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9 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers (Reviews) in 2022

Since there are many motorcycle hitch carriers on the market, finding the right one for your bike might take lots of your time. To ease your shopping and help you find a good motorcycle hitch carrier, we have listed below a few reviews of motorcycle hitch carriers based on customer feedback, ratings, and specs.

1. TMS T-NS-MRC001 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Hitch

The brand new carrier from TMS can support a maximum load of 500 pounds, enough to carry all two-wheel vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, and off-road dirt bikes. The sturdy frame is made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel and features a powder-coated finish to resist chipping, fading, wearing, scratching, and corrosion. 

The product is made to fit a two-inch square receiver for class V, IV, III, and II trailer hitches and also comes with a dual-sided loading ramp for easy and convenient loading and unloading. 

Equipped with an anti-tilt locking device, you won’t have to worry about wobbling during transportation, so you don’t risk chipping, scratching, or damaging your vehicle before reaching your destination. 

The TMS T-NS-MRC001 hitch includes tie-down sites on both sides of the track for added security. All in all, the product is sturdy, reliable, and convenient to use whenever you need to safely transport your motorcycle from one place to another.


The TMS hitch is made of high-quality steel and features a powder-coated finish to resist scratching, chipping, corrosion, fading, and wearing. Therefore, no matter the weather conditions outside, the product will look perfect for many seasons from now on. 

It comes with an anti-tilt locking device and includes tie-down sides on either side of the track for improved security. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle wobbling and being damaged during transportation. 

The dual-sided loading ramp is designed to add easiness and comfort whenever you need to unload or load your vehicle. 

It can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds, enough for most two-wheel vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, and scooters. 


Although we appreciated the overall construction of the frame and its sturdiness, the ramp doesn’t seem to be as durable. It feels rather flimsy and less stable. 

Loading your vehicle on the ramp might require the help of one-two friends as the item is stiff and hard to use.

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2. Black Widow MCC-600 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

If you’re looking for a powerful ally to safely transport your two-wheeler from one destination to another, you can count on the new MCC-600 carrier. It is made of heavy-duty steel and features a durable, powder-coated finish for extra protection. The finish will protect the carrier against rusting, chipping, scratching, wearing, and other signs of use in time, so it will look perfect even after months and years of intense use. 

Unlike many other similar items, this carrier comes with an extra-long 71-inch loading ramp that ensures easy and convenient access to your vehicle. Loading and unloading your motorcycle will be a breeze and, what’s even better, the ramp can be packed and stored on the carrier whenever you’re not using it. Thus, you’ll save important storage space in your garage or workshop.

The carrier can support a maximum load of 600 pounds, more than enough to place your motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, and other two-wheel vehicles. 


Designed to last, the carrier is made of heavy-duty steel and features a powder-coated finish to protect the structure from rust, scratches, impact, and others. 

It includes a ⅝-inch hitch pin, a built-in adjustable wheel chock, as well as an anti-rattle device to secure the motorcycle in position and prevent wobbling and potential damage caused during transportation. 

The product can support a maximum load of 600 pounds, which makes it suitable even for heavy choppers and cruiser models from Harley-Davidson. 

The extra-long 71-inch loading ramp ensures the convenient and easy loading and unloading of your vehicle and can be stored on top of the carrier to save space. 


Even though the overall construction of the frame is sturdy, securing your motorcycle in place might require the use of grip tape to prevent sliding and potential damage. 

Please make sure all of the accessories, especially the bolts, are delivered with your unit. 

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3. VersaHaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier With Ramp

Designed with high-precision techniques, the Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier With Ramp from VersaHaul is another option to keep in mind if quality, durability, and a large loading capacity are the features you want from your next motorcycle hitch carrier. A high-quality powder paint coating has been used to offer protection against elements and durable steel to ensure durability and strength.

Providing a carrying capacity of 500 lbs, this model is worth considering if you’re the owner of a heavy bike. The anti-tilt lock bracket included will provide additional stability and eliminate any movement.

The superior design will further eliminate movements that might affect your bike when transporting it and, thus, decrease the risk of twisting and bending. The adjustable wheel stops will also deliver great stability even when transporting smaller bikes. The carrier rail has a length of 71.5 inches and a width of 6.37 inches.


This VersaHaul unit features a high-precision construction, as well as a generous loading capacity that makes it suitable for many types of motorcycles. 

The powder paint coating is added to protect the unit from any kind of wear signs, while the high-quality steel construction ensures reliable performance. 

