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7 Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Finding the best Iron Man helmet is not always so easy and that’s why we selected the most sought-after models in this line and created the selection below which also features detailed reviews of each one.


1. Avengers Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet 

This Avengers helmet is an excellent alternative that you can try out, given that besides many other features, it includes 2 LED eyes. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you are one of your favorite superheroes, then this is your chance to make this dream come true. Of course, there’s a lot more to this Iron Man helmet than just its cool design.

The unit has a magnetized faceplate that you will be able to completely detach if you want to, and it can also be connected to the helmet’s top. You’ll be able to enjoy dramatic sound effects that bring the entire experience to a whole new level, while detaching or attaching the faceplate triggers the lighting up of the eyes.

Even the interior layer is specially made to resemble the electronic design, just as any Iron Man's helmet should, which is very important, particularly if someone who is very passionate about superheroes and comic books is going to use it.

As we know, every detail matters when we’re talking about a product based on something users are passionate about, and this particular helmet checks all the points by providing a superior overall experience.


You will surely appreciate the fact that the helmet’s exterior is remarkably detailed, with its beautiful finish and multiple functionalities.

The helmet is adjustable as well, and given that it fits most sizes, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right one.

This helmet is a very cool gift for those who are collecting Marvel-related items, so if you have a friend who is into Marvel comic books, you may want to go for this model.

The person who is going to use the helmet will enjoy a feeling of suiting up like Iron Man, so you can rest assured that he or she will have lots of fun.


You should know that it can be a bit more difficult to see through this helmet, given the light-eyes functionality.

The head strap doesn't work very well in certain situations, so make sure you check out the details on this.

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2. HJC Helmets Marvel IS-17 IRONMAN Street Motorcycle Helmet 

This HJC Helmets Marvel model is another great alternative you should keep in mind, given the detailed design and sturdy construction it features. If we were to use one word to define this Marvel motorcycle helmet, this would be “quality”.

The unit is made of high-quality materials and you can rely on its durability, thanks to the Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell. The advanced CAD technology that it uses renders it highly comfortable, given that it ensures a superior fit, while the design also makes it very easy to remove it or put it on, even if you are wearing gloves.

The manufacturer knows that such a unit’s usability is very important, especially since it’s meant to be used when riding a bike, so every aspect related to this was taken into account. We know that besides the cool design that will make you feel like you’re in a Marvel adventure, it’s crucial for the helmet to also protect you.

Therefore, it’s a great thing that this model ensures 95% UV protection, as well as a 2-stage shield closure that you can use without any effort. This way, you will be able to enjoy your rides without focusing on whether the helmet is effective or not.


This Iron Man motorcycle helmet features an impact-absorbing EPS liner that does a great job in keeping you both comfortable and protected.

There are three positions you can choose from when you are wearing it, all of them featuring a locking mechanism as well.

Thanks to the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System it includes, the user won’t have issues with overheating and sweat, as the airflow goes through it to prevent any discomfort.

Plus, the interior features a very cool design, as well as an antibacterial fabric that keeps moisture away, which means that you don’t have too much to worry about when it comes to this aspect.


The helmet is a bit louder than some might expect, but this also depends on how you are going to use it.

There is no Bluetooth included in its construction, but this functionality can be added by the manufacturer for an additional cost.

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3. NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet 

This NENKI model is both durable and extremely cool looking, which means that it should definitely go on your list of Marvel-related items you are going to try out. One of the features that make this affordable Iron Man motorcycle helmet one to take into consideration is the sturdy Fiberglass shell that includes expanded polystyrene for enhanced impact absorption.

While you probably don’t ever want to test out its effectiveness in case of an accident, it’s still good to know that its construction makes it a reliable unit. Furthermore, you may also enjoy the dual visor and the inner sun shield that keeps you comfortable in sunny weather conditions.

Plus, the ventilation system it includes does a very good job of ensuring the necessary breathability, which means that you won’t have to deal with sweat or overheating. Even though this is a cheap Iron Man motorcycle helmet, it’s still a very effective one in terms of the protection it ensures, especially since it’s DOT approved as well.

You can also be sure that you’ll have all eyes on you wherever you are going to go wearing this helmet, so you will definitely enjoy it.


One of the first things you are going to notice about this helmet is the cool design, but you should keep in mind that this is a very good quality product as well.

Even though it’s a more affordable alternative, you shouldn’t think that it lacks anything in terms of performance and effectiveness.

The dual visor is one of the key features that enhance the user’s experience, given that an iridium red visor and an inner sun one work together for excellent results.

