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7 Best UTV Snow Plows (Reviews) in 2022

Making a good UTV snow plow part of your winter gear is an essential step to take if you need to clean your driveway. Finding the best UTV snow plow system can be tough if you consider the many options available on the market. To ease your decision-making process, we have compiled a list of UTV snow plow reviews below.

1. Warn 78950 ProVantage 50" Straight Plow Blade

If you intend to clean the road yourself this winter and you’re on the lookout for a durable yet stable snow plow for your UTV, this model should be the first to pay attention to. Designed to provide users with great performance, the product is made from thick 12-gauge steel, which ensures the durability and rigidity snow plowing requires.

This model boasts durable large plow skids and stable wide plow bases that will keep up with extended use as well as with the need to clean large portions of road covered in snow. Thanks to the adjustable attack angle and spring tension system, you can further optimize the blade for varying conditions.

The blades were designed for high-ground clearance and can be installed and removed quickly. Moreover, the blade will trip forward if it strikes an immovable object. This way, it protects the snow plow from getting damaged.


This product is great for a do-it-yourselfer who likes to clean the roads in the winter with his/her own two hands and needs a durable and stable snow plow for the UTV.

This model should really get a lot of attention from you because its design provides the users with great performance possibilities and a nice, hard-work feel to it. The snow plow is made from thick 12-gauge steel and is almost guaranteed to be durable and rigid while using it.

Furthermore, you’ll also benefit from the durable plow skids and the stable wide plow bases that will be able to keep up with your heavy use without requiring much maintenance. Therefore, cleaning large portions of a snow-covered road will become a breeze.


The customer service seems to be pretty faulty sometimes; the company might be sending a package with missing or damaged parts and requiring to go through the entire customer service process to get the good ones.

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2. Warn 79958 ProVantage 72" Side X Side Straight Blade

Another option you might want to consider when looking for new UTV and ATV accessories to help you remove snow and clean the road is this model from Warn. Featuring a sturdy boxed design and made from thick 12 gauge steel with reinforcing ribs, this product is built to keep up with extended use successfully.

Just like the previous model, this one sports wide plow bases for stability and extra-large plow skids that ensure excellent performance. The large-diameter pivot assemblies are used to rotate the blade reliably and smoothly.

The blades can be installed and removed with ease being specifically designed for high-ground clearance. What’s more, the product comes with a self-protecting system or, simply put, the plow blade trips forward when encountering an immovable object in order to protect the unit from damage. Plus, the ProVantage 79958 will lift up high enough to clear even tall curbs.


This is another option you may want to consider when wanting to clean the snow due to its sturdy boxed design and the 12-gauge steel that comes with reinforced ribs.

This quality design will be able to withstand a lot of heavy use and you can be sure it will not give up on you during cleaning time.

This model works with wide plow bases that are there for stability while the extra-large plow skids are able to deliver top-notch performance. 

The large-diameter pivot assemblies are continuously rotating the blade smoothly and without any issues.

Furthermore, the product comes with a protection system for itself, as the plow blade trips forward when encountering something it can not move in order to protect the unit from taking damage.


The quality of the parts that require to be assembled and came with the package may prove to be a little lacking sometimes.

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3. Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV 

If you want a product that comes with anything you need to install it right away and get plowing, this model from Extreme Max should be part of your options. The package includes the plow blade, the push tube assembly, and a universal mount to get the whole system installed rapidly and easily.

What makes this product different is the fact that it mounts to the vehicle frame behind the wheels in order to transfer the plowing force to the UTV/ATV frame for a great performance. Although it is advertised as an ATV snow plow, the item is suitable for round, square, and Polaris Sportsman frames.

All the items you need to install it are included in the box. The tube is designed in such a way to make installation easy and quick. The black powder-coated pieces ensure durability whereas the 50-inch wide, 16-inch high-steel blade will provide you with singular snow moving strength. The universal mount allows it to fit many ATVs and UTVs.


This is a great product to get if you want something that comes with everything you need ready to install right away.

The package includes the obvious plow blade, a push tube assembly, and a universal mount that will make installing the whole system a pleasure and a breeze.

The difference between this product and other competitors is the fact that it mounts to the vehicle frame behind the wheels and therefore transfers the plowing force to the UTV/ATV, improving the overall performance. 

The tube is designed to aid in the installation while the black powder-coated pieces aim to provide durability.

Due to the universal mount, this model will be able to fit many types of ATVs and UTVs, making it invaluable for a seasonal user.


