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11 Best Harley Davidson Hoodies (Reviews) in 2022

Harley-Davidson is one of the best-known companies to manufacture high-speed vehicles such as choppers and motorcycles, but its diversity of products is what keeps the legacy alive most of the times. Thus, for those who cannot afford to buy the real deal or who just want to complete the look of their powerful bike, there is a wide variety of clothes and accessories waiting to be purchased.

Some motorbikers argue that the best Harley-Davidson hoodies are those we’ve showcased below. They’re convenient, durable, and look good.

1. Harley-Davidson Men's Hooded Sweatshirt

This product comes in a high-quality cotton and polyester blend that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter the type of activity you choose to perform. It is good both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to its 50% polyester blend, it will perfectly absorb sweat and excessive moisture in order to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

This hoodie is fully zipped for putting on and taking off in just a matter of seconds. You can choose to wear it alone or over your favorite t-shirt. In addition, it also comes with two hand-warmer pockets that are spacious enough to store all your essentials, including your phone and wallet.

The attached hood will also protect your head from heavy wind, rain, and sunlight, so you can even wear it while fishing or training outdoors.

What we also liked about this Harley sweatshirt is that it comes in five different sizes, so you can easily pick the perfect fit for you, according to your own needs.

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2. Harley-Davidson Men's Lightning Crest 1/4 Zip Cadet Pullover Sweatshirt

This item is available in five different sizes, ranging from Small to Extra Large so you can easily find the right fit for you, according to your own wishes. The product comes rather close-cut to the body, so you may want to opt for a larger size if you’re looking for a relaxed fit.

The product is made of a cotton and polyester blend of high quality which will provide the right amount of comfort, style, and protection whenever you are wearing it. It is suitable both for indoors and outdoors.

This is an authentic product and so it benefits from the brand’s extraordinary detailed designs and exquisite quality. If you’re a true Harley fan you’ll definitely enjoy the awesomely printed back of this pullover. It features amazing graphics of printed skulls and eagles, while both of the sleeves are printed with the Harley-Davidson logo.

Also, this hoodie benefits from a small-sized zipper at the top for convenient dressing.

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3. Harley-Davidson Men's Long Sleeve Orange Bar

This is one of the few Harley-Davidson clothing items that you can find in a wide array of sizes, ranging from Small to 5XL, meaning men of all weights and heights will benefit from the innovative design and superior quality of this sweater. Make sure to measure yourself correctly in order to pick the right size for you, depending on the type of fit you prefer.

The item is made of 100% cotton which will provide extra comfort and warmth to your body while still allowing your skin to properly breathe throughout the day. As a result, the product is perfect to be worn in all weather conditions, including during the summer or rainy season.

The long sleeve design will keep your hands warm during chilly spring or fall nights, but will also protect you from wind, rain or harmful sun rays during the summer.

The Harley-Davidson logo is printed on the left side of the chest. They Harley graphics also go down the sleeves for a cool and industrial design.

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4. Harley-Davidson Men's Orange Bar

It is always good to see other color options on your Harley-printed attire, even though we are talking about a navy blue color. This pullover sweatshirt is made of 100% pure cotton to provide the maximum comfort, flexibility, and protection while wearing. The cotton will also allow your skin to properly breathe, so you can wear this sweatshirt all day long, regardless of your indoor or outdoor activities.

The product features an orange bar and shield logo on the front to easily recognize its quality. The back of the shirt is simple, while the front also benefits from a large common pocket to rest and warm your hands or keep your essentials such as phone or wallet.

The featured long sleeves and hood provide maximum cover from excessive sun rays, wind, rain or cold, meaning the hoodie is mainly suitable for fall and spring with chilly temperatures.

However, unlike other products, this one is only available in sizes Small and Medium, so make sure to carefully measure yourself before purchasing the item.


