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10 Best Motorcycle License Plate Bolts (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Picking motorcycle license plate bolts is not rocket science, but because there are so many models available on the market, you will have a hard time choosing which one fits your needs the best. In order to help you, we’ve created this helpful guide for you so you will be able to make this decision informed.

1. Rupse White LED Motorcycle License Plate Screw Bolt Light

Every tiny bit of light can help when you are out on the road, especially when it gets really dark, the moon is hiding in the clouds, or you encounter stormy weather. This is why a product like this one could be of great help, as it ensures higher visibility thanks to the powerful LEDs that are attached to the bolts.

Installing such a product should be a piece of cake, but not all manufacturers keep that in mind. The ones making this product did, and, thankfully, installing these bolt lights is super easy, something that anybody could do. Changing them is also really simple and fast, which is really helpful, even if you don’t have to do this often, as they are quite lasting.

This pack includes only 2 screw bolt lights, which could be exactly what somebody is looking for, unless that person requires 4 bolts to attach the license plate.


The installation process is really easy and simple, anybody can do it, so that is of great help to you, especially if you don’t have much experience in this domain.

Changing the product when the lights go out is also really easy; on top of that, you won’t have to do this often, as the lights are resistant enough.

They offer you a bit of extra light, which is so important when you are out there on the road and you don’t have good visibility.

One of the coolest features is the fact that you can use them not only on your motorcycle, but also on your car, ATV, RV, and so on, making them universal.


The product has wires, naturally, but these wires can be pretty small or thin in some cases, which may make them easier to break over time; thankfully, they seem to work well in other cases, so all is not lost.

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2. United Pacific Chrome Bullet License Plate Fastener (Set of 4)

These types of products should be made out of resistant material, that doesn’t get affected by bad weather or the passing of time easily, so given that this product is created out of chrome, you always have a very good option right here, as this guarantees you will be having this set for a long time.

Given the fact that the set is made out of 4 items, it’s probably ideal for some people that really need 4 of them, while even a person who needs only 2, can rely on this pack as they can keep the other 2 as spares just in case. This is indeed really cool as, if you are satisfied with them, you won’t have to look for other license plate fasteners later on.

Of course, we have to mention the fact that installing them is easy as this is something that some people may be worried about when making such a purchase.


High resistance to bad weather or the passage of time is a must for these products so they should be made out of a material like chrome, as this product is.

The installation process should go over smoothly, thanks to the nut fastener, the stud, and the threaded mounting, which simplify everything.

As it comes in a set of 4, you can either use all 4 of them, depending on your needs, or just use 2 and keep the other 2 as spares.

The design is not only hinting as to how easy it is to use these products, but it’s also one that looks really cool.


Even if this is really far from being a dealbreaker, the screws are pretty long which means you will have to deal with that someway. Depending on your needs, this may actually be the size that you need.

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3. 4into1 Red Reflector Motorcycle License Plate Bolts - Set of 4

Are you looking for a few bolts to easily and securely attach your license plate to the motorcycle? This set of 4 is a perfect choice to easily get the job done and ensure that you stay legal and that the license plate is properly mounted in a visible place on the bike. The bolts have 1-inch heads so they should be quite sturdy and fit many bikes out there. 

They’re sturdy, and the best part is that they also come with springs, washers, but also wings that allow you to screw them by hand and tighten them properly. They’re made in the USA so you won’t just be proud of supporting the local economy, but also be sure that you’re benefiting from superior quality.

Another great feature is that they come with red mini-reflectors that will make your license plate even more visible, also contributing to a safer ride.


These products are here to make sure that you won’t encounter any problems with how well the license plate is being held.

The installation process is really easy, even if you aren’t an expert, thanks to the spring, washer, and wing nut that are a part of this product.

Being available in a set of 4, you can use all 4 at the same time or use only the ones you need and keep the rest as spares, something that is really helpful.

In order to make sure you have better visibility, these products will reflect light, so you will have a better time on the road.


Although not something to make you stop buying them, the screws, in this case, are a bit on the short side. Still, they may be just the diameter you need, so it’s not really a big problem that can’t be fixed in many cases, as there are ways around it.

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4. Heart Horse 6mm License Plate Tag Frame Bolts Black Skull

A motorcycle is usually decorated using typical symbols, such as skulls, flags, and eagles. If you are looking for a license plate tag frame bolt that has the shape of a black skull with red eyes in order to make your motorcycle cooler, then you really aren’t far from finding it - it’s literally right here.

