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5 Best Motorcycle Disc Locks  (Reviews) in 2022

When looking for a cheap motorcycle disc lock, you might not be able to find the products that embody the characteristics which prove to be truly useful in this type of device. Luckily for you, we’ve listed a few of our favorite picks out of all the items available for sale and reviewed them thoroughly to give you some perspective.

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1. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Disc Lock

This Kryptonite motorcycle disc lock model is a dual reinforced high-security cylinder, designed to immobilize your vehicle to prevent roll-away or ride-away theft. By using it you lower your chances of having your motorcycle stolen.

The five millimeters diameter pin will fit even some smaller sizes of vent holes. This item is compact and lightweight, which means it’s pretty easy to carry (in your backpack) on a regular ride, while also being weatherproof, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, so you’ll know your bike is safe at any time.

Two stainless steel keys are included, and they have an ergonomic design that can reduce the amount of torque, as well as keep them from bending and breaking.

To prevent you from riding away while the disk lock is still engaged, this device also features a bright orange reminder cable to help you avoid such cases.


This disk locker features a reinforced high-security cylinder and it is proficient at immobilizing vehicles and making them impossible to steal.

The pin that it includes in its design can fit small vent holes, an aspect that makes it suitable for those who own various kinds of rides.

Because it is small in size and lightweight, this device is easy to transport and store in between uses. You can also carry it around in your backpack.

Moreover, given that it was made of waterproof materials, the option can pass the test of time with flying colors.


There were some customers who argued that this model is rather chunky and heavy. However, not many considered this a big disadvantage.

One other buyer pointed out that the yellow paint that was used to cover the lock tends to come off rather easily. Still, this does not affect its performance.

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2. Master Lock 8303EURDPS Lock with Steel Shackle

Another choice that you should consider is the 8303DPS manufactured by Master Lock. This lock is best to be utilized for motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds and it comes provided with a reminder cord and three extra keys that you can use. The 8303DPS also incorporates an easy-to-push button that activates the security system.

As a plus, this unit was created using high-quality materials, as the body of the lock was made from a mixture of zinc and steel. As a result, the product is resistant to corrosion and very difficult to break or cut.

The throat of the lock measures two inches, and it also comes supplied with a ¼-inch shackle. Those that have invested in it so far noted that the choice supplies its users with the necessary protection. Moreover, because the cable is bright in color, you will surely remember to take it off.


This disk brake lock is quite durable as it was made of high-quality materials such as zinc and steel. So, it is very difficult to cut through it.

Besides, the throat of the device measures two inches and the product also comes provided with a versatile ¼-inch shackle.

The cable that the item includes is bright in color so that it is easy to notice. Therefore, you won’t risk taking off without removing the lock.

If you need a unit that you can use to secure a motorcycle, moped or scooter, be sure to check out this alternative as it might suit you.


Although it is regarded as an affordable product, some argue that this lock is somewhat expensive when compared to other counterparts.

It has been argued that the keyhole that this model comes fitted with is rather difficult to access. Not many buyers agree.

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3. Mindy Disc Lock Anti Theft

The disc lock produced by Mindy is rugged and hardened to resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks, increasing the level of protection that your bike receives. A six-millimeter diameter pin is used, which can fit smaller vent holes than regular models.

It can be locked without using a key, meaning the process is fast and fail-proof. You press the lock cylinder, and you’re done. This device can be used for various vehicles, not only for motorcycles. For example, you can use it to protect your electromobile, bicycle and many more.

The unique lock core structure used by this brand makes it difficult for intruders to open it whichever method they try. The packaging of this product includes two keys and a padlock as well.

A magic key can be used to change, and the error is 1; after that the automatic idle cannot be opened anymore.


This cool-looking alternative was specially reinforced so that it is nearly impossible to cut, chisel, or saw through it. 

Also, the 6mm pin that it also features makes it suitable to be utilized with vehicles that have rather small venting holes.

To make it as practical as possible, the manufacturer has designed it to be easy to lock, even without a key. To do so, one just has to press down the lock cylinder.

When shipped, this device comes alongside two keys that you can use. This is an important feature according to many of its happy users.


Some previous buyers said that the products that they received did not work as advertised, as the locks kept getting stuck unexpectedly. Not many of the users had such issues.

There were customers who remarked that this choice is rather expensive, especially when considering the limited features that it comes fitted with.

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4. Heavy Duty Anti Theft Motorcycle Disc Lock

You can rest assured knowing that your motorcycle is impossible to steal if you use this protection from BigPantha. The premium security disk lock works if you engage it with your bike’s front disc. It’s made using 14 millimeters of hardened steel, and the shackle is a double deadbolt, for added strength.

It can resist picking, pulling or a lever assault by a crowbar in extreme cases. It cannot be drilled either, making it practically impossible to steal a bike that’s protected by this device.