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5. Harley-Davidson Men's Bar

This hooded sweatshirt is the perfect piece of clothing you can wear no matter your choice of activities. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, but you can also wear it while sleeping, running, playing sports or working around the house. The item is made of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend which will provide maximum coverage and flexibility while remaining soft and comfortable for your skin.

The item is printed on both sides. On the back you get the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson dealer screen printed graphic, while the front features the brand’s famous bar and shield logo in orange. Also, the light grey color will match perfectly with the rest of your outfit, whether you choose to wear jeans, tracksuit pants or even shorts.

In addition, the large kangaroo-style pocket in the front is perfect for warming your hand or storing your essentials while you’re on the move. The hood is a perfect addition to stormy or rainy days while the long sleeves will keep your hands protected from cold and rain.


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6. Harley-Davidson Mens Bar Fleece 

This sweatshirt is made of a strong and quality cotton and polyester blend for a comfortable wear all day long. Both the back and the front of the sweatshirt benefit from Harley-Davidson printed graphics, logos, and designs.

This item comes in black and is available in eight different sizes, from Small to 5X-Large so you can rest assured you find the right fit according to your needs. Keep in mind that all Harley-Davidson clothes are true to size and we suggest ordering a size up if you’re looking for a more relaxed and comfortable fit.

The hooded design will keep your head protected from harmful sun rays, wind, and rain, while the long sleeves will protect your hands and arms, helping you stay warm year-round. This sweatshirt is made of soft fleece for added comfort and warmth, so you can definitely wear it during the cold and rainy seasons.

Most of the customers who purchased this item were pleased with its top quality, claiming it is very warm and comfortable to wear all day long.


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7. Harley-Davidson Men's Sweatshirt Willie G Skull H-D Pullover 30296648

This black hoodie from Harley-Davidson will certainly give you a “bad boy” look due to the G Skull print and Harley dealer logo on the back.

The item is made of a super-soft blend of cotton and polyester which is both breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. It also features a cool distressed paint splatter graphic on the front so you will definitely become the bad boy of your group. Both of the sleeves of this hoodie are printed with the brand’s logo.

The item is only available in two different sizes, 4XL and 5XL and about seventy percent of most customers claim the item fits as expected. So we suggest ordering your regular clothes size even if you’re looking for a more relaxed fit.

The kangaroo-like large pocket in front is extremely useful as it can keep your hands warm and all your valuable belongings in one place. Thus, the pocket is large enough to fit your phone, wallet, and keys.

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8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Inferno Eagle

This product is available in size 3XL so make sure to carefully measure yourself and compare the results with the ones provided by the manufacturer to ensure a close and good fit.

The item is made of a durable, comfortable, and extremely breathable polyester and cotton blend so it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. On the front, you’ll have featured the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson dealer screen printed graphic, while the back is customized with a graphic eagle and flaming bike. The design is without a question unique and extremely cool, similar to all other qualitative designs delivered by the company.

The attached hood will keep your head and ears protected against wind, cold, and rain, while the long sleeves will add extra comfort and warmth to your body. There are also two hand-warmer pockets at the front, large enough to store your essentials or keep your hands warm during the cold season.


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9. Harley-Davidson Men's Elongated Bar

This cool pullover sweatshirt is available in three different sizes - small, 4XL, and 5XL, so make sure to measure yourself correctly before buying it. The black color will perfectly match the rest of your outfit no matter if you choose to wear jeans, shorts, or tracksuit pants.

The item is made of a unique cotton and polyester blend for added comfort and maximum breathability. The company’s dealer name logo is printed both on the front and on the back of this sweatshirt, adding some style points. However, the logo on the front features a distressed design.

This Harley pullover sweatshirt doesn’t come with additional pockets, hood or zipper, but it is extremely comfortable and easy to wear or take off. The long sleeve design will keep your hands protected from cold weather, wind or rain so you can enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities. This is the ultimate Harley-Davidson sweatshirt to wear underneath your leather jacket while riding your bike.

