safety.

It is waterproof, shock and wind-resistant, so it is guaranteed to protect what is inside it in the eventuality of an accident. Made out of hard Eva material, it will last long enough for you to enjoy it fully.

Featuring a built-in Bluetooth receiver, it can be connected in seconds to any device with this technology installed. A micro-USB charging slot is also included, and the integrated battery allows you up to 12 hours of playback time. The control panel has five buttons, and it is also fitted with tail lights for nighttime use. Non-Bluetooth devices can be connected with a 3.5 millimeters audio cable.



The backpack comes with two built-in bass resonating stereo subwoofers that can connect via Bluetooth to your favorite device or you can insert a TF card so that you can play your favorite tunes on the go.

You can control the built-in speakers via the control panel which comes equipped with 5 buttons, while the 5200mAh battery will provide you with up to 12 hours of playback time.

Your items will get the ultimate protection since the exterior of the backpack is made of hard EVA material that is anti-shock, pressure-resistant, and waterproof.

The product is also comfortable to carry since the back has an ergonomic shape that provides a comfortable fit.

The interior space features individual pockets for better organization of your items.



It lacks exterior pockets and when the speakers are turned on, there is a loud fan noise that can be heard even when the music is playing.



Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack


This high-quality product is known for its durability and resistance to continuous exposure to elements, as well as for the ergonomic and comfortable design that allows you to wear it on your back for longer periods of time. It offers good value for the money and is a choice that should be taken into consideration.

The exterior is made out of superior polyester, the lightweight material preferred by heavy-duty backpack manufacturers. It is heat resistant and water resistant, so it can survive the prolonged exposure to elements pretty well.

With ergonomic, dual padded and reinforced shoulder straps it is guaranteed to hold heavy objects without deteriorating, providing optimal comfort for the shoulders and back.

A large compartment that features multiple interior storage pockets allows you to organize your gear properly. 2 extra side pockets are provided for water bottles or other things, while the interior padded laptop sleeve fits small devices, up to 14 inches across. For increased road safety, it is provided with fluorescent labeling so it is visible in the dark.



The high-quality and durable polyester construction makes this product a popular choice for anyone looking to get a lightweight yet durable backpack that can tackle harsh weather conditions.

The ergonomic design boasts double padded and adjustable shoulder straps for ultimate comfort for your back and shoulders.

The main compartment has an organizer panel and the exterior pockets include two dual side pockets where you can store umbrellas or water bottles.

The shoulder gasket will conform to the shape of your body, a feature that will help maximize aerodynamics so that the backpack does not hold you down when you travel at high speeds.

Furthermore, the back of the unit is made of a breathable mesh panel that will maximize ventilation to keep you dry and cool.



It is not the largest option available on the market and if storage space is your main priority, this option might not be for you.




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