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10 Best Dirt Bike Tires (Reviews) in 2022

Reading many dirt bike tire reviews can be a very time-consuming task… not to mention finding the products and studying them! But we did it, so you won’t have to. Showcased below, you can find a list with top-rated products you can definitely choose from.

1. ProTrax Front Soft Terrain Tire 80/100-21

Our first recommendation is represented by quality, dependable off-road tires that also come with a decent price. If you were looking for good dirt bike sand tires, the ProTrax PT1021 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire is a great option. This product will perform on or off the race track with affordability and consistency. The tires are designed for sand and soft terrain.

The design with the unique shoulder knobs is intended to offer you confidence in cornering. The small ribs from the sub-tread provide the tires added traction in soft and sandy terrain.

Other important features that recommend this model is the tough 4-ply build that produces puncturing resistance and durability, and the tread spacing that enables better shedding of mud and reduced dirt accumulation.

Moreover, the cupped-style tread pattern delivers surprising straight line traction from the sand to the soft ground. The unique rubber compound was built to resist fast wearing.

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2. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire 90/100-16

This model is a race proven rear motocross tire built for soft to intermediate terrain. The manufacturer's name alone can be a great recommendation, as Bridgestone is known for its high-quality products. The M204 model was designed with a tread pattern with extra wide block spacing for increased drive performance and a better slide control on solid base soil.

Moreover, the tire comes with tall tread blocks with shoulder straps as well as an enhanced base angle radius for solid stability and durability in a wide array of harsh soil conditions. This model's improved traction and grip combined with new available sizing conform to the demands of nowadays’ four-stroke rides.

According to customers who bought and used this model, the product is highly appreciated and recommended. Some mentioned that it rides very well on sandy areas, and it can withstand harsh conditions and demanding riders.

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3. Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire 90/100-16

The next product on our list is appropriate if you are looking for dirt bike street tires, as it was designed with an MH3 knob pattern for intermediate to hard terrains. The Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross features a visible tread wear indicator. This means that when the M disappears, the tire can be reversed to the rim.

Moreover, symmetrical knobs have been included in the design, in order to deliver equal traction in both directions. The high-quality, strong build of these tires offer resistance to tearing and chunking, as well as outstanding durability.

You may not know, but the Michelin Starcross tires are popular in the United States and many professional riders use them. There are some advantages to utilizing these tires. For example, they resist tearing and chunking even if you start on the concrete. The side knobs are designed in such a way to offer an outstanding grip even at extreme lean angles.

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4. ProTrax Soft-Intermediate Terrain Tire 90/100-16

Just because the brand is so well-known does not make products such as the Dunlop dirt bike tires the best there are. ProTrax, which is a name mostly known among dirt bike riders manufactures durable, reliable, and affordable tires such as the PT1010 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire.

This model is designed for soft to intermediate terrains, intended for mini and mid-size dirt bikes. The product is built in such a way to offer a perfect balance between maintaining durability and maximizing traction on your bike. The tough 4-ply build makes the tire resistant to punctures, while the knob spacing lessens any buildup of mud.

Owners who tried this model on really gnarly rocks are very impressed by the way it holds together without any issues. Others like how nice the tire cleans out, and how well it performs on hard terrain. Another appreciated aspect is the ease of mounting.

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5. Bridgestone M23 Motocross Front Tire 2.50-19

The next product on our list is particularly designed for hardpack areas, and it is an excellent choice for Blue Groove conditions. Its race-proven rear and front tread compounds have been selected for a long life grip. The tread knob shape and spacing of the Bridgestone M23 Motocross Front Tire are specially built for both stability and traction.

The 4-ply nylon casing structure was included for off-road durability. Also, the tire is a tube type, and you should know that specialists recommend getting a new tube and rim strip when a tube-type tire is replaced. This model improves low-speed handling and cornering, making the bike's transition from upright to leaned more smooth and with more control.

Riders who have been using this tire appreciate how much this model helps with stopping the bike, due to the deeper tread pattern that practically grips the road.

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6. Protrax Tire 90/100-14 Rear Soft - Intermediate

Durable and reliable, you can consider this product in the cheap dirt bike tires category, as it comes with a more affordable price point than other items in this line. However, when we say cheap, it must not be understood as cheaply made. The ProTrax PT1008 Motocross Offroad Dirt Bike Tire is still a high-quality product.

This soft to intermediate tire is designed for maximum value for mid-sized and mini dirt bikes. One of the best qualities of this item is the design which offers a perfect balance between maximizing traction and maintaining durability on your bike.

The strong 4-ply structure is resistant to punctures. Moreover, the knob spacing lessens the buildup of mud. The lugs are a little further apart than you might think, but buyers mentioned that this makes the bike run even better. ProTrax is a well-known name in the world of dirt bikes and bikers trust this brand.

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7. Dirt Bike Tire 110/100-18 Front or Rear Off-Road

Since this model offers excellent grip and easy handling, it also provides a great riding performance. Moreover, the MMG Dirt Bike Tire 110/100-18 Front or Rear Off-Road tire features an all-season compound which was developed for any weather conditions. The knobby open thread is designed to clean out the mud very well.

The seamless construction of this model provides unbeatable performance and value. Best of all, the item is a universal and custom fit component and does not come with any direct standard or OEM model application.

The key features you should remember when it comes to this model is that it is available in mid to aggressive knobby tread patterns, for a wide variety of terrains, and it is suitable for on as well as off-road riding. The design was intended to offer a better grip, and it is built to provide durability and many successful rides.