The bolts seem to require to be tightened after each use in order to keep the plow running efficiently.

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4. 72 inch Denali UTV Snow Plow Kit

Whether you want to remove snow or ice, this model from MotoAlliance promises to deliver the strength, durability, and performance you need to clear the road so you can get going. Made from 11-gauge steel, the heavy-duty 72-inch blade was built to handle the toughest conditions and to fit the frame of various UTVs.

The over-center design and the 65-degree attack angle will make sure the snow will roll up and thus be thrown forward. The box includes the plow blade, replaceable wear bars, a mounting plate, adjustable height and angle skid feet, push tubes, and installation hardware.

Thanks to all the pieces included as well as to the "Easy-Connect" design, you will be able to attach and detach the plow with ease. This center-mounted plow will disperse the force of the impact to the most durable and rigid part of the UTV in order to prevent any damage.


Regardless of whether you want to remove ice or snow, this model offered to you by MotoAlliance promises to deliver on your expectations of strength, performance, and durability. 

Built from 11-gauge steel and with a heavy-duty 72-inch blade, this item is designed to be able to handle the toughest conditions with ease while also fitting the frame of various UTVs. 

Every time you pick it up, the snow will roll up and be thrown forward thanks to the over-center design and the 65-degree attack angle.

Furthermore, you get everything you need in one go since the box includes the plow blade, replaceable wear bars, push tubes, adjustable height and angle skid feet, a mounting plate, and all the installation hardware you need.


No matter what you do, you will be unable to adjust the height of the receiver push frame, which may cause issues with some UTVs.

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5. KFI Products 105500 SNO-Devil

Boasting all the features you need to make snow plowing easy and effective, this product should not go unchecked. The all-in-one-package model includes the 48-inch blade, a universal hybrid mount, and push tubes for quick and easy installation. Engineered as a lower-mount system, the unit will transfer the force to your four-wheeler frame.

All the items you get are powder-coated and the KFI Hybrid mount system will attach to the frame behind the wheels of your vehicle. This makes the product fit most ATVs and many UTVs. The 14GA steel blade and 3/16" grade 50 steel gusseting ensure durability and great performance even when weather conditions get tough.

The customers who tried the product have appreciated it for its overall performance, quality, and the ease of installation. According to some of them, the mount can easily be left on year-round as it does not interfere with anything.


This is a durable and effective product that is boasting all the features you would require for an easy plowing process.

It’s basically an all-in-one package model that comes with a 48-inch blade, a universal hybrid mount as well as push tubes that allow for an easy and quick installation.

The designers engineered this to be a lower-mount system so the unit will transfer the force gained during the plowing process to your four-wheeler frame.

Furthermore, all the items you will receive are powder-coated and the KFI Hybrid mount system will simply attach to the frame that is behind the wheels of your UTV or ATV.

Due to this quality, this is a product that is well-suited for most ATVs and UTVs, with the 14GA steel blade ensuring performance even when weather conditions are rough.


Some ATV models may require you to do some torching before being able to attach the plow, so keep this in mind.

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6. KFI 66" UTV Steel Blade Snow Plow Kit

The way this plow is designed is geared toward giving the most power for the money. Its front-mount system ensures that all the energy invested in plowing is transferred to the lower part of the frame so that your UTV can get the job done fast and easy, without any problems.

Another great thing about this snow plow is that you will be able to attach it to your UTV within seconds, as it comes with 2 standard pins that allow the process to be quick. Also, because of the mounting system, you will have more than 30 inches available for lifting height.

You can rest assured that the plow is made to the highest standards of quality as it is manufactured in the US. All its components are powder-coated to ensure resistance to wear and tear. Buyers receive all the necessary hardware for mounting the plow, as well as the required instructions.


Its blade is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, which means that you can count on its durability, regardless of how many times you use it.

Along with the steel plow, you will also receive the push tubes and the mount, so you will have everything you need to put it to work right away.

Since it’s made entirely in the US, it is an excellent product that abides by the highest quality standards, and it’s proof of superior craftsmanship.

It is a long-lasting product that will help you remove snow from large areas, without showing any signs of wear and tear.

With 30 inches and more of lifting weight, you will find the process of removing snow a real breeze.


This plow appears to be incredibly well made, so the only downside must be its price tag, which can be considered expensive compared to other similar products on the market.

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7. 66 inch Denali UTV Snow Plow Kit

If you live in an area where there’s lots of snow and things can get really tough when winter takes over, you might want to consider this model to make snow plowing a task you will enjoy and get the results you want without too much effort.

