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9 Best Gmax Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Finding the perfect Gmax motorcycle helmet might be a bit difficult given the wide array of products. To help you with your research, you can find showcased below a selection of different types of helmets, together with their in-depth reviews, to identify the key elements that your affordable Gmax helmet should have.

1. GMAX GM65 Naked Mens Half Face Street Helmet

If you love the wind blowing through your hair while riding the interstate, this half-face helmet is the right option for you. It boasts a cool design and is available in two color choices to easily match the rest of your protective gear.

Finding the perfect fit for your head should also be easy as the GM 65 comes in five standard sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large, meaning it is also a good option for women. The shell is made of a thermoplastic poly alloy that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

It meets DOT safety standards without the extra weight of a full-face helmet, ensuring increased freedom of movement and flexibility when riding. The product is delivered with two sun shields. The tinted one features a UV400 coating to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, while the other one is transparent and suitable for night riding.


The item ensures increased flexibility when riding thanks to the half-face design that won’t add extra pressure on your head.

It is available in various sizes for maximum chances of finding the perfect fit for your head shape and size.

The helmet is delivered with two sun shields that are retractable and easy to replace without requiring additional tools.

We also liked the soft interior designed to absorb extra moisture and keep your head cool and dry throughout the ride. It can be easily removed and cleaned so you won’t have to worry about bacteria and skin irritations.


Although DOT-certified, this type of helmet is mainly suitable for experienced riders and those who don’t exceed speeds of 50-60 mph. The half-head design won't protect the sides of your face or your jaw, which means you are more exposed to accidents and harsh road conditions such as rain, cold temperatures or prolonged sun exposure.

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2. GMAX GM65 Mens Half Face Ghost/Rip

One of the most popular models from the brand, this GM 65 comes in a cool ghost and skull design that will help you stand out from the crowd and perfectly match your new biker leather jacket. It is available in six standard sizes, from X-Small to 2X-Large, which makes it a great option for both men and women.

The half-face helmet features a shell made of high-quality plastic alloys, resistant to tear, wear, and impacts. It is DOT approved and will protect your head in case of accidents. The sun shield features a UV400 coating and is retractable to ensure quick removal and replacement without requiring any tools.

The helmet is delivered with a second clear sun shield that can be easily raised and lowered since it doesn’t come with springs.

What we also liked about this particular Gmax helmet is the comfortable lining that absorbs extra moisture and provides extra padding to better absorb shocks in case of impact.


The item is lightweight and durable at the same time, being made of high-quality plastic alloys that will protect your head from injuries.

It is DOT-approved and meets the FMVSS 218 security standard, which makes it a reliable choice on the streets, as long as you’re not riding at speeds that exceed 70-80 mph.

The helmet is available in a cool ghost and skull design, suitable for bikers with a cool attitude. You can also choose from six different sizes to make sure you find the perfect fit and two colors.

It is delivered with two interchangeable sun shields that provide the necessary UV protection for your eyes, keeping dirt, debris, dead insects, and rain away from your eyes.


Although not a product flaw, please be aware that half-helmets are mainly designed for cruisers and those who ride through the city. They are mainly used by bikers with years of experience because they feel lighter than full helmets.

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3. GMAX MD-01 Adult Stealth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Full-face helmets represent the most responsible choice for beginners and professional riders as well. The MD-01 is available in seven sizes, ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large, which means there is a greater chance of finding the perfect fit, regardless of your body type.

You can also purchase the helmet in two color choices, including a bold black and yellow combo that will help you become easily noticed by anyone around.

The MD-01 is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 standard, which means it will provide the maximum level of protection for your head in case of accidents. The full-face design offers increased protection on all areas of your head and neck, which means you will be less exposed to cuts, open wounds, concussions, and brain damage.

The product features a hard shell made of quality materials and a SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable.


The MD-01 features the latest DuPont Coolmax technology which means an interior that absorbs extra moisture and keeps your head dry and comfortable throughout the day.

