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10 Best Harley Davidson Decals (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Finding the best Harley decals is not the hardest thing, but there is a lot of research involved, due to the multitude of products the market has to offer. We have done our homework and managed to find some great products in this line that we are going to share with you on the list showcased below. 

1. Chroma 005678 Harley-Davidson Eagle Decal

Your ride can look even better with some nice and large Harley Davidson decals. This model is an officially licensed Harley-Davidson decal and it is printed on high-quality vinyl. Furthermore, the silk-screen design is printed with UV ink. 

The CHROMA 005678 Harley-Davidson Decal is a self-adhesive item and it is very easy to apply. The package contains one large and three small eagles. One of the small ones can be applied to your helmet, for example. If you do not want to use the other ones, they can also make great gifts for someone who is a Harley fan. 

Also, you will like the fact that they sparkle in the sunlight. Moreover, due to the high-quality materials, the decals are very durable, being able to withstand constant heat or many days in the rain. They should only be applied on smooth, flat surfaces.


Since it is made of high-quality vinyl and the silk design is printed with UV ink, you can expect the highest quality and that it is also very durable.

The self-adhesive decal is very easy to apply. You will get a package with a large decal and three smaller ones that you can apply on your helmet, for instance.

The items sparkle in the sunlight and look amazing, and they are resilient. They can withstand extreme heat, as well as many days in the rain.

You can apply these decals on many types of items that have smooth and flat surfaces.


The package dimensions state that it is 16 inches long. However, the decal itself is only around ten inches. If you were looking for something larger, you will need to search for another model.

This is not the cheapest option in this line of products, but it does look awesome, especially on a vintage Harley.

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2. Harley-Davidson DC339129 Straight Wing Decal

This model is a great choice if you are looking for affordable Harley Davidson window decals. It is a straight wing bar and shield decal that measures 18.75 x 5.5 inches. Moreover, it is very easy to apply, as you simply have to remove the peel-off paper and stick it to a flat and smooth surface. It is suitable for any similar surface, including metal and glass. 

The Harley-Davidson Straight Wing Decal DC339129 includes two of the American motorcycling icons. The central icon is the traditional orange, black, and white Harley Davidson bar and shield logo. Over the years, this has become a symbol of hardy American individualism. 

This icon has a pair of eagle wings attached that represents power and freedom. The outcome is a notorious logo, recognized all over the world, which stands for power, strength, and quality. The decal, as well, is made of high-quality materials and it is very durable.


ncluding two of the American motorcycling icons, the traditional Harley-Davidson bar and shield and the eagle's wings, this decal truly shows you are a real Harley fan. 

The item measures 18.75 x 55 inches, so it is suitable for larger surfaces, such as windows, and it can be applied even on metal.

Since you only need to remove the peel-off paper and stick it to the surface, it is extremely easy and quick to apply the decal.

Furthermore, this product is made only of high-quality materials, so you can rely on it to last for a long time.


You need to be careful about how you apply the decal, as you might end up with small air bubbles between the item and the surface that it is stuck to. 

Also, you should read the product measurements attentively, and not those of the package when ordering this product.

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3. Harley-Davidson DC289883 Vintage Eagle Logo Decal

You can also find vintage Harley Davidson tank decals available on the market, and this product is a great option. This medium-sized decal features an awesome custom eagle graphic with a retro Harley-Davidson script. 

You will get two decals per sheet, which includes the bar and shield logo at the top. The size of the decal is 6 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. The Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Vintage Eagle Logo Decal DC289883 is made in the United States. The main colors used on this decal are grey and black, so they can be applied to a variety of colors and still look amazing. 

Despite the fact that it is foil-backed instead of being made of vinyl, this decal is high-gloss and very durable. Once you get it and apply it, your Harley oil tank will immediately get a whole new look. Of course, it can be applied to various smooth and flat surfaces.


This product is a medium-sized decal, featuring a cool custom eagle graphic, completed by retro Harley-Davidson lettering.

The sheet contains two decals that are six inches wide and 2.5 inches high. 

Since the main colors used are gray and black, the decal will look amazing on any surface, regardless of the color in the background.

The material used for this item is not vinyl, but it is foil-backed. This offers it a glossy look, but it also makes the decal very durable in most weather conditions.

This product can be applied on pretty much any surface, as long as it is clean, dry, smooth, and relatively flat. Applying it is very easy as well.


This decal is not made of vinyl but foil-backed. However, its quality will not disappoint.

Also, the product is a bit pricey, compared to others in this line.

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4. Chroma 5507 Harley-Davidson Domed Emblem Decal

If you are a fan and need a smaller Harley Davidson decal to stick on various objects, this product is a great option. It is a two-piece, three-dimensional domed decal presenting the bar and shield. It can be applied on pretty much any smooth and flat surface. The item features a urethane lens over a printed decal. 