More importantly, it’s effortless to notice, so the thief will probably not waste time trying. A bright orange reminder cable that fits between the disc lock and the handlebar grip is there to stop you from driving away while your lock is still engaged.

This design is coated with a hardened resilient and hard rubber sleeve, meaning that it will give you maximum protection, but at the same time, it won’t damage the finish of your motorcycle.


This option is particularly easy to use and it was made of sturdy materials that are quite difficult to cut through, which is the reason why so many recommend it.

It comes provided with a 14 mm hardened steel shackle, as well as with a double deadbolt locking system that has been patented. 

The device also includes a 6 mm pin that can slide through the rotor hole of your ride easily and smoothly. Once fitted, the wheel cannot be rotated anymore.

Moreover, this lock is shipped alongside a brightly colored reminder cable that is 52" long so that you don’t risk forgetting to take it off.


There was a buyer who said that, although it is quite versatile, at times it can get tricky to unlock it, especially when one is in a hurry.

Another customer pointed out that the key that the product comes shipped with is rather flimsy, and, as a result, it can be a nuisance to utilize it.

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5. Xena X2 Disc Lock X-2Y

Another viable alternative would be this Xena motorcycle disc brake lock, a robust alarm-less system with a chunky build and a 14 millimeters carbide-reinforced, hardened-steel double-locking pin. A safe and reliable option for most types of vehicles, this option works for various sizes, as well.

The unique V-shape design makes it difficult for thieves to steal your bike by presenting them with two cut points, thus increasing the time required by their operation and lowering their chances of success.

It has a high-grade steel body and a double-locking system, making it very efficient and built to last as well. What’s also worth mentioning is that this item can withstand various environments given that it has an ice spray-resistant body and key barrel.

Despite being an excellent choice for most large models of motorcycles and bicycles, this alternative does not come with a reminder cable. However, to deal with this issue, the manufacturers have added a reminder key.


This lock comes fitted with a double-locking pin that measures 14 millimeters and that has been hardened with steel for increased sturdiness. 

What makes this alternative stand out is the V-shape design that makes it quite difficult for thieves to cut through. 

Even more so, because it comes supplied with not just one, but with two locking points, this device is particularly difficult to break.

If you are looking for a model that can be utilized with larger motorcycles, this is the lock that you should add to your shortlist.


One issue that some customers pointed to is that the unit does not come shipped alongside a reminder cable. As a result, you have to purchase one independently.

A small number of buyers said that, although the quality of the device is good, this model was covered in a type of paint that wears off easily. Not all noted this issue.

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6. BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Lock

You can relax if your bike is protected by this piece of equipment manufactured by BigPantha. It’s proven to be efficient against theft attempts, and it is durable, tamper-resistant, and once it is fitted, it works by immobilizing the throttle or the clutch, giving the intruder a hard time.

If you’re always in a rush, you should know that this item is easy to use and the process is pretty fast to implement. You can remove the lock and fit it in less than five seconds, and what’s even cooler is that it's perfect for your jeans pocket, since it’s merely the size of a cigar case.

This device is going to stay with you for a long time, given that it’s built to last. It is waterproof as well as heat-proof, dustproof and rust proof, being able to withstand various weather conditions as well as different types of environments.


If you happen to be a fan of handlebar locks, this is the choice that you should check out before placing any orders.

The model is made of durable materials and it is tamper-resistant according to the manufacturer and many of its buyers.

Because it was developed using high-quality materials, this is one of those devices that will definitely pass the test of time.

The biggest advantage of the item is the fact that it is easy to put on and take off. In fact, installing it in place can take less than five seconds. 


One issue that you should know about before investing in it is that there were reports that said that this lock can cause damage to the grip of one’s ride. Not many reviewers had this problem.

There was one buyer who said that the lock started to malfunction after a couple of months of use. This was an isolated case.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you’re looking for a good motorcycle disc lock and you’re not sure what the features that truly make the difference between a regular option and an excellent choice are, then perhaps you might gather some insight after browsing through the suggestions presented in our buying guide.

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Design and style

Depending on the shape and the type of system that the brake lock uses, you can lower your chances of having your bike stolen by thieves and thus increase its safety. The better choice would be to look for a model that’s made using light materials but has a durable build.

Sturdy items might be difficult to carry around during a regular ride on a bike or a motorcycle, so it’s always best if you go for a lighter option. However, make sure the lock is hardened and can withstand sawing, cutting or chisel attacks, or any other means that might be used.

You can also choose between buying a brightly-colored model or a regular metallic finish one. It may seem like this is only a matter of style and personal preference, but in fact, brighter colors might repel thieves because it’s immediately visible that the respective vehicle is protected by an anti-theft device.

When it comes to the design, the general look of this type of product does not vary that much really, but you can go for a more sophisticated system such as a dual lock, that can increase the time it takes for an intruder to cut through the protection and thus lower their chances of success.


