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5 Best Motorcycle Windshield Cleaners (Reviews) in 2022

A good motorcycle windshield cleaner is hard to find, not because there aren’t any products on the market, but because there are too many to choose from. We did some research on this topic, read many motorcycle windshield cleaner reviews and although it was not the easiest of tasks, we managed to select a few of the top-rated items in this line.

1. Novus Plastic Polish Kit 6 Polish Mat

Ever scratched something and wished you had an easy solution to get rid of it? Well, the Novus 7100 Plastic Polish kit has the answer for you - literally! These tools will help you bring back the shine and remove scratches from various objects made of plastic, acrylic or fiberglass.

You can even use it on CDs/DVDs, windshields, headlights, boats and other similar items. Also, the kit is made in a way that requires minimum storage, so you can easily deposit it in the glove box of your car or in a bag to have it with you wherever you go.

The Novus Plastic Polish has been on the market for more than 40 years now and has helped millions of people bring back and prolong the life of seemingly lost or faded objects, by simply removing scratches from the surface instead of filling them, offering them a new start.


This cleaning kit is the perfect solution for bringing back the shine and removing scratches from objects made of acrylic, fiberglass, and plastic.

You can use these cleaning solutions on windshields, boats, headlights, CDs/DVDs and many other similar items.

The kit comes in practical bottles that are easy to store as they will not take too much space. Also, they are perfect for carrying in a bag if you want to take them with you.

If you are not sure of how good these products are, maybe the fact that they've been on the market for over 40 years will convince you.

You can extend the life of faded objects by removing scratches and not filling them.


According to users, this product can help you remove scratches from most types of plastic but not from all. Also, it will not eliminate very deep scratches either.

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2. New Motorcycle Accessory for Cleaning Motorcycle Helmet Visor

If you own any type of motorcycle, then you know the struggle of keeping the windshield and the visor clean. Kelias brings you the ultimate cleaning solution, with a compact and convenient spray bottle and a microfiber cloth included.

Moreover, it has a magnetic handlebar that you can attach to your ride, not having to use more than a hand for it. The spray does not leave any residue behind and gently removes all dirt, bugs or any debris from the visor, improving the visibility and the safety of the rider, as well.

The cloth is soft and washable, so you don't have to worry about remaining without it. The spray bottle is refillable so, when you run out of solution you can refill it, or you can add your own homemade motorcycle windshield cleaner, making it even more practical. This spray is very easy to use, and compact as well.


If you need a good cleaning solution for your windshield without having to carry a bunch of accessories with you, this is an excellent option.

The product comes in a compact form as a spray bottle and a microfiber included. It will not only clean your windshield but it is also very easy to use.

Furthermore, it comes with a magnetic handlebar which you can attach to your motorcycle. This way, you will not have to use more than a hand for it.

Another advantage is the fact that the formula does not leave any residue behind while cleaning your visor from dust, debris, or even bugs.

The microfiber cloth is soft and washable, so you will be able to use it repeatedly. Also, the spray bottle is refillable.


There were a few complaints regarding the magnetic attachment of the bottle. Some cleaners feel off during the rides.

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3. All Kleer 8 oz Premium Plastic Polish & Cleaner

When it comes to motorcycle windshield cleaner products, we all have trouble with finding the right one. First of all, there are so many on the market to choose from, and second, we don't know which one will work best for what we need.

All Kleer brings you the answer. Its formula has been created by the aviation industry to clean and improve the visibility of aircrafts' windshields. Soon enough, consumers all over the world found numerous uses from scratched plastics to golf carts or boats.

The product has a special formula, that does not only clean the surface but also gives shine and dissolves grease, removes bugs and other impurities - all that, without having to use water! Furthermore, it does not contain ammonia, petroleum or abrasives, making it safe to use on rubber and on tint as well. The 8 oz bottles are easy to use, transport, and store.


You might like the fact that the formula of this cleaner was developed by the aviation industry for cleaning and improving the visibility of aircrafts' windshields.

This product contains a special formula which does not stop at just cleaning but also offering shine and dissolving grease. 

The product can also remove bugs and other types of impurities and you don't even have to use water, which is a great advantage.

You should know that this formula does not contain any abrasives, ammonia, or petroleum which makes it safe to use on tint and rubber also. 

This product is available in an 8-oz. bottle so it’s easy to use, store, and transport.


Although most customers appreciate the quality of this formula, it is not by far the cheapest option in this line. Some buyers prefer going for less expensive options.

Based on the product's reviews, there are very few users who are not impressed by it.

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4. Optimum NR2010Q No Rinse Wash & Shine

We all know that washing the car or the motorcycle might require a good part of the day, lots of water, formulas, sponges, and cloths. With the Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine, this can all be a part of the past.

This product contains high lubricating polymers that stick to the paint while cleaning it, providing a splendid and shiny finish. Its no-rinse formula allows you to wash your bike or even car literally anywhere and anytime; moreover, since you need only two gallons of water to clean an entire automobile, you also save money.  

The Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine is being used by professionals all over for its special formula that delivers excellent results with every single use. Furthermore, it is safe to use on any vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes too. You can even consider it a cheap motorcycle windshield cleaner, compared to other products.


If you want to forget about using a lot of water, multiple formulas, cloths, and sponges, and also a lot of time spent cleaning your motorcycle, you should keep this item in mind.

The formula includes high lubricating polymers which remain on the paint while cleaning it, delivering a beautiful, shiny finish. 

Since it is a no-rinse formula, you can wash your ride and even car anytime and anywhere.

You also get to save money because this product requires only two gallons of water for an entire automobile.

Moreover, the formula is safe to use on various types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and even airplanes. 


There are customers who have been using this cleaner for a long time, and some of them do not appreciate its price that has doubled in the last two years.

According to some buyers, it does a great job on all colors except black. Black is harder to clean.

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5. S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner

If you have a bike and you have trouble keeping it clean, then we have an interesting suggestion for you. The S100 Special Surface Cleaner is designed particularly for motorcycles. The plastic on these types of vehicles is always exposed to the elements, and that is one of the reasons why dust and dirt can damage it.

This product can be used anytime, anywhere with great ease. With a special spray bottle, all you have to do is spray on the surface to clean it. We recommend using a fiber cloth to prevent any scratching that might occur.

Even though The S100 was designed for plastic components, it can also be used on the paint and metal parts too. The 10.1 oz pump spray bottle can be put in the saddlebag along a clean cloth to have at hand whenever you might want to clean your bike really fast.


In case you are looking for a cleaner that was specifically formulated for motorcycles, you should consider this product.

The greatest advantage of using this spray is that you can easily use it anywhere and anytime you feel the need to clean your bike.

You only need to spray on the surface and wipe it dry. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth in order to prevent any scratching from occurring. 

This solution was particularly formulated to be used on plastic components. The good news is that you can effectively use it on the paint and metal parts as well.

The product comes in a 10.1-oz spray bottle that can easily be stored in your saddlebag.


A few buyers mentioned that this is not the best option to clean off sand, gravel, or bugs because it requires a lot of rubbing. This can scratch the plastic surface.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you know the joy of getting a new accessory for your bike, and part of that joy is seeing it on your ride. However, if that accessory is a windshield, clearly you want to see straight through it.

One of the worst parts is that windshields are out there right in front and they are very vulnerable to dust, bugs, dirt, or rocks. The bad thing is that this debris does not only make your windshield dirty, but it can also leave serious scratches behind.

In order to maintain your motorcycle and all of its accessories clean and shiny, you need a good product designed for this purpose. There are a few features you need to look for when purchasing a motorcycle windshield cleaner & polish.

This guide is meant to offer you an idea about what these characteristics are, and hopefully, you will find the formula that is right for you.

Ease of use

This is quite an important aspect, especially if you are on the road and you need to make a quick stop to clean the debris on your windshield. This means that the product should not be too sticky or too runny while you spray or spread it on the surface.

When the cleaner is sticky, it is much more difficult to wipe off and clear the glass, not to mention it can leave streaks or scratches behind. If it is too watery, it can fall down on the dashboard when cleaning the interior part, making it harder to wash away.

The best solution is a formula that does not require too much water, or which does not need water at all, that you can easily wipe off.



You know how they say – size does matter. There are two things to take into consideration regarding the size of the windshield cleaner. One, the bigger the container is, the less you have to pay. This is recommended especially if you use it frequently. It will also serve you for a longer period, which means that you save time as well by not making purchases so often.

When you are on the road a lot, on the other hand, especially on longer rides, you will need a cleaner at hand all the time. For this situation, obviously, a large container will be an inconvenience. Therefore, you need a small enough cleaner to fit into your traveling case easily, or into your top case, or wherever it is convenient for you to keep it.



Of course, this should also be one of the most important things to look at. First of all, make sure you know the material you are cleaning and get a product that was specially designed for that purpose.

For example, with acrylic, specialists recommend being very careful not to use any abrasive cleaners because it scratches very easy. Either use a solution specially made for this material, or simply use soapy water. Also, it is best to avoid using formulas that contain ammonia, petroleum, or kerosene, as they can easily damage hard coating.

Cleaning accessories

So, you start cleaning your windshield and spray the solution all over it. Naturally, you do not wait for it to dry, you also need to wipe it. The cleaning fabric you use is also essential. There are even sprays that contain specially designed cloths.

It is best to use a microfiber cleaning cloth, cotton flannel, or terry cloth. Watch out for paper towels as they are too abrasive, or shop rags – even if they look clean, they can collect metal chips or other scratchy stuff that remains in the fabric even after washing.



If you want a good product and also save money, you can get multi-surface solutions. Check if your favorite is suitable for different types of covers and if they are compatible with your motorcycle.

A good Honda motorcycle windshield cleaner can do wonders for your Shadow model, for example. This feature also comes in handy if you are often on the road and need a quick all-in-one solution.




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