Able to transport motorcycles that weigh up to 500 lbs., this unit is a great choice if your bike is a heavier one. 

The design includes an anti-tilt lock bracket that you will be able to use in order to ensure the necessary stability and make sure that any potentially risky movement is eliminated. 


You should secure the screws as there’s a chance they might come loose while transporting heavy bikes. 

Make sure that you have some tools with you to make adjustments on the road if these are necessary, especially if you are planning to transport the bike for a longer period. 

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4. Versa Haul VH-SPORTRO Sport Bike Carrier with Ramp

There are various models from VersaHaul you should check before deciding which one to go for. The VH-SPORTRO Sport Bike Carrier with Ramp is another product you might want to keep in mind when looking for a new hitch carrier for your bike.

Manufactured with high-precision techniques, this product is committed to delivering durability, strength, and reliability whenever you need to safely load and transport your motorcycle or scooter. The item is designed to carry 600 lbs. You can use the VersaHaul calculator to determine if your motorcycle will fit on this carrier.

Increased stability is ensured by the anti-tilt lock bracket that will eliminate any movement that could damage your bike during transportation. The item comes with four retractable tie-down bars and includes the ramp option. Plus, this model sports a Class III hitch on the end of the carrier and thanks to its dimensions it can handle wide motorcycle tires.


Another choice that does a very good job in keeping your bike safe, this VersaHaul carrier is able to transport vehicles that weigh as much as 600 lbs. 

One helpful feature that you can use is the manufacturer’s calculator to determine if you can safely fit and transport your motorcycle using this unit. 

There is an anti-tilt lock bracket included as well that you can use to eliminate those movements that might prove to be dangerous when transporting your bike. 

The generous construction can handle wide motorcycle tires, so if these are the type of tires you use, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties using this carrier. 


You should check the measurements provided to see if your vehicle can safely fit onto the ramp. 

The ramp’s edges are a little low, so that’s something you should be aware of, in case you have any additional questions on this matter for the manufacturer.

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5.  Mototote Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Hitch Rack Ramp 

If you’re planning to explore new places this year and you need a new hitch carrier for your bike, another product you should check is the Sport Bike Hitch Rack Ramp from Moto Tote. Designed for street and sport bikes of up to 550 lbs, this model has been manufactured with advanced techniques in order to provide customers with a quality and durable construction.

The package includes a loading ramp that boasts the same premium quality as the rest of the unit. The product is designed in such a way to make sure the bike gets no damage during transportation. Thus, the tail end of the tire track is rounded in order for the fairings to stay safe.

A good traction for loading is possible thanks to the advanced formed tube and wire construction. You can adjust the item for wheelbases of up to 65 inches. The carrier is easy to assemble requiring minimal tools.


MOTOTOTE’s model features an advanced technique construction that you can surely rely on, while the unit can be easily used for sport and street bikes that weigh up to 550 lbs. 

Thanks to the premium-quality materials used and superior craftsmanship, this is a durable item, so you won’t need to worry about needing a new one for a long time. 

The loading ramp is added for enhanced usability, while the product itself features protective elements that keep your bike’s surface safe during transportation. 

The design includes an advanced tube and wire system that ensures the necessary traction to render the loading process very easy. 


Check out the details provided on measurements in order to see if the unit is compatible with your bike. 

In case you plan on transporting a heavy motorcycle, you should make sure that the hitch will be able to handle the weight. 

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6. Versa Haul VH-55DMRO Double Motorcycle Carrier with Ramp

Make sure you also check the VH-55DMRO carrier from VersaHaul before you decide what model to choose this year. This item will not only provide you with increased durability and bike stability during transportation but also with an easy-to-use design.

Made of sturdy, 14 gauge steel, this motorcycle hitch carrier is designed to last and keep up with heavy bikes and extended use. Due to the anti-tilt lock bracket the product comes with, stability is increased and unwanted movements are eliminated. The high-quality of this model is further enhanced by the powder paint coating that delivers protection against harmful elements.

The product was manufactured with high-precision techniques and designed to safely carry a total load of 600 lbs. However, its loading capacity is limited to only 500 lbs per carrier rail. The item features four retractable tie-down bars and fits any class III or IV hitch.


One of the things you will surely enjoy about this particular carrier is the easy-to-use design that makes the entire process a breeze, thus rendering this an excellent choice even for beginners. 

In terms of construction, heavy-duty steel is used, so there’s not much you should be concerned about when it comes to this unit’s durability. 

You can use the anti-tilt lock in order to ensure extra stability for your bike and eliminate those movements that might pose a risk on the road. 

