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10 Best Suomy Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022

When you shop for Suomy motorcycle helmets, you can quickly notice that there are many options you can consider. While that’s a great thing, it can also make things unnecessarily complicated for you, as you might not know what to pick. We are here to help you narrow down your choices with a list of popular models that all deserve your consideration.

1. Suomy SR Sport Dovi Blue Helmet

Safety is the most crucial aspect concerning such an essential piece of equipment for a rider as a helmet, which is why it must be said that this model conforms with the highest standards in effect. Compliant with both DOT regulations and FMVSS 218, the Suomy SR Sport Dovi Blue Helmet is one of the safest models you can find right now.

It is a full-face helmet that is DOT, and ECE rated, so you can count on it for protection. Coming in two shell sizes, it is a model you will have no problem using on any track all over the world. The manufacturer does advise potential customers to consult the existing sizing chart and warns them that the model runs small.

At the same time, you will be pleased with the fact that the manufacturer advertises free resizing for the cheek pads, in case you want to customize them for a perfect fit.


You surely want your bike helmet to provide you with the highest protection possible, and that’s exactly what this ECE and DOT rated model offers to every user.

At high speeds, the helmet will remain stable on your head, and that happens due to the existing spoiler with stabilizing properties the helmet comes equipped with.

Don’t worry about fog settling on your visor when you stop, as the surface is treated for combating such problems, allowing you optimal vision under any circumstances.

The inner liners can be removed, and you can purchase some separately to ensure that the helmet fits on your head like a charm.

Even more, the manufacturer provides the customers with the possibility to resize the cheek pads, which is a great thing for a custom fit.


If there is one thing where this model doesn’t excel, that must be noise canceling; it is just average, not better or worse than others.

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2. Suomy KTVR0010-XL Speedstar Helmet

When reading Suomy helmets reviews, you will notice that there is one particular model that appears quite often in the praises of experts and users alike. This model, the Suomy KTVR0010-XL Speedstar Helmet makes a great impression right from the start because it looks nice and also offers several features that cater to the wearer’s comfort.

The cheek pads come with a quick-release mechanism, which makes it easy for you to remove them. Also, in the case of an accident, it helps the health care professionals on the scene to remove the helmet without causing additional trauma.

If you are into sport-touring, you will find this helmet to be exactly what you need. The shell design is adapted to street conditions, and you will find that it is made from the same materials as helmets destined for the racing track. The sturdy materials used contribute to its overall safety.



The overall sturdy construction is guaranteed by the exceptional materials used, such as Tricarboco Carbon Kevlar and Aramid resin composite that ensure overall reduced weight and durability.

You can remove the cheek pads and the inner liners so that you can wash them, thus ensuring that your bike helmet doesn’t become an environment for bacteria to thrive.

Because it is created from the same materials as racing helmets, it offers exceptional performance that can’t be easily rivaled by other models.

Your head won’t suffer from overheating because the inner liner is made from Coolmax Active fabric, and it is also treated to repel bacteria.

Created for street conditions, this helmet can accompany you no matter where you want to be.


Although it might not be a big drawback for most customers, it must be said that this model is not available in XXL size.

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3. Suomy MX Jump Special Helmet

Part of the series of Suomy MX helmets, this model is the type to steal your heart from the very first glance. As far as safety is concerned, it complies with all the standards issued by DOT and ECE, so you know that you can count on it to be as durable and offer as much protection as it is possible at the current moment.

Another thing you will be impressed with is the ultra-light design. The size medium weighs only 2.6 pounds, which means that you will not experience the usual strain on your neck and shoulders when wearing a helmet for a long time.

The material used is Carbon Aramid Tricarboro, well known for its durability that is not sacrificed for maintaining weight to a minimum. It comes with stainless steel D-rings, and the chinstrap anchors are made from the same corrosion-resistant material.



You will be satisfied with the safety rating of this helmet, as it is compliant with DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 standards both.

Its outstanding graphics will make a great impression from the first moment you look at one of these helmets and will motivate you to enhance your looks for the next time you climb on your bike.

This model comes equipped with advanced channels for adequate ventilation that also benefits from a specific feature called DVRC – Dynamically Variable Resistance Crush Zone.

At only 2.6 pounds, it is a truly lightweight helmet, and that means that you will be able to wear it for hours without the usual strain associated with heavy gear.


You should know that the helmet runs a bit small, so the practical thing to do is to order a size larger if your measurements leave you doubtful.

Although the graphics are impressive, you should know that the red color is more of an orange hue than you might expect.

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4. Suomy KTSR0031-LG SR Helmet

Suomy is a company well known for introducing new features and improvements with the new helmets it makes. The Suomy KTSR0031-LG SR Helmet is an excellent example of the dedication the manufacturer has for enhancements. Compared to its previous SR models, this one is 15% lighter and considerably more comfortable.