These products are clearly aimed at certain groups of people, just like the simple ones are aimed at other people, so if you want to make sure everybody knows you are the leader of the pack, at least style-wise, there is no better option out than using bolts that are shaped like black skulls that have, on top of it all, red eyes.

This product may be intimidating for some, while others will love it, which is what makes it so unique in the first place, as it’s not something everybody would buy - but that is probably more their loss.


The skull head has a size of 0.7” x 0.6” x 1.1” with a thread diameter of 0.2” which makes it really easy to fit on any license plate frame that has a 0.2”/6mm bolt.

It’s a universal product, as it can be used not only for the motorcycle, but also for trucks or cars; plus, you can use them as windscreen bolts or fairing bolts.

The design is a big pro, obviously, as it has a 3D black skull with red eyes, making it stand out in the crowd, for sure.

You’ll notice the product is made out of a good material, stainless steel, which makes it more durable and gives it a long service life.


Some parts of the product aren’t made of stainless steel, so you have to be careful with them, as they will be exposed to corrosion faster.

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5. uxcell 4pcs Red 6mm Motorcycle License Plate Frame Screws Bolts

As mentioned above, the material out of which license plate bolt screws are made is highly important, as that is going to be an indicator of how long the product is going to last. In this case, the bolt caps are made out of metal, so you have the guarantee of hardness, that the bolts aren’t going to bend easily or anything of the sort.

The package comes with 4 license plate bolt screws, so you can use as many of them that you need, while the rest can be used as a sort of backup, in case you ever need one. Of course, you may also use all 4 of them, that depends on you, your license plate, and what it needs.

The shell color of these 4 screws is red with a silver tone, so you will get a product that has a fancier aspect than some others out there.


The license plate bolt screws are made of metal, and one of the best-known benefits of this material is the fact that it is highly resistant when it comes to things like pressure.

By having 4 screws in the pack, you will have the number that you need, or, if you need fewer of them, you’ll have spares for later.

The color and design make it sort-of a fancier license plate bolt screw, especially since it combines colors like red and silver tones.

The sizes of these screws make them easy to use in many cases, for many plates, so you won’t have problems with that aspect.


As these license plate bolts don’t come with a locknut or washer, you may be risking a bit when using them, although incidents happening because of that are rare and you can easily find solutions that can help you in this case.

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6. Bolt Nylon License Plate Bolts & Nuts (4 Pack)

These nylon license plate bolts & nuts come in a package of 4 pieces which includes 4 nylon thumb screws and 4 mating nuts. As a result, installing them will be quite easy and not something that you must fear, thinking you must be some kind of expert to be able to install them.

The design is also one that is classic, cool, and sleek, especially since they are colored black, which gives them a certain vibe. If you are looking for something that is more somber or less flashy, you are in luck with this option, as it’s one that you can rely on for making your motorcycle look classy.

As it comes with many advantages, from a cool design to an affordable price, let’s take a further look at this product and see what some of the pros and cons are when it comes to actually buying it and using it.


Nylon is a good material to use for making these products, as it is highly resistant and, very importantly, it won’t be affected by bad weather or humidity like other materials.

The nylon is also making this product less likely to be affected by corrosion, which is something you would have to deal with in order cases.

The design is also an important aspect when we discuss license plate bolts, as you need some that fit your style, and what could work better than a sleek black model?

Picking this model is also very good for when you are riding a motorcycle that tends to vibrate as it doesn’t encounter problems in those circumstances.


The installation process is going to require you to use some tools, and, although it’s not a hard thing to do, some people may not like it. The problem doesn’t require expert help, so even a friend could do it for you.

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7. Cruiser Accessories License Plate Frame Hardware

A license plate bolt frame hardware that is created to keep the license plate in one place, without rattling which could damage it or make it fall from your motorcycle, is always good, which is why this product is one that you could buy, especially since it has an affordable price.

The product has metric locking stainless Star Pin fasteners which have the really important role of discouraging anybody to try and remove the license plate frame from your bike. Since we all know how people like to take license plates that don’t belong to them, for some reason, this added benefit is highly welcomed.

On top of that, the metric fasteners have a special design with a star center which means nobody can remove them unless they have a special Star Pin key, like the one that comes with this package, so that really assures you of the fact that nobody is going to steal anything.


The metric fasteners are created with a special star center that makes it basically impossible for anybody to try and remove the screws as they can only be removed with a Star Pin key included in the package.

One of the most important features is the fact that you can use this product for any novelty of license plates that are for import vehicles.

