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7 Best UTV Winches (Reviews) in 2022 

We have taken the time to do the necessary research, we have read quite a lot of UTV winch reviews, we’ve analyzed consumer reports and we’ve read professional opinions, all to compile an accurate list depicting the most popular winches you can find.

1. Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg Single Line Pull

Offering 1.6 HP of pulling power, this efficient winch is ideal for vehicle recovery, load hauling and pulling game in the wild. It meets the industry standards required to pull a UTV, being capable of towing 3,500 pounds.

The cable that it uses is made of steel, and that means it will last a long time. The 50-footlong wire is capable of pulling your vehicle out of mud, and suitable for use around the farm or on a hunt.

This model is a high-quality one, good for all purposes. The steel planetary used is twice as wide as the ones offered by the competitors and that helps the system to provide smooth rotation for years to come. The circuits are encased and protected from the weather. Designed to be compatible with most ATVs and UTVs, you can fit it onto any vehicle. A remote allows for off-vehicle use, making the whole system safer.


With a towing capability of 3,500 pounds, this model meets all of the industry standards in order to safely pull a UTV, so you can rest assured that it can get the job done. 

The unit’s cable is made of high-quality steel, so there won’t be any issue in terms of its overall performance or durability. 

If you are looking for an effective way to pull your UTV out of pretty much any muddy situation, this unit is the one that will help you get this done in no time. 

Given that the planetary system used is made of steel and twice as wide as those on other similar models, this is a unit that you will be able to use for a very long time. 


You may want to buy a synthetic rope as back-up for this winch, just in case it’s easier to handle. 

It’s important to make sure that the winch is compatible with your UTV. 

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2. Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

This winch kit includes everything you need to start pulling. It consists of the actual winch, a strap and a hook, a mounting channel, a roller fairlead and a remote control. The line pull is rated at 3000 pounds so you easily can fit it onto an ATV or UTV, using the mounting channel.

The motor offers 1.3 horsepower and it’s a DC permanent magnet motor. The 46-ft long cable included is galvanized and thus less prone to fraying, compared to others, when used in abrasive terrains like rocks, sand or mud. This type of cable finds its applications in the aircraft industry, as well.

You will feel in control while winching due to the three-stage planetary gear system, the handlebar-mounted remote control and the free spooling clutch that the system incorporates. To offer more safety, the system features a dynamic braking option on the winch drum. This lightweight and compact tool provides a lot of power in any situation.



This Champion kit comes with pretty much everything you need to pull your UTV out of mud, such as the actual winch, as well as a strap and a hook, a remote control, a mounting channel, and other accessories. 

The remote control makes the user’s life a lot easier, while the high-quality pulling cord ensures that you will be able to safely pull the vehicle. 

With a pulling capacity that goes up to 3,000 pounds, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the winch for either an ATV or a UTV, depending on your needs. 

The cable is 46 ft. long, as well as galvanized, which means that there’s a much lower chance of any fraying occurring, which we all know it’s better to be avoided. 


It’s important to make sure that the brackets fit your vehicle, so if you are not sure, you should contact the seller for details. 

The control wires could be a bit longer. 

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3. Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch

Equipped with a high-strength steel cable, this winch will prove to be a stylish and durable option in any situation. It provides enough power and it is able to pull 4000 pounds of weight. That makes it a great model for a heavy-duty UTV.

The power is provided by an electric motor on permanent magnets and a planetary-type reducer. At the highest load, it can wind the cable at 5.2 feet per minute. You can choose to start the pulling process through the remote control, or with the help of a switch positioned on the steering wheel. To protect the system from water, the gearbox and the power source are equipped with seals and gaskets.

You will find that this winch uses a steel cable that is 50-ft long and 0.2 inches thick, but the manufacturer also provides an alternative model of this tool that employs a synthetic rope.


If what you need is a winch that can pull larger weights, such as up to 4,000 pounds, this is the model you want to check out. 

This heavy-duty winch works great for a wide range of UTVs, while the materials used for its construction also make it a durable and reliable alternative. 

The pulling process can be turned on using either the remote control or the dedicated switch, which is positioned right on the steering wheel, thus providing enhanced versatility. 

The power source and gearbox are both protected against any humidity thanks to the gaskets and seals included in the design. 


If you are not used to a cable such as the one provided with the winch, you can always get a synthetic one. 

The wires might be a bit small for large ATVs, so if you have any questions about this, you should contact the seller. 

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4. Warn 90451 ProVantage 4500-S Winch

This winch is part of a series that meets the toughest requirements. With a pulling capacity of 4500 pounds, this tool can be used on the heaviest and most demanding UTVs. The 50-ft long synthetic rope will provide the flexibility and strength you need to get out of mud or snow. It’s not a heavy piece of equipment so it won’t add much weight to your vehicle.

The black finish, the hook and the tire rods are stylish and corrosion resistant. The machine offers efficient operation and a three-stage planetary gear train that allows you to control the process better. The powerful permanent magnet motor makes pulling a fast, reliable and silent process.