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8. ProTrax Front 14 Rear 12 Tires Tubes Kit

If what you require is performance, value, and durability, then this combo kit is for you. The kit includes a front 14-inch and rear 12-inch tires and standard tubes. The ProTrax Motocross Combo Kit was designed for soft to intermediate terrains.

These tires are built in such a way as to offer a perfect balance between maintaining durability and maximizing traction on your dirt bike. Moreover, the tires fit a very wide array of bikes from various manufacturers. These items were made with aggressive width and offset wheels in order to offer you maximum performance.

This model is ideal for stance and staggered setups, as they help you get the custom look for tuners who know exactly what they are doing. According to bikers who are already using this product, the tires are soft and meaty, ideal for a light rider to prevent washout in turns. Also, the aggressive turn is a highly appreciated improvement.

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9. Pirelli Scorpion XCMH Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tire

With a design based on the MT18 model, this product offers outstanding traction and durability on intermediate to hard terrain. These tires feature a three-layer high modulus construction which is meant to reduce weight. They also provide a more powerful carcass that reduces knob deformity.

The Pirelli Scorpion XCMH Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tire features a heavy-duty construction with a strong carcass delivering high-speed off-road racing and riding. The tires are built with a medium-hard compound that offers high performance.

Moreover, the unique polyester carcass is lightweight and the specially configured knobs from the front tire are meant to increase steering precision and traction.

You might be interested to know that this model is also DOT approved; therefore, it comes with the DOT stamp. It is R and M speed-rated, and also tube-type. When you replace a tube-type tire, it is recommended to get a new tube and rim strip.

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10. JCMOTO 12.5 x 2.75 Tire and Inner Tube

The last product on our list is definitely not a bad choice. It is intended for mini pocket bikes, razor dirt bikes, and rocket dune buggies, and comes as a kit of a tire and inner tube tire. The knobby tire measures 12 1/2 x 2.75. The JCMOTO Tire and Inner Tube kit was designed with durability and resistance to tearing and chunking in mind.

You will surely be pleased with the perfect fit and easy installation, as customers who have already used this product are. What else you should know is that the aggressive knobs are structured for dirt performance, and they are excellent for intermediate to hard terrain.

The sidewall construction and stiff bead provide an increased level of stability and better cornering control. Also, the inner tube is made from high-quality butyl rubber with a TR-4 straight metal valve stem. This product comes highly recommended by owners who are very pleased with their purchase.


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This Year’s Buying Guide


When it comes to good dirt bike tires it is easy to feel overwhelmed because of the number of options available. Between rubber compounds, tread design, specialized tires, DOT compliance, the type of riding you practice, and even colored dirt bike tires you might be interested in, there are a lot of things to consider before you make the purchase.


Understanding your tire’s size is probably the most important thing to first consider before buying one. You can find this information on the sidewall of the tire. This is the most noticeable detail apart from the brand and model.

Normally, the tire size appears as a set of three numbers, which represent the measurements of three dimensions. The first one describes the width from sidewall to sidewall. The second one is the sidewall height. It is also known as the aspect ratio, which is a percentage of the tire’s width. The first two numbers are given in millimeters.

The third number, on the other hand, is measured in inches and represents the inner diameter. As a general rule, the inner diameter must be the same size as your rim. For example, a 17-inch tire will only fit a 17-inch rim.


The DOT Stamp

This probably does not tell you much, but it is another detail that appears on the tire’s sidewall. The DOT stamp does not offer a lot of information on its own. What it does is to certify that a specific tire is approved for on-road use in the United States.

The marking usually says DOT or DOT Approved. At the same time, tires that are not approved for road use will say not intended for highway use or something similar to this.

You may wonder why this is important. If you intend to use your dirt bike on the streets as well, you need to make sure you get a tire with the DOT stamp on it.


Tire Pressure

This is an aspect worth mentioning because it has a tremendous effect on the performance of a tire. If you do not know too much about this feature you can go to a service or the owner’s manual for a baseline recommendation, or even check the informational badging of the bike.

This piece of information should give you an idea about what pressure or PSI to run. Most knobby tires can run between 12 and 15 PSI on average terrain; a little lower in case if you wish for more traction and flexibility from the sidewall, or a little higher if you want to avoid rim damage or pinch flats.

It is essential to remember that each tire has the maximum PSI recommendation imprinted on the sidewall, and you should not exceed that point when installing the tire and setting the bead.


Tire Types and Tread Designs

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is the type of tire you require, and this depends entirely on the type of riding you practice and the kind of terrain you need it for. But what features are included in a type of tire? The tread design, the rubber compound, and the area of specialization are what you need to check.

All these aspects play a huge part in the tire performance and can make a big difference between a successful ride or staying put as you have zero traction. The classic MX knobby found on most off-road bikes is generally divided into three types – soft, intermediate, and hard, based on what kind of terrain it is designed for.

The soft terrain tires are made for loose gravel, loam, and other types of soil that have minimal structure. They are designed with tall and aggressive lugs that bite down into the ground and widely spaced tread patterns. These tires are usually made from a hard rubber compound.

The hard terrain tires are made for tightly packed soil, hard surfaces, and well-worn tracks. The tread pattern is more tightly spaced so that as much rubber touches the ground as possible. This type uses a soft rubber compound for more flexibility.

There are also specialized tires for specific types of surfaces. For example, the dirt bike paddle tire is used for sandy areas, while for icy surfaces, you would need studded dirt bike tires.



We are not going to describe how to change a tire, as it is not the subject of this article. However, if you are new to this sport, it is important to mention that knowing how to change a dirt bike tire is just as important as the tire itself.

Incorrect mounting can lead to serious injuries and a damaged ride. You need to use an appropriate dirt bike tire changer and have the know-how of this procedure.




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