The interior liner is removable and you’ll be able to wash it without any problems, thus making this helmet’s maintenance a breeze.


You should take a close look at the sizing chart to make sure you get the right one, as this unit can sometimes run a bit small.

The padding is rather thick, so depending on what you are already used to, it might take a bit of time to get accustomed to it.

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4. HJC Helmets IS-17 - Marvel Iron Man X-Small 

This HJC Helmets model is one of those affordable alternatives that also work great in keeping the user protected, which makes it a very good choice for any Marvel fan out there who wants to enjoy great rides on his or her bike. One thing about this helmet that sets it apart from other similar ones is the cool and highly detailed design.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about its durability either, given that the manufacturer used premium-quality materials to make this model. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your bike rides without any trouble, which also means that you will be able to focus on the road.

Plus, the manufacturer also paid a lot of attention to the various elements that ensure the user’s comfort. That’s why an effective ventilation system that keeps you cool even during the hot summer days was included, as well as the gold shield that protects your eyes and enhances the vision when the outside lighting conditions are not ideal.

However, besides all the quality and performance details discussed above, you will surely love the fact that you’ll feel like Iron Man while wearing it, and you can be sure that you won’t go unnoticed.


Thanks to the various elements that ensure this unit’s adjustability, you most probably won’t have any problems getting it to fit just right.

The gold visor is an excellent element that you can use, given that it renders the design very cool, but also that it enhances the user’s vision while wearing the helmet.

This helmet includes the same functionalities and benefits that more expensive alternatives do, but at an affordable price, so you won’t have to spend too much to feel like a superhero.

Given the detailed design, you’ll get a lot of attention while using this helmet, just as Iron Man would, while the DOT-certified construction will keep you safe.


Even though this is a highly comfortable model, make sure that you check the sizing chart to get the right one.

You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to its maintenance, otherwise, you might damage it.

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5. HJC Helmets HJC Unisex-Adult Full-face MC-1 

This HJC Helmets model is one of those very good choices that a Marvel fan can make, given that it features an Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Plus construction. In case you are wondering what this actually means, it’s a combination of carbon-glass hybrid fabric and carbon fiber that ensures improved shock resistance.

However, this is not the only feature that makes passionate riders choose this model. The high-performing ventilation system features intake and exhaust vents that ensure the right air circulation, while the sunshield is both anti-fog and smoke-tinted. You can also rest assured that it deploys very quickly, for the rider’s comfort during use.

This model also includes cheek pads with an emergency removal system, as well as a comfortable interior construction with an advanced antibacterial layer that also enhances moisture control and quick-drying. Both the cheek pads and the crown can be removed and washed without any trouble, for easy maintenance.

And last, but certainly not least, for those who are big fans of Marvel superheroes, this helmet not only will provide the necessary protection, but it will also turn a lot of heads when used. It can be a great gift for a friend who is passionate about both riding and Iron Man.



This very cool-looking helmet offers a glasses-friendly design, so if you want to wear yours as you are riding, you don’t need to worry that you might be uncomfortable.

There is also a rebar vent switch that ensures easy airflow control so that the rider enjoys the desired level of cooling depending on weather conditions.

The specially-made cooling interior ensures the user’s comfort by controlling moisture levels and ensuring quick-drying, while also being safe thanks to the antibacterial properties.

You can rest assured that this helmet’s maintenance is easy, given that it features removable elements that can be washed without any problem.


If you are planning to ride at full speed, this helmet might be a bit noisy, so you may need to buy earplugs.

The price is a bit high compared to other alternatives, but the unit’s quality does match it.

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6. 1storm Full Face Booster IRON Man Blue 

This DOT approved alternative comes packed with a three-level ventilation system and with a 5-position ventilation channel. The rear ventilator that this choice features acts as an exhaust so that the warm air accumulated inside is eliminated easily. 

As a result, the choice is suitable to be used in hot weather. The interior of the helmet is cushioned so that the user is provided with added comfort. The interior can be removed and washed whenever you consider it necessary.

On top of that, it should be pointed out that this model is very lightweight as it was manufactured out of thermoplastic alloy. In total, it weighs 4.75 pounds. The shell of the helmet is aerodynamically shaped for increased practicality.

A sizing chart is made available by the manufacturer so that you have no issues finding a helmet that fits you perfectly. The design of this option is very appealing if you are a fan of the Marvel universe. 


Because this is a full-face helmet, it can provide you with the needed level of protection when you are on the road. In fact, the model is DOT approved.