The package comes with various items, like 2 rattle stop fasteners, 2 regular fasteners, 2 nuts, 4 plastic washers, and 1 special Star Pin key.

Installing it is very easy, thanks to the Star Pin key, which makes it a user-friendly product that anybody can take on.


The plastic washers aren’t considered to be highly durable, but you may replace them easily with others that are softer and much more pliable if they would fit your needs better. This is an affordable solution that lets you benefit from the rest of the advantages of this product.

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8. uxcell 4Pcs Black Aluminum Alloy Decorative License Plate Bolt Screw

These license plate bolt screws are created to keep your license plate steady, especially when you go on a road that would make it vibrate. Since intense vibration can lead to the bolts loosening and you losing your plate, a product like this one is what you would need for you not to risk that ever happening.

The resistance of the bolt screws is highly important and can not be understated. This means that you only have to pick products made from resistant materials, such as this one, which is made from aluminum alloy, a material that you very well know to have a good resistance so you won’t come across any issues.

The package will arrive containing 4 license plate bolt screws that have the shell colored black, so they will blend in with the rest of your vehicle easily, especially since you can use it for not only a motorcycle, but also a car.


Resistance comes from the material used to create the bolt screws, so this product has the advantage of the fact that it’s created from aluminum alloy.

The bolt screws don’t get affected by vibration, which in turn means that the license plate won’t be affected by vibration, thus keeping it steady.

The product has a cool design, thanks to the silver bottom half and the black shell which makes it easier to camouflage it on your motorcycle or car.

The fact that you can use it for both your car and your motorcycle is an added advantage, since many such products are only made for one.


In some rare cases, you could get one or two pieces that don’t match the others, which is unfortunate, as the whole point is of them to match, but fortunately, this doesn’t seem like something that happens often. This seems to be the exception, not the rule.

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9. P1 Tools Nylon License Plate Frame Bolts & Nuts & Screws

If you are wondering how hard it is to install these products, wonder no more, as they are really easy to work with - you won’t have to use any tools, you won’t need to remove them using your fingers or nails, it’s just a really easy activity that can be done by anybody, which is a really cool thing.

As mentioned above, resistance is everything, and as these products are made out of nylon material, this means you won’t have to deal with problems created by water, corrosion, rust, or anything of the sort. Nylon is one material that you can rely on for many products, including this one.

So, overall, what are some of the pros and cons of these products, when you get down to it? Is it something that is worth your money or not? Let’s take a look and find out together in the lines below.


The installation process is simple as 1-2-3, you won’t need any tools for it, you won’t have to risk getting hurt while doing it, it’s just very easy.

A material like nylon is good because it doesn’t rust, doesn’t develop corrosion, is not affected by water, etc., which gives it an advantage.

You can use these products not only for your motorcycle, but also for your bicycle, boat trailer, etc., also thanks to the material used to create it.

The design is simple and doesn’t stand out a lot, which is ideal for people who don’t want to make a big deal out of their plates.


While the products will keep the plate in its place, it looks like they may not always hold it completely tight, as they should, but a very simple solution for this is to use some super glue as it is bound to fix the problem.

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10. TrickToppers Hex Head License Plate Frame Bolt Kit (2 Pcs)

Looking for a model that can fit various types of motorcycles, from the most famous ones to the less recognized ones? This product right here is advertised as being able to do so and it seems like it does really have this capacity. That is a very important aspect, as it means you won’t have to deal with returning the product and looking for something else.

The products have all-black anodized aluminum finish, hex sides, combo nut-lock washers, and hex billet aluminum heads with steel-threaded studs, which make all of them able to work together and deliver you good results when you are out on the road, keeping your license plate in place.

Having so many cool features, we’d say it’s worth a look at what the pros and cons of this product are, and see what the big deal with it is and if it’s worthy of your time and money.


The products have graphics that are resistant to fading away, with the logo also being resistant to contact with water, all created in advance.

You can use the bolts for several types of motorcycles available out there, ranging from the most famous to the least famous of them all.

The features are created to keep the license plate in place, even when experiencing strong vibrations while you are on the road.

It has a cool design that is also user-friendly, so you won’t encounter problems when it comes to knowing how to install the bolts or how to remove them.


We wouldn’t suggest using the product for cars or trucks that have a metal screw mounting that doesn’t allow full and easy access to the back of the license plate, as you will need that to be able to tighten the tag bolts without the issues that a limited space gives you.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you are looking for the best motorcycle license plate bolts, clearly you want them to be easy to use and secure. But what makes them the best? Can a cheap motorcycle license plate bolt be considered good? Are Harley Davidson license plate bolts the best that you can find? How affordable are they? Let’s analyze all of these together.


