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8 Best Motorcycle Alarms (Reviews) in 2022

In the list below, you have what could be the best alarm for motorcycle use if you’ll take the time to choose one that suits your needs the best. To make sure that no matter what model you pick, it will be sturdy and it will incorporate the latest technology, we’ve created the list based only on highly-rated products.

1. BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System

This unit will keep your beloved motorcycle safe from thieves for a small price similar to how a helmet from this description will protect your head. The compact piece will work with most models, as long as they have 12/24 volt batteries. One cool thing about it is the fact that it comes with a simple-to-use remote control so that you can activate or deactivate it from a distance.

The anti-hijacking system works fast, and it comes in black, although the cables are colorful for a touch of style. Moreover, it features a built-in shock sensor, which makes it even more efficient in its mission.

The gadget is also very loud, so even if you are asleep, it will still be able to wake you up in case something happens because it is even noisier than a loud motorcycle horn. Its wide range of compatibility makes it appealing to many customers. And so is the fact that it comes from a trusted brand known for putting out durable items like this one.


If you’re on the lookout for a loud motorcycle alarm that will keep your friend-on-wheels safe from thieves, this unit is worth taking into account as it is easy to use and built to make sure you hear it even when you are asleep. 

The unit was designed to work with many bike models as long as the one you want to use it for has a 12/24 volt battery. 

Remotes might be complicated with other alarm systems, yet the one this pack includes is not part of that category since it promises to provide the user with easy operation. 

To ensure enhanced efficiency and keep thieves at bay, the motorcycle alarm features a built-in shock sensor and produces a loud sound. 


The sound ensured by this anti-theft security system might not be loud enough to let you know about any danger if you park your bike away from your house.

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2. Guardian by Dowco 26038-00 Motorcycle Security Alarm System

If you want a reliable model that will do its job like a pro, this one might be an excellent choice. Its small size sets it apart, as it won't be uncomfortable or distracting no matter where you place it on your motorcycle. Furthermore, it can be installed in minutes, without needing any tools and together with other interesting accessories you will be able to protect your bike while keeping it's design as you like it. 

The unit emits a total of 130 decibels in case someone activates it either by mistake or in case he or she is trying to steal your two-wheeled vehicle. A highlight that you are going to appreciate is its 9-volt battery, which provides many hours of use.

It is a discrete piece of technology that offers versatility to the buyer since it doesn't need any special wiring to be mounted on the motorcycle. If you think it is necessary, you can even hide it in one of your cover's pockets in case you don't want to ruin the seamless design of your motor.


In case you’re interested in a compact motorcycle alarm for your bike that is easy to install, this security system is worth adding to your list of options. 

What makes this bike alarm stand out is its small size, a feature that makes it a comfortable model. 

Furthermore, given its design, the unit ensures easy installation as it requires no tools and can be attached to your bike in no time.

The item is loud enough for you to hear it even when you’re sleeping as it emits a total of 130 decibels. 

The 9-volt battery promises to provide you up with many hours of use, which makes it a great choice even for people who are on the road a lot and park their bikes in different new places.


This anti-theft system does not shut automatically and the sound produced might be too loud. 

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3. Coocheer Motorcycle Anti-theft Disc Brake Lock

Add the security layer you need by attaching this subtle gadget to the front wheel of your motorcycle. It is not just functional, but also stylish. The disc break lock can work with a wide palette of vehicles, including bikes and ATVs.

It is forged from steel, which ensures the piece is strong and durable. It even has a water and dustproof body, and anti-rust properties so you can use this unit for many years to come. And the fact that it is sensitive and that even a slight vibration can activate it is something worth adding up.

You should note that the lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries that you won't have to replace very often, and in the box, you also get six extra batteries and three security keys. Loudness will not be an issue, as it will be deafening and you'll be able to hear the warning sign even if you are far from the motorcycle.


Built to enhance your bike security, this motorcycle alarm is a stylish gadget that you can install with ease and that is compatible with a variety of bike models. 

The disc lock can be used not only with bikes but also with ATVs and promises the provide you with many years of use thanks to its durable build. 