The Chroma 5507 Harley-Davidson Domed Emblem Decal is ideal for adhering to various objects such as your refrigerator, inside your bike trunk, your tool chest, or on your helmet. Each emblem measures 2.5 x 2 inches. Due to the thick material, this decal is very resilient as well as durable.

This decal has the Harley Davidson Motorcycles logo with orange, white, and black colors. You will not encounter any issues applying them, as long as the surface meets the necessary requirements. Furthermore, this product is a great idea as a gift for a person who is a big Harley Davidson fan.


Harley-Davison has many fans all over the world, and if you are one of those people, you might want to show that using the company's label everywhere, including on smaller items.

This is a two-piece, 3D domed decal with the famous bar and shield that can be applied on most flat and smooth surfaces. Over the printed decal, the item features a urethane lens.

You can use it on your helmet, your tool chest, refrigerator, or on any items you would like, and it is also extremely easy to apply.

This product can also be a great gift for someone who loves this brand.


This product is quite small, and it will not be too visible if you stick it on your motorcycle or car. Make sure you check the size before you place the order.

Also, make sure that the surface is flat, or else, you might need to use extra glue to make sure it stays on.

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5. Harley-Davidson Straight Wing Decal DC339389

Harley Davidson rear window decals look awesome, especially if you use high-quality ones. And what better way to ensure quality if not by using an item made by Harley Davidson? This model features one of the company's most popular logos, and it is the orange eagle-winged Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. 

It is designed in dark rich orange colors with black distinguishing the feathers in order to provide depth. The eagle's body is represented by the traditional bar and shield logo, that holds everything together. 

The Harley-Davidson Straight Wing Decal DC339389 spans over 18 inches, wing-tip to wing-tip. Vertically, it measures 5.5 inches. Since it has the classic Harley logo in the center, this item is a great option for a large surface such as a window, a slider, the side of a trailer, or even a wall. You will also appreciate how easy it is to apply the decal, despite its larger size.


In case you want to upgrade your car's rear window, you can try using this high-quality and durable decal. 

This model represents one of Harley-Davidson's most popular logos, the eagle winged Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, in orange.

The orange contours are complemented by black ones, offering the entire image depth.

This product measures 18 inches in length and 5.5 inches in height, and it is an excellent option for larger surfaces like windows, trailer sides, walls, or sliders.

Even if it is this large, the decal is super-easy to apply, as long as the surface in question meets the necessary requirements.


When you are peeling the decal from the paper, you need to be very careful, as some color might pull away as well.

Also, if you are a chromatic freak, you might not like the fact that the orange is actually more of a light brown.

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6. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Medium Decal D3023

This item is not necessarily in the cheap Harley decals category, but it comes with a more affordable price. Harley-Davidson has quite a few logos that it has created over the years, and out of them, this one is probably one of the most recognized logos of all time. 

The Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Medium Decal D3023 features a wide bar with the name of the company, looking very imposing, standing over a shield containing the Motor and Cycles words. The decal is four inches wide and three inches high. 

Therefore, it fits surfaces like the back window, a windscreen, a windshield, or any other smooth, relatively flat, mirror-like covers. If you are looking for a decal that is durable and made with high-quality materials, you can rest assured that you will find it with this product. Moreover, it can withstand any type of weather, and it is also quite easy to apply.


This decal features one of Harley-Davidson's most famous logos of all time, and it also comes at an affordable price.

The brand is very nicely represented by the famous bar and shield with the company's name lettering appearing very imposing, over the shield that contains the Motor Cycles lettering. 

Since the item measures four inches in width and three inches in height, it can be applied on various surfaces like a windscreen, windshield, or back window.

Since it is made of high-quality materials, this product was designed to last, regardless of the weather it has to withstand.


Based on our research, we cannot say we found any negative aspects when it comes to this product. We can mention that, even if the price is good, if you add the shipping costs as well, you will probably end up paying a similar sum as for a more expensive model with free shipping.

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7. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy USA Decals DC753823

Our next candidate is perfect if you are a Harley fan looking for affordable Harley decals and also some variety. This product comes with five decals on a sheet, and they are medium-sized. The decals feature cool Harley-Davidson chrome designs. 

In the package, you will get two round decals featuring a white star in the middle with black borders in a round red background. This is surrounded by the words Harley-Davidson, on a black background, while everything is enclosed in a chrome-like circle. 

Two more decals look exactly the same, except that they have the USA lettering at the bottom in red, on a white background. Also, the circle is completed by the eagle wings shape made of black and chrome-like lines. 