Now, the weight of the helmet is less than 3 pounds, and it is now considered the lightest model admitted for competitions. That said, you will enjoy extra comfort, but at the same time, the benefits of a racing helmet.

Other elements cater to the rider’s comfort. For instance, the model comes with quick-release cheek pads that can be removed and washed. The liners are also washable and made from a material that absorbs and wicks moisture quickly. Overall, the construction of the helmet is sturdy, and you will love how comfortable it is for your neck and shoulders, too.


You know that Suomy truly likes to take things to the next level when you see a helmet that’s 15% lighter than its predecessor.

Overall, you will find that this lightweight helmet is easy on your shoulders and neck when you ride for hours, as it weighs under 3 pounds.

Nonetheless, the helmet is approved for racing circuits, so you will benefit from the same features as you would from a professional helmet.

You can remove the cheek pads and liners and wash them so that your helmet is always comfortable and pleasant to wear.


One thing you might not be thrilled about when using this helmet is that it is a bit noisy, but that’s something that appears to be an issue with most Suomy helmets.

Also, you might find this model a bit expensive when compared to other models on the market.

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5. Suomy SpeedStar IWANTU Helmet

Safety is never taken lightly by this company as the multiple certifications for this helmet prove. It is DOT-approved, and it complies with FMVSS 218 standards, as well as with the ECE 22.05. You will be happy to learn that this helmet is accepted at any circuit track competition.

Because it comes in two shell sizes, you will be able to find the right model for your needs. An interesting aspect is that the manufacturer offers free resizing if you want to customize the cheek pads and liners to your liking, something you won’t easily find anywhere else.

It is one of the lightest helmets with this configuration. So, if you want a full-face helmet that comes with a sunshade, you will find a great pick in this one. Also, compared to other helmets made by this company, it is less expensive, so you will be able to afford even if you are shopping on a budget.



Approved both by DOT and ECE, this helmet is a safe choice, and you will be able to use it on any track on the globe.

The two shell sizes available make it easier for users to pick a suitable helmet for anyone looking for a top-quality piece of gear.

You will be pleased with the fact that the manufacturer offers free resizing for the cheek pads and liners.

For a full-face helmet with sunshade, this model is lightweight, and you might even be able to get one of the lightest available.


From the first use, you might notice that the noise cancelation not so great, something that appears to be a problem with other helmets from this company, too.

The colors are a bit dull, so if you prefer a helmet that makes a striking impression through its visuals, you might want to consider a different model.

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6. Suomy Stellar Cyclone Matte Helmet

Should you be shopping on a budget, you must be aware that there are affordable Suomy helmets readily available. The Suomy Stellar Cyclone Matte Helmet is one of them and presents all the reasons for making a purchase that you’ll be pleased with. It abides by the strict regulations imposed by DOT and ECE, which means that it is safe to use on public roads.

It comes in two shell sizes, so most people will find one that fits without too much trouble. The company takes pride in including the Pinlock shield insert mechanism that makes changing the visor a breeze. You will also be glad that the round and oval shapes the shell comes in makes finding the right helmet an easy process.

Another important aspect is that the shell is made from polycarbonate, so it’s lightweight and comfortable for long rides. You will also get free resizing for the cheek pads and liners, which is another plus.


Safety is the number one priority for this manufacturer, as the ECE 22.05 and DOT rated design proves right from the get-go.

Finding the right size is easy, as there are two shell sizes available, and the sizes run true, with both round and oval shapes provided by the manufacturer.

A critical benefit of this helmet is that it doesn’t strain your neck and shoulders when riding for hours, due to its lightweight polycarbonate shell.

Compared to other Suomy helmets, this model is also easy on your wallet, so you will be able to afford it if you seek excellent quality at the right price.

Another benefit is the availability of resizing for the cheek pads and head liners, which means that you will be more than happy with how well this helmet fits.


If there is one downside to this help, that must be that you won’t find it in XXL size.

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7. Suomy KTSR0029-MD SR Sport Helmet

Several benefits make this helmet stand out from the many available on the market right now. First of all, you should know that it’s made from a type of material created by Suomy to advance the safety features of its helmets. This material is named Tricarboco, which is the chosen moniker for the innovative Carbon Kevlar created with Aramid resin composite.

What you should know about Tricarboco is that it is incredibly durable, but without the cost of having a massive helmet that you can’t count on when riding over long distances. At the same time, the material remains lightweight, and today it is considered that only premium helmets use it.

The comfort you will experience when wearing this helmet is superior in every way. The cheek pads come with a quick-release mechanism that makes removing them a breeze. Also, the cheek pads and liners both can be washed, and they are made from a unique type of material that wicks moisture fast.