The carrier also features special powder coating that protects against corrosion and rust for extra durability. 


In terms of loading capacity, this is limited per carrier rail to 500 lbs, so that’s a detail you need to take into account. 

It’s not recommended to put this VersaHaul carrier on the back of a 5th wheel or a trailer, as the  added weight can back-load the trailer. 

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7. Black Widow Folding Hitch Mounted Off-Road Dirt Bike Carrier Rack

n case you need a quality and sturdy hitch carrier for a motorcycle of up to 500 lbs, the Folding Hitch Hitch Motorcycle Carrier Heavy Duty Rack with Ramp from Black Widow might be just what you need. Designed to safely transport dirt bikes with tires of up to 7" wide, the product doesn’t just keep your friend-on-wheels safe when on the go but it is also easy to assemble and install.

The item works with 2" Class III or IV trailer hitch receivers and comes with the necessary hitch pin. Featuring a folding hitch adapter to ensure upright storage, the product sports a heavy-duty steel construction as well as a black paint finish for durability.

The solid steel frame connects into a trailer hitch for hauling, which means that you won’t need a full-size trailer to move a single bike. The carrier measures 45.5 inches in length and 6.9 inches in width.


One aspect any user will surely like about this Black Widow model is that it’s very easy to assemble and install, so there’s almost no hassle involved in this process. 

If you want to transport a dirt bike, then you’ll be glad to know that this particular carrier works great for this type of motorcycle, especially for those with 7” wide tires. 

The black paint finish ensures its durability, as well as an elegant appearance that does a great job in enhancing the bike and the vehicle as well. 

Given that the solid frame features a heavy-duty construction and can be used with a trailer hitch in case hauling is necessary, you won’t need to get any additional gear. 


The folding part might wobble a bit in the case of certain bikes, depending on how they are balanced on the carrier. 

This is a rather heavy unit, so you might need some extra help handling it. 

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8. Trackside Motorcycle Carrier

You want your motorcycle to reach your desired destination safely and so does this Motorcycle Carrier from Trackside. Designed to make bike transportation easy and safe, this model comes with features that you might want to consider before hitting the button order.

The powder-coated steel construction ensures the needed strength and durability to carry bikes of up to 500 lbs with a maximum tire width of 4.75 inches. You can adjust the front tire placement by simply moving the wheel track carrier bolts. It boasts a multi-load design, which means you can load it from either side.

The anti-tilt device it features will eliminate excessive movement and, thus, keep your bike stable during transportation. The included ramp can be attached to the carrier for both transportation and storage. It can be used with a Class III or Class IV trailer hitch only. According to some customers, it can also be used with scooters.


This Trackside model is a very good carrier to try out, especially if you are still rather new to the entire motorcycle transportation process, given that it features an easy-to-use design. 

One of the things you should keep in mind is that it can be loaded from both sides, which makes matters a lot easier. 

The front tire’s position can be adjusted in no time if you move the wheel track bolts, so you can make sure that everything stays securely in place. 

There’s an anti-tilt device included as well, so excessive movement is reduced for extra safety while you are on your way, while the ramp can be kept on the carrier for storage and transportation.


The material is a highly durable one, but it does tend to scratch a bit, so you should handle the entire operation with care. 

It can accommodate bikes with a tire width of 4.75 inches, so larger models might not fit.

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9. Goplus Motorcycle Dirt Hauler Hitch Mount Rack

This hitch mount carrier is made of heavy-duty steel tubing and can withstand a total weight of 500 pounds, enough to help you store and transport your two-wheel vehicle from one location to another. 

Boasting added strength and durability, the product won't break, chip, scratch, corrode, or get damaged in time due to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. 

Unlike many other similar items that are chunky and almost impossible to transport, the item is extremely portable and, once loaded, can be attached to the carrier next to the track for easy and convenient transportation. 

It is designed to fit any two-inch square receiver for classes III, IV, and V trailer hitches. Therefore, it is a great option for off-road dirt bikes, motorcycles, and motocross bikes. We also liked that the product is delivered with all necessary mounting hardware for quick and easy installation and you won’t require any professional tools. 


Featuring a powerful anti-tilt locking device, the product will prevent wobbling and, therefore, potential damage to your motorcycle or scooter during transportation. 

It can support a maximum load of 500 pounds, more than enough for most two-wheel vehicles, including dirt bikes, motocross bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. 

The portable design is easy to transport and, once loaded, the loading ramp will attach to the carrier next to the track to provide easiness and comfort when putting your bike and transporting it. 