The fifth decal is the classic Harley Davidson bar and shield in black and white color only, completed by chrome-like flames. The entire sheet measures 6.25 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height.


In case you are looking for variety, this product is a great choice. You will get a sheet with five medium-sized decals featuring neat Harley-Davidson chrome designs. 

You will get two pairs of different-designed decals, and a fifth one representing the famous Harley-Davidson bar and shield completed with chrome-like flames.

The sheet measures 6.25 by 2.5 inches, so, as you can imagine, we are talking about small-sized decals that are ideal for smaller items.

What is more, these decals are very easy to apply and, thanks to the high-quality materials, they should last for a long time.


These decals are not very large, so if you are looking for something larger, you should search for another product.

The top decal seems to be out of place, and you might not even notice it is there, leading you to believe that there are only four decals on the sheet.

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8. Harley-Davidson Straight Wing Decal DC339077

In case you are a female Harley-Davidson fan and also like pink, you might like this decal. It perfectly combines the two elements offering a cool result, we might add. It blends two popular icons of the American motorcycling world, and both of them get a pink makeover. 

The central icon of the Harley-Davidson Straight Wing Decal DC339077 model is the classic bar and shield of Harley-Davidson. In time, this logo has become iconic for the rugged American individualism. Then, a pair of eagle's wings have been added which stand for freedom as well as power. 

The final outcome is a symbol that is recognized anywhere in the world. In terms of compatibility, this decal is proper for any flat and smooth surface, including metal and glass. The item measures 12 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height. This product is made from high-quality materials and it should be able to stand the test of time.


This model is an excellent choice for female Harley-Davidson fans, but not only.

It features the brand's famous straight wing decal, combined with the bar and shield, and the color used is pink. The result looks better than one might expect.

The entire design boasts power, freedom, individualism, as well as quality, with a pink makeover.

One thing is for sure: this symbol is recognized anywhere in the world, and you will definitely make an entrance anywhere you go, by turning everyone's eyes on you. 

You can apply this decal on any smooth and flat surface that is larger than 12 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height. 

You will be able to enjoy your decal for quite some time, as the materials used to make it are of the highest quality.


Make sure you read the details of this decal carefully, especially where size is concerned, as you might end up with a product that does not fit where you want it to.

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9. Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Muertos Skull Decal DC300843

If you are more into the hardcore stuff, you might like this skull graphic with the Harley-Davidson script. Some might say that it is an adorable sugar skull, but that depends on the person who is looking at it. The sheet contains two decals. The bigger one is the skull which contains a lot of flower elements. 

In each eye socket, there is a red rose, while the forehead, top of the head, cheeks, and chin areas include several flowers and leaves in red and blue. The whole thing is surrounded by tribal-like forms in red and blue. 

The top of the skull has the Harley-Davidson lettering. If you look at the entire picture, its form is similar to Harley's well-known shield. The second decal is smaller, and it represents the famous Harley-Davidson bar and shield. The Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Muertos Skull Decal DC300843 is a good option if you are looking for something a bit different.


This model is for people who are looking for something different, as it represents a sugar skull graphic with the Harley-Davidson lettering on top.

The sheet contains this decal, as well as a smaller one that represents Harley's notorious bar and shield logo.

The skull has a beautiful design as it features various flowers and leaves motifs. The combination of white, red, blue, and black colors looks amazing. 

Moreover, the entire design looks similar to the Haley shield, which gives it a very interesting appearance. 

This is definitely a great option for people who like to stand out.


This product seems to be made of high-quality materials, so there are no negative aspects we could find. We are not sure, however, how well it will stand the test of time.

One possible downside might be that the product is a bit more expensive compared to others in this line.

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10. Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Night Rider Reflective Logo Decal

Do you want to be noticed and show off your personality? These Harley Davidson helmet decals do both. They are mid-sized and there are five decals on a sheet. You will find one cool H-D, two bar and shield decals, as well as one Willie G Skull logo. 

These are reflective decals. You will also get a fifth, small-sized Harley-Davidson decal, which is placed on the top of the sheet. The total size of the sheet is 4.125 inches in width and 3.75 inches in height. 

You can use these decals on your helmet as an extra reflective flare, and you will see how many compliments you will receive from other riders and even from car drivers because of how visible these items make you in traffic. The only thing you might like less about this product is the price which is a bit higher compared to others in this line.


This collection of decals is definitely something else, and they are perfect if you want to show off your personality and stand out.

The sheet contains five reflective mid-sized decals, including two bar and shield decals, a Willie G Skull logo, as well as a neat H-D item.

The fifth decal is a small-sized Harley-Davidson bar and shield, and the entire sheet is 4.125 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall.