The product is forged from steel, so you can rest assured that you can employ it to protect your bike from thieves for many years. 

Moreover, the unit is waterproof and dustproof, which means that leaving it out there uncovered won’t damage it. 

The unit includes 6 LR44 batteries as well as six extra batteries to cover your needs for a long time.

With this alert system, you won’t have to worry about getting a key separately as the pack contains three of them. 


The motorcycle alarm is very sensitive and activates very easily, even when slightly moved.

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4. Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Motorcycle Lock

Convenience is the word that’s most used to describe this product. One way the manufacturer ensured that's the case is by making the product keyless. You can lock and unlock it by using a specially made app that is available for both iOS and Android phones.

The alarm can reach 110db, which will scare all the thieves that will try to steal your motorcycle. To make sure it will survive all weather conditions and intensive use, the manufacturer decided to craft it out of steel and add a rust-protective vinyl case for longevity and style.

The piece is 0.4" in diameter, and 47" in length, which is quite compact. This feature makes it ideal for many vehicles and also super versatile. Besides, it is IP44 approved, meaning it is splash-resistant. To power it, you will only need three AAA batteries that will last up to eight months of daily use.


Motorcycle locks are designed to keep thieves at bay and this security system for your bike is committed to ensuring such benefits successfully. 

What makes this alert system stand out is that it does not require a key for locking/unlocking but an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

The security system was built to be heard and thus can reach 110db, which means that the sound produced will be loud enough for you to hear even if you’re away from where the bike is parked. 

The steel and the rust-protective vinyl case used for this loud alarm are committed to ensuring durability and withstanding various weather conditions. 

The unit is also compact as it measures 0.4″ in diameter and 47″ in length and it was designed to ensure easy installation. 


This security system for bikes is really loud and you should avoid keeping it too close to your head. 

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5. TCMT Wheel Disc Brake Lock Safety Alarm

Good alarms for your two-wheeler are hard to find, so you should not miss the opportunity to check this product out. It is tiny and light, yet its warning signal exceeds 100 dB, which is more than enough to fulfill its purpose. The piece sports a timeless silver color, and it is resistant to rust.

One thing that reviewers pointed out is that the piece is easy to mount even if you lack experience with tools and gadgets from this category. Plus, the steel it is made of will ensure that thieves will have no chance of cutting through it and stealing your belongings.

The model works with most vehicles, and it comes with two keys - the spare will be handy if you are a forgetful person. Each warning will last for ten seconds, which is enough to wake you up in case something goes wrong, but not too long so it won't disturb your neighbors.


Compact and lightweight, this disc lock safety alarm is easy to install and committed to adding an effective layer of security to your bike. 

Designed to deliver a warning signal that exceeds 100 dB, this unit will create a loud sound that will discourage people with bad intentions to steal your bike. 

Easy installation is ensured by the way this loud alarm was designed and thus the unit can be rapidly installed even by people with no previous experience in this field.

The steel employed for the construction of this disc lock system will make sure that using the alarm for a long time won’t be a problem. 

You don’t have to worry if you lose the key needed for locking/unlocking this product as the pack includes two of them. 


Make sure you don’t keep your head too close when locking/unlocking this bike security item as it can get really loud.

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6. Pyle Watch Dog Motorcycle Bike Vehicle Alarm

Another alarm that packs many features for a small price is this one from Pyle. It has a minimalistic design, with contrasting colors and clean lines, which won't be distracting while you are riding your road companion.

To control it, you'll have to use the provided remote. This is a convenient way of turning it on and off, without having to touch the alarm itself. And the list of extras doesn't end here, as this gadget also works with all motorcycles with 12/24-volt batteries, so you could use it for all your vehicles in case you own more than one.

It also features an adjustable shock sensor so that you can set your preferred sensitivity level, and when it comes to power consumption, this is on the low side because it requires less than 3.5mA to work properly. And in case you're wondering, mounting it is a hassle-free mission as well.


Featuring a minimalistic design, this bike alarm was built to keep thieves away and help you protect your vehicle and various belongings easily and for a long time. 