The item features a high-quality steel construction that won't chip, corrode, scratch, or break over time, maintaining the same new aspect of the carrier for longer. 


Even with the anti-wobble system attached, we don’t recommend exceeding 45mph when driving with this hitch carrier attached to prevent potential damage, including scratching and chipping the paint off your vehicle. 

Make sure to properly fasten and secure the product to prevent disengaging. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Carrying your motorcycle to some new place you want to explore on two wheels might prove to be a challenging task. Hauling and transporting your bike will be way easier if you use the right motorcycle hitch carrier, though.

In order to be sure that you choose the one that best suits your needs, even if your budget limits you to a cheap motorcycle hitch carrier, there are some features you need to consider. Keeping them in mind when shopping will help you make sure you will get a carrier that won’t break during transportation and that will safely get your bike to the desired destination.

Material and design

The material a carrier is made of counts considerably when it comes to durability and safety. The most popular materials used for carriers are usually steel and aluminum. Such materials are preferred due to their durability and strength and both of them come with ups and downs.

Steel hitches tend to be heavier and clunky. However, they feature increased durability and they are reliable even when transporting heavy bikes. Therefore, if you have a heavy motorcycle, you might want to consider a carrier that is made of steel.

Aluminum carriers might be fragile for heavy bikes and severe pressure. The upside of such products, though, is that they are lightweight and easy to install. Moreover, they feature increased resistance to corrosion, which means you won’t have to worry about transporting your bike when it rains or the weather gets a bit rough.


Weight limit

One of the most important things to pay attention to when looking for a new hitch carrier for your bike is the weight capacity it provides. You might shop the best rated motorcycle hitch carrier but if it does not support the weight of your motorcycle, it is useless.

Therefore, consider your bike weight as well as the weight capacity of the vehicle you intend to use when transporting the motorcycle. Both of them are of utmost importance. Trying to transport your two-wheeler with a carrier that is not suited for its weight might end up in it breaking down and causing all sorts of damages.

Here’s where the type of the materials used for the hitch carriers counts. If your bike is heavy, it is recommended for a steel construction for extra strength and durability.


Hitch mount

Durability is what most bikers are interested in when looking for a hitch carrier. It seems that the hitch mount carriers are doing great at this. In this case, the hitch mount is attached at the back of the car you use to transport your bike.

Since they come in a variety of sizes and weight ratings, it is best to check the manual of your vehicle to learn more about its hitch class.

Just like when you’re looking for a new motorcycle battery or a quality motorcycle exhaust system, there are various models that go better with certain bikes. Once you know the hitch class, you will have the possibility to make a more informed decision.

Safety and assembly

There are some motorcycle accessories and parts that must be chosen based on the level of safety they provide. Safety is your number one concern when looking for a hitch carrier, just like when you’re looking for a full face motorcycle helmet, a new motorcycle chain, or a pair of quality motorcycle goggles.

Opt for a product that won’t break or allow movements that could damage your bike during transportation. Then, go for a model that is easy to assemble and that comes with a loading ramp that can be attached to easily load your bike.

If you’ve found this guide useful, you might want to check some of our other posts to learn more about dirt bike and motocross helmets to keep you safe, noteworthy motorcycle battery chargers, or the motorcycle tank bag that best suits your needs.


A few words about the hitch  

The hitch receiver is a very important element when it comes to motorcycle carriers, so no matter what model you have set your eyes on, you should make sure that it’s compatible with your vehicle. The good news is that these are generally standard elements, so there’s a very high chance that everything will fit together just right. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t assume that this will be the case, and if you have any particular questions, you should always contact the seller’s customer support. Since we’ve mentioned the hitch, it’s a good moment to say that you should also check the weight that it can sustain. 

After all, the carrier and the bike are sure to add a lot of stress on the entire vehicle, so if you have a heavy motorcycle, this is something you shouldn’t neglect, as this is a crucial safety aspect as well. A vehicle’s hitch carrying capacity is also known as the “Tongue Weight”. 

When you are considering your vehicle’s tongue weight, you should always think about every element that will add to the unit. This means the motorcycle, as well as the carrier’s weight and, in case there are any other pieces of equipment that weigh a lot, they should be added too. 

As you can only imagine, exceeding the tongue weight is very dangerous, given that the motorcycle or the carrier might fall onto public roads as you are driving. That’s why you should never test this theory and avoid going over this limit at all costs, in any given situation. 

What about the ramp? 

