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8 Best Cafe Racer Helmets (Reviews) in 2022

To help you choose a good model, we have put together a comprehensible list of top-notch products that are highly appreciated by both previous buyers and the specialists. So, we recommend that you keep reading and that you select the unit that is best suitable for your needs.

1. Torc T50-RS-WT-XL Helmet

If you are looking for a ¾ design that is as safe as that of any ATV helmets, we suggest that you check out the Rebel Star model sold by TORC. This product has an interesting vintage design that is suitable for all those that enjoy spending on stylish gear.

Moreover, the product comes provided with plenty of practical features. For instance, the model has cheek pads that one can remove and clean in between uses as well as a removable visor. A comfort padding is also fitted inside the unit.

It is manufactured from a thermo-polymer alloy and, because of this, this model can protect you in case of accidents. What is more, this lightweight item is said to meet the DOT safety standards. Consequently, it is suitable to use this helmet when out on your motorcycle. Because the unit comes in different sizes, be sure to consult the sizing chart provided by the seller.


This helmet is what you need if you are into the vintage style, but you also want a reliable product that ensures your safety. 

It’s also good to know that this TORC helmet comes with removable cheek pads that you can safely wash in-between uses. 

The visor is removable as well, which offers the user more versatility, depending on what type of riding is going to take place, so you don’t need to worry that you might be hindered in any way. 

Made of thermo-polymer alloy, you can rest assured that the Rebel Star is going to do a very good job protecting you. 


For some users, the helmet seemed a bit heavy, so if you know that you prefer a light alternative, make sure to check out the details provided with the product. 

In one case, some bubbles appeared on the helmet’s surface, but this is not something that you should worry about. 

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2. Torc T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet with 'Black Flag' Graphic

If you are a fan of clean-cut looking helmets, we suggest that you consider the T50 Route 66 Black Flag made by TORC. First things first, you should remember that this model was made to be used by people that have an oval-shaped head.

On top of that, the product comes outfitted with an ultra-suede technical fabric inner that has antimicrobial properties and with extra padding for comfort and removable cheek pads. As expected, this unit has received the DOT’s approval. Furthermore, this model also includes a snap closing system, and it comes supplied with a three-inch snap peak.

An additional small black visor is also included in the deal. Just like most reliable carbon fiber helmets, this model is made in many sizes. Because of this, the seller has made available a sizing chart that you should consult before placing any orders. Overall, this cost-efficient unit is well liked by current users.


This TORC model is just what you need, if going for a clean-cut style is your choice, and it’s better suited for people with an oval-shaped head.  

The extra padding included works great for the user’s comfort, while the removable cheek pads can be washed every time needed. 

What makes this TORC helmet stand out from other similar ones is the fact that you can rely on its safety, thanks to the DOT approval it has. 

The inner part is made of ultra-suede with particular antimicrobial properties, which means that the user is safe from this point of view. 


In some cases, the packaging was damaged upon delivery, but this is something that rarely happens, so you don’t need to be concerned about it. 

The helmet catches quite a lot of wind at high speeds due to the thick padding and large shell, so you may not want to use it this way. 

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3. Vega X-380 Open Face Helmet with Old Skool Color Graphic

If you like products that have a design that stands out, our suggestion to you is that you check out the Vega X-380 Open Face model. Apart from its looks, this helmet also stands out because it incorporates a wick-dri fabric that is antimicrobial and a removable and washable inner liner. As a result, you can freshen this unit up whenever you consider necessary.

What is more, this device comes supplied with three optional snap flip shields. Besides, the manufacturer also sells a variety of visors that you can pick from. The model meets and exceeds the US DOT standard as well as the European standard ECE 22.05. Consequently, the product can be bought and used both in the US and in Europe.

Just like all Vega products, this helmet is covered by a one-year warranty. However, remember that the warranty excludes any defect caused by improper use, wear and tear or the damages caused by a crash.


This cool-looking Vega helmet is everything you need for both comfort and protection, and the design surely sets it apart from other alternatives you can find in this category. 

The user can also freshen the inner layer which is removable and washable, while the fabric that it features comes with antimicrobial properties. 

If you want to use a different visor, you can pick from the various models that the manufacturer created and that fit this helmet, so you can choose what works for your needs. 

Safety is crucial and Vega knows this well, so this helmet meets and even exceeds DOT standards, so you can rely on its performance from this point of view. 


You should check the details provided regarding the helmet’s measurements, given that some users found it to be rather tight. 

The helmet is very comfortable, but according to some reviews, it’s also quite large.

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4. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you are trying to find a gift for your motorcycle rider friend that loves beautiful vintage motorcycle helmets, the X380 Helmet sold by Vega is the product for you. This model has an easily recognizable retro look that will immediately catch everybody’s eyes.