Included in the system are an illuminated, dash-mounted control switch, and a corded remote. All these features ensure admirable safety. To add to that, the cable is guided by a fairlead plate.



This Warn model is specially designed to successfully perform the toughest jobs in terms of pulling capacity, given that this goes up to 4,500 pounds. 

Thanks to the synthetic rope that is 50 ft. long, you will get all the strength and flexibility necessary to pull your vehicle out of muddy situations. 

It’s important to note that this winch is not very heavy, so it won’t add to the vehicle’s weight too much, but this doesn’t mean that any compromises have been made in terms of its performance. 

The rods, hook, and other elements on the winch are resistant to corrosion, so this is not going to be an issue over time, while the corded remote included is very useful.  


If you are not used to installing a winch, you should take a bit of time and do some online research on this. 

You want to make sure that the winch is compatible with your ATV or UTV. 

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5. KFI Products A2500 ATV Winch Kit

A reliable winch is one of the most important accessories that your UTV should have. This winch delivers that in any condition, be it when you use an ATV snow plow to remove snow, on a winding trail, or when deep in mud. Its pulling capacity is 2500 pounds so it is advised to you use it on your lighter vehicles.

It comes with durable and quality cast aluminum and steel components, and seals that are made to keep the water out and make the winch resistant to harsh weather. The mounting design is based on the standard four holes that you can find on most mounting plates.

You will be in control of your winch with the included Mini-Rocker switch that allows you to spin the wire both inwards and outwards. It comes with adjustable brackets so you can mount it on your handlebar and use it from there.

To protect your vehicle, this winch includes a heavy-duty electric contactor that switches the power distribution to your winch when in use.



With a 2,500-pound pulling capacity, this winch is the right choice if you own lighter UTVs or other similar vehicles that need to be pulled out of mud or snow on your property. 

The durable construction is ensured by the superior materials used, so you won’t need to replace this unit too soon and spend additional money in the process. 

The steel and aluminum components are the ones that ensure its performance, while the unit itself is designed to resist harsh weather conditions as well. 

This winch also protects your vehicle by using a heavy-duty contactor that’s electric, and that alternates power distribution. 


You should make sure that the winch works well for your UTV, so check out all the details provided by the manufacturer. 

It may be necessary to do some online research if you are not used to operating a winch. 

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6. Superwinch 1140220 Winch Single Line Pull

This model is field-tested to provide 4000 pounds of pulling power that will help you in tough situations. The popularity of this tool showcases its reliability and strength. Taking strong points from the premium models, this one provides a sturdy steel drum, a permanent magnet motor that is very powerful, aircraft steel cable and a safe braking system.

The steel cable included will ensure good performances in harsh conditions. You won’t have to worry that the wire will get overheated or that it will break. The cable measures 3/16 of an inch in diameter and 50 feet in length and a roller fairlead makes sure that it’s properly guided and positioned every time you use it.

For extra durability, the model includes reinforced steel drums, a relocated in-motor brake, an increased shock load performance and a durable permanent magnet motor. Please note that this winch doesn’t come with a mounting plate and you must make sure that your UTV already has that.



With a permanent power motor and a steel drum, it’s pretty clear why this winch ensures very good results, and it’s one of the top choices in this line. 

The sturdy construction and overall design make it able to pull impressive weight that goes up to 4,000 pounds, while the effective braking system ensures the necessary level of security. 

The steel cable is an aircraft-grade one, so you can rest assured that you will be able to rely on it when it comes to tough jobs. 

The unit is designed to ensure the same level of performance in harsh weather conditions as well, so you won’t need to worry about aspects such as overheating. 


The rope might need to be replaced after a while, but this also depends on how you use the unit. 

The battery cables might be a bit short for some situations, so you may have to buy longer ones. 

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7. Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV/UTV Deluxe Winch Package

This package contains everything you need in order to get out of the worst environments. Being the same size as a usual 3000-pound winch, this one offers a bit more pull, 3100 pounds to be precise. It has a compact design and a motor that will provide smooth and quiet spooling.

What’s great about it is that it comes with a very easy setup process, color-coded wiring, and an easy-to-follow user’s manual that offers installation instructions. The four-bolts mounting pattern is commonly used by vehicles so you can attach it to your own without a struggle.

All the power that this winch offers is protected through the use of covered super-conductive, corrosion resistant terminal posts. The electronic components are well insulated, and the base of the winch is designed to pull the heat out of the components, particularly from the cable. The hook is zinc plated and that means it’s also a lot safer and resistant to corrosion.



With an interesting pulling capacity of 3,100 pounds, this winch is the one you want to add to your gear if you have a standard UTV that you sometimes need to pull out of mud or snow. 

The quiet and smooth operation and the high-quality materials used make this winch a very good option for users who want to get a unit that they can use for a long time. 

Besides the fact that you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of the unit’s durability, setting it up is very easy as well, so you will most probably be able to do this very quickly. 

All of the electronic components included in this winch’s design are very well insulated, while the hook features a zinc coating that keeps it safe from corrosion. 


You may not be able to use a universal remote control for this device if that's what you are planning. 