Adaptability and usability

When you buy this type of item, it’s essential to have these aspects in mind, since you will probably choose one that’s durable enough to have a long lifespan. You might need to use it for more than just one vehicle over the course of time, so it’s all for the best if it’s able to adapt.

There are many reasons for which a motorcycle security disc lock should be picked with attention, but usability is undoubtedly one of the essential ones. The process of engaging it and thus locking your vehicle in place should be fast and easy to perform so that it can be done by just about anyone.

Not everyone may own a motorcycle, but there’s a reasonably large number of individuals that use their bikes for daily transport.

If you’re one of them, you should probably keep an eye out for a disk lock that can be used for various types of vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, choppers, racing or sports bikes and bicycles, and that has a pin diameter that fits different sizes of vent holes.

The reminder cable

Another important aspect that you should consider if you want to make sure you get the best disc lock for motorcycle is whether or not there is a reminder cable included in the packaging or if you can buy one separately and install it afterward.

If you’re not familiar with this piece of equipment, you should know that a reminder cable is designed to prevent you from riding away while your vehicle is still locked using the protection system.

Doing this might cause unwanted damage, given that it’s after all designed to keep the motorcycle from moving to prevent it from being stolen, and thus might result in additional repairing costs.

The right way to go about choosing this item would be to go for the one in the brightest color, given that if it’s easily visible and as apparent as it can be, it will be a lot harder to ignore it.


Other aspects

Regarding budget you should know that this isn’t meant to be a ridiculously expensive device, so unless you’re looking for a state-of-the-art piece that can guarantee your vehicle’s safety then perhaps you’ll have no trouble finding one at a reasonable price.

If you’re interested in this subject and you want to know more about motorcycle equipment, you might find other articles on our website somewhat appealing. We can suggest the ones on a good motorcycle jump starter or reliable motorcycle GPS units.


More than a disc lock

To keep your motorcycle safe, you can use more types of locks at once to ensure no thief can get the better of your bike. You can use chains, ground anchors, sheds, trackers, or garage door defenders. Although you may have some of these at your disposal, don’t be inconsiderate when leaving your motorcycle somewhere.

Don’t forget the fact that how strong the materials are, also has an impact on how easy a bike is to steal. Metals are the best, especially when it comes to locking pins, with steel being the obvious choice, but there are some aluminum disc locks that can do a decent job as well. You will have to ensure they are resilient to cuts and drilling, and most models should do well against these actions.

But the design also influences how the lock works. With a heavy lock, and a sturdy locking pin, you are ensured to keep your motorcycle better protected, but this means you will also have more work to do when putting the lock on or taking it off. Don’t forget that some locks also have inner sensors that also need protection, and you have to make sure your model is able to prevent thieves from getting to those sensors.

The audio alarm is useful

A motorcycle lock that also produces sound when your motorcycle or a wheel is touched is also great if the alarm works well. Although placed on the disc, such a model can let you know when a thief is trying to steal your bike, no matter how he or she intends to do that. Being very loud, these alarms are a great solution when it comes to an extra measure of safety, but they are also annoying when something touches your brake disc and they go off without a reason.

Keep in mind that such a sensor works using a battery, and although most models come with batteries included, you will still have to check them regularly to make sure the motorcycle lock is still working. One more way that these alarm locks can keep your bike safe is by preventing those that try different keys from having any further action. When a key that doesn’t work is tried on the safety system, the alarm will go off.


Motion sensors

Sometimes, the locking systems that are placed on the wheel come with both an alarm and a motion sensor. Of course, this transforms such a locking mechanism into a heavy one, but it also means it’s safer and harder to break through. Placed on the brake disc, such a device can come with various programs that allow you to carefully select when you want the alarm to go off.

Having such a device is certainly a safe option, but because these things need to be sturdy, they don’t have other benefits like automatically calling the police included. This is why, to be sure you prevent thieves from stealing your motorcycle, you still have to park it in safe areas.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle disc locks


Q: How does a motorcycle disc lock work?

It works on a system that’s easy enough to understand and therefore can be used by anyone who owns a bicycle or a motorcycle. The lock has to be attached to the disc rotor, and it has a pin that goes through one of the vent holes.

This aspect is why you should choose a model that can fit several sizes of vent holes, for increased adaptability. After that, it locks on either side and makes it impossible to roll the wheels of the vehicle until the protection system is removed.

Q: How effective is a motorcycle disc lock?

Despite not being entirely fail-proof and not being recommended as the only means of deterrence, it’s still a good idea to protect your two-wheeled vehicle by using a disc lock. If you choose one correctly, according to the advice outlined in our buying guide and you select a brand that’s recognized for their top quality items then you shouldn’t have any trouble with it.

