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7 Best Motocross Neck Braces (Must Read Reviews)

Finding the gear for your motorcycle is always tough, especially when it comes to an important piece of equipment such as a neck brace. If you don’t have the time to do your own research and read numerous motorcycle neck brace reviews, then you can take a look at our top products reviews and pick the one that suits your preferences and budget.


1. Race Collar Evs R2 Black OS

If you’re looking to get increased protection against crashes while you’re riding your motorcycle, then the Sports R2 is just what you need. This neck brace has a lightweight design and is made of quality materials that will stand the test of time.

This collar is an enhanced racing version that comes with all the features you can expect for a safe ride. The neck brace has a low profile which ensures maximum comfort so that you won’t feel any hindrance even after wearing it for an entire day. The materials are soft to the touch and will keep you both safe and warm in cold weather.

The liner is removable so it’s easy to take off and wash to keep it clean. The front entry system is easy to use, and you put on the collar or take off in just a few seconds.

Thanks to the connection loop, you can attach this item to a chest protector for increased safety.

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2. Leatt DBX 6.5 Carbon Black/White

The DBX 6.5 is a high-end neck collar manufactured by the legendary Leatt. This lightweight protection weighs only 1.32 pounds so you can rest assured that it won’t wear you down even after wearing it for an entire day.

This item benefits from the new MaxiWeave Carbon matrix technology which ensures increased rigidity at a lower weight for a better protection. The helmet rim is reinforced to withstand large impacts in case of a crash, while the rest of the brace can be adjusted for a snug fit and maximum protection when riding.

The collar also comes with a comprehensive thoracic adjustment which allows you to set the angles to -5, 5, or 10 degrees depending on your riding style, size, and particular needs. Besides being ultra-light due to the carbon fiber, this unit is also well-ventilated, so you don’t sweat during long or intense rides, while the brace itself has a low profile for extra comfort.

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3. EVS Sports R4-BK-Y Race Collar

Whether you’re a true off-road warrior or a casual rider, the EVS Sports R4 is an affordable neck brace that can give you a good protection against potential crashes. This product comes with an upper surface that is made of hard molded plastics which allow it to disperse energy from impacts to the polyurethane core.

The bio-foam lining is soft and dense so it can absorb impacts in case of a crash. The entire construction of this brace is lightweight, making it an ideal partner for both short trips to the grocery store as well as long tours across the country. With the rapid locking system, you get to easily put on the collar or take it off, and you can do it in just a few seconds.

The rear strut is adjustable so you can ensure a customized fit that’s snug and safe for everyday use. This inexpensive unit benefits from a solid construction for a long service life.

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4. Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace JR

If you’re looking for a solid neck brace to keep you safe and comfortable during rides, then you can’t go wrong with the Leatt Orange GPX. This item is made of reinforced polyamide for a rigid non-flexible structure that should provide you with a long-term protection for all sorts of riding, whether you’re on off-road trails or on smooth asphalt.

This brace is adjustable so it can be fitted properly for maximum protection, while the collarbone cutout keeps the hard surface of the helmet and brace away from vulnerable areas and fragile bones in case of an accident.

The rear thoracic strut can be easily folded so you can pack the brace when not it use. The body comes with a ribbed design that offers a good ventilation, so you don’t get hot and sweaty during your motorcycle adventures. This unit also comes with a free clear chest strap that you can use to attach it to a chest shield.

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5. Scoyco N03 Motorcycle Motocross Racing Neck Support Protector

The Scoyco N03 is a neck protector that comes with a durable design at an affordable price. This item is made of durable PU and other hard plastics that are resistant to impact, and they provide a non-flexible rigid frame that is designed to offer riders with solid protection in case of a crash.

This neck brace has a lightweight construction which makes it a great companion for even long rides since it will not fatigue the wearer. The interior lining is soft and comfortable so you will definitely feel great even after prolonged use. Thanks to the plastic buckle, you can easily put on this collar or take it off anytime without a hassle.

The NO3 isn’t just able to offer proper protection for motorcycle riders, but it also comes with an attractive profile that can perfectly match both sporting equipment and casual wear. You also get a free sports cap to put under the helmet for increased comfort and warmth.

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6. Atlas Prodigy Brace Youth Kid Neck Brace

The Atlas Prodigy is a solid brace that can offer a good amount of protection for the neck and collarbones. With a sleek and slim design, this item is both durable and good looking, so you get to ride safely without sacrificing appearance.

Despite its reduced size compared to previous models, this brace has an increased contact surface by at least 27 percent, meaning that you get extra protection in case of a crash. Thanks to the new padding system, you get increased comfort even for long rides while benefiting from a lightweight brace that won’t cause neck fatigue.

The new padding is also resistant to tearing, it can absorb high impacts from a crash, and it is waterproof, so you won’t get soaking wet in case the bad weather catches you on the road. You get increased protection without limiting normal head movements, as well as enjoy a lightweight brace that only weighs 1.3 pounds.