Another element you should think about is the ramp length. Each carrier usually comes with a ramp as there’s not really a way to load and unload the bike without one. However, not all of these are the same, so you should check the ramp’s measurements and see if it fits the bike, as well as the weight limit. 

Furthermore, as a general rule, if you are planning to load and unload the motorcycle on your own, you should always go for a ramp that is as long as possible, as this makes the task a lot easier. It’s basic physics, but when we’re talking about a bike that weighs several hundred pounds, things tend to get very complicated if you don’t have someone to help you with this. 

There are multiple benefits to choosing a motorcycle carrier to transport your own unit, but this doesn’t mean that this is necessarily an easy and affordable thing to do. While such a piece of equipment shouldn’t cost a fortune, you should always get a device made of premium materials, that you will be able to use without any worries. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t believe that the most expensive model is the right choice either. There are many alternatives out of which you can choose that combine the necessary performance with a lower cost, to provide the right solution.


Hitch carrier classes and what they mean

One of the first things you will look for when you choose a motorcycle hitch carrier is the weight capacity, but basing your choice on nothing but this aspect is a mistake. You will also need to know if the hitch carriers you compare when making a purchase are compatible with your car type. There are 5 different classes, and knowing what they mean will help you find the model that is the most suitable for your vehicle.

Class I stands for a tongue capacity up to 300 pounds, and it is a good fit for SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, sedans, and sub-compact cars. As you can see, the weight capacity might not sound like much, but its versatility is great, and such a motorcycle hitch carrier will work for almost anything. And, if you plan on transporting a light bike, this class would be the best choice for you. You can always imagine how easy it would be the process of loading and unloading your ride.

Class II is for models with tongue capacity that goes up to 525 pounds. You can connect it to any SUV, pickup truck, sedan or van. As you may notice, sub-compact vehicles are no longer included. For the weight capacity suggested, it is clear that they wouldn’t be able to pull such a load anyway.

If you look for a model with a load capacity of up to 1,200 pounds, you should go for a Class III model. With the weight of your motorcycle, you should consider what car you would need to pull it along. In this case, you can use this type of motorcycle hitch carrier if you drive an SUV, a van, or a pickup truck. You wouldn’t be able to carry a motorcycle this heavy with a sedan, which is why this car type is not included here.

The last two classes are Class IV and Class V that work only for pickup trucks. On the other hand, they can carry up to 2,700 pounds, which is impressive for their weight capacity, no matter how you look at the matter.


Is it easy to install the hitch carrier you chose?

As mentioned earlier, it is not enough to look at the weight capacity of a carrier and decide on the spot that it would be precisely what you need. Another thing you should consider, besides the aspects you read about above is the ease of installation. While it is true that manufacturers include instructions with the products they sell, more often than not, you might find them difficult to follow.

This is where the load capacity doesn’t play that much of an important role. It is recommended to check the weight of the hitch carrier instead because that will tell you whether you will be able to manipulate it with ease or not. The heavier the carrier is, the more challenging you will find the installation process.

When in doubt, it would be a good idea to check online tutorials on how to install a hitch carrier. There are many useful resources out there for this purpose, as well as for explanations on loading and unloading in safe conditions.


Why a wheel stop is among the essential features

You should also check for a wheel stop on the platform because that matters when you want to secure your bike in place. Without a wheel stop, you will find it quite challenging to secure the bike in place so that it doesn’t slide from the carrier during transportation. Of course, there are other safety features available, and it is expected that the manufacturer offers you the possibility to secure your motorcycle, but a wheel stop can prove quite handy.

Search for a hitch pin, as well as any other screws and nuts that should be provided with your purchase. The safer the hitch is attached to your vehicle, and the safer the bike is on its platform during transportation (with the help of a wheel stop), the more you will know that you got the motorcycle hitch carrier you need for this purpose.

Other aspects you should check before making a purchase

There are many hitch carriers on the market, and that might make your choice difficult. That is why you need to look beyond the load capacity written down in the specs. For instance, you should check if there is a ramp included. This element will make loading and unloading your bike on the hitch carrier a real breeze. Of course, you can’t expect all the manufacturers to include such an extra, and you might have to purchase one separately.

If the latter is the case, make sure that the ramp is compatible with your motorcycle hitch carrier. Also, it may have a weight capacity, just like the carrier, and that’s another critical aspect. See if it’s durable enough as well, or otherwise, you may compromise the loading and unloading part of working with hitch carriers.