Even more so, the product was manufactured from an ABS thermoplastic alloy and, as a result, it is very lightweight (it weighs a total of 2.3 pounds). Furthermore, this model includes a small shield that adds to the practicality of the device. A five-year warranty covers the product in case of any defect generated during the manufacturing process.

The device has been approved by the DOT and, thus, it is safe to use while riding a motorcycle. According to previous buyers, this model fits as expected and it is particularly easy to accessorize. As a plus, this model is also suitable for those riders that have round, oval heads and that have issues finding a fitting helmet.


For retro-style fans out there, this model is just what they need, given the recognizable and cool-looking design that makes the user stand out right away. 

The product features a particular construction from ABS thermoplastic alloy that is both sturdy but very light - the helmet weighs only 2.3 pounds. 

The small shield also comes in handy since it ensures added protection and more comfort, and many users actually enjoy this small but effective feature. 

Approved by the DOT, you can rest assured that this helmet gets the job done in terms of protection. 


You might want to carefully go over the sizing details provided by the manufacturer, as for some users it was rather small, especially for men. 

In one case the helmet did not come with the clip visor, so if this happens, the customer service representatives can provide assistance. 

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5. Vega X-380 Open Face Helmet with Old Skool Graphic

Another product that might stir your interest is this Vega X-380 Open Face model. This helmet is excellent if you intend to use it when riding across the town. The device has a super absorbent, antimicrobial inner lining that can supply the user with maximized comfort and a great fit.

Additionally, the liners that cover the interior of the helmet are interchangeable, in accordance with the size of the shell. The model comes shipped with a protective fleece bag where you can store the unit in between uses.

This helmet can be used while riding a motorcycle because it meets the U.S. DOT safety standards. If you want to accessorize it, you should know that the manufacturer sells various visors and shells that are suitable for this model. If you want to make sure that you have chosen an appropriate size, be sure to take a good look at the sizing chart that you can find online.


This versatile helmet features a very nice design, but also takes comfort into consideration, given the super absorbent lining that it features. 

The inner lining also comes with antimicrobial properties, so the user is protected from more than one point of view, which is always a good thing. 

The manufacturer also offers a wide range of accessories and visors for this helmet, so you won’t have any issue if you want to adjust it to your taste. 

The DOT standards are met by the Old Skool model, so from a safety point of view, you shouldn’t worry. 


The helmet seemed to be rather large for some of those who have purchased it, so if you are into slimmer models, you might want to check out other options as well. 

Make sure that you take a look at the details provided on the available sizes, as some found the helmet to be rather tight. 

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6. LS2 Kurt Military Bobber Motorcycle Helmet

Are you scouring the net trying to find a lightweight product? If so, take a look at the LS2 Kurt Military Bobber. The product was built from a low profile fiberglass shell that is known for its low weight, and it features a ¾ open face design that supplies the user with the ultimate sense of freedom.

When shipped, this product includes a three snap sun peak that is removable. Nevertheless, if you want to fit the model with a larger, five snap face shield, you can do so, as the manufacturer sells such units separately. The model is DOT approved, and it can be secured in place by using the chin straps included in its design.

Former buyers of the item have said that this device is suitable for those with small heads. On top of that, this unit is not as bulky as other similar counterparts.


Made of low-profile fiberglass, this LS2 helmet is both lightweight and sturdy, so you won’t be hindered by its weight but you will benefit from its protection, in case anything goes wrong. 

The ¾ open-face design is one of the key aspects that make it a favorite option among many riders since it ensures a great sense of freedom. 

Extra functionalities are included as well, such as the three-snap sun peak that is both easy to handle and removable, which means that you get all the versatility that you need. 

Safety is paramount, so the Military Bobber is both DOT-approved and it also comes with chin straps that keep it securely in place during use. 


The helmet might be standing a bit high for some users, so you might want to ask the manufacturer for some details. 

You should also know, based on some reviews, the helmet can run a bit small in certain cases. 

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7. GMax GM35 Solid Fully Dressed Black Half Helmet 

Another model that has an eye-catching sleek shape that you might like is the GMax GM35 Solid. This product is particularly lightweight and, therefore, effortless to wear because it was made from injection-molded polycarbonate. Besides, to increase its appeal, the manufacturer has clear-coated the unit.

Another significant advantage of this product is the fact that it features a high-tech Coolmax interior that can keep away the moisture. This way, you will feel comfortable when wearing it during the hot days of summer.

Moreover, to make it suitable for cold weather, the seller has fitted the model with a removable zip out rear neck curtain that can keep you protected and warm. Although the product is regarded as a good quality investment, it is recommended that you pay extra attention to its sizing in order to avoid ending up with a model that does not fit you.