The interior of the choice is cushioned so that you feel comfortable while wearing it for hours on end. The interior can be removed and washed. 

If you want a helmet that you can use during the summer, in hot weather, this might be the unit for you as it features a high-quality ventilation system.

The shape of the model is aerodynamic and the choice is made out of high-quality materials. Given that this unit is lightweight, it is convenient to wear on long rides.


There is a chance that the chin strap that this helmet includes is a bit too short for your needs. This might depend from one user to another. 

Because this model does not include mouth vents, there is a possibility that it might fog up in some weather conditions. 

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7. Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Helmet 

The Bluetooth speaker that this product includes makes it very easy for you to stream audio wirelessly for up to 30 feet. The quality of the sound is high and the device also enables you to answer calls. This can prove rather practical, especially if you are on the road a lot and you want to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Besides, when the speaker is in use, it lights up. The lights run on a rechargeable battery. When shipped, this model comes with an AUX/USB cable. Thus, you won’t have to make any additional investments to use it.

You can also utilize this device as a piece of décor. It can make for a great gift for that friend of yours who is a big fan of Tony Stark. The speaker is 6.7 by 8.6 by 8.3 inches and it weighs 1.53 pounds. 


This speaker has a very cool design and it is small in size. Consequently, you can bring it with you to the office or you can keep it on your home desk.

It runs on an LR44 battery that is included in the deal. Because the battery is rechargeable, you won’t have to buy a new one every time you run out of power.

This powerful Bluetooth speaker can stream high-quality audio from no less than 30 feet. You can also use it to answer calls.

Moreover, this option comes with an AUX/USB cable that can prove handy. You can utilize this speaker to stream your favorite songs right out of the box.


If you intend to use the speaker in a room full of people, the device is not as loud as expected. Yet, it is easy to use and it has a cool design.

The choice is a bit more expensive than other similar counterparts that you can find for sale.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When it comes to safety gear, no matter if we’re talking about regular one or an Iron Man bike helmet, there are some main aspects that you need to consider before making your choice. It’s true that there is a wide range of options you can choose from, and that’s why this guide is here to point out the main aspects that you should keep in mind as you browse through them.


A helmet, before anything, needs to effectively protect your head in case anything goes wrong. The roads are not safe, given that unfortunately, many people are not driving and riding responsibly, so you need to do your best to ensure your own protection. For this, the first thing you have to do is always choose a helmet made of high-quality materials.

There shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to this matter, but it’s also important to note that this doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive alternative. Furthermore, there are several safety standards that the helmet should meet. That’s how you know that the product is one you can rely on, in case you actually need it.

One of these is the DOT standard, namely that of the Department of Transportation. This applies in the United States, but other places have their own regulations, such as the ECE in the Europen Union, which stands for Economic Commission for Europe.

Going back to North America, if a certain product is DOT certified, this means that it’s safe and legal to use it on public roads. In case you want to take the safety aspect to the next level, you can look for a unit that is SNELL certified. SNELL is, in fact, a not-for-profit organization that does rigorous tests.

Helmets that have passed these tests have proven to be very safe. The disadvantage here is that a helmet that is SNELL-certified tends to be more expensive than other options on the market.


Size & shape

As you probably know, helmets come in multiple shapes and sizes, which is something that can make your choice a bit more difficult. The first thing you want to do is ask yourself how, when, and where you are going to use the helmet. The answers to these questions might shape your final choice, just as your personal preferences certainly will.

Among the types of helmets you can find, the most common ones are the full face one, which provides the most protection and it’s recommended for motorcycle riders, and the open face one, which leaves the face exposed given that it doesn’t have a chin guard. You can also opt for more particular alternatives, such as modular, off-road, or half helmets.

However, these might not ensure the same level of protection, depending on the type of motorcycle you are riding. The truth is that you should probably test more alternatives and see which one feels more comfortable and ensures the right protection for your needs.

Pricing & comfort

As we’ve already mentioned, the price should not be the main characteristic that influences your choice, but this doesn’t mean that this aspect is not important. Safety is paramount, so you should never base your decision on the helmet’s cost, but it’s also true that we can rarely afford to shop without any limitations.

That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are several aspects that can influence a helmet’s price, namely the materials used, certifications, the technology included, or the brand. For any beginner, spending a couple of hundred dollars on a new helmet at first is guaranteed to ensure a good quality product.

The prices can go really high when special types of helmets are needed, such as those for racing, but that’s another story. A good general rule to follow is to choose a helmet that effectively protects your head, but without having to reduce quality from other gear.