The lining is easy to remove and wash in the washing machine and, thanks to the charcoal bamboo fibers, it will eliminate odors and bacteria growth that cause them.

The helmet is delivered with a drop-down sunshade with an anti-fog coating for easy and convenient riding in all weather conditions.

It is also equipped with an integrated multi-function red LED rear light for extra visibility during the night.


As with many other products developed and distributed by Gmax, we suggest you carefully measure the size of your head and compare it with the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer. Since the MD-01 runs on the small side, we suggest ordering a size bigger than you would normally wear.

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4. GMAX GM11 Mens Expedition Dual Sports Helmet

Designed for people passionate about motorsports, the new GM11 helmet from Gmax is made of a lightweight thermo-plastic poly-alloy that provides excellent protection against dirt, debris, dust, rain, fog, and impacts without feeling too heavy on your head.

It can be quickly converted from a visor configuration to one without, depending on your requirements, which means it represents a convenient choice for all kinds of motorsports. The unique design of the helmet features a large eye port that allows you to wear protection goggles underneath, keeping your eyes away from dangerous weather or road conditions.

The item is DOT certified, so you can rest assured it will protect your head, eyes, and neck in case of impact. The shell features various vents on the top, front, and jaw, ensuring maximum airflow to prevent overheating and sweating during the hot summer days. It comes with removable and washable cheek pads for full protection against noise and impact.


Despite being a full-face helmet, the product is lightweight and won’t put additional pressure on your head, even when riding for many hours.

It is DOT certified, meaning that it was tested against impacts and can absorb shocks in case of accidents.

The shell features various venting holes to ensure maximum air ventilation, preventing overheating and sweating.

The interior is made of breathable fabrics that will keep your head cool and dry throughout the day and comes with removable, washable cheek pads for extra protection.

There are also Bluetooth pockets so you can connect your device and listen to music or talk with your beloved while riding


Sizing is a bit problematic as the overall construction of this helmet feels bulky. Despite the thick padding inside, the product doesn’t fall on the small side, so we recommend ordering your usual size or even a size smaller for a snug fit, especially if your head is narrower.

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5. GMAX OF-77 Adult Eternal Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Available in three beautiful shades and designs, the OF-77 helmet represents a thoughtful choice for both men and women. You can choose from five standard sizes, from X-Small to X-Large, so take your time to find the perfect fit for your head shape and size.

The shell is made of high-quality materials that are DOT approved and can provide increased protection in case of accidents. The SpaSoft Du Pont Coolmax interior is high-performance, keeping your head cool, dry, and comfortable at the same time. The charcoal bamboo fiber will prevent odors from getting in contact with your skin and eliminate bacteria that cause them.

The interior can be easily adjusted, removed, and washed, so you can keep it clean at all times and prevent skin rashes, redness, irritations or eczemas. The helmet also features vents that completely seal out the cold and noise, protecting your ears, eyes, and head at the same time.


If you were looking for a helmet to match your fizzy personality and the rest of your riding gear, the new OF-77 from Gmax represents a great choice for both men and women.

The shell is made of durable and light materials, resistant to shocks, prolonged direct sunlight exposure, and various temperature and road conditions. Thus, you can rest assured it represents a good choice for long and short-distance riding.

The DuPont Coolmax interior is designed to absorb extra moisture, keeping your head cool, dry, and comfortable for the entire day, while the charcoal bamboo fibers eliminate bacteria that cause odors.

The dual-exhaust venting system features top and rear vents that reduce the temperature and provide increased air ventilation to your head.


The buckle is a double D-ring with a snap which is not the most convenient choice if you need to quickly remove your helmet

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6. GMAX MD-01 Adult Solid Modular Helmet

Available in a beautiful and luxurious shade of burgundy, this Gmax modular helmet can be purchased in seven different sizes, including XXX-Large, so it is designed to fit almost all riders, regardless of their head size, shape or body weight.