The overall excellent construction makes this helmet worthy of being considered a premium product that professional riders will surely appreciate.

You will like that you can remove the cheek pads and the liners and wash them so that you don’t have to worry about bacteria.

Even more, the liner is made from a type of fabric called Coolmax Active for its properties to absorb and wick moisture so that your head is always dry and comfortable.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the shell is made from a unique material called Tricarboro, which is a type of Carbon Kevlar combined with Aramid resin for enhanced durability.


This helmet is not, unfortunately, for everyone, since there are only a few sizes available, such as extra-small, small and medium.

Also, one cannot help but notice that this model is expensive, even when compared to other Suomy products.

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8. Suomy Apex Helmet

When reading any Suomy helmets review, you want to learn about a few essential factors, such as safety, comfort, and overall construction. The Suomy Apex Helmet ticks all the boxes, and that will help you feel safe when riding your motorcycle. This model is not only compliant with the standards imposed by DOT and ECE 22.05.

It also comes with other essential certifications, such as Inmetro, JIS, and J22. Another thing that will impress you is that this helmet is designed for speed. At the back, you will notice a spoiler that has as its primary role to cut through the turbulence created by wind and to eliminate the head buffet naturally occurring when you ride really fast.

Because of the polycarbonate construction, you will get superior protection while experiencing the comfort of wearing a lightweight helmet. Also, the face shield is coated with anti-fog and anti-scratch layers that will not wear off with time.



Sturdy, yet lightweight, this helmet will help you ride for hours in absolute comfort, and you won’t experience the usual fatigue associated with long trips on your motorcycle.

All the critical standards for safety imposed by different organizations, such as DOT and ECE, are abided by, and you will get a helmet with multiple certifications.

The permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments applied to the face shield make the helmet an even better buy, as it will serve you in various circumstances without fail.

Made from a unique composite material, the helmet is resistant to crashes and thus will protect your head from injuries.

You will be pleased to hear that you can remove the liners and the cheek pads to wash them so that your helmet is always free of bacteria.


It seems to have more of a round shape rather than an oval, which is why some fitting problems may arise for some users.

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9. Suomy KTSR0033-LG SR Sport Helmet

A sport helmet is a mandatory buy for any rider who wants to go the extra mile when picking the gear necessary for a fast ride. Suomy is a company well known for its dedication to excellence, and it is part of the company’s mission to bring new additions that improve an existing design. In this case, the Suomy motorbike helmets sold under this name are made from a unique material.

The material is based on Carbon Kevlar, and it is reinforced with Aramid resin to create a unique shell. The name chosen by the manufacturer for this innovation is Tricarboro. Whenever you hear about a helmet made from this material, you will know that it is tough, yet lightweight.

Suomy combines the best of both worlds with such helmets. They remain comfortable to wear, even over long distances, while they offer superior resistance to crashes. Overall, this is an excellent choice for people who travel a lot by motorcycle.


Various features cater to the comfort of the user, as the quick-release cheek pads prove right from the start.

You will love how lightweight this helmet is without sacrificing resistance to damage, as it is made from a unique material named Tricarboro, made with Carbon Kevlar and Aramid resin.

Both the cheek pads and the liners are soft and comfortable, and they can be removed for easy washing whenever the need arises.

On the inside, the liner is made from Coolmax Active fabric, and it is treated with a substance called Interpower that doesn’t allow bacteria to develop.

The overall quality construction will convince you that this is a helmet that will serve you for a long time without fail.


Although it comes with many exciting innovations and features, this helmet could still be considered a bit expensive when compared to other models made by the same company.

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10. Suomy Stellar Phantom Matte Helmet

As always, you will be the most interested in finding out about safety ratings and what protection a helmet can offer. That’s why you will be happy to hear that even cheap Suomy helmets like this one comply with the highest safety standards on the market. DOT and FMVSS 218 compliant and rated safe by ECE 22.05, it is a model that is guaranteed to protect you even in the direst of circumstances.

Changing the visor is easy as a breeze because there is a Pinlock insert employed on this model, something that you might usually expect from more expensive helmets. Both round and oval shapes are available for the shell, so the model’s sizing runs true, and you won’t have to get engaged in a guessing game to find the right fit.

In case you want to resize the cheek pads and the head liners, you will be able to ask for it for free, which is another benefit that you can draw from choosing this particular model.


For touring and commuting, you will find this helmet to be just what you need, as it is versatile and adaptable to your riding style and how fast or how far you want to go.

An important aspect, as always, is safety, and this helmet provides it without a doubt, as it complies with the highest standards provided by DOT and ECE.

Because there’s the Pinlock feature included, you will find it easy to remove the face shield and replace it if need be.