To make sure that you can use it with various motorcycles in case you own more than one such vehicle, the item is compatible with all the vehicles in this category that feature a 12/24-volt battery. 

This unit is ideal if you prefer models with remotes as the pack includes one that ensures a convenient way of turning the alarm on/off without touching it. 

The siren sound and light flash will make sure that anything bad happening will be noticed. 

Easy installation is ensured by the product’s design and the unit allows you to set the sensitivity level that best suits your needs. 


Make sure you adjust the sensitivity level before using it as the product can activate at the slightest vibration otherwise. 

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7. Rupse Waterproof Motorcycle Remote Control Alarm

This badass-looking piece will alert you every time someone tries to steal your motorcycle. Most buyers appreciate it because it doesn't give too many false alarms and because its sensitivity levels can be adjusted by reading the provided instructions.

The piece can be controlled with the help of the provided remote, which is just as small and useful as the product itself. The horn is loud without being annoying, transforming the piece into the ideal product if you live in a residential area and you don't want angry neighbors.

It is flying saucer-shaped, and it offers enhanced waterproof performance, so that it can be used even in extremely humid environments. The unit can be utilized by adventurers and campers, as it will survive even muddy roads. And if you're looking to save a few bucks, note that it has a low-power consumption which will spare you the effort of recharging it often.


In case you’re looking for a security alarm system that is loud enough to let you know about unfortunate events even when you’re asleep, this model shouldn’t go unchecked as it was designed to ensure such benefits. 

Thanks to the two remotes the pack includes, you can easily turn the unit on/off even when you’re away from it. 

The waterproof build will make sure that you get to use this motorcycle alarm even when the weather falls on the unpleasant side. 

To make sure that you can hear the siren alert, the unit produces a loud sound that will discourage thieves from getting close to your bike. 

The item was built with low consumption in mind; therefore, you don’t have to worry that it will drain your battery. 


Even if you choose the lowest sensitivity level, this bike security system might still be too sensitive.  

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8. Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm

Reviewers enjoyed the fact that this product can receive signals from up to two miles away. This feature might be useful if you have to park your motorcycle far away from your office. In the box, you also get a three-button remote, so you won't have to get close to the alarm to deactivate it.

Another strong selling point is its 120-decibel siren, which is fitted into a compact body that is both sturdy and appealing. The sensors inside the gadget are highly-sensitive, and the LED warning light it also sports will indicate if it is armed or not.

It can be installed directly on the battery of the vehicle, so you can forget about recharging it, and the whole mounting process takes less than thirty minutes. The product is designed to offer convenience and take as little space as possible, without lacking in quality and high-tech features like its adjustable 2-stage shock sensor.


With a 120-decibel siren and a design that ensures easy installation and operation, this motorcycle alarm promises to help you keep your bike safe and do so for a long time. 

The unit was designed to prevent bike theft and thus produces a loud sound that you can hear even if you’ve parked your vehicle not too close to your house or office. 

Thanks to the three-button remote included in the box, you will be able to activate/deactivate the alarm even when you’re not near it. 

The 2-stage shock sensor featured is adjustable and the unit also sports an LED alert. 

Given its compact yet sturdy design, the system can be installed with ease as it won’t take too much space and promises to withstand extended use. 


The product falls on the expensive side, yet the specs it comes with are committed to preventing your bike from being stolen.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


One of the many means of keeping your motorcycle safe from burglars is by installing an alarm. This great invention deters most would-be thieves away instantly, and even if it fails to do that, the gadget will alert you immediately if someone is trying to move your motor.

But since not all the products that can be found online are good quality, this guide will help you effortlessly navigate through the many buying options available right now. Start by looking at the things that any products offer you, think about the type of alarm you want to buy, and lastly, see if the ideal choice fits your budget.

Details that matter

The first thing that should be noticed when buying a new product is the alarm’s power. This is given by the number of decibels it packs. For example, a sixty decibel alarm might be suitable if you keep the motorcycle in the proximity of your house. But if you plan on leaving it far away, you might want to choose one that has at least one hundred decibels.