If you apply some of them on your helmet or on your motorcycle, you will make yourself very visible in traffic, and you will be complimented by most other traffic participants.


Compared to other products in this line, these decals are more expensive. However, their quality will not let you down.

Also, make sure that the surface you are applying the decals to is clean, smooth, and relatively flat. Otherwise, they might come off in a very short while.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Harley Davidson decals are not hard to find, as there are many models available on the market. Some of them are designed to be placed on your motorcycle due to shape and size, and others can be used for other items and surfaces. If you want to make sure that your decal will stick well and remain there, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Decal vs sticker

In our research, we discovered that there is a lot of confusion where stickers and decals are concerned. Moreover, many people seem to believe that they are one and the same. Let us see if that is true. The dictionary defines a sticker as a slip of paper that has an adhesive back and can be attached to a surface. 

A decal is defined as a design, a picture, or a label that is made to be transferred, made from a specially-prepared paper. Starting from the two definitions, it is obvious that the two are actually not one and the same thing. 

A sticker is more suitable for various things that can be found indoors, while a decal is associated with surfaces that can be found outdoors. However, since not many know the difference, if you are looking for Harley decals, do not be surprised if you will also find models under the stickers category.



Different from a plain sticker, Harley Davidson motorcycle decals are made of vinyl or other special types of paper that are more resilient and can withstand any weather conditions. A good decal needs to maintain its quality whether it is hot outside, pouring rain, or freezing cold. 

It is not only the paper that is important but the adhesive as well. Surely, you do not want your decal to start peeling from the surface in a matter of just a few days.



This is an essential aspect, especially if you have a particular surface in mind that you want to decorate with a decal. The decal should be large enough to fit well on the surface and also visible. 

Therefore, before you place that order, make sure you know the dimensions of the surface in discussion and check the product measurements as well. Of course, if you simply like a decal and want to purchase it because it looks good, then size does not matter, as you will later find somewhere to stick it where it would fit.


When we say quality, we do not necessarily refer to the materials, as we have already discussed this aspect. Since we are talking about a well-known brand, if you want the real deal, make sure that the logo is correct, the spelling is right, and that the decal in question is a licensed Harley-Davidson decal. 

Of course, you also have the option to order custom Harley tank decals and come up with your own ideas. You can combine your favorite brand with your own personality and obtain something very original, but that is an entirely different thing. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you apply your new Harley Davidson decals?

Depending on the quality and size of the decal, applying it should not be too much trouble. First of all, you need to make sure that the surface you selected is very clean. You can use a bit of soap and water. Also, the surface should be smooth and relatively flat in order for the decal to adhere properly. 

Then, prepare the item for the application. You can use a credit card or something similar to rub firmly across the entire length of the decal. Next, peel the paper backing off. The last step is to place the decal onto the surface and then firmly rub it in place using a credit card or a squeegee.

Q: Where can I apply my decals?

Decals can be applied on surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal, and wood. You can apply decals on your car, windows, walls, computer, motorcycle, refrigerator, and the examples can continue. The most important thing is for the surface you apply the decal on to be smooth and flat, or relatively flat. 

You can also stick decals on coffee mugs or helmets. Also, it is essential that you clean and dry the surface before the application. If you want them to stay in place for a long time, make sure that no air bubbles remain under the decal, or it might start to peel off in a short time.


Q: What do you do when your decals won’t stick?

First of all, make sure that the surface is clean and no residues are left on it, especially grease. Also, the area must be completely dry. If the decal still does not stick, you can warm it using a hairdryer, and smooth down the problematic areas. 

You can also use wallpaper paste if you want to reapply wall decals. If the surface in question is a textured wall, you can use a hardball to roll it over the decal. Another thing you can use is glue. Worst case scenario, rip it off and get a premium decal that will not pose such issues.


Q: How do you stop a decal from peeling?

After a while, you might face this issue. You do not necessarily need to remove it and replace it with another decal, as there are several things you can try with a decal that has started to peel. 

But first, you need to make sure that you have followed the correct procedure to stick it in the first place. If you notice that the decal starts peeling off, you can warm that area and use the credit card to smooth it back down. If we are talking about a larger portion, there are certain adhesives specifically designed for this purpose you can use.


Q: How do I remove a decal from my motorcycle?

If you are tired of your decal and want to remove it but fear that parts of it will remain on your motorcycle, there are a few ways in which you can deal with this issue. There are several sprays on the market that can help in this situation. 

All you have to do is apply it over the decal and allow it to soak in for a minute or so. Then, heat the decal with a hairdryer. After a few seconds, lift a corner of the decal with your fingernail. Slowly, continue with the rest while blowing heat in the area between the decal and the surface.


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