Just imagine the hassle of having to load your motorcycle on a hitch carrier without the help of a ramp. It is obvious why this extra feature should be included in the package you receive when making a purchase.

In case you need to transport more than one bike, you should consider a motorcycle hitch carrier with multiple capacity. As you may well expect, the weight capacity rating for such a model should be higher. It doesn’t hurt to see a wheel stop on such a setup, as you still need to transport your bikes in safe conditions. Such a configuration is usually used for transporting dirt bikes and not full-size motorcycles.


What influences the cost of a motorcycle hitch carrier?

Not everyone can afford the most expensive model on the market, which is why you should take a look at all the aspects that influence the price. The load capacity can be one of them. For starters, you can expect a hitch carrier that can sustain the weight of a heavy bike to be more expensive than one that can only handle light bikes.

Hitch carriers are supposed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean that a manufacturer would use only the most robust materials available. Aluminum is preferred to steel more often than not because it’s lightweight, although it can’t be as durable. The finish on the hitch carriers can be a contributing factor to the overall price, as well.

You always have to look at the extra features provided for the price. Are the hitch carriers that appear to have the most expensive price tags really the ones that can provide you with everything you need? Take weight capacity, for example. Is it strong enough to carry your motorcycle? Is its construction sturdy enough to offer long-time use without a glitch?

Don’t forget about the things that can make loading and unloading easy for you, such as a ramp. Expect a model that comes with one to be a bit more expensive than the rest. Also, check for a wheel stop already installed on the platform. It serves if the wheel stop is also adjustable because it makes it easier to accommodate different types of bikes.

That said, you don’t have to settle for paying a premium price for just any hitch carrier that demands the highest price. Take load capacity and all the other aspects mentioned earlier into consideration. Then compare models that offer the same durability and convenience, and see which is the more budget-friendly.



This year has brought forth changes regarding the way we do so many things, and traveling is one of them. Although some of us were already familiar with exploring new places by car or bike, many people have found themselves in a new and challenging situation and somehow forced to find innovative ways to still enjoy their holiday even with all the latest restrictions. 

Many of those who didn’t have a car got one, while others took even one step further and seized the opportunity to benefit from their motorcycle license and decided to try a two-wheeler. Crossing the state on a two-wheeler was not unfamiliar to me, yet a two-week holiday with my partner required more than my bike. 

The SUV we have could accommodate us and the gear we needed, yet we also wanted to have the bike with us to enjoy the flexibility offered by a two-wheeler when visiting some of the places on our itinerary. So, I had to find a way to take the bike with us without losing comfort or turning the entire holiday into a stressful experience. 

Of course, the solution was to get a motorcycle hitch carrier. Even if I’ve been a bike rider for a couple of years now, I didn’t own such a bike hitch carrier until recently as the distances covered on my bike were rather short, therefore, there was no real need for such a product. 

However, once I started to experience the beauty and freedom of exploring new places on my bike, I understood that I had to get a motorcycle hitch carrier. Now, choosing the right one for your bike might not be the easiest thing to do since the market abounds in such items. 

Before anything else, you need to consider your bike weight and check the weight limit offered by the model you have in mind. For a model such as the Honda CB125R I own, any motorcycle hitch carrier with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds should do. 

My bike weighs 275 pounds or so, which keeps it on the light side, yet those of you who have larger and heavier bikes might want to consider a hitch carrier such as the TMS T-NS-MRC001 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Hitch. Such models can handle up to 500 pounds and are thus compatible with a variety of two-wheelers from off-road dirt bikes to motorcycles.

The weight capacity ensured by a motorcycle hitch carrier goes hand in hand with the materials used for its construction. Durability is key here. If your two-wheeler is heavier than mine, then you might want to go for a steel hitch as it is sturdier, stronger, and more reliable. 

It’s true that steel hitches made for heavy motorcycles are heavy themselves, which means that you should consider what your four-wheeler can handle as far as weight capacity is concerned. 

For lightweight scooters, dirt bikes, and other such two-wheelers, an aluminum hitch should do. Such hitch carriers are easy to install, and they are corrosion-resistant, which makes them capable of handling even less-than-perfect weather. 

A durable and reliable hitch carrier is not only about longevity but also safety. Making sure both the bike and the carrier stay in place during transportation is a matter of safety that deserves your utmost attention.

Besides the factors mentioned, the hitch carrier should be compatible with the vehicle you intend to use to transport your bike. It might be made of high-quality materials, but if it’s not compatible, it will be useless. Therefore, check out your vehicle’s hitch class to make sure you get the right product. 