Built to handle even the toughest conditions, ice and snow included, this unit features a 65-degree attack angle and a design that will make the snow roll up just to be immediately thrown forward. The kit includes the 66" UTV Snow Plow Blade, UTV push tubes, the plow mount, two wear bars, the skid feet, and installation instructions and hardware.

The Easy-Connect design and the elements included in the kit will help you attach and detach the plow easily and quickly. Thanks to the center-mounted plow, the force of the impact will be dispersed to the sturdiest part of your UTV, thus preventing any damage.


If you live in an area with constant snow and where things really get tough in the winter, this model might just be able to make your life a little easier and make snow plowing a task you will enjoy.

This item is built to handle even the toughest conditions, as the 65-degree attack angle and the design that rolls up snow and immediately throws it forward will make quick work of any obstacles, even ice.

The kit comes with the 66’’ UTV Snow Plow Blade, the plow mount, two wear bars, UTV push tubes, the necessary skid feet as well as all the installation instructions and hardware you will require.

Furthermore, the Easy-Connect design will be of great use in trying to attach and detach the plow quickly and effortlessly.  


Its weight might make this item slightly unsuitable for a lighter ATV that is meant to clean the home driveway.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Winter will be here before you know it and getting ready to face its challenges early is a smart thing to do. If you’re on the lookout for a quality UTV snow plow to help you clean off the sidewalks and driveways yet you have no idea where to start your search or what to look for, you might want to check this guide.

Based on the features top-rated snow plows come with, we have highlighted below the most important specs you should use to guide your shopping and narrow down the great variety of options available online.

Your needs

Before browsing the many models the market offers, you need to think of your snow plowing needs. It’s one thing to have to clean a sidewalk now and then and a whole different thing to need to do this for hours on long driveways.

This is basically the difference between UTVs and ATVs. While ATVs are a bit narrower and ideal to plow sidewalks, pedways, or camping trails, UTVs are wider and will help you push more snow. The machine you have mirrors the sort of plowing you will do and choosing a snow plow to perfectly suit it starts with this question.


Plow material

A snow plow should be durable, to say the least. It is built to help you remove snow from your driveway, sidewalk, and even the snow in your backyard. Therefore, most of them, or at least quality ones, are made from steel. The material used is what makes the plow effective or not.

Now, there are different types of steel that will provide you with different levels of durability, rigidity, and toughness, the features you should enjoy from a snow plow given its purpose. You will find products that include information on the type of steel the item is made from. The ones of a higher quality will most probably have a higher price as well but they will also ensure an extended lifetime.



As we said before, snow plows come in different sizes to suit various ATV and UTV models. Now, since UTVs are a bit wider than ATVs, so should be the snow plow you go for. The width will determine how much snow you will be able to shovel in one push as well as how much the plow weighs.

Consider this feature as it proves to be one of the most important specs and, again, it depends on your vehicle dimensions and your plowing needs. If you don’t have to plow daily or big areas, then a plow that is not too wide, not too narrow should do.

However, if plowing is part of your daily activities, opt for a plow that is not only durable but wide enough to fit your UTV and help you plow more snow in just one session. The smallest common width is 50 inches but you will also find 60-inch wide plows. The latter will cost you more as it comes with extra steel.


Just like when you’re looking for ATV helmets, comfortable motorcycle boots, or even a new ATV rear seat bag, you need to think of the weight of your plow. You need boots to keep you warm and helmets to protect you but you don’t want to get products that will feel too heavy as your comfort will then be significantly reduced.

It’s the same when it comes to the weight of your UTV snow plow. It won’t affect your comfort but will weigh down your vehicle. A plow that is too heavy will affect the vehicle’s suspension and, thus, your safety. Pay attention to how much the item you’ve set your eyes on weighs.

You need a model that will boost your experience and provide you with effective plowing, not damages to your UTV or unsafe riding.


Pricing and other considerations

The budget you have at your disposal will be another factor that will help you filter all the options stores offer. If in your case it only allows you to get cheap UTV snow plows, rest assured that you will find decent options under $200. They usually have a 50-inch width given this price but they go well with light plowing and small-to-medium ATV or UTV vehicles.

Then there are pricier models that can reach even $400. One reason to justify the high price tag is their width that reaches 60 inches. Another reason is the type of steel used. A higher-quality type of steel will obviously cost more.  