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10. Harley-Davidson Women's Distressed Bar

This represents one of the top recommended sweatshirts for women who like riding powerful bikes or enjoy supporting their significant other’s passion for speed and elegance. The sweatshirt is featured in a black color and Medium size.

Most of the customers who purchased the item claimed it is cut close to the body and has a true fit, so we recommend ordering your regular clothing size or opt for an item one size larger if you’re looking for a more relaxed fit.

The product is made of a qualitative polyester and cotton blend that adds softness and comfort. You can wear it directly on your skin as it is smooth and will allow your skin to perfectly breathe all day long.

The small-sized kangaroo-style pocket in front is extremely useful for when you want to warm your hands or need extra storage deposit for your essentials. The attached hoodie will keep your head and ears warm and safe from rain and wind during the cold season. The same rule applies to the long sleeves that will provide extra warmth and comfort.


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11. Harley-Davidson Men’s Eagle 30296661

his black hooded sweatshirt is perfect for big-boned men as it is available in two big sizes, 4XL, and 5XL. Over three quarters of the verified customers who ordered the product claim it fit as expected, so we suggest ordering your regular clothing size.

The design of this sweatshirt is kept simple, yet extremely cool due to the all-black style and featured wing eagle screen printed graphics on the front. The back features the printed Wisconsin Harley-Davidson logo for extra style.

What we liked about this product is the fully zipped style which makes it extremely easy to wear and take off whenever you’re too hot. Moreover, you can put your favorite t-shirt beneath for a comfortable wear all day long. The two pockets on the front are large enough to keep your hands warm or to store your essentials such as smartphone, keys, and wallet.

The hood and the long sleeves complete and perfect the look for a sweatshirt that can be easily worn in all weather conditions.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


With hoodies being one of the most popular clothing items for both genders, it comes as no surprise that almost all brands have decided to diversify their collections, by including these products into their offer.

Harley Davidson is no exception and their clothing collection is a must for true motorcycle owners. But finding the right hoodie could prove a difficult task, especially since there are so many good options available for sale.

So, if you’re looking for the best Harley Davidson hoodie you should first try and search for some online reviews of Harley Davidson hoodies to make sure you know which type of item will best suit your needs. If you’re still not sure, here are some of the top features you should take into account to make sure you chose the right Harley Davidson hooded sweatshirts.


A Harley Davidson pullover hoodie can be made of different fabrics, depending on your requirements and the price you are willing to pay. Most of them are made of 100% cotton or qualitative cotton and polyester blends to ensure maximum protection, flexibility, and comfort, while still allowing the skin to properly breathe.

It is important to opt for cotton hoodies especially if you plan on having an active day or enjoy outdoor activities. This often implies effort, calories burnt, and plenty of sweat to regulate your body temperature, so your chosen hoodie or sweatshirt should be able to provide you with all the comfort required.

A Harley Davidson zip hoodie can also be made of a cotton and fleece blend to provide improved protection and extra warmth during the cold season.

These hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect for winter and fall when temperatures are rapidly going down and you need to stay warm and protected all day long. However, these fleece hoodies are so comfortable that you may even want to wear one indoors, especially for those rainy days when all you want to do is cuddle in bed.



Sizing and fit are extremely important if you want to wear a comfortable item of clothing throughout the day that offers you maximum freedom of movement and protects you from cold weather. So, whether you’re opting for the Harley Davidson sweatshirt for women or those specifically designed for men, sizing and fitting should be on your list of concerns.

As a general rule, women’s hoodies are more figure flattering and, although have a relaxed fit, they are closer to the slim-fit. On the contrary, since men are the main ones to use hoodies, their design is often less figure-flattering and looser, staying as far from the body as possible.

So, when ordering the size, if you’re a woman you should opt for your regular clothing size or go for one size bigger if you want a more relaxed fit. Men are encouraged to order their regular clothing size as the hoodies designed for them already benefit from a looser fit. Those who want extra room for underneath shirts may opt for a size bigger.