Another aspect you need to think about is how the helmet fits, given that remaining comfortable is very important. You don’t want to be hindered by anything while you are riding so that you can focus on the road, traffic, and enjoy the experience while remaining safe.

There are several things that can influence the way a helmet fits, namely size, materials used, the shape of your head, the unit’s weights, and other elements meant to ensure your comfort, such as padding. In terms of size, you should always check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and maybe read a couple of reviews to make the right choice.


Full Face Helmets  

We’ve already taken a quick look at the types of helmets that you can find on the market, but it’s important to know a bit more about each one in order to make the right choice. This matters a lot, especially if you are still rather new to riding a motorcycle, and you are not yet familiar with all the options available in this category. 

With this being said, the first type of helmet we’re going to look at is the full face model. Just as the name suggests, this is a helmet that covers most, if not all, of your face, thus ensuring the highest level of protection. If you are planning to ride your bike at higher speeds, then a full face model is the one that you should go for. 

Its main strengths consist of excellent protection ensured against wind, debris, bugs, as well as other hazards. Depending on the full face model that caught your eye, you can also use Bluetooth connectivity and add other communication gadgets. One of the disadvantages of this model is the fact that ventilation is limited, so you want to make sure that you choose a unit that comes with an excellent system to keep you cool. 

The good part is that if you go for a full face Iron Man helmet, then you won’t have a hard time finding a model that offers everything you need in terms of comfort and ventilation. 


Modular & Dual-Sport Helmets 

Modular helmets are a good combination of open and full face models, given that they include a section that can be flipped up or removed in order for the user to get extra ventilation. They are a good option if you are not planning to ride at very high speeds, but it’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t ride with them open in any situation. 

What makes them a great alternative is the fact that they offer a similar level of protection as full face helmets, but they ensure added comfort when you want to take a quick break or have a conversation, and you don’t want to remove the entire helmet off your head. 

These models usually include an integrated sun shield as well, and you can look at the option of adding an air deflector as well if the helmet you choose can accommodate this option. Even if the options may be a tad limited in terms of finding a modular Iron Man helmet, there are still plenty of options in this category, so you’ll surely find what you are looking for. 

Along the same lines, you can take a look at dual-sport helmets as well. While these units are not modular, they do look pretty awesome, and they offer other benefits, especially if you plan on riding both on and off-road. If both types of riding are on your list, then with a dual-sport model, you can benefit from maximum protection and a lightweight feel for added comfort. 

Open & Half Helmets 

Last but not least, there are the open and half helmets that you can take a look at as well, even though it may be a bit difficult to find a suitable Iron Man helmet in this range. However, if you are planning about riding your motorcycle at low speeds and only around your home, then an open or half helmet might be suitable, given that you get a lot more ventilation. 

Half face helmets work very well if you want to combine a good level of protection with more freedom. However, it’s important to remember that these alternatives are not necessarily suitable for high-speed riding, especially if you intend to use a highway. 

Half helmets cover the top area of the head, but the rest is exposed, so you should only use them for lower speed riding. Of course, if you want to go for an Iron Man helmet that looks really similar to the main character, then a full face model is the one you should choose. 


Finding the Right Fit 

No matter what type of helmet you choose, it’s crucial for it to fit you comfortably so that you can wear it for longer riding periods without any inconvenience. Therefore, if you are wondering what you should take into account to make sure that this happens, the next lines are here to provide the necessary details. 

There are a few main aspects that you should take a look at as you are browsing through helmets, namely, the unit’s liner and the shape of your head. Having a helmet that fits you well is more than a matter of comfort, it’s one of safety as well, so this is not something that you should overlook. 

In terms of the shape of your head, you should take a look at the length from the forehead to the back, and then from ear to ear. Take the jawline into account as well. The types of head shape can be long oval, intermediate oval, as well as round oval. Of course, various helmet models work better for one or the other, so you should check out all the details provided by the manufacturer as well. 

On the other hand, you can use the interior removable and washable liner to adjust the helmet’s fit to your needs, up to a certain point, so if you particularly like a certain helmet, you can take this into account as well. Most manufacturers go for a neutral intermediate oval shape, in general, which makes the unit more versatile in terms of fit. 

Since we’re talking about comfort, it’s important to mention that the interior liner should feel comfortable against the skin and that it should be removable and washable as well. 

This way, you can keep it clean and ready for use at any given point, and keep in mind that most interior accessories come with antimicrobial properties as well, which is always a good idea given that you enjoy added safety. 