Moreover, if you are someone who can’t be bothered with complicated gadgets, find a model that is simple to use and with straightforward settings and features. For example, the remote should have no more than two buttons – one to turn the alarm on and one for other parameters.

The amount of cash you are willing to spend on an alarm might be something that keeps you up at night – and for a good reason. However, experts say that these are not things you buy very often, so you should not be afraid to spend a premium price for something that will keep your motorcycle safe.

You could go for a cheap motorcycle chain if you don’t want to spend too much, but remember that it could be cut with a portable saw, which shows us traditional products cannot replace a powerful alarm.


Some things to look out for

When looking for motorcycle alarms for sale, there are a few things to look out for. For example, if you plan to leave your bike far away from you – in a mall’s parking space or something of this sort, make sure you go for a product that comes with a remote.

A two-way remote will be the better choice, as it will notify you as soon as anything happens to the motorcycle, but only if you are in the range of the remote. This way, you can check up on your vehicle immediately, without having to walk one step.

Another thing that matters, as many motorcycle alarms reviews tell us, is the type of sensor the gadget is fitted with. The most common sensor is the so-called shock sensor, which is triggered by sudden movement.

The tilt sensor, the current sensor, and the sought-after location sensor are other types that can be found inside alarms, but they are not must-haves, but rather extra features that make a product more appealing. The best alarm system for motorcycle use will have at least two types of sensors.

Last concerns

Going back to the types of alarms that the market has to offer, you should know that some models can be used independently, while others will require you to mount them on the electrical system of the motorcycle. Now, it might sound complicated, but it is not a laborious task that could frustrate you.

Those models are handy because they don’t require batteries and a thief will not be inclined to rip something that’s attached to the inner components of a vehicle. Thus, the chances you’ll be robbed will decrease exponentially. The right motorcycle alarm system with GPS could help you locate your vehicle in case someone does manage to steal it.

Experts also recommend that riders invest in new alarms, and avoid buying second-hand products. You risk getting a malfunctioning piece or one from a person with less positive intentions who might keep a duplicate key for himself. So to be covered, try investing in a brand-new product, as it is the better alternative.

And the last advice is not to limit yourself to just one type of alarm. Many owners use two kinds, especially those who live in shady areas. You could also invest in other exciting motorcycle accessories, such as covers so that you can make the motor less appealing to the scrutinous eyes of thieves.

If you need more accessories ideas, you should know that you can never have too many high-quality motorcycle battery chargers, especially if you are a frequent traveler.


Types of motorcycle alarms 

When searching for a quality motorcycle alarm, you will run into various models. While they all have the same role and that is to alert you if someone touches the bike, they respond to that disruption differently. Some of them make use of a siren, a GPS tracking system, or a sensor; therefore, getting acquainted with how an alarm works is the first thing to do before deciding on a product. 

The most common motorcycle alarms are the ones featuring a siren. You’ve most probably heard one of them. Such an alarm type sports a sensor that detects vibration. When motion is detected, the sensor will trigger the alarm. 

The device will then emit a loud warning sound that is usually followed by a shrill sound to scare the thief, alert the people passing by, and notify you that there is unwanted or potentially harm movement near your bike. 

Siren alarms are so popular thanks to their efficiency. Although they differ as far as the number decibels ensured is concerned, even the ones emitting a 60-decibel sound will surely be heard as long as the bike is not too far away from you. Thieves have indeed become good at disabling even more sophisticated models, yet the alarm might still get to sound before they do that and thus alert you of the unfortunate happening. 

The market now offers alarms that come with a perimeter sensor. As the name suggests, these models will activate when an invader enters a certain closed perimeter. As soon as such an event occurs, the unit will emit a loud alarm to let you know about it. 

The thing with this alarm type is that it should be used if you don’t park your bike in a crowded area. Employing such a unit in an area where there is a lot of traffic will most probably make the alarm go on continuously.  

Some bike owners use a GPS tracking system as part of protecting their motorcycles. What’s great about this type of gadget is that it will let you know if your bike is no longer where you’ve parked it and where it is heading. The drawback is that such a product won’t emit any sounds if and when the bike is actually being stolen. 