The truth is that finding the best license plate bolt is not that difficult per se; what makes it look so difficult is the wide variety that you can find online or even in regular shops which makes you think that there are millions of models you can choose from. What’s really important, though, is quality.

An affordable motorcycle license plate bolt can be exactly what you are looking for, which is why the price is not always the best indicator. There are ways to deal with cheap versions which can make them as good as more expensive ones, but all you have to know really are just some things that make the difference.



The material out of which these products are made is probably the most important aspect. You need to choose materials that are resistant to wearing out as you use the motorcycle, that aren’t affected by water and exposure to it, that won’t experience corrosion or rusting, which should reduce the list of available models out there.

Aluminum alloy and plastic are great in this respect, as they aren’t going to face the same problems as other materials as many motorcycle license plate bolts reviews are going to tell you. Such products, made of plastic or nylon, are also bound to be also on the affordable motorcycle license plate bolts side, which is something that many people care about in the first place.

So, as you can see, even cheap motorcycle license plate bolts can be very good, if you know what to choose. If a model is really cheap and doesn’t stick too well, you can use some super glue to make sure the license plate bolts and the license plate itself is properly attached, but that makes removing them much harder – then again, that’s not something you would do that much, anyway.


LED and reflective heads

In a motorcycle license plate bolt review, you will surely find some examples about lighted license plate bolts or reflective license plate bolts as these are highly important aspects. Any source of light matters sometimes, so license plate lighted bolts are a must for many of us, since they will give you much better visibility.

Style vs security

When you are looking for license plate reflector bolts, the design is the thing that makes us attracted the most toward a certain model, but that’s actually far from being the most important aspect. While you may care a lot about black license plate bolts or skull-shaped ones, their quality should take priority over their design.

What you need to pay attention to is how likely those plates are to stick after you’ve used the bolts. This is why license plate security bolts are highly important, as you don’t want to be out on the road and suddenly realize that you are missing the plate. Gluing them can help you, but it’s better to pick a model that stays without that extra help.

For Harley license plate bolts, you have to pay attention to quality the most – it would be otherwise ridiculous to own such an incredible motorcycle if you don’t care about such a basic thing. So, don’t forget, quality before anything!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to remove license plate bolts?

First, start examining the bolts that hold the license plate so you can observe what tools you will need: a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, a wrench, etc. Make sure the tool is also the correct size and start unscrewing the license plate bolts by slowly turning them to the left, in a series of counterclockwise moves.

Be careful where you put the bolts you’ve removed as they are easy to lose. Remove the 2 top bolts or the 2 lower bolts first. Hold the license plate (or ask somebody to help you) as when you remove the other bolts, the item won’t fall and scratch the paint on the motorcycle.

Once you’ve removed all of the bolts, you can remove the license plate as well. It’s not a complicated affair and you can do it easily without having to be some sort of expert in this domain.

Q: What size are license plate bolts?

There are different sizes of license plate bolts as the license plates themselves have different sizes. The license plate of a motorcycle is not going to have the same size and shape as the one for a car, which means that the bolts keeping the plate in place are also going to have a different size.

Because of this, you should check what size you would need before buying anything. Truthfully, there aren’t that many differences and there is one size that is considered to be the standard one, but you may have a vehicle that doesn’t have a standard size, which is why it’s important to check it beforehand.

After you’ve done the sizing, you will certainly find the bolts that you need in any place where bolts for license plates are being sold. If you are lucky, you will have the standard size, which is the one that is, naturally, the easiest to find.


Q: Can you hang a license plate without drilling holes?

Generally speaking, license plates already have drilled holes in them: 2 in the upper region and 2 in the bottom region. In some cases, you can find license plates that only have 2 holes, which are rarer, but, nonetheless, they still exist. But how do you hang a license plate without drilling holes in the motorcycle, if there’s no place for the bolts?

One solution is to use adhesive tapes. These are easy to use and can help you mount a license plate in several minutes. You just need to make sure you properly clean both the plate and the surface where you’ll attach it beforehand. There are also magnetic mounts that you can use, as well as quick-release mounts, although they might be a bit more difficult to install.

A second solution is to use a strong glue, like superglue, which is going to keep the license plate in place with ease. Be careful when you use this option as removing the plates afterward is going to be much more difficult compared to the above versions.

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