Since it runs true, and it comes in both round and oval shapes to fit any type of head, you will find the entire sizing process to be easy as a breeze.


While most people will find a size to fit them, you should be aware that this model is not available in XXL size, so you might have to browse through other models if that’s something you need.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

Many helmet manufacturers try to convince you that the models they make are the most suitable for your needs, but it is a rare occurrence that a brand manages to offer all you need without bumping up the price. In the case of Suomy, an Italian brand, you will get the most benefits, and you won’t have to break the bank to get one of its products.

Safety and certifications

First of all, you should know that Suomy doesn’t take lightly the safety factor, which is why its products are tested extensively before being launched on the market. If you read the specs for each of the helmets carrying the name of this brand, you will notice that it complies with the standards imposed by DOT and ECE.

That means that in the US and the EU, these helmets are suitable for the road, and even for competition tracks. You might have heard about Suomy motocross helmets, as that’s how the company became famous in the first place. In other words, if you want a helmet made by this company, you will enjoy the same safety features as a rider who takes part in professional competitions.


Head shapes and fitting

As with any other piece of gear, you must make sure that the helmet fits you well. A helmet that is too large will become uncomfortable and won’t be too stable on your head, thus compromising the safety features. Also, if you get one that’s too tight, you will become uncomfortable quickly, and you will have to cut short your trip.

Suomy offers helmets with a round and oval shape, so the head shape shouldn’t be an issue when you want to pick the right model for your needs. Also, the company offers multiple sizes for most models, and all you must do is pick the one that is suitable for your measurements.

Be aware, however, that some models run small and you might have to order a size larger. Make sure to consult some reviews and other additional information to discover if that’s the case before making a purchase.


Choose the right helmet for your riding style

Not all helmets are the same, and the amount of styles available reflect that adequately. If you prefer to shop for Suomy dirt bike helmets, that means that you won’t be interested in getting a model suitable for touring.

The great news is that Suomy has something for everyone, and you will find many different models available. Since it is a brand that first made helmets for motocross pros, it is quite clear that it knows what it’s doing, and you will be extremely pleased with the variety offered.

Features that cater to the rider’s comfort

First of all, there is something that makes these helmets stand out from the crowd. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable, and they are ideal for lengthy trips as they won’t cause your neck and shoulders to become fatigued easily.

Also, the cheek pads and liners on Suomy models are made from materials that cater to the rider’s comfort, too. They absorb and wick the moisture fast, so your head remains cool and comfortable all the time. Also, they are treated against bacteria and can be removed and washed regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are the Suomy helmets made?

Suomy is an Italian brand, and its headquarters and facilities are located in Italy, so that’s where all the helmets with this name are made. So, even if you find Suomy helmets USA being a thing, they are only sold in the US, and not made outside Italy.

The story of the company stretches over 20 years, with the first helmets created by this manufacturer being involved with motocross events. Bartolini and Tallon Voland, two crucial names in the history of motocross, wore Suomy helmets when they won relevant motocross titles, which says a lot about their performance right from the get-go.

Over the years, Suomy has started to produce helmets for cyclists, fencers, and other equipment for various sports, being recognized in 2005 as a global brand. With an equal focus on looks and performance, as well as innovative designs, Suomy has managed to earn a prominent place as a sports equipment manufacturer worldwide.

Q: Is Suomy a good brand for helmets?

In case you have been noticing several Suomy bike helmets gaining popularity on the market, it is not without strong reasons. Because the manufacturer uses certain materials that keep the weight of its helmets to a minimum, one of the advantages of these products is the reduced weight.

For riders, this is an essential aspect because it helps them ride in comfort for hours, without experiencing the usual fatigue associated with the strain caused by a heavy helmet on the neck and shoulders. Therefore, in terms of comfort, these helmets are better than others.

It must be mentioned that they don’t handle noise cancelation very well, which can be considered a downside. However, seeing how reasonably priced they are, they don’t have much competition in their price range. Overall, these helmets are good looking due to beautiful Italian designs, innovative features, and outstanding graphics.


Q: What can I use to clean my Suomy helmet?

These helmets are not particularly demanding when it comes to cleaning them, but you should bear a few things in mind. For starters, you must know that most models come with removable cheek pads and liners that can be washed in your washing machine to prevent bacteria from developing.

Some standard supplies for washing the body of the helmet are necessary. Get from microfiber cloth, as it is the most efficient for wiping clean your helmet. Some gentle detergent or baby shampoo is recommended as a cleaning agent as you don’t want to scratch your beautiful helmet.

You should also use a small toothbrush for the small nooks and crannies you can’t reach easily with a cloth. Also, if you really want to do a great job, it is a good idea to use compressed air to blast the dirt from your helmet, but that might not be something anyone has at his or her disposal.

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