A GPS tracking unit can help you recover your bike but not prevent it from being taken away from you, at least for a while until you manage to get it back. It is thus best to use a combination of alarms or try to find one that combines a siren with a GPS tracking system. 


Materials and durability 

Once you’ve decided on the type of alarm you want for your bike, you need to consider the way it was built and the materials it features. Again, where you park your bike contributes a lot to the decision-making process. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions and high humidity levels, then getting a waterproof unit is a must. 

If it rains a lot in your region, you use an alarm that does not have waterproof properties, and you don’t cover your bike, chances are that the alarm will get damaged soon and thus stop doing its job. This further makes it more likely for you to go out for a ride yet no longer find your bike where you’ve parked it. 

A resilient material such as steel or some other strong metal is often used for such gadgets. They will withstand extended use, rain, and extreme weather conditions. Such models might indeed be a bit pricier but they will last you for quite some time. 

Also, consider the way the alarm is powered. Some models can be employed independently while others are connected to the electrical system of the bike. The latter category is desirable as it makes it more difficult for a thief to remove it from your motorcycle. 

However, if you do choose to go for a unit that works on batteries, consider the hours of power provided by the batteries required and how often you need to change them. 

Ease of installation and use

Regardless of the type of motorcycle alarm you decide to buy, make sure that it is easy to install and use. Many such products come with installation instructions. Some of them involve simple steps, while others might be a bit more complicated to mount. 

Some models need to be connected to the electrical system of the bike and, therefore, require greater attention. If you have found a model that ticks all the boxes, yet that is not that easy to install, ask for a professional’s help to be sure that you don’t damage the bike during the process.

In case you’re not that much into gadgetry and technology, look for a model that is also easy to operate. The ones with remotes make a very convenient way to control the unit even when you’re away. 

There are various ways you can use to protect your motorcycle and a complete security approach involves using several of them. Adding a siren alarm to your ride and a cable lock might not be enough. There are so many factors that affect your bike’s safety and therefore you should consider all of them and act accordingly. 

Even if you own a heavy bike and you park it in front of your house, it is not a guarantee that it will not tempt thieves. You still need to create a security system to deter them. It is not that difficult for them to pick it up from right under your nose. 

Securing and locking it to the ground and adding an alarm system are compulsory if you want to still find your bike where you have left it. Also, if you decide to use a disc brake lock besides an alarm, it is highly recommended to get one with a reminder cable. 


A few key points 

No matter if you live in a city or in a remote area, protecting your motorcycle with a security alarm system is definitely something that you want to do. However, when it comes to identifying the best motorcycle alarms for your needs, things are not always as easy as they seem. 

There are plenty of aspects that you need to keep in mind, from the perimeter sensor to whether adding a reminder cable is going to be necessary. With this being said, it’s also important to still have an idea about what the best motorcycle alarms are on the market because this way, you can make sure that you choose a product that you will be able to use for a long time. 

Motorcycle alarms need to meet a few key criteria in order to be truly effective, but, at the same time, you also need to consider how you are going to use the system. For this reason, it’s always important to assess your needs first, and then see which one of the motorcycle alarms on the market is going to fit the bill. 

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that even the best motorcycle alarms may not be equipped to handle rough weather conditions, therefore if you live in an area that usually has a lot of rain and wind, you need to look for a product that’s specially built to withstand this. The perimeter sensor is also crucial to determine the effectiveness of an alarm system unless you’re simply using a reminder cable. 


Product quality

Just as is the case with pretty much anything we purchase, no matter if you are browsing through the best motorcycle alarms or you are simply looking at a reminder cable, you want to make sure that the product you choose is of the highest quality. Not only will you be able to sleep at night knowing that an effective security alarm system protects your vehicle, but you will also save money in the long run. 

After all, it’s true that motorcycle alarms are available in every price range, but this is not the type of device that you want to choose based on this aspect alone. In fact, if you do go for a top-rated alarm system for your ride, chances are that you won’t have to make that investment anytime soon. 