You may wonder if the plow will affect the performance of your four-wheeler when summer comes if not removed. Many UTV owners have no problem in keeping the plow on even when it gets warm outside. Now, this depends on how wide and heavy the plow is. There are composite rubber plows that can be used for various activities during the warmer seasons as well.

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do you mount a snow plow on an ATV?

To install a snow plow on your ATV, you will need to raise it with the help of a jack. After that, you will need to install the mounting plate so that you can attach the snow plow. There are some choices, configuration-wise, as you can mount it in a forward position, or right in the middle.

You will need some U-bolts to attach the mounting plate. This way, the snow plow will be secured in place. You may want to leave the mounting plate on so that you don’t have to take it out and put it on again as the need arises.

After that, you need to attach the plow tube. You can go for a straight or articulating tube. As you can easily imagine, the first type is straight and doesn’t raise much, while the other is more maneuverable. Screw in the snow plow, and you will be able to start removing snow using your ATV.

Q: Are ATV snow plows universal?

Snow plow kits are readily available on the market, and the most significant thing about them is that they can be attached to most ATVs, so it is safe to say that they are universal. However, even if you purchase a universal kit, it serves to pay a little attention to some aspects.

For instance, you should focus on how easy the installation is. Some kits are pretty straightforward, and all you need is to follow the instructions and attach the snow plow to your ATV. Another thing that matters is, of course, pricing. Depending on your budget, you may invest in an appropriately priced model.

Durability and the ease of removing the plow count as well. Also, if you plan on using the snow plow quite frequently, you may want to spend a little more to make sure that you get a model that is worth the money.


Q: What size ATV do I need to plow snow?

When it comes to plowing snow, you won’t need a monster machine to help you do the job. ATVs in the 400-800cc range are perfect, and that’s because you don’t want to manipulate a vehicle that is too heavy, either, seeing how you are also going to attach the snow plow itself.

Preferably, your ATV should be in the 400-700 pounds weight range so that you can plow snow with ease. One thing to bear in mind is that plowing snow doesn’t require speed and acceleration. That means that even a 400cc ATV will do the work just fine.

A moderately sized ATV can push snow with ease, so if you decide to get one specifically for this reason, you can shop on a budget. Just bear in mind the weight limits, as those play a role, too. Also, if you plan on plowing snow in cramped areas, maneuverability matters more than power.


Q: How well do ATV snow plows work?

Getting a snow plow for your ATV sounds like a great idea, but you might want to know if this type of vehicle and configuration can help you get rid of the snow blocking your entryway. The first thing you should know is that ATVs with snow plows will work for any depth of dry snow.

If you deal with wet snow, moderate to low depths are easily handled, and you won’t need anything beyond a snow plow. Also, if you plan to remove snow that covers sidewalks, you will find a snow plow to be the ideal choice.

Still, if you deal with heavy snow and the layer covering the ground is getting higher and higher day after day, you might want to consider getting a snow blower (that you can also attach to your ATV) or something heavier than a regular ATV.

Q: How wide should my snow plow be?

The answer to this question depends on what type of ATV you have. For instance, ATVs under 450cc will work best with a 50-inch snow plow. You want your configuration to work for what you have in mind, or else the ATV won’t be able to raise and manipulate the snow plow as needed.

Of course, if your ATV has more power, you can attach a 60-inch snow plow to it, and that will work like a charm. Since ATVs in the above 450cc category are at least 60-inch wider, you will want the snow plow blade to match. That means that it can have 60 inches in width or even more.

However, experts don’t recommend going above 60 inches except for special cases. The heavier the blade is, the more power the ATV will have to deliver, and maneuverability should always count when you make such a choice. 




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Kim Hennessey

January 8, 2020 at 2:54 am

I need to know which blades would be best and which ones would fit my 2012 Artic Cat prowler(if any of these mounts will fit?) Don’t want to order something that will not fit 🙁


January 8, 2020 at 12:26 pm

Hi Kim. You can check the below snow plow as it should fit your Arctic Cat prowler. Go through the model list to see if it mentions yours.


July 27, 2019 at 8:20 pm

Sorry it’s a Honda 500 utv 50 inches wide.


August 9, 2019 at 9:38 am

Hi John. You should use a 48-inch model. There are multiple models of blades that can adjust from 48 inches to 60 or 72 inches.


July 27, 2019 at 8:19 pm

I have a Honda 509 ITV. It is 50 inches wide. I want to plow sidewalks that are 48 inches wide. What with blade should I buy?

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