For those who need a particularly lightweight helmet, this GMax model is the answer, given that it’s made of injection-molded polycarbonate. 

The material is both easy to wear but also sturdy, while the clear-coated finish goes well with pretty much any other apparel and gear you might be using, for a stylish touch. 

The Coolmax interior is what we can surely call high-tech, given that it works great to keep moisture away during longer rides, for added comfort. 

The manufacturer took the weather into consideration as well when it designed this helmet and added a removable rear neck curtain. 


The sizing was an issue for some of those who bought this GMax helmet, so make sure that you look for additional information on its measurements. 

Given its shape, some people might find it rather large, but this is a matter of preferences as well, so it’s all up to the user.

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8. Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet

Last but not least, according to the specialists, the Zox Retro Old School is also a unit worth investing in. The device is one of the most lightweight models on the market, as it has a weight of 2 pounds. Because of this feature, chances are that you will barely notice that you are wearing a helmet.

Moreover, this half-size helmet has a design that is similar to the models that were worn during the Second World War. Consequently, if you are a history-lover, this device might be just what you were searching for.

To secure the item in place, one has to use the chin strap that is included in the design of the product. However, it is necessary that you understand that the main drawback of half-helmets is that they leave your face, neck, and ears unprotected in case of accidents. Also, when wearing such a product, you also might have to use noise canceling earbuds.


Weighing only 2 pounds, you can safely assume that this is one of the lightest helmet alternatives that you can find in this category. 

Thanks to its particular design that is similar to that used during the Second World War, the helmet can also be a great gift for someone who is passionate about history. 

You won’t need to worry that the helmet doesn’t stay where it should during use, given that it comes with a chin strap that secures it very well. 

Besides the elegant and interesting design, the helmet also features a high-quality construction, so you do get plenty of benefits if you do choose to give it a try. 


Depending on where you are usually riding, you might need to get some noise-canceling earbuds, given that the helmet doesn’t cover the ears as well. 

Given its open-face design that ensures more freedom, the face and neck are not protected in case of any unpleasant incident. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Because we know that finding a good cafe racer helmet is not an effortless task to complete, we have composed a list of essential features that you should not ignore when buying an item from this line of products.

Safety should matter most

Similarly to when shopping for a motocross neck brace, the most critical aspect that should be on your mind is safety. As you know, the current legislation obliges all motorcycle users to wear helmets that have been approved by the DOT, with a certification also known as the FMVSS 218. If you see a model that has been rewarded this standard, it means that the unit is safe for on-road use in the USA.

Another standard that you might recognize is the ECE 22.05. The ECE is accepted in 42 countries from Europe. Just like DOT-approved models, ECE certified helmets have been extensively tested in order to make sure that their users are protected in case of accidents. Most of these tests look at a unit’s rotational forces and impact absorption.

Besides, reviews of cafe racer helmets recommend that you purchase an item that comes provided with a shield that can keep your face guarded against insects/wind. This way, you can concentrate better while driving.


The fit and cheek pads

Before you start going through the myriad of classy women’s motorcycle helmets or unisex models that you can find up for sale, don’t neglect to check out what prior buyers had to say about the fit of the model that you like.

From this point of view, it is advisable that you opt for a device that is not too tight, as this can turn out to be somewhat uncomfortable. What is more, a quality cafe racer helmet should not have pressure points that bother you. Instead, a reliable unit should fit the shape of your head like a glove while remaining convenient.

If you want to end up with the best vintage motorcycle helmet, we also suggest that you acquire a model that comes provided with removable cheek pads and liners. The great advantage of these units is the fact that you can remove and wash the lining and the pads whenever they get dirty or sweaty.


Extra features

According to cafe racer helmets reviews, another aspect that should not be overlooked has to do with whether or not a product has an integrated sun visor. As you know, these visors are particularly handy during the summer, when the sun rays can prove distracting.

Moreover, no matter if you buy a beautiful cafe racer helmet or a rather unaesthetic looking one, always make sure that it is covered by a warranty policy. Most of these policies are great to have because they allow the user to get a replacement if the helmet that they received has defects caused by the manufacturing process.

However, you should know that such policies will not apply if the device that you have purchased is damaged in an accident or if it becomes worn out after constant use.

On top of that, when shopping in this line of products, you should remember that a cheap cafe racer helmet can sometimes be better than a more expensive model. The cause for this is related to the fact that higher priced products are usually specially constructed to be used for racing and thus, they feature a more rigid shell that is not always comfortable.

Last but not least, we warmly recommend that you only invest in a product that you like from an aesthetic point of view. As a result, you will be content with your purchase, and you will be determined to wear it regularly. You might also want to look for a convenient Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for hands-free conversations while riding.




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