Choosing a hitch carrier wasn’t that difficult, given that my bike is lighter than many other such products, and my car is compatible with a variety of such carriers. However, if you intend to take some time off, attach your two-wheeler to your car, and explore new places, choosing a reliable motorcycle hitch carrier is essential. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a motorcycle hitch carrier?

No matter whether you ride a motorcycle, a dirt bike, or a scooter, there are situations when you must carry your vehicle attached to another. The entire operation should be easy, and that’s where a motorcycle hitch carrier comes into place. In case you wonder what a motorcycle hitch is, the explanation is simple.

Such products, sold by Amazon and other sellers, look like a small ramp that can be attached to your car. On it, you will bring your motorcycle and have it hitch-mounted. The role of this motorcycle carrier is to ensure the safe and easy hauling of your vehicle to the destination of your choosing.

You can find such motorcycle hitches sold under various brands, so there are plenty to choose from. The main advantage of a motorcycle carrier is that it doesn’t require complicated towing. You can simply hook up the hitch to your car or truck or SUV, and the carrier will do the carrying.

Don’t hurry to pick one from the many products available. It would be easy just to choose the first one that comes your way, but inadequate hauling gear can cause damage to your bike, so be well aware of that.

Q: Are motorcycle hitch carriers safe?

Typically, motorcycle hitch carriers are built with safety in mind. However, you need to be aware of the overall quality of the products you can now find on the market. A good idea would be to shop from Amazon, as many reputable sellers of famous brands offer their best items there.

Some factors come into play when you want to pick a motorcycle hitch. For instance, you need to know the capacity of the model you choose. Carrying your bike in complete safety depends on the size of the carrier, too. That said, if the hitch cannot accommodate a heavy motorcycle, you would be better moving along and choosing something else.

Also, it is essential to install the hitch correctly. The process should be easy, and instructions are readily provided by the manufacturer most of the time. When your bike is hitch-mounted, it must be held securely in place so that you don’t happen to lose it on the road.

The sturdiness of such a device matters a great deal. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, instructions are paramount. Also, if the motorcycle hitch carrier holds well, that will work wonders for your peace of mind.


Q: What kind of bike can I carry with my motorcycle hauler?

Weight capacity must be one of the most important aspects of a motorcycle hauler. The capacity of most products is between 400 and 600 pounds so that should give you an idea about what kind of bike you can carry. When you install the carrier, pay close attention to the instructions. Those should also carry some valuable information on what the device can do.

The length and width of the rack on your motorcycle hauler are also significant. Most of the brands offer the ability to hook up bikes of various sizes, but that shouldn’t be enough. If you had a previous hitch installed, you might take after that to order a new one.

Make sure that your car has a particular hitch receiver for the ramp you attach to it. When you install it, that piece of gear should be in place so that you can make the connection. If the receiver is in its rightful place, it should be easy to install the hitch.

As a general rule, most motorcycles, scooters, and dirt bikes can be attached to your car or SUV in this manner. But, for your peace of mind, and to make an easy choice, always check the limitations stipulated by the manufacturer.

Q: Do I need other accessories for this?

A hitch-mounted carrier is an ideal way for hauling your bike wherever you need. Still, you will need to consider some accessories even before you install the new device. The receiver must be in place, as mentioned, and the carrier you pick should be compatible with it. Check to see if other accessories are needed.

For instance, you should bear in mind that you will need some tie-down straps. These could be bought from Amazon, as well, and you can shop for other accessories while looking at those. You can shop for a motorcycle carrier by size, but these accessories are pretty straightforward.

You should also think of getting some soft loops. One of your goals when hauling your bike like this is to take it to the destination in one piece. Attach it to the carrier with soft loops, and you will be happy when you get your bike down and cannot see a scratch. Just make sure that the capacity of the hitch allows the weight of your bike.

Some strap hooks will come in handy, and if you also get some hitch pins for locking the trailer in place, that would be great, too. Its stability will be much increased if you do that.


Q: How do you secure a motorcycle on a carrier?

When using a motorcycle carrier, it is paramount that you secure your bike well to avoid any mishaps during transportation. Carrying it safely implies that you know how to secure it on the ramp. Here are the steps you need to follow. They are all easy to implement, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Use some soft loops to tie the motorcycle to the ramp you’re using. These are some of the accessories we mentioned in the previous section. You should have at least 4 soft loops, as they will help you secure the bike well. If you manage to use 4 secure points, such as, for instance, the handlebars, and 2 other stable parts at the back of the bike, you will know that the device will serve its purpose.

