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10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset (Updated Reviews) in 2022

It is difficult to tell the best motorcycle headsets from the rest at first glance since there are so many products in this category. To set apart the models with the highest performance, we put together this list of critically-acclaimed products to help you identify the right one for your needs.

1. Cardo Freecom 4 PLUS Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System


Considered by many buyers and experts alike among the best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets you can find right now, this model from Cardo presents the most helpful features and functionalities. First of all, it is a 4-way intercom, so keeping in touch with your buddies while on the road happens without any issues.

The high range, up to 1.2 km, is one reason why so many motorcycle helmet communication systems reviews praise this particular product. Another thing that comes right after is the sound quality. No matter how good, Bluetooth speakers cannot offer truly superior sound performance, but this model does.

Users love listening to music on this headset because the outstanding JBL quality is invested in the speakers. From the collaboration of two companies, excellent sound quality was born. Even more, the noise cancellation is fantastic and contributes to the superior reputation this model enjoys.



Due to a successful collaboration between Cardo and JBL, the speakers on this unit offer superior sound performance that other models cannot equal easily.

As long as your friends travel on a 1.2-km radius around you, you will be able to communicate with them without a problem.

It is waterproof and dustproof, so you will have no problem riding in any rain with this communication system attached to your helmet.

The sound volume self-adjusts, which means that you will never have problems hearing someone talking or listening to your favorite music, regardless of wind conditions.


The instructions are difficult to follow, and you will have to browse at length through the booklet each time you forget how to phrase a specific sentence to communicate via Natural Voice Operation.

When using voice recognition, the initial ‘Hey Cardo’ command doesn’t work in 100% of all cases, which can be annoying.

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2. LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

This model is a 4-way intercom that you can use successfully with friends when on the road. Because of the possibility to connect 4 people talking simultaneously, it is an excellent option for anyone who prefers going on rides with his or her closest friends.

In this Bluetooth motorcycle headset review, you will learn about other things that make the LEXIN B4FM stand out from the crowd. Its Bluetooth capabilities are outstanding, and the maximum intercom range is 1600 meters. The headset can access Siri on iPhone and S Voice on Samsung, allowing you to make phone calls on the go.

Listening to GPS recommendations is easy, as well. This system is complete, and you won’t need anything else when you have it installed on your helmet. The long battery life ensures 120 hours on standby, 8 hours when talking, and 15 hours listening to music.


Due to the universal pairing feature, you can rest assured that your system is compatible with other Bluetooth headsets.

Connecting with your friends on the road is done fast and easy, and the intercom has a range of 1600 meters to ensure that your group remains connected.

Its noise cancellation technology is superior, and you can ride at speeds as high as 120km/h without having the wind interfere with the sound quality and clarity.

The package includes two microphones, one to be used with open-face or flip helmets and another for full-face helmets.


This model is definitely not the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music because it fails to deliver the same quality it is known for in other areas.

It’s good to have a radio feature, but the problem is that radio reception is low, and nothing appears to make it work better.

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3. Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This model may not be the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle, but it is undoubtedly close, as its stellar performance proves. It can be used for long-distance music sharing and conversation, as its maximum range is 900 meters. The Bluetooth 3.0 it comes with allows you to perform a high range of operations.

You can make quick phone calls, share the music you’re listening to, and talk to your buddies while you are all traveling by motorcycle. It comes with a microphone kit that works with most headsets, and you also get advanced noise control. You won’t notice the background noise when talking on the phone or listening to music.

On standby, this model guarantees 10 days on a single battery charge. With 12 hours of talking time, it is ideal for anyone who wants a dependable companion while on long trips. Operating the headset is easy and intuitive.


It comes with a Jog Dial that makes it extremely easy to use the headset, as the intuitive and user-friendly interface is a breeze to figure out.

You will get superior playback control for listening to music the way you want to, without any glitches.

The Noise Control Technology employed on this model makes it stand out from the crowd, as it eliminates the background noise that can become a problem while on the road.

Users may enjoy the voice prompts that offer quick information and advice on using the device in the most efficient way possible.


The speakers are loud and clear, but they don’t do justice to any music you may like to listen to, as the bass delivery is as good as non-existent.

When you want to recharge the unit, make sure to take the cable included with your purchase with you on your trip, as other plugs may not fit into the recessed port.

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4. JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

This model is among the cheap Bluetooth motorcycle headsets we included on our list. While you cannot expect a lot from the headset, you will be pleasantly surprised with its performance in certain areas, given its price. First of all, its operating distance is considerably smaller, and the range is only 20 meters, but the sound quality is better than hoped for.