It is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 Standard, which means it is a reliable choice if you’re looking for increased protection against rough weather and road conditions. The modular design protects your head, eyes, ears, and neck at the same time, reducing the risk of injuries in case of impact.

It is equipped with the same quality SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior like other Gmax helmets that absorb extra moisture, keeping your head dry and cool for the entire day. The interior also offers extra padding when required, and it is easy to remove and wash after every wear.

The ABS shell is both durable and lightweight, so you won’t feel uncomfortable even when wearing the helmet for a long time.


The product is available in numerous sizes, so finding the right fit shouldn’t be too hard. Take into account that there might be slight variations in sizing, so it would be best to try the helmet on before buying it.

The shell is made of ABS, a material that is both lightweight and durable. It won’t add too much pressure on your head while still providing excellent protection against injuries in case of impact.

The SpaSoft Coolmax interior ensures easy cleaning and custom fitting, according to your needs. It is designed to absorb extra moisture and keep your head cool and dry throughout the day.

The interior is also easy to remove and, thanks to the charcoal bamboo fibers, it will keep your skin away from bacterial infections and odors.


As we previously mentioned, sizing can be tricky, even when you’re comparing this model with others manufactured by the same company. It runs on the large side, so we suggest ordering a size smaller.

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7. GMAX G1650076 Half Helmet

If you’re comfortable with the half-face helmet designs, this product from Gmax might be the right replacement for your old riding accessory. You can purchase it in various sizes, ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large, so you shouldn’t spend a lot of time looking for the right fit, according to your head girth.

Boasting a matte black design, the product won’t make you stand out from the crowd but will certainly match the rest of your motorcycle gear. It is DOT compliant, meaning it is safe to use it on national roads, even on the highway. The hard shell is durable and light at the same time, ensuring increased protection for your head against injuries, in case of accidents.

The chin strap is also made of durable materials and is adjustable and comfortable. It won’t cause friction with your skin, so you won’t have to worry about irritations or skin marks.


The new helmet from Gmax is suitable for cruise riders and those who enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

It meets all safety standards and can be successfully used on the road to protect your head from prolonged sun exposure, winds, rain, and in case of accidents.

The soft interior padding is designed to add extra protection and absorb moisture, keeping the head cool and dry even in the middle of the hot summer days.

The chin strap is made of durable and soft materials so it won’t cause friction and skin reactions as a result.


This helmet style may be more suitable for people with oval heads as there is plenty of gap in the front and the back that people with round heads can’t make use of.

Although it protects the ears and comes with a sun shield, we always recommend opting for a full-face helmet, especially if you recently got your first motorcycle.

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8. GMAX GM 65 Full Dress Adult Cruiser

Going through this Gmax helmets review, you will easily understand why this classic remains an all-time favorite for many riders, especially the older ones. The flat black color comes with a nice matte finish that won’t reflect sunlight and will protect your head from heat strokes and rain.

The product represents a great choice for cruisers and those who are not eager to test their bikes’ speed limits on the highway. It ensures increased flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing you to easily turn your head and look for potential obstacles on the road, faster and easier than you would normally do with a full-face helmet.

The GM 65 helmet meets DOT standards and protects your head from injuries in case of accidents. It comes with a soft, smooth, and breathable inner fabric with mesh panels to ensure maximum air ventilation and absorb extra moisture, keeping your head cool and dry for hours.


If you’re looking for a regular helmet that won’t draw attention and easily match your relaxed attitude and the rest of your biker gear, the new GM 65 from Gmax is the right choice.

Its half-head design is a great choice for cruisers who need flexibility, freedom of movement, and protection at the same time. The helmet is DOT approved and will keep your head safe in case of accidents.

It comes with a UV-coated protective sun shield that ensures maximum visibility in all lighting conditions and also shelters your eyes from direct sunlight exposure, wind, dirt, raindrops, and others.

The shield can also be removed and replaced easily, without requiring any additional tools.