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7. EVS RC3 Youth Race Collar

The EVS RC3 is a solid neck brace that doesn’t skimp on quality to sell for an affordable price. This unit is made with the latest race collar technologies to offer great protection as well as increased mobility.

The frame is made of hard plastics which ensure a rigid structure that is not flexible so it can prevent or reduce the occurrence of injuries to the neck or collarbone. The connectors are made of thermal-formed rubber which ensures that the brace doesn’t move around. These connectors can also be used to attach this unit to a chest protector.

The RC3 comes with a soft and dense lining which makes it comfortable to wear even for hours on end.

The front opening system which uses a strong plastic buckle ensures that you get to take off/put on this collar effortlessly. This is a youth model that is intended for persons weighing up to 105 pounds and with a maximum height of 5 feet and 3 inches.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you want to get the best motorcycle neck brace but don’t have any idea which model to choose from, then you’re in the right place. We’ve written a short guide that should help you decide on which features you want in a neck collar, as well as give you a few tips that you might want to take into account before getting one of the popular options available.

Choose the appropriate protection

Before you get one of the motocross neck braces for sale, you might want to consider what you need this neck brace for. Are you a die-hard off-road rider, or you do need something more comfortable for long cruises across the country?

Depending on your choice, you will also need to choose specific brands or makes, or ensure that you get a model that’s appropriate for the specific motorcycle discipline you intend to use it for. For example, you wouldn’t want a lightweight and fragile collar for MX, or a super-strong model that limits your head movements when touring.


Build materials

Build materials confer the braces with certain qualities. Models that are made of carbon fibers are incredibly strong, and they can withstand huge impact forces. They are also very light and offer a very good strength-to-weight ratio. However, these may not be the cheapest variants around, and you should be prepared to fork over several hundred dollars for such a model.

There are lots of other options that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Many modern braces are made of hard plastics such as PU or other injection-molded materials that are very strong and rigid yet don’t make the braces overly expensive. These plastics are also very rigid, so they ensure proper support for your neck and head in case of a crash.


Comfort considerations

Comfort is another factor you need to weigh in on before getting a collar. You want a soft lining that will make the unit comfortable even after extended use. This is very important for touring since you’d surely want a neck brace you can wear for an entire day without tiring your head or neck.

For cruising, you also want a model that limits head movement during a crash and not under normal riding conditions. This is because you’ll also want to be able to turn your head to admire the view without feeling any discomfort or hindrance.

If you’re more into extreme sports, you should go for a good neck brace for motocross. You will have to sacrifice some comfort for extra safety, but this is sure worth it when considering the increased chances of being involved in a crash, in which case you really want the best protection possible so you can prevent potentially horrible injuries and huge medical bills.

You’ll also want a model that is easy to put on and take off, as you don’t want to have to ask a friend to help you out every time you want to equip one of these. The good news is that there are quite a few models that come with buckle systems that make it easy to equip them even with one hand.

Weight and maintenance

There are some lightweight models out there, as well as heavy pieces of equipment that can offer superior protection against a wide range of applications. Some neck braces can weigh 1 pound or less, while others can be a lot heavier. If you’re commuting most of the time, you might not need to go for the heaviest and strongest model for sale.

Check reviews of motocross neck braces and decide on whether you want to get a lightweight variant that will be easier and more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, or a brace that comes with full protection, including straps to attach to chest protectors and other features.

You might also want to read some reviews of motocross neck braces and check if the interior lining is detachable. This can come in handy since you will be able to wash all that dust, grime, and body oils so you can keep the lining clean and fresh.

Frequently asked questions about motocross neck braces


Q: Do motocross neck braces work?

While neck braces won’t guarantee that you will be 100 percent injury-free in case of an accident, these protective pieces of equipment prevent or reduce the injuries to the neck and collarbone.

These usually come with rigid frames and a generous amount of padding to reduce the angles at which the head can bend in case of a crash when the riders are often thrown over the handlebars. In some cases, a good neck brace can make a huge difference between severe injuries and months of hospitalization and a headache or mild neck sprain.

Q: What size should I get?

In order to get a proper protection against crashes, you need to ensure that you get the right neck brace size. Be aware of the fact that sizes may differ from one brand to the next so you should always check the size of the manufacturer you want to buy a specific model from.

To get a size estimation, you should use a tape measure to obtain the circumference of your chest or another body area that the manufacturer recommends and has in its charts. The brace should fit snugly around the neck but not cause any discomfort.


Q: How much does a motocross neck brace cost?

Depending on the make and model, materials, and features, you can expect to pay anywhere from 30 bucks to several hundred dollars or more for a neck brace. High-end collars are made of expensive materials such as carbon fibers which make them strong and lightweight. These are usually intended for extreme sports such as MX.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good amount of protection. There are quite a few models that come with a solid design that should keep you protected in case of a crash.




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