Speaking of which, the DSP noise cancellation used ensures that the background sounds you usually have to deal with while riding won’t be an issue. Installing the headset on your helmet is a piece of cake, and the Velcro strap comes in handy.

Even if it’s not among the high-performance items in its category, it comes with a 900mAh battery that offers top-notch effectiveness. Users benefit from 50 hours of talk time on a single charge, as well as 500 hours of standby. The charging time is short, only 2-3 hours.


Connecting with another rider is effortless when using this headset, which means that you will always be in touch with your buddy.

The headset comes with waterproof and dustproof technologies to ensure that you can use it in any weather.

It is a versatile option, and it works with most smartphones.

You will be amazed by the sound quality, as well as its high volume, and never again will you have to worry about not being able to make yourself heard when taking calls on the road.


For the price tag attached to this headset, some drawbacks are expected, and one of them is that the same button is used for changing tracks and adjusting the volume.

While they may not seem large at first glance, they are pretty thick, and you must make sure that the cutouts in your helmet are deep enough to accommodate them.

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5. Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

If you’re looking for a cheap motorcycle Bluetooth headset, this model shouldn’t be on your list. However, it offers a lot for the price, as you can easily see from the list of features. First of all, its maximum range is ideal, at 900 meters or 980 yards. You’ll make excellent use of the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity offered to listen to music and share it with your friends.

Making phone calls is a breeze, and you’ll be able to connect with three other people due to the 4-way intercom capabilities of this model. Since it’s expensive, it’s not easy to consider it the best motorcycle Bluetooth option, and there are other models on the market with similar functionality that don’t cost as much.

However, you cannot overlook what makes it such a fine choice. The Advanced Noise Control feature makes sure that background sounds won’t be a drawback when you want to talk on the phone or listen to your favorite tunes.


The package includes a headset, a boom microphone, and a mic clamp that will help you attach the microphone without a snag.

Due to the long life of the battery, you will be able to use it for 12 hours of continuous talk or 10 days on standby.

The headset remains operational even in extreme weather and can be used even when the temperature drops at freezing levels.

Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it a fine choice for anyone who just got a headset for his or her motorcycle helmet for the first time.


Compared to other products in the same category, this model seems huge, and people who don’t like having the headset stand out from their helmets might not be seduced by it.

The Jog Dial button is too sensitive, and you may find yourself in the situation of turning off the unit instead of adjusting the volume.

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6. Fodsports M1S Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Among the various Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles currently available, you will find this model. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and delivers good quality communication performance over a radius of up to 2 km. That’s more than what you usually see in such items, so it’s a great reason in favor of this system.

You will also be impressed with the number of riders the duplex system can accommodate, which is up to 8 people. This motorcycle communication headset is an excellent option if you want to make phone calls without getting your hands off the handlebars, listen to music, follow GPS instructions, and so on.

Users will enjoy the clear sound quality even when riding their bikes at high speeds. Because the headset comes with noise cancellation functionalities, you won’t hear the wind or the road when you communicate with your buddies. Also, the headset is waterproof and dustproof, so you can use it in any weather.


With a maximum communication distance of 2 km, it is a high-performance option you may want to consider for you and your friends.

Because it is outfitted to withstand all weather conditions, it is an excellent companion when you embark on long trips by motorcycle.

Due to the duplex system made available to buyers, this communication network can include up to 8 riders at the same time.

The noise reduction capabilities are superior, and you won’t be bothered by background sounds even when you ride your motorcycle as fast as you can.


The instructions provided with the intercom system are challenging to follow and don’t appear useful for setting it up correctly.

Another thing that might make you think twice about getting this model is that the connections with the microphone and headphones cannot be used with other brands.

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7. THOKWOK BT-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

While there are high-performance models that demand customers to shell out more than 200 dollars, others are much cheaper while offering decent functionality and features. Such an affordable Bluetooth motorcycle headset is the THOKWOK BT-S3, which may not deliver the same sound clarity at high speeds as others, but still performs well at only a fraction of the abovementioned price.

It comes with a CSR Bluetooth chip and can be used as part of a full-duplex intercom. The maximum radius distance it can cover in a straight line is 800-1,000m, which is not so shabby for its price range.

You will find multiple handy features available on this product. The DSP echo cancellation technology is great to have, as is the noise suppression feature. The model comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and is ideal for making hands-free phone calls, using GPS, and listening to the radio.


This model is ideal for full-face and half-face helmets, so it’s a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on a headset.