After a while, you may have to replace the cable. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When driving your UTV, you may encounter obstacles that are impossible to traverse through. That is where a winch comes in handy. Having one installed can help you or one of your friends when needed most. There are many tasks that you can use your winch for, and for each of them, it’s important to know your tool’s capabilities.

How much weight can it pull?

This is the most important characteristic of a winch and is the one aspect that is always mentioned and written on the product. When you are shopping for a winch, please be aware that they are not differentiated for ATVs and UTVs so you will find tools that are not appropriate for your vehicle.

The difference between them is the weight rating. Because UTVs weigh more than ATVs, you will need a bigger winch. Generally, it is a good idea to get a tool that is in the 4000 pounds range. A smaller one, that has a pulling force of 3500 pounds can be also used, especially if your vehicle is a bit lighter or if you don’t regularly need the winch to pull it out of deep mud.

If you choose a tool with less power than this you might run the risk of it being unable to help you in crucial situations. Of course, heavier UTVs that will get stuck a lot will need a bigger winch, and in this case, a 4500-pound one will be ideal.

However, you might not need this device to help you get your UTV tires out of mud, but for other purposes. If you want one to help you operate a snow plow in the winter, you can get by with a model that has a low weight rating.


Metal wire cables

UTV winches use two types of cables: metal wire and synthetic rope. You can find both types on the market because they each come with their own pros and cons. You might want to know that models using metal wire are among the cheap UTV winches available these days.

Wire represents the classic option and it gives the feeling of sturdiness. These cables are made of many individual strands of steel wound spirally. Because of that, the small strands are prone to breaking and it’s best to wear gloves when using them. Being made of steel, wire cables are quite heavy.

When the winch needs to be used often, the metal wire is better because it’s resistant to abrasion. It’s also durable in heat. Because of the material used in it, the wire rope will store energy in it when pulled and in the unfortunate event that it breaks, it can whip back dangerously. To avoid this, you can put something heavy on it when you use it to reduce the whiplash.


Synthetic rope

The other option is the synthetic fiber wire. This one is safe to touch without gloves and it’s stronger than metal wire, given an equivalent diameter. It’s lightweight and ideal for use in mud because it doesn’t sink in it.

A disadvantage that the synthetic rope has is that, when used repeatedly and rubbed against surfaces, it will wear out faster. Also, using it too much in a short period of time can cause it to overheat and this will lead to it being damaged.

This kind of rope is safer to use because it doesn’t cause a whiplash effect when it breaks. It also provides more flexibility for the user – you can tie a knot in it if needed, although that slightly reduces its strength.

The material they are made of is not the only feature that cables are judged upon. You will also want to consider the length of the wire. 50-foot long cables are usually the norm and most often they are enough. That’s because the more wire the spool needs to pull, the less power it will have. If you feel like there are situations when you need a longer cable, you can get an extension for your winch’s wire.

The diameter is another important feature. Of course, thicker cables provide more strength, but if you are looking for something lighter, you can consider wires with smaller diameters.

Suited for your style

Each winch has its own pros and cons, and based on your preferential driving style you will be able to choose a good UTV winch for you. Alternatively, you may want to use the winch to haul an animal that you just hunted. You will need a powerful winch if you enjoy hunting elks or bigger pray.

Another aspect that you should consider is that most winches are made without a mounting plate. So if your UTV doesn’t already have that plate, you will need to purchase it separately. Most manufacturers produce winches that work with all UTV models, but some only make models that are particularly designed for a specific vehicle.

Frequently asked questions about UTV winches


Q:  What is a UTV winch?

A winch is a machine designed to help vehicles when they get stuck. UTV winches are attached to the front of your vehicle and they should provide enough pulling power to get your side-by-side unstuck from mud or snow. They can also be used to operate snow plows or haul hunted animals.

You can use the winch to attach your UTV to another vehicle and let that vehicle pull you out and get you out. If you are alone, you can find a strong structure, like a sturdy tree, hook your winch to it and let it get you out of the mud. The power of the winch can also be used to eliminate an obstacle like a fallen log from your path.

Q: How big of a UTV winch do I need?

Some people use an ATV winch for their lighter UTV, but that is not recommended. To be safe, your winch needs to be able to pull at least 3500 pounds and it’s even better if it can work with weights over 4000 pounds. Don’t risk it and get the best UTV winch for the money you have.

Always keep in mind that the vehicle weight specified in the owner’s manual is always the dry weight. That doesn’t take into account all the additional weight you put on your vehicle. Each winch comes with the size rating on it. You can go for a winch as big as you want, as long as you are sure that you are still able to attach it to your vehicle.


 Q: What UTV winch weight rating do I need?

The industry standard for weight rating is 1.5. This means that the power your winch can pull should be one and a half times more than the vehicle’s gross mass (the total weight that your UTV has with all the equipment, fuel and you on it). Although 1.5 is a good rating, you can always choose a more powerful winch. That will help you in sticky situations.

Alternatively, if you travel extremely light, you can get a smaller winch, although that is not recommended. In addition, the winches that have more power than the minimum required by your vehicle will stall less often and are less likely to overheat.




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