While we are on this matter, it’s important to point out that motorcycle alarms do get stolen as well. This doesn’t mean that using a cheaper reminder cable is the answer, but that you should make sure that you protect everything that goes around your bike one way or another, and that includes the alarm system as well. 

Of course, in case you keep your motorcycle in a garage during the night, then you can use a less complex alarm system, as part of the job is already done. On the other hand, if you live in an area where your ride is exposed for long periods of the day and night, then going for one of the best motorcycle alarms is no longer optional. 

In the end, the alarm system is there to protect your initial investment, which is the motorcycle itself. Plus, along the same lines of going for a high-quality product, you want to choose an alarm system that’s made of very strong materials, and thus resistant to wear and tear. 

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle alarms


Q: How to install a motorcycle alarm with remote start?

After you bought an alarm, make sure you find the wiring diagram for your motorcycle in the owner’s manual or online. Compare the two wiring diagrams, of the gadget and the vehicle, and acquaint yourself with the color coding of the cables.

It is recommended that you connect the main power and ground wires straight to the battery terminals, which you can access in different ways based on your motor’s model. Before you do this, make sure you disconnect the powerful motorcycle battery, so you can install the unit safely, without any accident, since you could easily electrocute yourself if not careful.

Q: Do the alarms of motorcycles deter thieves?

Statistically speaking, the best motorcycle security system will manage to do that. Not every time, of course, but more often than not, alarms will scare thieves. The great thing about these inventions is that they are small and compact, and in dim light, they are practically invisible. And most burglars will not notice you have one mounted on your vehicle.

Thus, the deafening warning sound will scare them away. Even if they see the alarm, it can still have a prophylactic security purpose, especially if used in conjunction with a chain or another way of physically securing the motorcycle. Don’t count on an alarm to do all the work, and look for a black motorcycle cover with no logo to double its efficiency.


Q: What is a motorcycle radar perimeter alarm system?

Although some radar-based alarms function similarly to the principle of PIR sensors, most take movement detection to a higher level by gathering even more information. As soon as a person or a large animal approaches the detection area or the vehicle that sports the alarm, the radar motion sensor triggers a warning sign.

Unlike other technologies like ultrasound, infrared and infrasound, radar sensor systems are ultimately unaffected by all environmental influences or inanimate objects, and have a high range of action or perimeter. All of these bonuses make them suitable choices for those who like ultra-modern devices.


Q: Do motorcycle alarms drain battery? 

Motorcycle alarms are great if you want to add a layer of security to your bike and prevent it from being stolen, yet such systems come with both advantages and disadvantages. One of them is related to the battery drain and it is available in the case of alarms that need to be mounted on the electrical system of the bike. These alarm units can trigger battery drain, yet today’s market offers models that drain the bike battery less. 

When shopping for an anti-theft alarm for your bike, it is best to check the power consumption required by the model you’ve set your eyes on. Many such products come with information that should help you get an idea of how much the unit will drain your battery. Some models were designed to save you battery power and thus consume less indeed, yet such items might be more expensive. 

These alert systems come with sensors, remotes, and other elements that require power to work. Not to mention that if you leave the alarm on all the time, you are likely to find your battery dead one day. Of course, how much drainage is involved depends on the type of alarm you use, how much you leave it on, and the battery your bike features. 

Q: How common is motorcycle theft?

Unfortunately, bike theft has reached such figures in certain states that motorcycle theft is often seen as an epidemic. The ease with which some of these vehicles can be lifted and stolen is one of the factors that have contributed to the increasing number of motorcycle thefts in the last year with high figures in the U.S. and the UK. 

Although according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the number of motorcycle theft cases has decreased in 2018, it still reaches around 40,000 cases a year. The highest number of such incidents have been recorded in California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, and Indiana. 

Not to mention that not all bike owners install an alarm system or siren to prevent thieves from stealing the bike. With many bike owners not using a loud alarm to protect their assets, more and more units have been stolen in the past few years. 

Sometimes, even when bikes that come with siren systems and bolt locks installed and that are rather heavy are stolen since thieves have become quite inventive at dealing with both heavy-weighted models and anti-theft alarms. 