Next, use hook straps that go through the soft loops, and attach them to secure points on the back of your vehicle. It is ideal that your bike remains in an upright position as otherwise, the suspension system might suffer damage during transportation.

As long as you have the right receiver type for your motorcycle carrier, your setup is complete. This way, your motorcycle will be held securely in place until you reach the destination.



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Goplus 600 LBS Motorcycle Carrier Dirt Bike Rack Hitch


If your motorcycle falls into the heavy category and you’re looking for a hitch carrier that comes with a large load-bearing capacity, the 600 LBS model from Goplus is the first product you should bear in mind. Sporting a durable and solid construction, the hitch carrier will enable you to load and transport bikes of up to 600 lbs.

Thanks to the steel used, the product offers good toughness and high strength, which further translates into a secure and firm transportation. Moreover, the steel is corrosion-resistant and that means your rack won’t rust when it rains.

The 72″ long loading ramp is stored right on the carrier. The two quick release locks will help you secure the ramp when loading it making sure your bike transportation is safe. The wheel stop is adjustable and the black powder coat finish durable enough to ensure extended use.



With a loading and transportation capacity that goes up to 600 lbs., this unit is the right choice for riders who own heavy motorcycles.

Goplus made this model for durability, which is why tough steel is used in its construction, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to rely on its performance for a long time.

The material is corrosion-resistant as well, so using the unit in all kinds of weather will not prove to be a problem.

Given that safety should always come first, especially for this type of transportation, two locks are added to secure the bike, and these feature a quick-release system for easy use.



There’s a speed restriction you should be aware of when transporting such a unit loaded, so this is something you should keep in mind.

The packaging could be a bit better, given that the assembly instructions are not included.



Best Choice Products SKY1375 Powersports Loading Ramps


Another option you might want to check before making a decision is the SKY1375 Steel Anti-Tilt Motorcycle Hitch Mount Carrier from Best Choice Products. Designed to help you transport your motorcycle, scooter, or dirt bike safely, this model sports a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures durability, reliability, and strength.

Thanks to its design and the ramp it comes with, it is easy to load your motorcycle on the carrier. The item is made for a 2″ square receiver and offers the multi-load feature, which means it can be loaded from either side.

Providing a loading capacity of 500 lbs, the product can be easily assembled. The loading ramp is 38.5″ in length and 4.75″ in width whereas the main hitch tube has a length of 18″. Most customers who tried this product to transport their bikes have appreciated it for its overall quality, durability, and solid build.



The handy and clever design makes this unit very easy to use, and you should know that it’s also a versatile one so various types of motorcycles can be loaded onto it.

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame, the unit is sturdy, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using it at its full capacity for a long time.

The design is specially made to enable the vehicle’s loading from either side, and it can withstand weights that go up to 500 lbs.

You will probably also be very happy to know that this is a hitch carrier that can be easily put together, so you shouldn’t worry about this aspect.



You should follow the assembly instructions to make sure that every piece is placed where it should be.

You can add a hitch anti-rattle unit that stabilizes the entire unit if you feel that it’s necessary.



Titan Ramps Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Carrier


There’s still one more product that shouldn’t go unchecked when looking for a hitch carrier to help you load and transport your bike easily and safely. The Hitch Hauler from Titan Ramps is committed to offering durability, stability, and ease of use thanks to its sturdy yet lightweight construction.

This all-in-one solution will allow you to securely haul and transport a great variety of bikes. Using it involves no difficult steps. You just need to attach the carrier and roll your bike onto it with the supplied mountable ramp. Thanks to the integrated cradle wheel chock, you will be able to center your motorcycle with ease.

Due to the steel build, the product can carry bikes of 600 lbs. The tow hitch motorcycle rack fits a 2-inch receiver and is easy to assemble. It measures 72 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width with a track length of 78.75 inches.



Another very good alternative in this category, Titan’s product is both lightweight and sturdy, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties handling it on your own and using it for a long time.

If you are looking for a reliable solution to transport a wide range of bikes, then this particular carrier definitely fits the bill.

The included mountable ramp features the same durable construction, while the cradle wheel chock ensures that you won’t have a hard time centering the bike.

The product can carry vehicles that go up to 600 lbs. and its generous measurements make it suitable for a wide range of motorcycle models.



The instructions provided with this carrier are not very clear, so you may need to look for more details online or contact the seller.

Make sure that you avoid bumps as much as possible to prevent unnecessary movements when transporting a heavy motorcycle.




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