Of course, thieves always manage to come up with new ways of cheating the system, but you’ll feel more comfortable if you know you have protected your belongings accordingly.


Q: How to remove a motorcycle disc lock?

There’s a downside to a very durable and robust disc lock. In the eventuality that you lose your key and you can’t disengage it and ride away, you’ll have to remove it the way an intruder would.

Of course, one of the options would be to call a locksmith to help you get the job done, but if you’re more of a ‘solve your own problems’ type of person or you don’t want to spend the extra cash, you can go with the old-fashioned method of cutting through it with a Dremel. Another reasonable alternative would be to try to disassemble the vehicle and remove a wheel first.


Q: Are motorcycle disc locks better than chains?

If we’re to talk security, our best suggestion would be to take as many precautions as you possibly can. Therefore, using both a disc lock and a couple of chains might be a safer method of storing your bike, but if you were to choose between the two alternatives, we would have to say a disc lock is the better option.

The first reason would be its weight, given that it’s much lighter than a sturdy chain and it’s easier to carry along on a regular ride. Secondly, the system appears to be much safer when it comes to disc locks, and they’re likely to give thieves a lot more obstacles to surpass.

Other types of ensuring your motorcycle security


If you’ve tried disc locks before and you haven’t been satisfied or if you would just rather not spend your money on such an item and you’re looking for an alternative that might be much safer or much more affordable, then you needn’t worry.

We’ve also prepared a guide on similar pieces of equipment, which serve the same purpose but offer different features, and you can choose for yourself which item fits you and your requirements the best.


The alarm system

Despite the fact that most modern models, of motorcycles especially, come with additional means of providing security, there’s always the option of the good old-fashioned alarm system, but there are certain aspects to consider if you want to choose this way.

First of all, you need to consider whether or not you’ll be gone a long time away from your vehicle, and most importantly, how far away you’re going to be, because if you’re too far and you can't hear the alarm, then it misses its entire purpose.

This might not be the safest way, but it has the ability to scare thieves away once they hear the loud siren.

Whenever you’re leaving your bike unattended for a short amount of time, you can successfully use this protection system. You can also make sure that your handlebars are locked to one side since this way thieves will only be able to push your vehicle around in circles.


Security chains

This is perhaps the alternative that riders prefer if they’re not keen on disc locks, for various reasons. Disc locks can become uncomfortable if you don’t use them paired with a reminder cable, and the subsequent damage that can be brought to your vehicle might make you want to change your mind.

Despite the common belief that security chains are easy to cut through and do not provide the safest way of guarding your property, you should keep in mind that the point is to slow a thief down as much as possible. There’s no real way of preventing him from getting what he wants if he’s got his mind set on it.

Security chains manage to do that very well actually, and they have a much more affordable price than other pieces of equipment that serve the same purpose. Of course, some alternatives aren’t worth your attention, but if you choose the right materials and a robust and durable build, then you shouldn’t have any trouble.

However, a downside to this option might be the fact that it can be challenging to carry a chain around all the time, given that it’s a massive piece of gear that will permanently be in your backpack.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a light and durable chain, so you need to make up your mind and decide if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Ground anchors

This is a method of protecting your motorcycle that works best when it’s used in a home environment. It works only if it’s utilized for a bike that you park in the same place every day since the anchors cannot be moved once they have been installed.

Of course, it depends on the level of determination of the thieves in your neighborhood, but that’s also true for any other product in this list. Your best bet is to use a combination of various protection systems, or better yet, to park your vehicle in a garage.

If you do not have this option, at least make sure that while your bike is parked at home, it’s protected by as many means as possible.

It’s also worth mentioning that a ground anchor can be used for more than just one vehicle at a time, but you need to buy some robust chains to make it work.

As a last way of protecting your motorcycle, you could try and have a tracker fitted. This way you won’t prevent thieves from going about their business, but at least you’ll have the means to track it down and get it back in the shortest amount of time possible.

The bottom line would have to be that there’s no perfect way of making sure that your belongings won’t be stolen, but it never hurts to be extra careful and make use of all the means provided for you.



Unavailable products


Coocheer Anti-theft Alarm


[amzonimages asin="B06XXLDYPV"]Equipped with the ultimate German technology, this product has a reinforced design with a six-millimeter pushdown locking pin and a Super class B lock cylinder. These features prevent saw off, pry open and violence open so that your motorcycle will be safe from thieves at any time.

A 1.5-meter reminder cable serves to prevent you from forgetting when you haven’t removed the lock and saves the bike from the potential damage caused by riding away while the disc is still engaged.

This product is waterproof and made of high-quality stainless steel. Its body is durable and sturdy. It has a long life expectancy, and it’s easy to use by just about anybody. The four screws at the bottom can be easily removed by using the mini wrench, and afterward, all you need to do is to change the batteries inside for the device to work correctly.




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