You might want to check the size of the product as it seems to run on the small side, so you should probably opt for a size bigger than the one you normally wear.

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9. GMAX G3770075 Of77 Unisex Adult-Style Open Face Helmet

Out of the wide array of Gmax helmets available on the market, this one proves a reliable choice for riders of all ages. The Unisex design is suitable for both men and women and finding the perfect fit should be easy thanks to the 8 different sizes available, ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large.

The helmet is constructed out of high-quality ABS that is lightweight and durable at the same time, providing the necessary level of protection for your face, head, and neck in case of accidents.

It features a large eye port for improved peripheral and range of vision, which makes riding easier in all weather conditions and on various types of terrains. This way, you can also add your favorite pair of goggles underneath and protect your eyes from dirt, dust, debris, insects or raindrops.

The inner shield benefits from the latest anti-fogging coating technology available, making sure your visibility is at its best, regardless of the weather conditions outside.


Designed to meet the standards of the pickiest riders, this new helmet from Gmax represents a smart choice for those who are looking for increased protection. It is DOT approved and will absorb shocks in case of impact, lowering the risk of severe injuries.

The ABS shell construction is lightweight and durable at the same time, without adding too much pressure or weight on your head.

It features the Spa Soft and Coolmax interior for extra protection and absorption, keeping your head cool and dry the entire day. The lining is 100% removable and washable so you can keep it clean after each ride.

The multi-density cheek pads included are designed to add more protection to your cheek area when riding on long and difficult roads.


Before ordering online, we suggest you go into a store and try out the helmet to find the perfect size for you. It may run smaller than other products, so it would be best to try out different sizes before picking the perfect one for you.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


With only a little over two decades of experience in the field, Gmax Helmet, LLC is considered a young and enthusiastic company that rapidly gained notoriety throughout North America. The brand delivers high-quality and comfortable helmets at affordable prices, and it is one of the main reasons why it became successful almost instantly.

To help you find the best Gmax helmets, here are some features you should take into account during your selection process.

Size and fit

The most important aspect to take into account regardless if you opt for a cheap Gmax helmet or a pricier one is the right fit. Most helmets are available in at least five-six different sizes, ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large, sometimes even bigger than that.

To find the perfect size for your head you should measure your head’s circumference and compare it with the length provided by the manufacturer for each standard size. If you fall in-between sizes, it is always advisable to opt for a size up to ensure proper blood circulation and prevent headaches or fatigue in the long term.

On the other hand, a helmet that is too loose won’t provide the same level of protection as one that fits on tight, and it may even end up falling off your head.

Before deciding on the proper size for your head, keep in mind that all helmets feature a protective interior layer, thicker or thinner, designed to absorb shocks and extra moisture, protecting your head from overheating.

That being said, the real size of the helmet can differ by up to one inch compared to the measurements provided by any manufacturer. Given that many customers consider the Gmax helmets already run on the smaller side, we suggest sizing up.


The right shape

Helmets come in various styles, depending on how skilled you are as a rider or what type of motorcycle riding you prefer. A Gmax dual sport helmet, for instance, will be thicker than other options available as it is designed to withstand harsh weather and road conditions and protect people from injuries during motocross or other riding competitions.

Half helmets, on the other side, are mainly designed for light riders and those with years of experience on the saddle who don’t like taking risks or riding at high speeds, even when they’re on the highway.

A Gmax half helmet is lightweight and provides more flexibility but won’t be able to protect your entire face or neck from injuries in case of accidents. Shields are also harder to install on it and it won’t protect your ears from strong noises either.

On the other hand, if you’re opting for a Gmax full face helmet, you’ll get full protection for your head and neck. A full-face helmet is heavier but comes with better cushioning and noise control. As long as you wear it and have the sun shield on, the noise level will be minimal so that you can even connect a smart device via Bluetooth and listen to the radio or your favorite tracks while riding.

You won’t have to worry about ventilation either as these helmets feature small holes that ensure proper air circulation and prevent your head from getting overheated and sweaty.