Other features

Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to make the right choice in terms of clothing. You can find a relatively cheap Harley Davidson hoodie that meets all your criteria in terms of sizing, fitting, fabric, and additional features. But what are these other features you should pay close attention to?

First of all, let’s talk about hoods. Most sweatshirts come with attached hoods for extra protection against sun rays, wind, and rain. They are perfect for keeping you warm year-round. There are plenty of Harley sweatshirts with hoodies to choose from or, if your budget allows you, you can even opt for a Harley Davidson jacket with hoodie made of leather.

Long sleeves are also important because they provide increased protection for your arms and maintain your body’s temperature at optimum levels. Long sleeves are perfect for keeping you warm and safe during the cold seasons, and, if the hoodie is thick enough, it can even become the perfect blanket when you’re too tired for going to bed.

Next on our list of extra features are the pockets, extremely useful no matter the type of hoodie or sweatshirt you choose to wear. Pockets can be displayed either on the side of the hoodie or reunited in a joint-pocket, the so-called kangaroo-pocket. No matter the type of pocket(s) you choose, make sure they are large enough to fit your hands whenever you want to stay warm and comfortable.

In addition, pockets should allow you to store all your essentials, including car or bike keys, wallet, and smartphone.

Last but not least, also see if your product of choice comes with a zipper. Full zipper hoodies are the most reliable and easy to wear and take off, so they should be your first choice. They can be worn for any occasion and have the great advantage of allowing you to wear a t-shirt underneath to regulate your body temperature as much as you want.

Hoodies that feature a medium-sized zipper at the top of the design are a good choice too since you can conveniently take them off and put them on, as well as you can zip them up as much as you want.


Why get a Harley Davidson hoodie?

Searching for the right hoodie could prove quite a challenge, especially since there are thousands of products worthy of your attention. From regular hoodies to printed ones, designer hoodies and sports hoodies, you shouldn’t stick to only one item since there are so many to explore. And, out of all the variety available, why should you opt for the Harley Davidson ones?

First of all, Harley Davidson is one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in the entire world, and their motorcycles are known to be the most powerful and reputed. So if you can afford to own such a sweet ride, we are sure you want to complete your “bad boy” or “bad girl” look with additional branded equipment. And even if you don’t afford the real deal, you can still opt for the brand’s clothing line as it features quality products, cool designs, plenty of sizes to fit, and reasonable prices.

However, just make sure you are buying the original items if you want to benefit from the brand’s reputed quality and everything else. Thus, you should buy only from authorized sellers or the original shops all over America.

How to make sure you’re getting the right size

Picking the right size and fit is a tricky business, especially if you’re ordering online. According to some recent studies, it is estimated that up to 40% of the total clothes and shoes ordered online are returned by the customers due to a wrong or unflattering fit. So, if you want to avoid all this, you need to know exactly how to pick the right size.

You should know that since Harley Davidson is an American brand, their sizes correspond to the US sizing guide, according to the average proportion of people living there. In other words, US sizes might run a bit larger than most European and Asian sizes.

The best way to make sure you are acquiring the right size is to measure yourself correctly and compare your results with the ones provided by the manufacturer. Also, take into account the type of fit you would like. For instance, most of the Harley Davidson women’s clothes are cut rather close to the body while the men’s collection features more relaxed pieces with loose fits.

If you’re a woman and looking for a tight fit, simply opt for the size you usually wear in clothes. Most of the men opt for a more relaxed fit so they should opt for a larger size if they prefer a loose fit with plenty of room left to squeeze in an additional shirt.

Last but not least, not only the body of the hoodie should fit your body shape. When trying on the clothes, make sure your hands don’t have any movement restrictions and that the hoodie doesn’t run too tight underneath your arms or on your shoulders. If this is the case, you may want to opt for a bigger size to avoid breaking and damaging the hoodie after just a couple of uses.





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