You can easily connect the headset to your smartphone, tablet, or GPS, and overall the connectivity options are outstanding for a model this cheap.

On rainy days, the headset will behave well since it’s waterproof and won’t let humidity affect the inside mechanisms.

The DSP echo cancellation technology comes in handy when you want to talk to your buddies while on the road, and the noise suppression works pretty well, too.


This headset will reduce its performance quite dramatically at high speeds, so don’t expect the speakers to be loud enough for you to hear your companions when you ride at 130mph.

The same button is used to change tracks and modify the volume, so mishaps are bound to happen quite often.

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8. HuanGou BT-S2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

If you want a cheap Bluetooth motorcycle headset, you will find this model from HuanGou to fit the bill. Its features are decent for the price, as well as its capabilities. For instance, you will be able to communicate with other riders within a 1km radius. Even at high speeds, the speakers appear to deliver good sound quality and clarity, which is a must when installing such systems on motorcycle helmets.

While it may not be the best cheap motorcycle intercom you can find right now, it comes pretty close. The noise reduction technology employed does a good job, and you will take advantage of DSP echo cancellation features, which focus on delivering your speech over the connection as clear and loud as possible.

You can use it to make and receive phone calls hands-free, and listening to music on your phone is possible, too. In a nutshell, you will have an entertainment and communication system at your fingertips.


In a straight line, the connectivity can cover up to 1,000m, which is enough when you want to ride with your buddies and keep in touch with them while on the road.

You can use the system for using your smartphone hands-free and also for listening to music.

On noisy roads, you will still be able to communicate with your friends, as the noise cancellation technology does an excellent job at eliminating the background sounds.

Its waterproof construction is an excellent option to consider when riding in rainy or snowy weather.


Pairing two headsets involves several tries, as this process doesn’t appear to be straightforward, and users have to follow multiple steps.

Using the power button for its different functions is bothersome, as you have to hold it for a certain amount of time to determine a particular result.

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9. FreedConn TCOM-SC Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

When you install this model on your helmet, you will instantly gain the ability to talk to two other riders simultaneously. It is among the affordable Bluetooth motorcycle headsets you can find right now, so don’t be surprised to see that some of its functionalities are not like the ones more expensive models offer.

However, many would say that it’s the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset money can buy at the moment. For instance, you will like that the maximum distance in a straight line for communicating is 800m. The LCD screen offers quick access to the information you seek and makes operating the headset relatively straightforward and easy.

It comes with DPS echo cancellation features and noise suppression technology, so you will find the sound quality to be superior for its price tag. You will be able to listen to music and the radio, so your rides will be a lot more fun from now on.


The LCD screen provides a quick visualization of all the essential commands, so you will find that using this model is a lot more straightforward and convenient than others.

Three riders can connect and share conversations simultaneously due to the configuration offered by this headset.

One practical aspect of this model is how it easily connects to intercoms from different brands, which means that your friends don’t have to purchase the same model.

Bluetooth 3.0-compliant, it is easy to connect with other devices, such as your smartphone, GPS, tablet, and so on.


It comes with a cheap price tag, which shows in its performance, too, as sound quality drops after you reach 40mph, and you won’t be able to communicate clearly with your buddies.

The selector knob is not placed in the most indicated position, and that can result in touching it by accident with just a move of your head.

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10. Yideng BT-S2 Bluetooth Headset

In case you don’t need a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle that communicates with more than one other person, this model is for you. On the other hand, it offers multiple features and conveniences so that you can enjoy having an intercom system on the road with you.

It is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible and easy to install, something that cannot be said about other models on the market. The Bluetooth motorcycle headset reviews available find it a good pick for the money. It is waterproof, which means that you can use it in rainy and snowy weather.

Like other headsets, it does more than just connect you with your riding buddy. You can connect it to your GPS so that you never lose your way, it allows hands-free phone operation, and it is an excellent option if you want to listen to the radio while on the road.


Its design works with most full-face and half-face helmets, so it may work with yours without a glitch.

In a straight line, the connectivity delivers decent sound quality on a 1,000m radius, so you can keep in touch with your friend without a glitch.

The multiple functionalities include hands-free smartphone operation, GPS connectivity, and listening to the radio.

Its waterproof construction guarantees that you will be able to use it in any weather.

The long battery life highly recommends it, as one charge offers 8 hours of continuous talk and 10 days of functioning in standby mode.


Be aware that the speakers take up some space, so tight-fit helmets may not provide the necessary room for them to sit comfortably.

It works for speeds up to 50mph, after which the wind noise tends to become too much, and you won’t hear the other rider clearly.

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