If you don’t want to reduce your motorcycle security only to the use of cable locks and chain locks and you intend to add an alarm, it is important to attach it properly and in such a way to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. The place where you choose to install the siren system counts a lot as far as its efficiency is concerned. It is recommended to lock an alarm on the frame of your bike and not on the wheels because removing a wheel or even both of them without triggering the alarm is not difficult.

Try to park your bike as close to your home or office as possible. Even if you use one of the best loud sound alarms, your motorcycle won’t be safe if you park it in a secluded place. There are cities where you can find motorcycle parking areas. If you have the possibility of parking the bike in such a place where there is enough light to discourage thieves from stealing your vehicle, then go for it. Try to park the motorcycle in a place with traffic as thieves tend to avoid them.

You might install a great anti-theft alarm system and still wake up one day with no bike to ride. Thieves will find a way to steal even a bike that is rather properly locked in place. That’s why it is recommended to mark your motorcycle parts with a UV pen. Since many thieves are interested in selling the parts of the motorcycles they steal, marking all of the vehicle’s parts with your vehicle identification number (VIN) will make it more difficult for them to actually succeed in doing that without being traced. 

Make your motorcycle unattractive or make it less visible. You can further protect your bike by covering it. The market now offers various types of motorcycle covers and some of them are waterproof, so such an item will protect it from the eyes of a thief and weather elements as well. However, using just a cover won’t be of much help; therefore, add this element of protection to the other safety measures we’ve mentioned such as the use of an effective alarm system and chain and disc locks. As we’ve said before, parking in low-risk areas is also highly recommended.

Besides adding an effective alarm, parking the bike safely, and taking the steps mentioned above, it is best to make use of an immobilizer as well. Many alarms are combined with such items to ensure enhanced efficiency since even more complex alarms can be disabled. An immobilizer will make it impossible for the ignition to be hot-wired or turned on when the key is not used. Moreover, it is ideal to choose an alarm that comes with a GPS chip tracker as such a feature will enable you to track the motorcycle in case a thief manages to steal it. 

Best motorcycle alarm brands


The company specializes in making and selling all kinds of electronic products, which range from Bluetooth headsets, long-range FM transmitters, charging cables, loudspeakers, and many other pieces meant to make the customer's life easier. At one point, they might have even sold affordable motorcycle radios.

Moreover, it operates a global team of engineers and talented designers who work together so they can deliver premium quality products to all customers. The company is now based in Shenzhen, China, and it is famous for the fact that it has many equality policies in place and that the brand is trying to reduce its carbon footprint.




Pyle is another brand praised for its premium gadgets. It was founded in the 1960s by a group of enthusiasts and it became a leading manufacturer of high-quality woofers. Its reputation quickly grew as customers recognized the sturdiness of its products, and so the brand became a household name.

Now, it extended the palette of accessories that it offers to include car parts, audio systems, and musical instruments. It might even sell accurate and fast motorcycle tracking devices. People also appreciate that the company doesn't overprice the stuff it sells, and that all the materials it uses are durable and can survive extended use.




The brand is popular, and it offers much more than alarms. For example, the company also sells waterproof motorcycle covers, saddlebags and many other types of luggage to make a rider's life easier.

Its goal is simple. The brand wants to supply customers with high-quality accessories and to be praised for its industry-leading customer service. In early 2017, the company was awarded for its fast delivery times, which says a lot about its practices. Plus, most of the gadgets that the brand sells come with a warranty and with the guarantee that they abide by all the industry's standards.




Coocheer is a famous electronics brand, and the products that the company offers include chargers, speakers, headphones and other high-end electronics that feature all the latest technologies. The innovative brand has recently branched out into the alarm market, and so far the feedback has been mostly positive.

The sensors in the alarms Coocheer manufactures are enhanced to be reliable in all kinds of conditions and to trigger as fewer false alarms as possible, which is a highlight that has attracted many customers in recent years. Moreover, the company's customer service is very helpful and quick in solving all issues.



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