Materials used to manufacture

Most Gmax motorcycle helmets feature a shell made of hard plastic, ABS or thermoplastic poly alloys to offer the maximum level of protection for your head without feeling too heavy.

Whether we’re talking about full-face helmets or half-face products, their most important feature is to absorb shocks and keep your head away from concussions, brain damage, bruises, and other injuries in case of accidents. All helmets follow a strict testing protocol to ensure their resistance against various road factors, weather conditions, and impact.

When choosing the right helmet you need to make sure it feels as lightweight as possible. A helmet that is too heavy may put too much pressure on your head and neck, causing health problems in the long run.

ABS and hard plastic alloys will do the trick if you’re a cruiser or a casual rider who doesn’t want to test the speed limits of the bike but if you like speed, you’ll need to opt for other materials.


As we previously mentioned, all helmets come with lining to provide extra cushioning for your head and better absorb shocks. When choosing the lining, make sure it is thick enough to feel protected yet lightweight and breathable. Opt for fabrics such as cotton or mesh that will absorb extra moisture and prevent overheating or sweating.

It is also important that the lining is fully detachable and washable so you won’t have to worry about germs and bacteria piling up under the helmet that are usually responsible for musky odors and skin irritations.

And, if you’re looking for more protection during the cold season or long rides, make sure the lining comes with pockets for extra cheek pads.



Keep in mind that a helmet represents an essential part of your biker gear, so you should find one that represents your style and personality. Luckily, Gmax helmets are available in a wide array of colors and designs that will help you stand out from the crowd and give you that extra touch of style you were looking for.

However, if you feel like you haven’t yet found the right item for you, we suggest going through some online Gmax helmet reviews and read the opinions of other customers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are the Gmax motorcycle helmets made?

Founded by a group of enthusiasts who partnered with a local manufacturer dedicated to the development of high-quality helmets, the Gmax brand is 100% American.

Most of the accessories sold by the company are locally made, in the United States, meaning that by purchasing them you will be supporting the local economy. They are also designed to meet or exceed DOT security standards so that they can provide the necessary level of protection for all riders, regardless of their experience on the road.

The company is based in Boise, Idaho and its products are mainly sold in the United States and Canada but, with the help of international dealers, it can also ship overseas. By checking its website, you can find a list of online dealers, as well as local ones that carry the Gmax helmets in their stores and are happy to help you find the perfect fit for your age and riding requirements.

Q: Is Gmax a good brand for motorcycle helmets?

With a little over 20 years of experience in the field, you would think that Gmax is not very popular amongst riders. As it turns out, more and more professional and amateur riders ditch their old, heavy helmets, and decide to pick new ones from this local brand.

Gmax helmets are rapidly gaining popularity thanks to their lightweight yet durable construction, which provides the perfect blend between breathability, visibility, and protection. As the company mentions on its website, it is dedicated to delivering high-quality products at affordable prices for all types of motorcycle riders.

Another reason why you should pick the Gmax helmets is that they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, matching the needs of every rider. Whether you’re riding a regular motorcycle, a dirtbike or a snowmobile, the brand has you covered. Just ready any Gmax helmet review online and you will see the company’s products are so in-demand.


Q: What can I use to clean my Gmax motorcycle helmet?

On the company’s website, you’ll find a complete guide on how to look after your helmet to keep it clean and prolong its life. It recommends using a wet soft cloth to soak any grime you may have on your helmet and shield (dust, debris, dirt, dead insects, etc.). Gently wipe off the area with the soft cloth and make sure you are not using any circular motions that might produce swirl marks and affect the shield.

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using any petroleum-based solvents either, including detergents with abrasives, turpentine or ammonia-based glass cleaners. These substances may interfere with the optical properties of your helmet’s shield and reduce the mechanical strength.

Paper towels and napkins are excluded because they might cause fine scratches on the shield and the shell’s finish. You may not notice this immediately but you will risk damaging your helmet in the long term.


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