My experience with motorcycles 

The moment I had my first motorcycle ride, I knew this was something I would often engage in for the rest of my life as long as my health would allow it. 

Conquering miles on my motorcycle has become not just a convenient way to reach various destinations, but also a great way to disconnect from my daily chores and simply enjoy the beauty of a motorcycle ride. To be in motion, to put my work-related thoughts on hold, and fully engage in what riding a motorcycle means.  

Life on a motorcycle is not always peaches and cream, though. In 2018, I was turning home from work, on my two-wheeler, fully equipped, and mindful of what was on the road. I was just a mile or so away from my home when I reached one of the most notorious intersections in my town. 

As per usual, I was fully compliant with the traffic rules and speed limit, unlike the other drivers on the road. I had the green light, so I proceeded with going forward toward my home when an SUV coming at high speed from my right side didn’t get to stop at the right time and place and ended up hitting the back of my motorcycle. 

Thankfully, the accident got me only a few scratches and bruises, and there were no other cars and drivers involved, but without the protective gear I was wearing, I can hardly imagine a similar outcome. The motorcycle helmet I was wearing saved my life as it was a DOT-approved full-face helmet featuring a carbon fiber shell as well as a polystyrene shock-absorbing lining. 

Full-face helmets may not provide you with the best ventilation at times, but they are considered to be the safest for a good reason. Such a helmet provides the highest degree of protection as long as it is the one that fits your head perfectly and it is well built and designed.

While I did land on the ground and my motorcycle had quite a spin, I was left only with minor injuries. My motorcycle didn’t end up that well, though, but there was nothing that could not be solved, and then the insurance company did a great job. 

Even though this is the only accident I have been involved in, and I’ve been a motorcycle rider for almost 15 years, this event could have gotten me on a hospital bed with serious injuries and, even worse, irreversible damage if it weren’t for my protective gear. The helmet, riding pants, jacket, and gloves did their job.

The bottom line is that, no matter if you plan on taking your bike for a short ride in the neighborhood or a longer ride across the state, wearing a motorcycle helmet and protective gear is mandatory. I always wear a full-face model to make sure I get the highest protection possible. 

There are many nice helmets out there that do a great job of protecting you while keeping you comfortable, and many of them go on sale frequently, so investing in quality protective gear is the first thing all riders should do. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are these motorcycle helmets safe?

The safety of a motorcycle helmet is determined by the Department of Transportation and other organizations such as the Economic Commission for Europe and the Snell Memorial Foundation. In the USA, all helmets that are approved by the DOT are considered safe to use on roads. 

To be DOT approved, a helmet has to be tested for impact protection, the effectiveness of the retention system, penetration resistance, labeling and the size of the field of view.

Because a Snell test is more difficult to pass, seasoned riders recommend that you opt for a helmet that is Snell certified. The Snell Memorial Foundation tests for impact resistance, dynamic retention, positional stability, the sturdiness of the chin bar, as well as for face shield and shell penetration. 

To get their helmets tested and certified by the Snell Foundation, the manufacturers have to submit their helmets independently. The ECE 22/05 standard is the equivalent of the DOT certification in Europe.

Q: How heavy should a motorcycle helmet be?

A full-face, size large helmet should weigh between 3-1/4 to 3-1/2 pounds. Even though you can find models that are a bit heavier, or a bit lighter, this aspect does not interfere with their overall performance.

However, if the size of a helmet is not distributed equally, there is a chance that the model will not be stable and, thus, it will cause discomfort to the user. Moreover, if a helmet is too heavy, it can prove challenging to wear, especially for those riders who go on long rides. 

As a result, bikers who use heavy helmets often complain of neck and back pain. Feeling discomfort while riding can be dangerous, as it can make one lose focus from the road. If this is the case, it is recommended that you take regular breaks. Even though some helmets might be uncomfortable, you must wear one as it can save your life in case of an accident. 


Q: How effective are iron man helmets for motorcycle riding?

Iron Man helmets that have been DOT certified as just as effective as any other helmets out there. The purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head against injuries in case of an impact and against flying debris.  

According to a research study carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle helmets are 29% effective when it comes to preventing fatal brain and head injuries. Even more so, these pieces of must-have gear are 67% effective in preventing any type of head and brain injuries in the event of a traffic crash. 

For a helmet to be effective, the model has to feature an outer shell made of durable materials, an impact-absorbing liner, comfort padding, and a high-quality retention system. To make sure that the model that you like is suitable for you, you have to purchase it in the right size. No matter how durable it is, you have to replace your bike helmet every 5 years.


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